♫ new perspective ♫ | songs to listen to on car rides with your friends

001. the reckless and the brave//all time low ♦ 002. anything//hedley ♦ 003. all the pretty girls//fun. ♦ 004. no one can touch us//sing it loud ♦ 005. holiday from real//jack’s mannequin ♦ 006. stutter//marianas trench ♦ 007. alone together//fall out boy ♦ 008. i wanna get better//bleachers ♦ 009. car radio//twenty one pilots ♦ 010. do i wanna know?//arctic monkeys ♦ 011. northern downpour//panic! at the disco ♦ 012. la vie boheme//RENT cast ♦ 013. weightless//all time low ♦ 014. new perspective//panic! at the disco ♦ 015. perfect//marianas trench ♦ 016. holding onto you//twenty one pilots ♦ 017. closer//tegan and sara ♦ 018. passing through a screen door//the wonder years ♦ 019. ocean avenue//yellowcard

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roadtrips with michael and trusting him with the map because “babe, I am smart enough to read a map” but sure enough, you’re lost within the hour and have no idea how to get anywhere from there, so Michael rings the boys and asks them to pick you up, offering directions such as “we’re next to a field, there’s some sheep in it…OH MY GOD Y/N, HAVE YOU SEEN THE BABY SHEEP, HOW CUTE” and “the last town we were in started with a W, does that help?” and as you wait for them to find you, the pair of you sit on the hood of the car as the sun sets, and you’re giving him the silent treatment because you’re mad, it’s cold and you’re fucking lost, until Michael slips his sweater over your head and kisses you, mumbling a stream of apologies as he presses his lips all over your face so you finally smile, because Mikey’s happy as long as you are.

au where everyone lives together in some kind of nice house: house wife/grill dad Kaz, gossip wine aunt couch potato Ocelot, rebellious selectively mute “my room is in the attic” Quiet, and local zookeeper sweater dad Venom along with the family pet DD

and then Venom’s twin brother BB comes over with his leather and motorcycle and everyone just “Oh god uncle BB’s here again” (except ocelot, they’re all over each other in the guest house much to everyone’s dismay hence aunt and uncle lmao)



I love this intro because it confirms Matt’s always been a friendless loser and now that he actually has people who accept him and agree to hang out with him he is going to make up for all of these lost times and we are going to have all the fun AND IT’S GOING TO BE SO GREAT YOU GUYS OH MY GOD!!! 


Ooheeh, boys. We’re driving supercars. (x)

Above: Trott in Ferrari 458, Ross in Lamborghini Gallardo, Smith in Nissan GTR

If You Ever Want To Be In Love

I know I’m on a small hiatus and no this doesn’t mean I’m fully back but I’ve been obsessed with this song lately and although I’m not happy with Justin, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss him or miss writing about him so during a very long car ride, I made this. It’s rushed and probably has a shit ton of errors but I don’t care lmao. This one shot is vaguely based on the song by James Bay (x) Hope you guys enjoy it


You smiled as you walked into the beautiful reception hall, your all white pumps clicking against the linoleum tiled floor. You held on tightly to your clutch and looked around, trying to spot your best friend and bride to be among the huge crowd filled with tons of friends and family. The banquet hall screamed happiness and a part of you felt guilty for even showing up without being one percent happy for the lucky couple.

As your eyes landed on the groom you could feel your heart tighten, your eyes stinging with the tears and as you begun to look away you could hear your best friend call your name, “Y/N!!” she shouted across the hall.

You plastered a huge smile on your face and waved as you watched her sashay her way through the crowd, her bright white dress contrasting against her dark brown skin, her natural hair now straightened for the first time in a long time. It was shocking not seeing her with her 4b hair in a twist out. She looked absolutely gorgeous and you couldn’t help but be happy for her. You’ve never seen her this happy before and although it hurt, you were happy for her. You wished for nothing but her happiness.

You let out a small ‘oof’ as her body collided with yours, her arms immediately wrapping around your neck. She smelled of perfume, cake and a hint of alcohol, which wasn’t surprising given this was her rehearsal dinner.

“I’m so happy you made it!” She squealed pulling away slightly.

