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Do you have any tutorials for drawing cars in a comicbook-style range of detail? (Also, car interiors?)

I don’t really have anything about drawing cars in particular, I would first suggest doing a google search. For example, this website has a bunch of different car tutorials. 

It’s always important to draw from reference. Google the type of car you want to draw and sketch away! Cars are kinda difficult, try breaking them down into their shapes (boxes, triangles, etc.). As long as you can draw simple 3D shapes, you can draw a car. 

An interior of a car is like a little room. Try to figure out where everything is and sketch the space. You can look at my room tag for some ways to deal with this. Make sure to use reference! Stretching from a picture will make you life a lot easier. 

It will be difficult at first, but keep practicing and you’ll be great at it. Good luck! 

Things packed, off to Majorca! I hope to spot some Balearic chrome juwels or rust buckets again, whatever  – and a Wi-Fi-Autobahn to post from time to time. Sun, fun, love, peace and let’s burn rubber on the „Nus de la Corbeta" (knotted neck tie), a street that turns through an angle of 270 degrees and passes under itself!? Okay, with my low-cost rental car…


🍬🍬🍬 I’m starting college the spring semester (animation major, illustration minor) because I wanted to work to build up the fund! I figured opening commissions again would help me both practice variety before I start school AND help pay the way for supplies and rent! 🍬🍬🍬

For anything over $20 because it may take longer to draw, I ask for half payment upfront, then the other half once completed.

🍩 Paypal, 🍩 My Ask Box 🍪🍪🍪

Other additional costs:

+$3 original character (email me references, full body if possible!)

+$4 detailed cars

+$4 nsfw

I WILL NOT DRAW: unusual kinks, mecha/robots, animal violence, self harm, intestines/heavy gore

Ways To Wash, Wax and Polish Your Car

Should you be wanting to help keep your car in a good state then you’ll definitely need to find out tips on how to maintain it.Good car valeting regularly assists in keeping a superb look, but it also helps defend the car’s paint from the threats of time.

The Tools and Methods

All those worn out cloths and sponges you’ve used to clean your car before should be discarded.Soft woolen gloves will now be used to clean your car. Whilst nearly anything could be used to wash your vehicle, it doesn’t mean that it ought to be.Woolen wash mitts are designed for holding extra water, but more importantly, they’re the right way to wash your car without damaging it.

You’ll also be required to work with the two bucket system for cleaning - one bucket contains the wash solution and the second keeps clear water.When you are rinsing your wash mitt, use the clean water to make certain that you’re not carrying the dirt back to the vehicle. This really increases the results of both your shampoo and water solutions.

You’ll also want a guard within the bottom of the buckets to help make the two bucket technique more successful.Bucket guards are made to block your wash mitt from lifting the dirt that falls through the guard. When you have done with cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, you will need to dry it off with a microfibre or PVA towel.

Wash and Dry

Be sure to wash your vehicle away from direct sunlight.The very first goal is wash your car once so that the dirt will become much easier to get rid of. Start to clean your vehicle from the top and work your way downward. Work with a straight movement with the wash mitt, overlapping a couple of occasions to eliminate as much dirt as you possibly can.You need to rinse each spot the moment it’s washed. Rinse using a low force so your water can slowly pass over your car.

Start using two quality towels to dry out your car.Carefully and lightly dry your car’s exterior to avoid damaging it. Wring the towels once they begin to hold some of the water.Use your first towel to perform almost all of the drying. When it’s soaked, work with the second towel to dry up any outstanding water droplets on your car.

Wax and Polish

At this point we advance onto polishing your car.Make sure that you use a nonabrasive polish, and be prepared to put on a couple of various kinds to get the ideal shine. Polishing is designed to give your paint job the sheen and lustre that you’ll want, in addition to eliminating very small paint flaws.

An electric car polisher can be used to ensure your polish is added effectively. It’s difficult to create equal results by yourself.Work only in small sections - you’ll have to progress in 2×2 ft. areas, and work steadily.

Finish your polishing technique by going side to side to be sure the entire spot is always coated.While polishing, make sure the polisher’s pad is level at all times - the side of the pad can harm your surface. When you’ve finished polishing, choose a good man made or carnauba wax. You’ll have the same choices as polishing - you’ll be able to apply manually or with the electric powered pads.Hand waxing is usually the best choice, though.

If you follow the whole car valeting process often, you can be certain that your vehicle will stay looking perfect.

LaFerrari 🏇 • Courtesy of @pe_exotics ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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This is one of the best video I’ve had the privilege to shoot. Jason Rose and Kevin Brown are MASTERS of detailing and I learned an incredible amount of techniques and procedures for wet sanding during this trip and I hope the video (part I. II. and III.)  gives you a strong understanding of how to safely wetsand your paint. Thank you Jason and Kevin for all your knowledge! -Larry

Bissell Auto Care ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, 14254

Compact multi-purpose wet vacuum delivers thorough deep easying.Powerful spray and suction easy and help dry in a single step.Measures 8-1/5 via 17-1/5 by manner of 12-½ inches; 1-year limited guarantee.Flexible hose, difficult-stain brush, spraying crevice instrument, and easying parts embodyd.Built-in sizzling-water heater for stronger outcomes; separate easy/dirty water tanks. A powerful mini steam-vac, this compact multi-purpose deep easyer uses sizzling water and a easying agent to eliminate each and every deep-down dirt and surface spills. Designed especially for straightforwarding automobile inside ofs, it moreover works nice on carpeting, stairs, and cloth within the living. The unit’s built-in scorching-water heater elevates the temperature of faucet water via 25 ranges F for more suitable end results, whereas its sturdy spray and suction do away with tricky spots and stains, plus support dry, multi function step. The desktop offers a 5-foot upholstery hose and two at hand attachments: a 3-inch difficult-stain brush and a two-in-one spraying crevice device. Clean, soapy water outlets in a solution tank on one aspect, and used, filthy water will get recovered proper right into a separate assortment tank on the alternative side. The tanks do away with for simple filling, and the computer may moreover be stored ready to make use of. Other small print embody a 9 amp motor, a 3- to 5-inch easying route, PCV-free sections, a 15-foot power wire, and quick-release wire-storage hooks. An 8-ounce bottle of Little Green easying decision comes embraced. The multi-purpose deep cleaner measures 8-1/5 by means of 17-1/5 by the use of 12-½ inches and accommodates a one-year limited assure..Bissell Auto Care ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, 14254