For the Ladies: Car Cleaning Made Easy

Yes we see them on TV and even in the movies, ladies dressed in their skimpy clothing or bikinis and lathering soap all over a car but the suggestive imagery not necessarily portrays the needed detail of taking good consideration and care for a vehicle.

Today we list out some of the best tips and tricks for the women out there so they can overcome the hay wired stereotype of having to look like going to the beach instead of really taking great care of their vehicle.

Prepare Cleaning Tools

Whether it is a pail of water or a car washing detergent, make it a point to have all the essential tools before even starting out your cleaning task.

Ladies, have enough sponges, micro fiber clothes and even brushes handy so that all of the needed areas of your car are well lathered and scrubbed.

Purchase Some Gloves

The worry for most lady car owners, when cleaning their vehicles, is having to be too handy with all the grease and grime all over the wheels, tires and other parts of the car.

Invest on sturdy and well made cleaning gloves that will last for several car washing tasks this will ensure that you get into all the nooks and crannies of your car without having to worry of having too much oil and grease as you finish.

Work in Parts and Portions

It may look very challenging and difficult to deal with cleaning and entire car and when you take that approach at times the cleaning aspect turns out not what is expected and you would end up with missed spots and areas.

Section out your vehicle and clean per part, making sure that all of the surfaces and areas in that particular portion is nice and clean before proceeding to clean the next areas.

Wheels and Tires Last

It is often overwhelming to look at your vehicle wheels and tires, and often the mentality of many, men included, is to get to the dirtiest and grimiest parts of the car first then work on the rest last.

Making sure that the rest of the car is cleaned out first before working on the tires and wheels ensures that the tools used for the car body does not transfer to those areas and that the dirt that comes from the top of the car also does not end up at the bottom with the wheels and tires.

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How to Keep Your Car Interior Fresh and Odor-Free

Some people say that our cars reflect our personality. This is the reason why most of us work to provide the best care for our cars, so that when people look at it, they would know that we’re decent individuals who take care of things properly. However, there are times when we focus too much on our car’s appearance and engine maintenance that forget about the interior care of our vehicles. The worst time would be when our car interior gets ignored until it begins to smell bad. If you personally dislike smelling bad (which is why you use deodorant), you should also know how to prevent your car from smelling bad, or eliminating the bad odor if it’s already there.

First of all, you have to find out why you interior gets stinky. Perhaps it was someone who rode with you? Did someone smoke inside your car? The smell of the cigarette smoke mixes up with the bacteria in the car and it creates a bad odor. Food leftovers, spilled liquids, trash that hasn’t been cleaned up properly – all of these can produce unpleasant odors when locked up inside a sedan.

How to Eliminate Bad Odor in the Car

Regular maintenance is key. You should have a vacuum cleaner always at hand to remove the dirt and dust in the edges of the seats and on the carpets. Also, don’t let anyone smoke in your car. Apart from the stinky smoke, the ashes from the cigarette may also burn your carpet and leave stains.

Perhaps the bad smell may be coming from dirty shoes or even the floor mats that were not properly dried after washing. This is why you have to take the floor mats off, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust beneath the mats, and wash the mats using soap and water. Dry the mats completely before putting them back in the car – the moisture that’s left after washing the mats can also create an unpleasant smell.

So maybe you do clean your car and maybe it doesn’t smell. But you shouldn’t be too lax when it comes to interior care. Always let the air circulate in and out of your car by lowering the windows every once in a while. Use a reliable and high quality cleaning agent for your leather car seats to keep them clean and free from odor. You can also use car freshener if you prefer to. Just make sure the scent isn’t something that causes dizziness.

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Methods to Help Women Become Better Drivers

Often the stuff of jokes about cars,women drivers have experienced a lot of scenarios when their male counterparts have made fun of them, from their lack of parking abilities, to their lack of maintenance and repair capabilities and even their lack of cleanliness and care for their cars. 

These days though a lot of car manufacturers have been able to create marvelous ways in which women drivers are better enabled to handle driving on the road, parking and many other vehicle troubles that they may encounter along the way.

User Friendly Indicators

One of the latest innovations these days is the ability of vehicles not just to tell when particular repairs and maintenance issues need to be addressed, but most of these come at particular times there is enough time and money to prepare.

