Blind Man Goes Car Shopping - 

Tommy Edison goes to a car dealership to see if someone who is blind can buy a car easily. Does the dealer take him seriously and show him around the car lot?


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Oh my god, back off

I need a new car. I just do. My current car is falling apart and the A/C stopped working weeks ago and will take thousands of dollars to fix.

To help facilitate the finding of a new vehicle, I solicited for a few price quotes at I figured maybe I’d get a crazy lowball quite from some dealer and I could use it for leverage with other dealers.

Not so much. Instead of getting, you know, actual price quotes like the site said, I am instead being barraged with emails and phone calls from car salespeople practically begging me to come in for a test drive or to call them to talk about cars. One of them in particular has emailed me four times now and seriously just asked me if she had done something to offend me and maybe that’s why I hadn’t responded.

Listen, motherfuckers. The reason I am car shopping on the internet in the first place is so I can minimize the amount of car dealership bullshit I have to put up with. If you would give me an actual price quote like I asked, then I would gladly respond to your email. No phone calls, though. I would rather dip my nuts in liquid nitrogen than talk to a car salesman on the phone.