I can’t help but think but Alexander be weak in the knees for Thomas’ southern charm.

(I’m a slut for canon era Jamilton but with more open values on LGBT people)

Hamilton getting fired up over one thing or another and all Thomas has to do is say Sugar/Darling/Honey and Hamilton shuts up and gives him the “in listening but I’m still mad so you better say the right shit in the next 10 seconds” look.

Thomas’ mannerism never fails to make Hamilton blush like pulling out his chair for him

Thomas getting mad (not at Hamilton for once) and gets that real thick kind of accent (depending where you’re from in Virginia) and Hamilton is g one

Hamilton being called his Northern Belle (opposed to Southern Belle)

Hamilton called Thomas his “beau” and not really understand it but says it anyway because it makes Thomas happy

Thomas asking George for his blessing because he’s the closet Hamilton has for a parental figure and goes through the whole “if you hurt a single hair on his head,,,”

h and KISSES

Hamilton slowly getting accustomed to not working on Sundays and having large Sunday dinners in the afternoon

Thomas flaunting around Hamilton at parties and to diplomats and to staring guests

Sunday carriage rides (this shit is real and y'all can fight me. Sunday drive is fucking brutal)

Hamilton using the word “ya’ll” by accident

Hamilton not understanding Ice Tea and being really offended when asked if he wanted a sip

Ok so I know not a lot of this is super southern but I’m from Virginia and let me tell you something. Sunday is like family day for some reason. You got the big family with the big meal with the car ride and church. SHIT is serious down here and I just want Hamilton to be both equally confused, aroused, and curious.

Car Tunes

When it gets a little too silent in the car, 5.0.5. takes turns trying to play music with the others phones and MP3′s, but when all four of them can’t decide on a song, he takes matters into his own hands…paws.

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Date Night

God keeps a bottle of Advil in his glove compartment. Just in case, ya know. Long car rides. Would be shit to have a migraine. He goes down a side road to avoid traffic. It’s morning. No, night. He’s sexier than you expected. But not like movie star sexy. Or high school quarterback sexy. He’s more like Hot Dad. It’s weird. You pull your skirt down. Adjust your seatbelt. The light bends around him, drips from the window to your thighs. He’s not going to ask you how your night went or if your life is okay or if you can redeem your one fairy tale wish. He’s looking straight into the night, hand tapping on the car door. The stars are winking. He stops at the light, and you wonder if he’s going to kiss you.

Chapter 9 Part 1: The Unexpected.


2 months later..

Groaning as I stirred around in my sleep,  I tried to get comfortable against my baby blue body pillow again.  Succeeding, my phone started ringing a couple of minutes later making me want to cry. I can’t ever sleep.

Frowning, I snatched my phone off of the charger, instantly slapping myself on the forehead because the new iPhone chargers break easily. This is my 5th one. These chargers suck.

Pulling my silk blanket up to my chest, I sat back into the pillows and slid the answer bar across the screen.

“Hello?” I answered, gearing nothing but silence.

“Raye, come back..” Checking my caller-id, I sucked my teeth.

“August, take your drunk ass to bed. You can’t even drink!” Smacking his lips, he let out a nasty ass cackle afterwards. 

“Girl, I’m 19. I’m grown.” Rolling my eyes at his dumbass response, I closed my eyes hoping to fall asleep again. 

“Raye, I need you. Come back, please?” He slurred. Huffing,  I opened my eyes and stared at the white ceiling. 

“No, you’re just drunk. You gonna kick me out in the morning. Did we not just have that argument for nothing?”

“Please?” He begged. Sighing, I ended the call and got out of bed. I should’ve recorded the call cause he knows that he’s gonna kick me out.

Once my feet hit the cold hard wood floor, I immediately ran to my nightstand for some socks. Slipping them on afterwards, I looked over my outfit. Grabbing some shorts, I looked for some Nike  slides and slipped them on.

Snatching my phone and key, I waited for him to honk his horn, signaling for me to come outside.  After 15 minutes of playing around on my phone, he was finally here. Cutting my light off and skipping down the steps, I heard his loud ass music. Once I was outside, I locked the door and sluggishly walked to his car. Getting in, he didn’t even let me put my other foot in, before taking off. 

“Why you driving?” I asked, turning his radio off.

“Cause ya scary pussy ass wasn’t gone walk, anyways.” He spat, making me smack my lips. He was right, but damn.

“OK Alsina..” I mumbled. Noticing that the car came to a stop, I looked out the window and scrunched up my face. Nigga has to be kidding me. 

“August, you not bout to buy no damn drank!” I yelled, quickly covering my mouth, because everybody in front of this store heard me. 