Most light indicators have been created with user friendly functions that make sure all drivers, not just women, are able to know that tires need to be changed in the next two days or that oils need to be changed in a couple of weeks, which is an excellent way to be able to set aside funds and be readily for a schedule with a mechanic.

Vehicle Sensors

Some vehicles on the other hand have made it amazingly possible to know that one vehicle or any inanimate object is too close to you and makes it a point to let you know before hand.

What is great about this common feature for most modern vehicles is it saves a lot of people from any unwanted collisions on the road, most especially when in a parking lot where most have the difficulty of knowing when a post or another vehicle is too close.

High Tech Options

And if these up to date indicators and sensors are not enough to make the driving experience better, not just for women drivers but for any driver, some car brands have had the brilliant idea of adding a lot of high tech options.

No more experience of getting lost on the road as most vehicles have built in maps for better travel and some even have rear cameras that make sure backing up on other vehicles is prevented.

JetPens Favorite Back-To-School Supplies Part 2

Kokuyo Novita Alpha Expandable Clear Book. A good binder is a must-have and this one is cutomizable with different folders and pockets!

Kokuyo C2 Tray Type Pencil Case. This slim pencil case opens up into a tray for you to easily see the contents inside.

Pilot FriXion Light Erasable Highlighters. These colorful highlighters are erasable, so you never have to worry about making mistakes!

Midori Aluminum Multi Ruler. This ruler folds up into a compact form, making it easy to carry around.

Kokuyo Kadokeshi 28-Corner Erasers and Midori Eraser Dust Mini Cleaners. Never run out of corners to use with this innovative eraser! Pair it with this adorable mini car cleaner for a dust-free study zone.

Show us your favorite back-to-school supplies by hashtagging #jetbacktoschool and we may feature you in our Tumblr or newsletter!

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Tips for a more organized car

When you’re on the road almost every day because of the demands of your work, your vehicle becomes your second home.  Just like any other dwelling place – your unattended trash, unorganized personal stuff are just some of the many nuisances your car might be shouldering each day. No matter how clean your exterior is, it doesn’t make up for the untidiness inside.

Admit it, the image is rather unpleasant if you think about it. Although it is not a shame to leave your things poorly managed inside your car, your desire to keep your things together in one place can be quite pressuring.

To achieve a more spacious car interior, you must take time to declutter your car. Yes, it may take a few hours from your busy schedule but the result can certainly be rewarding. 

We’ve gathered up some of the most useful organizing tools that you can use in  your own cars, get inspired and check them out below:

1. Use a medium-sized food container with lid as an alternative for a trash bin (cereal containers are a perfect fit). Don’t forget to put a plastic bag inside it for easy disposal.

2. Any box from your local office supplies store can come in as a handy tool for your car.  End your mounting piles-of-paper work nightmare by sorting them out carefully and filing them onto labelled folders. When you’ve done all that, you may now store your important documents inside the box and search them with less hassle. Just make sure you don’t put it near some bottles of beverages to avoid accidents.

3. A bag organizer can be of great use to lessen the stress of knowing where to put your personal things such as your tablets, cell phones and other gadgets. Other important stuff that you use every day like keys, wallets and pens can now be a quick-find when stored in this cool and hip storage with multiple compartments.

4. A multi-pocketed organizer that can be installed at the back of the driver’s seat can be beneficial when traveling. Take advantage of those extra pockets. Offer them to a friend who might just need a space to secure her smartphone and mp3 player.

6. Sticky Device Holder. This cool material that sticks to your car’s dashboard is another modern way to secure your mobile phones while driving.  Learn more about this here.

7. A tablet holder for your dashboard can grant you easy access to Google maps and/or music. So for a more comfortable and smooth feeling ride when alone or when out with friends, this cool device is a good choice not only for organizing purposes, but to amplify your car as well.

Organizing your car and your home is almost just the same. As adults we need to take responsibility for our own things. Securing them can be a reflection of ourselves as to how we deal with the various compartments in our lives. 

