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Diarmuid and Gráinne

Travelling through Ireland, you will see beautiful stone shapes called dolmens. A Dolmen is two massive, long tables of limestone. Over them as a kind of shelter is placed another giant cap stone. In the Celtic tradition these were known as  ‘Leaba Dhiarmada agus Gráinne’, i.e. the bed of Diarmuid and Gráinne. The legend tell that Gráinne was to marry Fionn, chief of the Fianna, the old Celtic warriors. She fell in love with Diarmuid. The two of them eloped and the Fianna chased them all over Ireland. They were cared for by the animals and received advice from wise people. They were told, for instance, not to spend more than two nights in any one place. It was said that when they rested at night, Diarmuid put up the Dolmen as a shelter  for his lover. The actual archeological evidence shows that these were burial places. The legend is more interesting and resonant. It is a lovely image of the helplessness which sometimes accompanies love. When you fall in love, common sense, rationality and your normal serious, reserved and respectable persona dissolve.You become revitalized. Where there is no passion, your soul is either asleep or absent. When your passion awakens, your soul becomes young and free and dances again. In this old Celtic legend, we see the power of love and the energy of passion.

John O’Donohue  -  “Anam Cara”

Happy Holidays from Fearless Records!

One-shot based off the almost-kiss from the Happy Holidays video on Fearless Records’ YouTube channel. Kind short, but still good. Hope you appreciate it! Happy Holidays!

-Jaime’s POV-

“Dad! Dad, Dad, Daddy!” I hear my sixteen-year-old daughter Cara call me from her spot on the couch. “Come look what I found!”

I walk out to her from my place in the kitchen, and see her looking at and old photo album which was titled “Vic and Jaime: 2013-2014." 

"Where in the world did you find that?” I laugh gently, shocked that she was going through mine and Vic’s stuff.

Her face immediately drops to a frown. “Well, I was laying on the ground texting my friend, and when I looked over, this book was underneath the coffee table. I’m sorry if I wasn’t supposed to see it.” Cara stares at her hands, which are still holding the book in her lap.

I walk over to her and wrap her in my arms to comfort her. “Oh honey, it’s okay! I just didn’t know where you got it from. I wasn’t sure if you were going through mine and Papa’s stuff or not. It’s okay that you looked at it, I promise.” I smile at her and she looks up at me.

“Okay. I just wanted to show you a picture of you and Papa I found. It looks like it was from Christmas.” She pulls the picture out of it’s spot and studies it. It’s a photo of Vic and I from when we first came out to everyone. That was perhaps the happiest day of my life. 

Cara turns the photo around and begins to read the back of it. Words are written in blue ink. "It says, ‘Jaime and Vic- Christmas 2013: The day we got together.’“ She stutters out, (Bad handwriting on my part!) then looks up from the photo.

"Dad, will you tell me about the day you and Papa got together?” Her face beams with a smile.

I laugh quietly at her eagerness and respond. “Of course mija. Get comfortable, because it’s kind of a long story. And don’t tell Papa I’m telling you this. We promised each other we wouldn’t ever tell you this story. At least until you have a husband too.”

“Promise Daddy!” She giggles and lays down on her back, legs hanging of the arm rest and head in her hands.

“Okay,” I sigh, “I guess I should start from the day we filmed the 'Happy Holidays’ video for the record label.”

—-Flashback Time!—-

“Hey Hime!” I hear Vic yell to me from downstairs.

“Hey Vic!” I yell back.

He walks into the game room upstairs with a gaudy Christmas sweater and scarf on and burgundy beanie on his head. God he looks so adorable. “Fearless wants us to do a 'happy holidays’ message from the label. And ad-lib some other stuff about the band’s news for 2014. Wanna join me?” He holds up a sleeveless, equally-as-gaudy Christmas vest and Santa hat to me and smiles cheekily. 

I laugh loudly at the sight of the vest, and say “Of course! Who doesn’t love a crappy Christmas video every once in awhile?” I throw the ugly sweater over my grey tank top and put the Santa hat strategically on my head, as not to mess up my hair. I then follow Vic downstairs to the living room where the Christmas tree is lit up, six stockings were hung by the chimney with care (See what I did there?), and two glasses of white wine are on the coffee table.

“So who’s gonna film this?” I ask Vic. Just then, Mike comes walking into the living room from the bathroom and Vic points at him. “Okay, well, what exactly are we gonna say?” I question.

Vic shrugs. “I don’t know. Just say something along the lines of 'Happy holidays from Fearless Records,’ then something about the band coming out with a new album next year, and then it’s done. The exec didn’t really say anything specific. We can screw around if we want. That’s why I’m going all out with holiday festivities.” He points to the Christmas scene in front of us and our shirts.

I smile devilishly. “Well if we can screw around, why not fuck with the Fuenciado shippers? I mean, it’s a great holiday gift! At the end of the video, we’ll just come in really close and look like we’re going to kiss, but then end the video before they see us actually kiss.”

“That would be great!” He laughs. Little did he know that I really did want to kiss him. I mean, my feelings about him were getting stronger every day. It’s sad he hasn’t noticed the way I’ve been acting towards him lately. Almost like he’s ignoring them. Anyways, back to the matter at hand.

“Well, why don’t we get this shit started then! I wanna get back to doing absolutely nothing.” Mike says to break the silence. Vic and I grab our glasses and Vic picks up his dog and we stand in front of the Christmas tree. 

“Ready?” Mike asks while turning the camera on.

“Ready whenever you are.” I sigh out. I’m just ready to get this done. Every bad thing possible is running through my mind at this moment. I’m probably gonna blush when we fake-kiss, and Vic’s gonna notice and everything will just fuck up.

