For the Ladies: Car Cleaning Made Easy

Yes we see them on TV and even in the movies, ladies dressed in their skimpy clothing or bikinis and lathering soap all over a car but the suggestive imagery not necessarily portrays the needed detail of taking good consideration and care for a vehicle.

Today we list out some of the best tips and tricks for the women out there so they can overcome the hay wired stereotype of having to look like going to the beach instead of really taking great care of their vehicle.

Prepare Cleaning Tools

Whether it is a pail of water or a car washing detergent, make it a point to have all the essential tools before even starting out your cleaning task.

Ladies, have enough sponges, micro fiber clothes and even brushes handy so that all of the needed areas of your car are well lathered and scrubbed.

Purchase Some Gloves

The worry for most lady car owners, when cleaning their vehicles, is having to be too handy with all the grease and grime all over the wheels, tires and other parts of the car.

Invest on sturdy and well made cleaning gloves that will last for several car washing tasks this will ensure that you get into all the nooks and crannies of your car without having to worry of having too much oil and grease as you finish.

Work in Parts and Portions

It may look very challenging and difficult to deal with cleaning and entire car and when you take that approach at times the cleaning aspect turns out not what is expected and you would end up with missed spots and areas.

Section out your vehicle and clean per part, making sure that all of the surfaces and areas in that particular portion is nice and clean before proceeding to clean the next areas.

Wheels and Tires Last

It is often overwhelming to look at your vehicle wheels and tires, and often the mentality of many, men included, is to get to the dirtiest and grimiest parts of the car first then work on the rest last.

Making sure that the rest of the car is cleaned out first before working on the tires and wheels ensures that the tools used for the car body does not transfer to those areas and that the dirt that comes from the top of the car also does not end up at the bottom with the wheels and tires.

Methods to Help Women Become Better Drivers

Often the stuff of jokes about cars,women drivers have experienced a lot of scenarios when their male counterparts have made fun of them, from their lack of parking abilities, to their lack of maintenance and repair capabilities and even their lack of cleanliness and care for their cars. 

These days though a lot of car manufacturers have been able to create marvelous ways in which women drivers are better enabled to handle driving on the road, parking and many other vehicle troubles that they may encounter along the way.

User Friendly Indicators

One of the latest innovations these days is the ability of vehicles not just to tell when particular repairs and maintenance issues need to be addressed, but most of these come at particular times there is enough time and money to prepare.

Most light indicators have been created with user friendly functions that make sure all drivers, not just women, are able to know that tires need to be changed in the next two days or that oils need to be changed in a couple of weeks, which is an excellent way to be able to set aside funds and be readily for a schedule with a mechanic.

Vehicle Sensors

Some vehicles on the other hand have made it amazingly possible to know that one vehicle or any inanimate object is too close to you and makes it a point to let you know before hand.

What is great about this common feature for most modern vehicles is it saves a lot of people from any unwanted collisions on the road, most especially when in a parking lot where most have the difficulty of knowing when a post or another vehicle is too close.

High Tech Options

And if these up to date indicators and sensors are not enough to make the driving experience better, not just for women drivers but for any driver, some car brands have had the brilliant idea of adding a lot of high tech options.

No more experience of getting lost on the road as most vehicles have built in maps for better travel and some even have rear cameras that make sure backing up on other vehicles is prevented.

How to Keep Your Car Interior Fresh and Odor-Free

Some people say that our cars reflect our personality. This is the reason why most of us work to provide the best care for our cars, so that when people look at it, they would know that we’re decent individuals who take care of things properly. However, there are times when we focus too much on our car’s appearance and engine maintenance that forget about the interior care of our vehicles. The worst time would be when our car interior gets ignored until it begins to smell bad. If you personally dislike smelling bad (which is why you use deodorant), you should also know how to prevent your car from smelling bad, or eliminating the bad odor if it’s already there.

First of all, you have to find out why you interior gets stinky. Perhaps it was someone who rode with you? Did someone smoke inside your car? The smell of the cigarette smoke mixes up with the bacteria in the car and it creates a bad odor. Food leftovers, spilled liquids, trash that hasn’t been cleaned up properly – all of these can produce unpleasant odors when locked up inside a sedan.

How to Eliminate Bad Odor in the Car

Regular maintenance is key. You should have a vacuum cleaner always at hand to remove the dirt and dust in the edges of the seats and on the carpets. Also, don’t let anyone smoke in your car. Apart from the stinky smoke, the ashes from the cigarette may also burn your carpet and leave stains.

Perhaps the bad smell may be coming from dirty shoes or even the floor mats that were not properly dried after washing. This is why you have to take the floor mats off, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust beneath the mats, and wash the mats using soap and water. Dry the mats completely before putting them back in the car – the moisture that’s left after washing the mats can also create an unpleasant smell.