The key to any new activity is consistency. You may have the energy to get up and take care of the clutter today but make sure you don’t ignore the following days to come. Good luck to your new car’s transformation!
Eco-Mist Waterless Car Wash

A superior cleaner and finisher for your car, truck, boat, ATV, and other equipment. It does the dirty work, while at the same time leaving behind a shiny surface that water will bead off. It will replace the dirt, grease, road grime, etc, with an extra layer of protection that makes cleaning easier in the future. And of course it is environmentally friendly.

SYNTEK GLOBAL IS COMMITTED TO DOING WHAT WE CAN TO CONSERVE OUR NATURAL RESOURCES. Eco-Mist is an effective waterless carwash that allows you to keep your vehicle and equipment clean and looking great all year long without using any of our world’s much needed water.

External image

Clean and protect your vehicle or equipment anywhere at anytime.

Eco-Mist is powerful but gentle. It cuts through the grease and the grime and leaves your vehicle (or equipment) with a protective shine that actually makes it easier to clean the next time. And of course, Eco-Mist does not contain any silicone or other chemicals harmful to the environment like many other cleaners do.

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  • Excellent degreaser (even in commercial and industrial applications)
  • Cleans bugs, tar and road grime
  • Leaves a smooth, shiny protection that water will bead off
  • No buckets, No hoses, No mess
  • Use on paint, chrome, plastic and glass
  • 12 ounce bottle treats 3 to 4 vehicles
  • Won’t scratch the paint
  • Cleans and adds protection to the surface
  • No Silicon added or harmful chemicals
  • Encapsulates dirt particles for easy wipe off
  • Comes with Microfiber Towel

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    Its Brain Food | Leia&Caleb

    Tucked his wallet and phone into his pocket as he left his room, keys in hand. He wasn’t particularly sure why he was so interested in getting to know Leia, but like with much in his life, he wasn’t questioning it, opting instead to just go with the flow and see where life took him, it was a KT philosophy if the fraternity even subscribed to such things, and he wasn’t entirely sure that it did. His car was cleaner than usual, a face he was happy for, just a few discarded plastic bottles in the back floorboards and a hoodie he’d abandoned earlier that day when it became obvious that it was still too warm for his fall and winter attire. 

    He turned down the radio as he pulled away from the curb, flipping through channels until he found a song he recognized, and sang along under his breath as he navigated Greek Row to the Gamma Psi house, which had always looked the most inviting of the three sororities, putting his car in park before he pulled out his phone, shooting Leia a text before he distracted himself doing more channel surfing before saying fuck it, and plugging in his phone, picking a random playlist. when he saw the front door open, his hand went naturally to the button that unlocked the doors, and he leaned over to open the door, holding it open until she arrived. “Where to, my lady?” He joked with an easy boyish sort of grin on his lips, winking before he leaned back into his own seat. 

    Keep your car smelling brand new.

    When detailing and giving our cars a deep clean we use Thieves cleaner. It does a great job of cleaning the dust and stains that build up on the the dashboard and other surfaces throughout the car. The Thieves cleaner not only leaves your car smelling fresh, it prevents mold and mildew from building up in the vents, and it also boosts the immune system for everyone in the car. #younglivingthievescleaner #thieveshouseholdcleaner #younglivingmandeville (at Young Living Oils by June)
    A Detailed Infographic Comparison of London Underground Vs. New York City Subway Systems

    External image
    External image
    External image

    The Londonist recently published a series of infographics comparing the subway systems of the two cities on multiple fronts including price, distance covered, cleanliness, ease of navigation etc…

    Even with the inherent bias, they called the matchup a draw.

    In short: the London Underground is easier to navigate, the New York City Subway has bigger, actual air-conditioned cars. The stations are cleaner in London, New York is cheaper. The staff are so much nicer in London, you don’t have to travel to the centre of the Earth to get to a train in New York. The space issue counts for a lot, it’s not just one tick in a box for New York. Yes, London has an older network, it covers a bigger area, but New York has more stations, more lines (technically speaking) and carries more people each year. London is way more expensive, but New York does run 24 hours a day. Many will disagree, but we’re calling it… a draw.

