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I finally watched “Rebel Without A Cause” and loved it’s themes of the american youth and the differences and conflicts between generations, and the film made me think of my own internal conflict and journey into adulting and how I’m still trying to ride through this whirlwind and I guess made a playlist based on it…..X

Do you think youtubers/actors/actresses/etc read fan fiction about themselves ever

I’m Okay, I promise (Young Remus Lupin)

When Remus Lupin woke up the morning after the full moon, it was early morning and he was in the hospital wing with sore bones and a sore head. It was with great triumph that he lifted his head up and cautiously looked around the room, only to see you asleep in the bed next to him. He was very suddenly filled with alarm not at your presence, as this was usual, but at the small bandege covering the left side of your cheek.

“(Y/n)?” It was barely more than a whisper. He was almost afraid to wake you up, afraid to learn how you had gotten hurt. He already knew the most likely answer to that, but desperatly wanted to avoid the conformation. So instead of further trying to wake you up, he put his head to rest once again on his pillow, and allowed his mind to wander helplessly into the guily pits.


He was not sure when or how he fell back asleep, but when he next woke up you were up and drinking something Madame Pomfrey had handed you as she hovered over you, making sure you drank every last drop of whatever healing potion it was. Remus cleared his throat, and both the other females turned around, obviously pleased with his awakening.

“Mr. Lupin, you’ve not been sleeping very long. How are you feeling?” He didn’t have time to answer Madame Pomfrey properly before she swept over to him and felt his head, as well as his other basic indicators that he was alright. She sighed, telling both teenagers that she was going to let Remus rest more and that you were free to go now. You can feel Remus’ distress in his gaze, and when you walk over to him he casts his eyes down in what can only be shame.

“(Y/n), oh god I’m sorry. How did..?” you grab his hand and give it a reassuring squeeze.

“It was my fault, Re. I just came a little too early to the shrieking shack is all. Besides, I get to make up a cool story now of how this happened! I can make myself sound as cool as I want.” Remus sighed, and shook his head.

“No, this isn’t just some silly thing that you can just make into a joke. I hurt you, and I-I don’t see why you are ok with that! I’m not ok with this! Oh god, I-” you pressed a warm kiss to his cheek in a rather feeble attempt to calm him down. He was working himself up, breathing fast and short, and you could see the worry in his eyes.

“(Y/n), i don’t see why you still love me. You deserve someone who won’t hurt you, whether its purposful or not.” His  voice was low and serious.

“God, Remus no! I love you, and there is no one who could possibly be better for me than you are. Do you understand?” Now it was you who was serious.

“No. I never understand you. But I’ll take your word for it. Know, though, that if you ever change your mind-” You shook your head.

“I won’t.” Both of you sat in silence, playing with each others hands, content in each others presence.

It wasn’t for a good few minutes until Remus gathered the courage to ask you how badly he had cut you, and when he did you peeled back your bandage to reveal a wide, three inch long scar. Remus, absolutly mortafied, ran thumb over it .

“You wanna know something cool?” He shook his head no, obviously not in the mood at the moment. You told him anyway. “Now we match!”

So sorry that this took so long, I kept on getting distracted. As always feel free to request something or tell me what you think! It’d be appriciated.


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