So maybe you do clean your car and maybe it doesn’t smell. But you shouldn’t be too lax when it comes to interior care. Always let the air circulate in and out of your car by lowering the windows every once in a while. Use a reliable and high quality cleaning agent for your leather car seats to keep them clean and free from odor. You can also use car freshener if you prefer to. Just make sure the scent isn’t something that causes dizziness.

Do you have a secret in keeping your car interior fresh and odor-free? Share it with us on Facebook!

A superior cleaner and finisher for your car, truck, boat, ATV, and other equipment. It does the dirty work, while at the same time leaving behind a shiny surface that water will bead off. It will replace the dirt, grease, road grime, etc, with an extra layer of protection that makes cleaning easier in the future. And of course it is environmentally friendly.

SYNTEK GLOBAL IS COMMITTED TO DOING WHAT WE CAN TO CONSERVE OUR NATURAL RESOURCES. Eco-Mist is an effective waterless carwash that allows you to keep your vehicle and equipment clean and looking great all year long without using any of our world’s much needed water.

Clean and protect your vehicle or equipment anywhere at anytime.

Eco-Mist is powerful but gentle. It cuts through the grease and the grime and leaves your vehicle (or equipment) with a protective shine that actually makes it easier to clean the next time. And of course, Eco-Mist does not contain any silicone or other chemicals harmful to the environment like many other cleaners do.

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  • Excellent degreaser (even in commercial and industrial applications)
  • Cleans bugs, tar and road grime
  • Leaves a smooth, shiny protection that water will bead off
  • No buckets, No hoses, No mess
  • Use on paint, chrome, plastic and glass
  • 12 ounce bottle treats 3 to 4 vehicles
  • Won’t scratch the paint
  • Cleans and adds protection to the surface
  • No Silicon added or harmful chemicals
  • Encapsulates dirt particles for easy wipe off
  • Comes with Microfiber Towel

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    Tips for a more organized car

    When you’re on the road almost every day because of the demands of your work, your vehicle becomes your second home.  Just like any other dwelling place – your unattended trash, unorganized personal stuff are just some of the many nuisances your car might be shouldering each day. No matter how clean your exterior is, it doesn’t make up for the untidiness inside.

    Admit it, the image is rather unpleasant if you think about it. Although it is not a shame to leave your things poorly managed inside your car, your desire to keep your things together in one place can be quite pressuring.

    To achieve a more spacious car interior, you must take time to declutter your car. Yes, it may take a few hours from your busy schedule but the result can certainly be rewarding. 

    We’ve gathered up some of the most useful organizing tools that you can use in  your own cars, get inspired and check them out below:

    1. Use a medium-sized food container with lid as an alternative for a trash bin (cereal containers are a perfect fit). Don’t forget to put a plastic bag inside it for easy disposal.

    2. Any box from your local office supplies store can come in as a handy tool for your car.  End your mounting piles-of-paper work nightmare by sorting them out carefully and filing them onto labelled folders. When you’ve done all that, you may now store your important documents inside the box and search them with less hassle. Just make sure you don’t put it near some bottles of beverages to avoid accidents.

    3. A bag organizer can be of great use to lessen the stress of knowing where to put your personal things such as your tablets, cell phones and other gadgets. Other important stuff that you use every day like keys, wallets and pens can now be a quick-find when stored in this cool and hip storage with multiple compartments.

    4. A multi-pocketed organizer that can be installed at the back of the driver’s seat can be beneficial when traveling. Take advantage of those extra pockets. Offer them to a friend who might just need a space to secure her smartphone and mp3 player.

    6. Sticky Device Holder. This cool material that sticks to your car’s dashboard is another modern way to secure your mobile phones while driving.  Learn more about this here.

    7. A tablet holder for your dashboard can grant you easy access to Google maps and/or music. So for a more comfortable and smooth feeling ride when alone or when out with friends, this cool device is a good choice not only for organizing purposes, but to amplify your car as well.

    Organizing your car and your home is almost just the same. As adults we need to take responsibility for our own things. Securing them can be a reflection of ourselves as to how we deal with the various compartments in our lives. 

    The key to any new activity is consistency. You may have the energy to get up and take care of the clutter today but make sure you don’t ignore the following days to come. Good luck to your new car’s transformation!

    Today’s victory was 14ft of no-foot climbs! I had terrible form, and was using too much momentum, but it’s still way better than when I tried it in March and got 5ft up. Yay!

    Also I am being super unproductive and hopefully by posting this I’ll feel prompted to actually go and accomplish things. Even just cleaning. My mom and a friend are visiting me from Thursday through Sunday and I have until then to make it look like my life isn’t in complete shambles. So, laundry?! But I really just want to sew costumes. Alas. 