Sucking his teeth, he lightly pushed my shoulder. “Bruh, chill out with that yelling. Making me look like a punk.” He mumbled, roughly opening up his car door. 

“I don’t wanna go in there.. what you buying anyway?” I pouted, pulling him back in by his arm. 

“Girl, you better get yo’ pussy ass out this motherfuckin’ car, nobody checkin’ for you.” He chuckled, trying to move my hand off of his arm.

“Why we here?” I whined, bouncing up and down in my seat. I probably look like a big ass baby.I hated coming here ever since I was a child. 

“So I can buy another drink, cause you killing my vibe, but you still make my dick jump all the time with your fine ass so you can slide.." He smirked, leaning in closer to me. Pushing him towards his seat, he sucked his teeth.

"No, you just had one! And stawppp.” Huffing loudly, he roughly sat back in his seat. Hitting his big ass head in the process, I giggled.

“Fuck this, I’m going to get a blunt. Ion’ care if you get out or not..” Pulling his arm back again, he glared at me. 

“Look at what I have on. LOOK at what the fuck I have on!” Looking over my attire, he handed me his gray polo jacket. Shrugging, I put it on and zipped it up half way. Looking over at him, I noticed that he was now shirtless. 

“Put a shirt on!” He looked at me in disbelief, before looking around and acting like he didn’t hear me. 

“This ain’t the fucking mall woman, I cant just pull no fucking shirt out my car! You bout to make me smack you. Unless you wanna be ass naked in this damn store, then shut the fuck up and keep my jacket. You can stay your ass in the car with all this complaining, I’m just getting a blunt. Got me fucked up, man. Then you yelling at me? Nah, you fucking up.” He said all at once, making me suck my teeth. Why the fuck he gotta be so rude?

“Fine! Take your tight ass jacket back then, I’ll stay in!” I yelled, throwing him his jacket back. Turning the opposite way from him, I looked outside of the window. 

“Whatever, it’s not tight it’s just you got some big ass titties.” He mumbled under his breath. Not wanting to play with his childish ass, I stayed silent. A couple of seconds later, he got out of the car, slamming the door in the process. Quickly locking the door, I slid down in my seat. I don’t care if I’m scary. This fool parked on the side of the store where the woods were. 

I don’t even know why I’m here. I guess because he woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep. No, let me stop. I still like him a little.  Yesterday, he swore up and down that he was gonna cut me off and shit, but look where we are now. I mean, I know that he was drinking, but still. He said I killed his vibe, so he knows what’s going on right now. 

I just cant believe how he was talking all that shit yesterday about how I’m a “liar” and I played him. He said he wanted nothing to do with me, cause I’m always playing games and that I like Chris and blah blah blah. Speaking of Chris, he’s actually been sticking to his word n leaving me alone. We aint talked since that night he walked in on me, which was 2months ago. Unfortunately, I’m starting to like him just a little bit. He’s waaaaaaaay cuter when he’s quiet and not talking shit. Ever since we stopped talking, he’s been this whole other person. Nothing, but smiles on his face and it makes me jealous, because he actually seems like a fun person to be around. Why does he have to be mean to me and not everybody else? What did I do? But let me stop, because once he tries to talk to me, I probably wont give in.  

“Why the fuck you lock my door? Open it!” August yelled, breaking me out of my thoughts. Jumping at the sound of his voice, I pressed the unlock button on the side of my door. As soon as he got in the car, I grabbed him by his ear.

“Don’t ever fucking scare me like that, boy!” I yelled, roughly letting his ear go. Putting my seat-belt on, I folded my arms across my chest.

Starting up the car, August drove off with a salty expression on his face. Once we got to a red light, he reached in his bag and pulled out some Swisher Sweet blunts. Snatching them out of his hands, I tore them apart and put them back in the bag. 

Pausing to look at me like I was crazy, he sucked his teeth and threw a box from the bag at me. Looking down at the box, I almost slapped the shit out of him. How fucking rude of him to go and menstrual cramp pills.

“Did you just buy these?” I asked in disbelief. 

“Yea, you need em’. You bitching too much..” He mumbled, shrugging afterwards like this was normal. 

“Nothing’s wrong with me!” Chuckling, the light turned green and he focused back on the road. 

“Oh, it’s not? You could’ve fooled me..” He cackled, taking the box back and throwing it in the back seat.

Shaking my head, I sat in silence through the rest of the car ride. I hope this shit is all worth it by the morning.

After 15 more minutes of driving, we were finally at his house.  He stays with his Aunt,  but she’s never here when I come.