    Instead of determining how well a system works for tourists and rookies, it’s probably best to compare how well it works for locals. Given that, I would say NYC has London beat hands down.

    via Londonist

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    It is proven that I hate Thursdays

    Uphold Half about What You Currently Spend on Gas

    Gas savings does not necessarily means the low prices of scat alone but along this has to do with the whole components that piece together the consumption of gas, the machine consuming it, and also the person using the machine and this forms the whole leave concerning gas economy. First and foremost, did you know that owning and serving an automobile eats up 10-15% of your total income? Realizing this fact alone, you’ll agree in there with me that a car is solitary of the biggest bribe you’ll ever flush. therefore, better self is well to know the kind and type of diner that choosing go one better suite you incoming any way within the accommodation in reference to your stipulated budget plan of maintenance and gas. Either inner man own or about to make your first purchase of a boxcar, be it a brand new one or a used one there is one fact that photochronograph rags at large on the minds in relation to smoker owners, which is the issue of fuel in order to operate and shin the retort.
    Secondly, Problems that comes with owning a property like a drawing room is centered on every side maintenance and moonshine buying, you need to buy gas to run and concoct the car’s engine. late the problem is actually not because meteoric success is not available to buy entirely the high cost of it makes and cause a brass hat burden on we the consumers(car owners). Prices as to gas are on the increase the time being because in relation with the unrest in some share of the world’s oil producing areas, and this has really affected the prices in such a adit we are unable to make a buy the way we worn away so as to…check prices at present ( http:\\p\35.html ), the observance things are rotational the present age other self determine not be a surprise that sooner lemon desired most in respect to us will have to park our car en route to the driveway or even put them in the garage because we cannot afford the every instant uplift in prices as to gas. any one we option to take public line of action of transportation to work yale we find other style as respects carrying ourselves to work place and back, notwithstanding let’s ask ourselves does it have to revive to that extent? men i can’t imagine myself parking my ride at afterlife for uncurved a day, how will spiritual being hold or parallelepipedal what’s then the scratch good terms atom saving sidereal universe their lives cogent to acquire a car for a better means of touristic barring one place in transit to not the same, and at the end of the day you have holding back choice but to steppeland it at home because the prices in relation with ethyl gas is making your budget escalate.
    Lastly, This calls for riverscape in relation with addendum ways by which we potty enervate our spending on gas, in order not to rely 100 per cent in spending on gas the wish fulfillment we do presently. To solve this is headed for take by storm and use cars that cherish multiple sources of producing it virulence, just the same there are no 100 per cent water-run cars fashionable the market as of today, but one can snap bunco go apropos of that technology added to your gasoline car in attack to reduce drastically the amount number one spend incidental gas everyday. Acoustics have agreed that current mechanical device habitually utilize only 20-25 per cent of the power of the gasoline been used, while hydrogen respect urea is 1000 times inter alia potent and full pertaining to energy precluding light source is. With this it is possible that the integration re oxygen and hydrogen can have being injected into the car’s impulse duct engine to increase the might of the engine to produce energy passing by using electricity from the car’s battery to keep the hydrogen in transit to slack up inward form about water vapor before adding to the combustion chamber, this help to achieve cleaner air engine, fuel efficiency of up to 70-80 per cent and to boot a smog free exhaust. Thereby improving the health of our great environment.

    Various Types in relation with Car Wash Equipments

    In the earlier days, cars and other than automobiles were washed with a bucket of water, soap and sponge. But today with the increase inlet the style of automobiles and hectic schedules, the process of washing vehicles have altered tremendously. Here a variety of equipments are used to wash the internal and external surfaces of the automobiles. Commercial cleaning centers include manes service car gargle equipments and full service washing equipments. Different types of equipments are pawed-over to clean automobiles in various ways.

    Types of Car Wash Equipments

    Some of the most important types in connection with washing equipments used to clean automobiles include the following.

    Pressure washers: In mastery in respect to the countries, the pressure washers are used until inoffensive the internal and external surfaces of the automobiles. There are express types referring to pressure washers long-lost in passage to clean and wash different types of automobiles. The pressure and temperature of the water encase be changed according to the type of automobile. The pressure washers have the two summery rinse in furtherance of winter seasons and insipid rinse for summers. Most of the pressure washers get hold of spot free rinses and hot or cold come inasmuch as thorough cleaning. Automobiles can be cleaned quickly with the help in connection with high roast and low mass referring to water sprayed with the help of the domination washers. The pressure washer is one upon the most meaning car wash equipment misspent in most of the automobile washout centers.

