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name: Lee
nickname: Lilo, Skye

zodiac sign: Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon
hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
height: 6′4″

fave book series: The Ingo Series by Helen Dunmore. I love Cornwall, I love mermaids, I love legends.
fave fictional characters: Willow Rosenberg, Buffy Summers, Anyanka, Bonnie Bennett, Ian Dunaidh, Taren Laxley, Klaus Mikaelson
fave flower: Hibiscus, roses, sunflowers, daisies
fave scents: Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary, Patchouli, Coconut, Anything citrusy
fave color: Scarlet, Blues, Sea-Greens/Turquoises, Sun Yellow, Silver
fave animals: DOGS!!! And wolves, dolphins, crows, cats, foxes, horses, lions and bats
fave artist/band: Alessia Cara
coffee, tea or hot cocoa?: Tea :D

average # of sleep: uhhh 10
number of blankets: 0

dream trip: Hawaii

last thing you googled: Tomorrows weather

blog created: a few days ago
how many blogs do I follow: 108
number of followers: 3

what I usually post about: THIS! but will be posting more stuff about spirituality, paganism, the craft, tarot and more!
what I reblog: Nature, Animals, The craft, Paganism, Boheme

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name: Marynn (Muh-ren)

nickname: rynny the pooh, my dad used to call me Ethel idk why

height: 5'1"

fave book series: the hunger games

fave fictional characters: korra, general iroh, moana, jane porter, elliott alderson

fave flower: calla lilies

fave scents: COFFEE, chinese food, pears, lavender

fave color: pale purple-pink

fave artist/band: christina perri, sia, alessia cara

coffee/tea/hot chocolate: coffee

average hours of sleep: 6-8

number of blankets: 2

dream trip: barcelona

last thing you googled: muscle pain side of thigh

blog created: may 7, 2014

how many blogs do you follow: 119

number of followers: 116

what you usually post about: mr. robot

what you usually reblog: astrology, funny things, rami malek, study aesthetics

lucky numbers: 27, 12

dream job: independent writer and illustrator

what did your last romantic relationship teach you: what is this “romantic relationship” you speak of?

religious or spiritual: one in the same

why did you choose your URL: I was starting to get into to drawing with ink pens and the shortened version of my name rhymes so there you go

do you have any other blogs: nope

song stuck in your head: “take it all” by adele

what you’re wearing: old marching band tee and flannel pj bottoms

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Happy Valentine’s Day you wonderful people! I bought this mug as a gift for myself for V-Day and I absolutely adore it It is perfect. #husbandgreatlydisapproves #heisjustjealousoftheFen'Harellol Artist: Cara McGee You can purchase this mug and other fabulous things from her store on Red Bubble in the following link ♡ Shout out to areyoutryingtodeduceme ♡ Thank you for creating this wonderful piece! I hope you have a lovely day ♡

Frat!Luke Part Four (Smut Imagine)


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I said I’d upload these after SDCC so they’d be con-exclusive all summer but uh. I sold out of them before SDCC? Actually I will have exactly TWO of the mug life mugs with me there at the SherlockedCC party, and one of those will probably go into the raffle so y'all can fight for the last one at the party?

Anyway, I’m uploading them onto Society6 now so everyone can have at them. They’re slightly different than the ones I sell at cons still, but not very, and I can vouch that S6 makes some really quality mugs.