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Shannon Beveridge is the adorable one.



  • Nat Wolff:What's my favorite Taylor Swift song?
  • Cara Delevingne:Blank Space? She has a song called Blank Space?
  • Nat:No, she doesn't. You're favorite is Shake it Off.
  • Cara:No, it's not.
  • Nat:It's Blank Space.
  • Cara:No, it's not!
  • Nat:It's, "we're never ever ever getting back-"
  • Cara:No. It's, "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone."
  • Cara:What was my talent in the Bad Blood music video?
  • Nat:You were Mother Chucker.
  • Cara:Yeah, what was my talent?
  • Nat:Uh.. you were good at tennis.
  • Cara:No, that's silly. Nunchucks.

So we walked into this huge mansion and we went into the bathroom and as soon as I went into the bathroom I slipped, and just ate it. Just fell. And like not even just a stumble, I was fully on the ground. And I was so embarrassed, but before I could even really be embarrassed, Cara [Delevingne] did the same thing on purpose. Like, threw herself on the ground and started laughing, just so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed. And like, who does that? I had never met anyone in my life who cared so little about being cool, that what she cared about more was making me feel like it wasn’t embarrassing. And so we were just like, laying there on the floor laughing hysterically, and in that moment I remember thinking; this person is really my friend because she so badly didn’t want me to feel embarrassed for doing something stupid, that she did something just as stupid, and I have always thought about that moment. And remembered it as just is defining moment.

Who were your role models as a girl that you looked up to? 

Cara Delevingne: “I have a bunch of my friends who are role models to me, like Taylor (Swift) and Rihanna, those hard working ladies who are completely independent and are amazing.”

What friend do you call if you’re having a really bad day? 

Cara Delevingne: “Again, I speak to a bunch of people every day. From my oldest friends like Georgia (May Jagger) and Suki (Waterhouse), to like, Jordan (Dunn) to Dakota (Johnson), or Kendall (Jenner), or you know, any of them, like I’ll call pretty much every day. I FaceTime Taylor every week. FaceTime is the best thing in the world, it really is.”

Wisconsin Gazette (x)