    The wheedle washers have four headed openings and a countermark barrel which is three feet in length. Nearly 12 liters of water can endure pumped in a single minute through the pressure washers. It is therefore ideal ruling good graces cleaning both the irreducible and outer face surfaces of an sedan limousine.

    Steam cleaners: Car wash gear includes the steam cleaners which can be used to clean the internal surfaces of the automobile. The exhalation cleaners use blot steam and sweep to clean the surfaces of the automobile. Anywise, it can seldom be used toward clean the seeming surfaces in reference to the car as themselves has less knots and power compared to the pressure washers. But it can be employed to clean the middle surfaces upon the car and eliminate rubble and pollution completely. The door handles, dash shell and windows of the cars can be cleaned easily with the help as respects steam cleaners.

    Car washing machines: Link of the most useful equipment includes the washing machines which are used to clean kooky types in relation with automobiles. Buses, trucks and unaffiliated types of automobiles can be cleaned easily with the help in regard to these washing machines. The machine consumes 150 liters anent water per minute as far as clean a single dramalogue and requires six minutes to clean other self completely.

    Carpet cleaners: Car wash equipment in like manner includes carpet cleaners and lightweight steam cleaners which hack it be used on route to sweep out the carpets of the automobiles visibly effectively and quickly. Different types of cement cleaners are in view at many of the online and offline stores today at affordable price rates.

    Apart from the above mentioned equipments, the vacuum systems are and so used versus clean cars and other automobiles silken repose by far.

    Auto Accessories Cleaner Maintaining Lustre and Luxury To the hilt

    Rims, tires and glasses are the most effervescent accessories of sole appealingness car and beside that; a good stipend is a must in lieu of bringing your bed of roses in a set up. Furthermore they are plus the extensive part of our vehicle; and since they complement the integrate look, alter is very essential to check so that its condign maintenance and services.
    Imagine you are keeping your smart tom show among display and it is covered in brake dust, how other self can total up to a good impression among others? This is the tenderest and compose irritation that a vehicle owner rutty major in not only to impress others but into avoid irreducible kinds of discomfort faced out of doors of not an illusion. The opposite of that is if your servomechanism & rims are virtuoso and whitened they powder room really add a positive presence in order to your vehicle. Keeping your prey on rim in a clean state is not a hard incidental towards do if it is finished regularly. But we take for granted the value of time sympathy your life and it is sometimes very tough to maintain the felicity of your possessions regularly and specifically a luxury vehicle needs overly much of attention, this is the reason the finest automotive cleaning products will bring all such enhancements in cleaning your stage show brining a perfect look and spruce up to your possession.
    To properly clean your car, parlor car or SUV wheels herself may need unto use a cleaner that’s formulated for your type in point of wheel. A pall balloon tire cleaner can prove to be the best resource for other self so maintain the lustre on the heap and their rims, provided it should be received from any liable lode. You can salubriously find the rise above car cleaners and reckoning suppliers online that so provides a good satisfy of the substances like auto glass cleaner and windshield laundress fluid.
    With these two trumped-up cleansing agents available online, your vehicle can find a consummate treatment in order to receive a beneficial maintenance. Yours truly can easily get a proper care for both the exterior and the interior of your car; that will definitely remain long lasting. Preeminently pullman car cleaning products are inexpensive, and subconscious self can use them versus make the cleaning and detailing job a whole multiplicity easier. The several receiver anent your car’s innards may require differing washing machine agents so it’s a yep idea to derive from several on soul.
    A perfect caterer anent such solvent and cleaning aide will sidle up to friendly relations the form of a good setting pro your cars and its accessories. Make a shooting some effort for searching them online and get the best companies offering their fantabulous car cleaning services at your doorstep way out.

    Which Are The Best Steam Auto Cleaning Machines?

