Men go by, ideas stay. Moral efforts stay and will continue to walk on the legs of other men.

On May 23rd 1992,  judge and prosecuting magistrate Giovanni Falcone, who had fought against Mafia all his life, was travelling with his security detail on the A29 coastal motorway to get from Palermo’s airport to his home. In retaliation for all of his life’s work and in particular for the Maxi-Trial who had convicted hundreds of Mafia affiliates and judicially proven Mafia’s existence, a half-ton of explosives was placed in a culvert under the motorway, near the town of Capaci and it was set off when the three cars with Falcone and his security detail were  travelling by. The blast killed Falcone, his wife, and the three men in the first car of his security detail. Only four survived. The explosion was so powerful it registered on local earthquake monitors.

Giovanni Falcone [ Palermo - May 18, 1939 / Capaci - May 23, 1992 ]

Francesca Morvillo  [ Palermo - December 14, 1945 / Palermo - May 23 1992 ]

 Vito Schifani  [ Palermo - February 23, 1965 / Capaci - May 23, 1992 ]

Rocco Dicillo [ Triggiano - April 13,1962 / Capaci - May 23, 1992]

Antonio Montinaro [ Calimera - September 8, 1962 / Capaci - May 23, 1992 ]

 Paolo Capuzza, Angelo Corbo, Gaspare Cervello,Giuseppe Costanza

Huge public outrage (especially against politicians) and deep mourning followed the judge’s death and thousands gathered at the funerals which were broadcast on national television. 53 days later Falcone’s close friend and collaborator, Judge Paolo Borsellino, and five men of his security guide, were killed in a similar bomb attack in Palermo.

Mafia is not invincible; it’s a human reality and as everything which is human it has a beginning and it will also have and end. However, we must realize that we can win not by requesting defenceless citizens to act as heroes, but by engaging every best institutional force in this battle. 

Giovanni Falcone

tinlizzies  asked:

what are some details most people dont notice at first in cars?

I have… at least 10 million of these stored in my brain. Let’s see how many of them I can remember now that you’ve asked me lol

  • (this one is very obvious) but the uneducated audience wouldn’t catch the “For the Birds” reference during the Life is a Highway scene
  • also during that scene there’s a wide shot of Mack on the highway and the cloud formation behind him is in the shape of a hood ornament (I believe a 30′s/40′s Buick?)
  • I think this one is obvious but one of Lightning’s head animators just realized LAST MONTH that the “Top Down truck stop” is an innuendo to a topless bar. It’s been 10 years.
  • Lizzie was dozing off in the BG of the court room scene
  • The (now closed ) Clentrio Motel across from the Cozy Cone was based off of Coral Courts. (do not get me or @radiationstinks talking about Coral Courts we WILL cry.)
  • Flo and Ramone are the only RS residents that live in a house. Everyone else lives at their place of business.
  • Sally’s lisence plate is a reference to her make and model. (301PCE is 301 Porsche)
  • The plants around the cozy cones are 1963/1964 Ford Galaxie taillights.
  •  Sally’s headlights are basically a lie. Her make and model have never had melted headlights, but the concept artists liked them better than the standard headlights that were on her make/model so they put melted headlights on her.
  • Cars was the first Pixar movie to have environment mapping. And damn did they use it well.
  • I THINK (don’t hold me to it) Filmore has a bumper sticker that says “Save 2D animation??
  • Doc’s tires are a little flat throughout the whole fucking movie. Ask me if it bothers me.

I have so many more of these 

Saint Edmund, the Saxon king, may be buried under town's tennis courts, experts believe

Experts are set to start digging for another missing English king.

After Richard III was found buried under a car park in Leicester, details have emerged of other unusual possible resting places famous monarchs.

Now, Bury St Edmunds believes it may have the remains of Saint Edmund, a Saxon monarch, buried beneath one of its tennis courts.

St Edmund was a Saxon king who ruled in the ninth century. As a saint, his remains were kept in a shrine in Bury St Edmunds.

At the time of the desecration of the Benedictine Abbey, during Henry VIII’s reign, the remains were lost.

But historians believe the remains may well be below the tennis courts in Abbey Gardens, which sit on top of a former monks’ graveyard in the sedate East Anglian town. Read more.

Anyway nothing fucks me up more than the fact that in the “Goodbye” scene as the trailer was pulling away and Doc was left alone to watch the town once again go dark, the song “Goodbye” that was playing morphed into an instrumental of “Our Town,” specifically the part of the song in which the lyrics are “no one seems to need us, like they did before.”

✨ My first client in Monterey! ✨

After doing a small presentation on Meisters last semester for an Excel class, my professor approached me the next class meeting requesting that I bring the business up next semester so that I could detail her and her husband’s cars! So yesterday, I finally got to detail her 1996 Jaguar XJS Convertible. It was a refreshing break from studying for finals and I’m incredibly stoked about the results (and she was, too!).

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1965 Shelby GT350.

The cars of 1965 and 1966 are the smallest and lightest of the Shelby Mustang lineage. They are called “Cobra” by some, due to the legendary AC Shelby Cobra. Like that, the GT350 also made use of the Cobra emblem and similar painting scheme, among other details. These cars had a 4.7 L (289 cu in) engine modified to give a power of 310 cf associated with a 4-speed manual transmission. These cars were shipped by Ford from the San Jose assembly plant to Shelby American where they were made the appropriate modifications, including rear drum brakes from the Ford Galaxie and Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes.

All 1965 models were painted in Wimbledon White (Wimbledon White M, M1619, 8378, 4480L) with Blue Guard stripes. Very few of these copies were delivered to the agencies with the optional “Le Mans” stripes representing 28% of the production, frequently these were added on account of the distributor. Today it is difficult to find a copy without them. The total production of the 1965 model was 562 units.