“Okay,” Mike starts, “Lights, camera, action!” He presses the “Record” button on the camera, and a little red light turns on.

Vic starts fake laughing, so I join in, as if we just heard a hilarious joke. I start with the talking, “Oh, hey! Didn’t see you there! I’m Jaime.”

“And I’m Vic, from Pierce The Veil.”

“Just wanting to say 'Happy Holidays!’”

Vic raises his glass in the air. "Thanks to a lot of fans for a great year. In 2014 we have a brand new album coming out; Cheers to that Jaime.“ We clink glasses and I laugh again. "Merry Christmas.” Vic says with an adorable smile. 

“And a happy new year.” I laugh. We look at each other and I feel time stop. 

This is it. Vic’s finally gonna understand how I feel toward him. Holy fuck, we’re gonna kiss. Oh my god, we’re not actually gonna kiss, but it’ll be real enough for me. God, I sound like one of our fangirls. AAAH, he’s leaning in. Here goes nothing.

I go to wrap my arm around his neck, and lean in towards him. Our faces are mere centimeters away, and Mike says “Cut! Print!" 

Vic pulls away, and I feel my entire being drop. So fucking close to kissing him, and Mike has to ruin it. 

Mike pulls the camera off the tripod and takes it into the kitchen to put the video on his laptop and edit it and send it to the label. Here’s my chance to talk to Vic.

I follow him to his bedroom and close the door. He looks at me with a confused face, and I point at the bed as if to tell him to sit down. He does so, and I start pacing the floor in front of him. 

"Vic,” I start, “I-I really don’t know h-h-how to say this without s-sounding weird, but I sort, kind of have feelings toward you?” It comes out sounding more like a question than a statement.

Vic scoffs and I stare at him. Is he seriously making fun of me for liking him? That bastard!

“No, I’m not making fun of you for liking me, Hime.” Oops. Must have said my thoughts out loud. “I’m just saying, it’s kind of obvious you do.” He smiles at me. “And it’s okay, because I like you too. And I seriously wish that Mike wasn’t present for the filming of that video, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have stopped our kiss.” He stands up un comes toward me, walking forward until my back is against the wall. His eyes flick down to my lips, and then back at my eyes, and he leans in to press his lips to mine. It’s soft at first, but becomes more passionate in a matter of seconds… 

—–End Flashback—–

“Okay Dad! Thanks, that’s all I need to hear about that!” Cara yells and gets up off the couch and walks over to her room. 

“Your kids will be doing the same thing when you tell them how you and your husband met!” I yelled back to her and laughed. She’d need to get used to it sooner or later.

Just as I finished my sentence, Vic walks into the house, returning from grocery shopping and carrying two rather heavy bags inside.

“What are you two fighting about now?” Vic laughs and sets the bags down in the kitchen before walking back into the living room.

I smile at him. “I was just telling her the story of how we got together. That stupid Christmas video for the label. And the almost-kiss every Fuenciado-shipper obsessed over for ages.”

Vic walks over to me and I wrap my arms around his slim form. “Ah.” He sighs, “I remember that night very well. Such passion from a spastic man.” He pokes my nose.

“I love you, babe.” I kiss his forehead.

“I love you too, Jaime.” He kisses my lips softly.

As we pull away you can hear Cara groaning in her room. “God! Can you guys not make out when I’m in the same general area? Jeez!”

“Hi to you too Cara!” Vic smiles at me but projects the words to our daughter. He then leans in and whispers seductively in my ear, “Maybe we send her out tonight to a friend’s house and have some fun?”

I groan softly and yell to Cara, “Cara, pack your bags! You’re going to Emily’s!”

Divorce part 3

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“Girl friend?” I asked again, I opened the door and I gasp. It was Cara.

‘Oh no I didn’t mean-“ I ran up to the stairs to find harry walking out of the room we once shared. He looks at a little confused

“Girlfriend!!! Huh! Is that why you want a divorce?” you pushed him back he looked alarmed.

“You son of a bitch!” you walked passed him into the room grabbing your suite case that you had already packed. You opened it throwing more clothes into the case.

“What are you talking about?” he walks in watching as you throw clothes into the bag.

“Cara! Your girl friend is down stairs! You know out of all the fights we had I honestly believed that you and Cara were actually just friends!” you felt the anger inside of you boil. 

“Y/N” he called your name but you ignored him mumbling cuss words at him.

“Can you please listen to me!” you ignored him again. You closed the bags and suite case. You tried to carry them all at once but failed. ‘

think about the baby the little voice inside told you.

“Y/N!!” he yelled making you stop your actions.

“Are you going to let me talk?” he looked annoyed.

“Your girl friend already talked to me okay” you grabbed the big bag and the suite case walking passed him again

“This!! This is why I want a divorce you never let me talk to you! You never listen to what I have to say!”

“oh ya blame it on me!” you turn around and yell.

“You know half of the rumors wouldn’t even be spreading around if you would just ask me to go clubbing with you! If you asked me to dinner once in a while again! But no your tired and want to spend time having fun once you come back from tour! I miss you harry!  I miss cuddling with you! Talking about everything that happened on tour!  I miss us having us time. You know why I get mad harry?” you felt the tears again but you held them in.

“I don’t get made because I don’t trust you” you poked his chest.

“ I get mad because you rather be with those girls having fun then me” he frowned.

“I miss you so much and it hurts” you didn’t bother to stop the tears. You backed away from him.

“And honestly “ you said chuckling with tears streaming down your face.

“I don’t want to bring a child into a family that only fights” you turn your heel picking up your bags and walk out.