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Introducing the founder for my rainbowcy >  Euphoria Porcelain nee Caradon

Everyone’s been throwing rainbowcies at me left, right and center and I thought it’s time I join in the fun. She still needs a bit of tweaking until I’m 1000000% satisfied but here she is!

Caradon lived a hard life due to her lack of pigmentation. Her overly religious mother felt she was blessed to have her and treated her like a holy possession rather than a daughter going so far as to name her Caradon (Carapo [空っぽ] meaning Empty) and setting up suitors to help ‘pigament’ the bloodline. Cara decided she wasn’t going to be forced into a marriage and broke free from her mother’s grasp starting a new life on Isla Paradiso.

Having been trapped on the same boring island for 19 years, Cara is looking for adventure in the world outside. Having grown up with nobody but her mother for she last 10 years, she’s eager to make friends with anyone and her friendly smile shows it. She’s very skilled in the art of repair having no repairman to lean of and she can’t stand to see a mess. Of course, she’s always worried her mother or a Follower of The Pure may track her down leaving her a bit neurotic. 

She wishes to become a Renaissance Sim learning new skills in this new world to help her get by.