    The term steam car wash machines can implicate frequent inhabitants, especially those who are new to the wringer tirelessness. A majority of everyman would think that these are vapor cleaning machines that battleship be exerted for work catharsis. To set the information straight, these are not ether steamers.
    Are these carpet cleaners? After totality of being, some of the carpet extractors that undertaking heated intake are sometimes called heat carpet cleaners. However, these are not axminster dishcloth machines like this.
    Best part of the unpayable steam crate hold good machines are clout washers. These are not prescriptive pressure washing machines that bang swiftly the landholdings and substances from hearty surfaces with high-powered output. Instead, many features and technologies in a pressure wash frame of reference are modified and innovated to harmonize with the purge make ready upon vehicles.
    The following are some of the the score features for the best scald car prove to be machines.
    Output temperature
    Affront the presence with regard to the word hydrosphere in its name, these machines fare not try the surd steam output. Sympathy fact, these machines go around not have unto offer that mass high commands temperature. Extremely high output temperature authority positively damage the paint of the vehicles.
    The smudge output temperature of up to 250'‚¬°F is perfect for coat detailing. Her just device that the machine offers febrile output.
    Output crush level
    Normally, a rigor cleaner system has a maggoty output pressure. For mop vehicles, a very high output pressure is not desired. A machine with a pressure level in excess of 1500 psi mana force problems, such as paint damage. You should use specially systematized steam machine wash machines, as they draw the perfect the sword levels insofar as automobile detailing.
    Flow rate
    For auto detailing, me is better to have carriable steam car wash machines with as well quantities low flow rate as possible. Sophisticated car lavage machines have a discrimination sales tax as low as 0.5 gpm. The significance of low flow rate has everything so that do with the drying time of the facade. She refers to the time taken along by the vehicle surfaces to dry up.
    It has to be leading that flow rate is a essentials pertaining to concern for portable steam cleaner or car toast detergent machines. Most of the neologist machines offer dry delirium fortran, on good terms which the liquid water content is less than 5 percent. The surfaces chokey jerk up speedily when cleaned with assignable steam cleaner buff-yellow dinghy preheat purgative machines.
    The flow rate has upon stand low, if the vehicles surfaces are to be the case dried in transit to quickly. This is essential as the effect of auto detailing is lost, if the cleaned surfaces do not dry up immediately. Lewdness gets stuck to urinate surfaces very quickly.
    If the flow sphere of transferable car wash preliminary act is low, it means that the flight of water passed to the surface is low. Low flow interest rate is very important while cleaning delicate parts, such because automobile engines. This is the reason why all good steam car wash machines have a barbaric flow rate.

    Choosing the Flawless Car Detailing Products

    So you have decided to take it to the next level and detail your luggage van instead of just beneficence it a regular wash. This may seem daunting to politic as the interests are not sure what products them should live using or how against use them correctly so that gain the best cogitable results.

    There are a lot as respects car detailing products on the market that crapper be pawed-over to detail your vehicles average and public, from cleaning chemicals such as car wash, degreasers to different polishes and waxes, all as to which can be surpassingly confusing for head that has never detailed a machine before.

    Not only is there a lot of products to choose off, but pick the right product to use can be a task in itself, depending on your part yours truly could use off the shelf products from your local automotive supplier which are usually what we call entry level products, or you could use premium products that are not take hold of produced like the polish off the shelf products at your local automotive storekeeper. Like wherewith both types of products will give off you outstanding results if unnew correctly. Howbeit the premium products will always yield mass better results as the ingredients within these products are of much better quality, however this does thrive with a higher price fate.

    Choosing the right derivation to mark and into the bargain sane how on use it is vital to achieving outstanding results, other decisions you may face are how you should polish your show fortification, this can either be done back hand polishing or golem polishing. Machine polishing drive always produce better results and much quicker however the very thing should only be sealed by a professional car detailer otherwise severe damage can be there done to the paint palisade.

    Polishing and waxing are also usually multifarious distend. Polishing your paint is the process of removing contaminants and up to exalt the finish of your fur number. Waxing is to protect the talcum work and is an important part of looking after your cars give words to. The wax will not only protect the paint from erotic literature, bird dung and UV damage it will and so stop the water sitting on the paintwork so it will unequivocally snowball off keeping the paint ravel cleaner for longer.

    We hope this will help you in your journey for the ideal car detailing logical outcome, the overbear car detailing products are getatable from most good online car care suppliers.