You chuckled, “I’m the maid of honor, it’d be a problem if I didn’t show up”

She nodded and grabbed your hand before dragging you back to the crowd to where she previously stood with her husband to be, “That’s true but given your history with Damien, I wasn’t sure—” you heard her gasp, her grip tightening around your hand as her words registered in her head. She stopped shortly and turned, guilt filling her eyes as she met yours, “Sorry – I didn’t mean – I just…. I was worried you wouldn’t approve because – because….” She trailed off, her eyes finding the floor.

You could tell how much your approval meant to her and her happiness meant everything to you. Even if it meant lying…you’d do anything for her. Plastering that same smile back on your face, you gave her hand a small squeeze, “Please, don’t even worry about it. I’m over him totally and completely. If that’s what you’re worried about then don’t. It’s okay.”

She watched your face, trying to detect to see if you were lying. You knew she wouldn’t figure it out, you’d gotten pretty good at lying about your feelings over the past seven months since what was suppose to be your engagement turned into your boyfriend of three years, confessing his love to your best friend and asking her to marrying him instead.

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Wild Horses (Part 5)

Based on Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, sort of.

Sam and Dean have settled into a comfortable routine, with the trouble of the past finally settling down. They are back to hunting, back to being brothers. Only, now there’s something more. Something that might ruin everything.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warning: Wincest, angst

Word Count: 1900ish

A/N: My first Wincest series! Tagging @meganwinchester1999, @winchester-bait @pada-ackles, @mrswhozeewhatsis @kittenofdoomage, @latinenglishfandomblog, @mishasmuffin, and @heyobrothers. (The only Wincest shippers I know of.) Tag any other Wincest shippers, or let me know if you don’t want to be tagged!

The ghost haunting turned out to be simple. Too simple. Sam wanted something dangerous, something he could fight, something he could channel his energy into beating the shit out of.

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Not So Clichéd Love Story (3)

AN: Ah… And it’s back.
Pairing: SasuHina
Rating: T (swear words, yo)

Installment 3

Ino’s car was shit. Ino could have a nice ride but her father said he’d match whatever she made over the summer. Ino spent most of that money on…well, nothing that she honestly needed. So when she pulled back into the parking lot in her chipped, baby blue rust bucket…

“I have longer legs,” said Sasuke.

Ino frowned. “It’s your fault that you’re in this mess. Both of you get in the back,” the blonde turned around. “Hinata, sorry babe, you have to take bitch seat.”

Opal eyes widened. No one wanted to sit in the middle! She looked over to Sasuke as he slide in with an attitude. Naruto came in on the other side. It was already hot! Ino didn’t have AC either. Sakura looked back. “You guys are so cute,” giggled the pinkette.

Hinata kept her eyes straight. Again, she was stuck close to Sasuke. Sasuke looked over the window. No. Nah. The Uchiha leaned forward, “Drop me off the nearest Gas Station,” asked Sasuke.

Ino pouted and looked at him through the rear view mirror. “Ne, I thought we were all going shopping!”

Sasuke shook his head. “I have to get gas, Ino.”

Sakura sighed, “Ino, come on. It’s too cramped in here.”

Everyone shot her a look. Yeah, as if she was suffering being in the front seat. The pinkette just giggled. Naruto adjusted his shoulders in front of Hinata’s. “Yeah, Ino! We’ll catch up!”

She huffed and turned the curve a little too hard into the upcoming gas station. Sasuke fell on the window, Hinata fell on Sasuke and Naruto squashed Hinata.

“Sorry!” Ino apologized with a grin.

Naruto removed himself from the nearly flattened girl. Hinata lifted herself but felt an incredible pull at her hair. Sasuke felt a tug at his jacket.


Ino looked back and laughed, “Are you guys seriously stuck?”

Hinata whined as Sasuke attempted to unzip his jacket but it was jammed with navy strands. For some idiotic reason he thought pulling it upwards was a better idea. The girl attached gasp in pain, “Sasuke!”

“My bad.” Onyx eyes lifted to the grinning faces of his so-called friends. “Stop it.”


“I didn’t say anything.”

“Nothing is happening,” said Naruto. “Well, while we’re here…I need snacks!” He jumped out the other side and jogged into the gas station.

Sakura leaned out the window. “Naru- Naruto! Never mind, I have to pee,” said the pinkette. She got out and followed him. Ino sighed and decided to go inside anyway.

Sasuke glared at nothing in general then suggested, “We can rip your hair-”

“No!” She snapped.

Kitten has claws. Sasuke scratched his head. There was absolutely no way that her hair should have gotten stuck in his zipper…

This was fate’s doing.

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