Elon Musk wants Tesla users to make bank when they’re not driving

Elon Musk envisions a future where you can get whisked away by your self-driving Tesla from “pretty much anywhere” and then “sleep, read or do anything else en route to your destination.” And when you’re at work or on vacation, you can cash in by adding your vehicle to the “Tesla shared fleet” by just tapping the Tesla app. This could seriously mess with Uber and Lyft.

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so, yesterday afternoon my mother and i were in a serious vehicle crash. our car (pictured above, old picture) fishtailed off of the highway at roughly 65/70 mph and over a hill. we hit the hill so hard it launched us clear over a fence, flipped, and then rolled several times before we landed right-side-up, about 50 feet away from the fence, parallel to it. funnily enough, no damage to the fence, but our vehicle was totaled. both front windows were smashed in, the back windshield disappeared at some point doing the crash, and our front windshield had busted in so far that what was left of it was left hanging two inches from my face until paramedics and firemen arrived on scene. they would not let us see the car when they carried us back up the hill on stretchers, but, unfortunately, the damage was clear as we sat there, waiting for them to cut us out. 

the roof had caved in pretty severely and the sides of the car were pushed in at fairly awkward angles. the frame kept intact enough to protect both my mom and i from serious damage, for which we are both incredibly thankful for. it was a good little car. however, that was enough frame damage on it’s own to make repair costs more than the car was worth, and, unfortunately, neither of our doors opened after the crash, so they had to use the jaws of life on the doors to get us out of our vehicle. they put us in neckbraces and carried us up the hill on stretchers, and we were rushed to the nearest hospital for CT scans and xrays. we had a guardian angel with us yesterday, as both my mom and i escaped that crash with nothing more than possible concussions to both of our heads, two bruised shoulders between the two of us, and only several minor abrasions to me from the shattered glass. we are okay, thankfully, and a lot of that has to do with wearing our seatbelts and how well the car protected us during the rollover. however, our car is not.

we live 15+ miles outside of any semi-major town or city. the village we currently live in has less than 2,000 people, and the only things within walking distance are a gas station and a grocery store. madison, where all of our doctors are, is 30+ miles away and we were actually on our way to see my psychiatrist when the crash happened (i was recently admitted to a psychiatric unit, and therefore, these appointments are critical for my health at this point in time). the nearest hospital is in beaver dam, 15+ miles away, and if we end up having an emergency, we will have no way of getting there. a new car is a necessity for us as a family and at this current point in time, it’s hard enough getting money together for groceries, let alone several thousand dollars for a used car.

my mother has set up a gofundme here to help with these costs. right now, all $600 we get a month is going to rent and bills. we have nothing left over to go to paying the cost of a new car. these doctors appointments are essential to not only my health, but my mother’s as well, as she suffers from several mental disorders as well. it will be incredibly hard for us to miss so many appointments, and it will be even harder not to get to places we need to go (for ex. going into town to get pet food for our animals). we aren’t asking for a whole lot. and i’m not asking you to donate either, if you can’t. i understand that we aren’t the only people in this situation. but please, if you can, share this. there are people who could help and we really need those kinds of people right now. even five dollars would go a long ways. thank you.

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4 My mothers cat baby JD went missing a couple weeks ago leaving my mom distraught. Shes been through so much lately and this little dingus has brought her nothing but joy and hope in a time thats been most unforgiving. She’s been endlessly searching for him with missing posters and visiting/calling all the shelters in the surrounding area, until this morning she got a call from someone who had found him in a bush seeming as though he’d been hit by a car. He’s left with a broken pelvis among some many other minor injuries but the surgery to fix him is way out our price range. My mother having just survived her own life threatening situation i would be devistated to see her baby boy, her best friend die before he even reaches a year old.
so please help out with even just a share.

pocket change, kind words, shares and support is all we ask. Thank you so much for your time.