“Want me to carry you?” He asked as he shut the front door behind him, locking it afterwards. 

“Not if you gonna say some smart.” Chuckling, he roughly pulled e by my waist.

“Girl, you know I love you.” He cheesed, flashing his sexy bottom gold’s. Wanting to see his pretty face,  I removed his shades and giggled. 

“Damn Aug, ya eyes red. You’re still gorgeous, though.” I smiled. Picking me up bridal style, he shook his head no.

“Im fine as fuck, ain’t no gorgeous.” Rolling my eyes at his cockiness, I opened his bed room door cause he couldn’t. Throwing me back on the bed, I squealed.

“You and these loud ass squeals..” He laughed. Waving him off, I stripped out of my shirt and shorts. Cutting off the light and TV, he wasted no time jumping in bed.
Grabbing my feet, he spread my legs and placed his head on my stomach. 

“You smell like strawberries.” He mumbled.

“Go to sleep.” Sucking his teeth,  he slipped his hands in my panties, grabbing my ass. Not even caring,  I closed my eyes and kettle sleep take over me.

*Next Day*

Quickly searching around for all of my things in August’ room, I looked back at him to make sure that he wasn’t up.

Opening his wooden drawers, I grabbed all of my undies and bras that I kept here if I took a shower.

I’m not about to let August play with me. One minute it’s ‘fuck me’ then the next, he wanna be nice. Last night we just kissed and stuff, but I feel dumb. The night before last he said I was a “Homie Hopper” which I dont know how I am, because they aren’t homies and neither of them are my boyfriend.  But fuck it, August can kiss my ass. I’m not about to be his lil’ toy.

Thinking about going in the bathroom to get my soap, lotions, etc., I decided not to.  From what I hear, his bitches needs it. 

Chuckling at my childish ass, I grabbed my bag and zipped it up.

“Baby, where you goin?” August mumbled huskily, sitting up in the bed. Even though he sounded sexy as fuck, I had to leave.

“I’m outta’ here stebbie.” I mumbled, throwing my bag over my shoulder.

“Come here, ma..” August imitated Stevie J, making me chuckle a bit. Rushing out of the bed, he stopped once he was in front of me.

“Why you leaving?” Sucking my teeth, I looked at him like he was crazy.

“This not gonna work. I can’t deal with your bipolar ass. One minute you’re cursing me the fuck out,.telling me to leave  and the next you all up on me  like nahhh. I give up, you not about to keep playing with me. Then,  you said some real disrespectful shit 2 nights ago n you aint even apologize. Then, it took you 2 months to let me explain? bye.” I explained, doing hand gestures at the same time.

“Bruh, you not fucking leaving me!” He yelled.

“You left me for 2 months!” I screamed. This nigga avoided the fuck out of me, even at school if we had to work together or something.

“But I’m back now, right?” Looking at him like he was dumb, I shook my head.

“It doesn’t work like that..” Chucking bitterly, he looked down at me.

“So you just gone act like what we had was nun? You just gone leave me when I was the one who held you every night, because of Chris? I fucking made you! Without me,  you wouldn’t be shit! You’d still be that weak ass lil girl who’s scared of Chris! This some fucking bullshit!” Looking at him in disbelief,  I couldn’t believe he said that.

“Stop making it seem like you wasnt the one that said you don’t want nothing to do with me and that I’m disgusting! And you made me? Bye August.”

Groaning loudly, he sighed.  “Baby, I’m sorry! Just please don’t leave me, you know I don’t got nobody..” He begged, interlocking his fingers with mine.

Staying silent, I shook my head no. He should’ve never said the shit that he said. Fucking jerk.

“Fine, fucking leave then. Ion’ give a fuck..Just remember who had your back this whole time tho.” He said, pushing me away from him.

“You aint have it that night when you aint let me explain or for these past 2 months! You dipped out on me! I cried because of you and I got punched in my face! And did you bother talking to me? NO!” I yelled, sitting down on the porch.

“Man, fuck you Raye. Get the fuck out.” He mumbled before walking off. Not looking back, he walked back into the  house. Dumb ass, Im already out.

Shaking my head at his ass, I texted Ty so he could come get me.

Once he was here, all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  I woke up extra early.

Trying to keep my eyes open, I failed and drifted off into a deep much needed  sleep.


“You aint even showing yet with your little ass.” I chuckled, lifting up Nae’s shirt. Her stomach had a tiny ass bump in it and she was almost 5 months. 

“The doctor said it’s fine, I hope she’s right.” Nodding, I put my ear to her stomach and felt a movement coming from it. Forming my mouth into the shape of an “O”, I put my hand on her stomach and felt the movement again.

