andreil lil red riding hood au where neil befriends a golden wolf with sweets

i’m running with the wolves tonight

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Favorite Mustang’s… ;) :)

1967 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback Pit Viper 

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 

Custom Ford Mustang Obsidian SG-One 1967,by Autoworks…

1969 Mustang BOSS 429

2015 Roush Ford Mustang

1967 Mustang Fastback Shelby GT500CR

Custom 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Ford Ole Yeller Mustang bred from Shelby GT350

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Ram Air

I just love how in the season 1 they emphasize that main characterS do not have much friends and social connections, feel like losers and alone. And then it gets better. Step by step it gets better and now you are not alone (see what i did here?) and you enjoy yourself and get connections and boyfriend and biology partner and friend.

And then they are all interwinded and the squads mix up and spend time together and connect with each other. And suddenly high school isn’t a boring and lonely experience. And suddenly you are not the biggest loser (see again?). And then you just go to mcdonalds after school with your squad and then invite your bf and then invite your biology partner and your friend. 

Man I just love the general route from eva’s ‘i just came to high school party but I don’t know anyone and how to strike a convo and feel alone’ to sana’s ‘we all connect and chat and we’re all together even tho we so different and I judge no one.’

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seeing allura try so hard to ‘fake it until she makes it’ in the first few episodes of season one makes me proud but also i feel for her, like you can tell she has no clue what she’s doing. the war was like yesterday for her and she’s so scared and impatient because she needs these random earthlings to be paladins worthy of going up against zarkon and it’s up to her to train them and she has no clue how to follow in her dad’s footsteps, and yet she never gives up i love her

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(read your FAQ/commission just wanna make sure I got this right) you don't draw ocs, unless they are, like, gem-sonas?

I make very rare exceptions for cool monster-esque/fantasy ocs SOMETIMES but yes mostly I just do gemsonas


Alrighty! So here they are! The designs that did NOT, in fact, get accepted into the Her Universe Fashion Show. *sigh* But this last one is familiar, right? Haha, yeah, I couldn’t resist getting a jump on making at least one of them. (I really badly need to take her out for a proper photoshoot in this dress…)

Inspiration for the designs (in case you can’t tell, in which case I did not do a good job at ALL) came from Voltron: Legendary Defender, Attack on Titan, and RWBY.

Truthfully, the AoT and RWBY designs I’ve had for a while (and still like a lot!), but I badly needed to design a tribute to Voltron, as it has utterly consumed me as of late. And choosing Pidge as the Paladin to represent honestly came down to a coin toss because I was having such a difficult time deciding! I love them all!!

So yeah. Thoughts? Chances are at about 70% you’ll see one or both of the other two designs turned into doll clothes. Because that’s why I have her, after all; to model the clothes I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to make.


1961 Chevrolet Impala by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
MSRA “BACK TO THE 50′s” 41st Annual June 20-22, 2014 State Fairgrounds St. Paul Minnesota More Car Pictures:…




source:  Nana Wang