    My bb girl and I went to the old market today after school and ate supper at Jazz. Decided to get something new there and it wasn’t all that great. Kinda odd. I drove though. For the first time without an adult. Well kinda lol. Felt good. We stopped at Sophias dads first since they’re away and needed the house looked over. That was fun lol. After eating we looked at the Imaginarium and left for Walmart. We bought a bunch of stuff there. Mostly to make my new car homier. Tissues, lotion, steering wheel cover, contact wash, deoderant, glass defogger and interior car wipes. Then we vaccumed out my car and wiped it all down and got it all nice and clean. Perfect. Then we did the same with my bbs car…after we took like 4 bags full of trash out of it lmao. We stole quarters out of the inside of the vacuum machine to pay for it. Well some of it. Then we ate BK and we were the only ones in there and things got wild up in there lololol. It was a good day today :)


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    “You can’t be a nerd without glasses. You can’t be a cop if you’re cute. You have to be hot if you’re a blonde. Commercials want "Ethnically Ambiguous.” I know how the marketing works on that, but I really would like to know if it sells all that many more (cell phones, cars, cleaner….whatever).

    And from the story standpoint, it really annoys me when in a breakdown it is stated that the female character’s only function is to serve the man. In life, that is no female’s only function. We all constantly have our own arcs going on, gentlemen.“

    Hitching to Bristol

    Inspired by tales from Beth’s brother (currently travelling in New Zealand) and driven to reassure our belief in the kindness of strangers, we embarked on a mini adventure last weekend which saw us hitch hiking our way to Bristol.

    I’ve known many people who’ve tried it abroad and have even picked up a few people my-self. Yet, something has always deterred me for trying to hitch hike. Perhaps it’s the general undercurrent of distrust for society that seems to do its best to rub off on us at any given opportunity, or maybe an inbuilt fear of rejection by strangers. Either-way we drew up a sign on a piece of cardboard and wrote “Bristol please”.

    Within 10 minutes we noticed that the cleaner the car the less attention people payed to us; we quickly gave up hope of being picked up in a Merc or BMW. Van drivers always gave us a cheery wave or at the very least a smile and a shrug because they were full of people already. We put our thumbs down when buses went past. That felt silly.

    We gradually walked up the road and tried a few different spots but after 20 minutes someone stopped. A lady driving a blue something. Beth got in the front, I got in the back next to a baby carrier with a rams skull in it. Rather than wait for her to drive us to the woods before finding out if she practiced voodoo I began politely investigating why she had it. The answer thankfully wasn’t the slightest bit sinister. It was to be used as a model for making a 4ft replica that would be displayed in a parade as part of the local music festival. Our conversation didn’t get onto the subject of the baby carrier. I assume it was still used for babies. Driving at least 2 miles out of her way the local artist dropped us of just before the start of the M5.

    Learning from our attempt in town we positioned ourselves well from the start, just ahead of a layby. Within 10 minutes a blue ford transit stopped. Before getting in we double checked that he had stopped for us. I failed to do this once when getting a lift to work with someone i’d never met before. It was dark and the unsuspecting commuter had stopped to find his phone in the foot well. After choking from shock on the air that he was obviously struggling to breath he did offer me a lift though. Anyway, it never hurts to ask.

    David, the owner of the blue transit, however had stopped for us. He was heading home from a day’s volunteering on the canal restoration project. We discussed narrow boats and how they get sunk, brick laying, and transit vans. Once again he was more than happy to go out of his way to drop us off and took us right into the city centre.

    Under two hours from Stroud to Bristol. Not bad for free and a story to tell as well.

    After a day spent walking and eating our way around the city’s markets and shops we decided to take the train home. Our first hitch hiking experience was left untarnished, increasing our confidence to try it again. Perhaps there are less axe wielding, car driving psychopaths than we are led to believe. Cheltenham or Oxford maybe?

    EarthFair 2015

    The annual EarthFair in Balboa Park will be held on Sunday, April 19, 2015 from 10AM to 5PM and is the largest free annual environmental fair in the world. EarthFair 2015 will be the 26th annual event! Each year, the EarthFair draws around 60,000 visitors.

    Produced by 400 volunteers, EarthFair 2015 will feature more than 300 exhibitors, special theme areas, a Food Pavilion, a special Children’s Activity Area, five entertainment venues, the Children’s Earth Parade, the eARTh Gallery art show, and the Cleaner Car Concourse.

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    SnowOFF Car Windshield Snow Cover – New Contoured Shape w/ 8 Magnets, Wings and Suction Cups Secure Automotive Hood Covers in Place + Bonus Microfiber Drying Chamois Glass Cleaner + Emergency Rescue Blanket – Throw Away Your Ice Scrapers and Snow Brushes – Fits Cars and CRVs

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