“THE BABY KICKED!” We both yelled at the same time. She looked just as excited as I was.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!  Give me a kiss!” She squealed, puckering up her lips.

Chuckling, I brought my face to hers and almost fell due to leaning on my arm. 

“Ew! You just kissed me on the mouth!” She giggled, wiping her mouth.

“I didn’t mean to, I had moved.” I laughed, wiping my mouth too. 

“You gave Ty some brain this morning, right?” I asked, side-eyeing her. He did  text me earlier saying that Nae woke  him up with some good ass head. I thought he was playing, this fool Nae is a freak.

Smirking, she looked the other way and didn’t respond.

“Naeeeeee!” I whined.

“What? That’s my man, I can’t please him? I brushed my teeth afterwards.. ” She said, making me sigh in relief.

“I’ma get you back for this. You drink after anybody so I’ma eat a bitch’s ass and give you my drink.” I shrugged and she looked at me in disgust.

“Well don’t take the blunt from Ty,  because he licks me everywhere.” She smirked, wiggling her eyes.

Smacking my lips, I waved her off. “Hell nah, I’ve heard enough. I gotta go pee,  I been holding this all day.”

“Can you sneak me a blunt? Smoke good weed with a bad bitch?” She begged. Looking at her like she was crazy, I ignored her. We gotta stop smoking around her for her damn health. When she first found out she was pregnant, she went to the doctor and they said she  was 3 months. Then, her little ass been smoking with me them whole 3 months until she found out, so I hope everything goes well. Now I feel bad for letting her smoke with me.

Rushing out of her room, I went to the bigger bathroom down the hall.

Shaking the golden doorknob on the door, I sucked my teeth once I noticed that it was locked. I have to pee real fucking bad.

Banging on the door like this was my house, I heard the person flush the toilet. Wiggling my legs around a little bit, it was only a couple of seconds before I would pee on my damn self.

“Come on!” I yelled out in frustration.

Swinging the door open, there stood Raye looking fucked up but still cute. Her eyes were red, her hair was back wild and curly, and but her face still looked cute tho.  Damn, haven’t heard from her in a while.

“Hi Ch—”

“Can you get the fuck on because I really gotta pee man!” I yelled, jumping around.

Quickly moving to the side, I pushed her out of the way and slammed the door behind me.

Roughly pulling down my pants,  I grabbed my dick out of my boxers and started to release. Throwing my head back, I sighed in relief. Shaking it off, I pulled my pants back up and flushed the toilet. Washing my hands with this fruity ass soap, I shrugged. This is a women house that I’m so..

Walking out,  I spotted Raye leaning on the wall. “Chris sorry for h—-” Cutting her off I pointed to my still swollen cheek. 

“Don’t talk to me, you might hit me.” I mumbled, trying to be funny.

“I could say the same for you!” She yelled. She has to be fucking kidding me.

“Bitch, you started talking to me!” I spat, only for her to roll her eyes. I been doing good without her and here she comes, pissing me off.

Slapping me across my face, I stumbled back a little. Touching the same side of my cheek, it burned causing me to hiss.  She done fucked up.

Walking over to her, I pushed us both into the wall extra hard.  Hearing her wince in pain, I smirked.

Staring at her cute annoying ass, I couldn’t help but chuckle.  Trying to hide her cute little smirk, I roughly grabbed her chin and crashed my lips into hers.

“I fucking… hate…your…aggy….ass..” I said in between kisses.

“I…hate…you..too..” She mumbled  against my lips.

Squeezing her ass, I brought her closer to me.

Quickly pushing me away, her eyes widened. “What the fuck am I doing? I’m supposed to hate you!” She said more to herself than to me.

Smirking, I grabbed her hands pulling her back towards me
I’m just tryna hit, fuck all this other shit.

“It aint gotta be like that, though.” I whispered in her ear, trying to make her change her mind.

Looking down,  I traced where her eyes were and they were on my dick. Chuckling, she looked back up in embarrassment.

“I can’t.” She mumbled. Rolling my eyes, I picked her up, wrapping her legs around my waist.

Bringing my face in the crook of her neck, I began to suck on it.

“Chrissss stop..” She moaned trying to push me away.

Sliding my hand in her pants, she slapped the shit out of me for the second time today.

“I told you to stop..” She mumbled with fear in her eyes.

Chuckling, I yanked her by her arm, dragging her to her room. Closing her door and locking it, I pushed her down on the bed.

“So, you think it’s okay to hit me?” I asked, hovering over her. Interlocking my fingers with hers so that she woukdn’t move, she stayed silent.

I’m bout’ to fuck her up.