Farewell Ikutaro Kakehashi, initiator of the MIDI standard.

Ikutaro Kakehashi (梯 郁太郎, born in Osaka February 7, 1930) was an engineer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Ace Tone, Roland Corporation and ATV, Japanese manufacturers of electronic musical instruments. He is known for his role in the development of Ace Tone and Roland drum machines and the MIDI standard.

In 1964, he developed a hand-operating electronic drums, called the R1 Rhythm Ace. It was exhibited at Summer NAMM 1964, however not commercialized.

In 1967, he developed the preset rhythm-pattern generator using diode matrix circuit, a drum machine where a “plurality of inverting circuits and/or clipper circuits are connected to a counting circuit to synthesize the output signal of the counting circuit” and the “synthesized output signal becomes a desired rhythm.”

Ace Tone commercialized his preset rhythm machine, called the FR-1 Rhythm Ace, in 1967. It offered 16 preset patterns, and four buttons to manually play each instrument sound (cymbal, claves, cowbell and bass drum). The rhythm patterns could also be cascaded together by pushing multiple rhythm buttons simultaneously, and the possible combination of rhythm patterns were more than a hundred (on the later models of Rhythm Ace, the individual volumes of each instrument could be adjusted with the small knobs or faders). The FR-1 was adopted by the Hammond Organ Company for incorporation within their latest organ models. In the US, the units were also marketed under the Multivox brand by Peter Sorkin Music Company, and in the UK, marketed under the Bentley Rhythm Ace brand. The Bentley-branded Rhythm Ace inspired the 1997 Birmingham band Bentley Rhythm Ace when a model was found at a car boot sale. The unique artificial sounds characteristics of the FR-1 were similar to the later Roland rhythm machines, and featured on electropop music from the late 1970s onwards.

In the 1970s, he founded Roland and continued the development of drum machines, including the Roland CR-78 and the iconic Roland TR-808.
In June 1981, Kakehashi proposed the idea of standardization to Oberheim Electronics founder Tom Oberheim, who then talked it over with Sequential Circuits president Dave Smith. In October 1981, Kakehashi, Oberheim and Smith discussed the idea with representatives from Yamaha, Korg and Kawai.[3] The MIDI standard was unveiled by Kakehashi and Smith, who both later received Technical Grammy Awards in 2013 for their key roles in the development of MIDI.

In 1991, based upon his contribution to the development and popularization of electronic instruments, Kakehashi was awarded an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music, U.S.A. In 2000 he left his handprints on the Rock Walk Hall of Fame in Hollywood. In 2013 he received a Technical Grammy Award, shared with Dave Smith of Sequential Circuits, for the invention of MIDI. Kakehashi retired from Roland in 2013.

In 2014, Kakehashi founded the ATV Corporation. Together with Paulo Caius, former CEO of Roland Iberia, Founder and CEO of Roland Systems Group EMEA, Makoto Muroi, a prestigious research engineer for music and audiovisuals, also former President of the Roland Systems Group Japan, Mark Tsuruta, former CEO of Roland Audio Development USA and Glenn Dodson, previous CEO of Roland Australia, they’ve decided to start again with a dedicated and experienced team. ATV has been growing since; with a vast team of experienced engineers focused on providing the market with brilliant and exciting new products in both market fields.

In 2002 Kakehashi published his autobiography, titled I Believe In Music, and was also featured as a biography in the book The Art of Digital Music.

1930 - Born in Osaka, Japan.
1954 - Started Kakehashi Radio electrical appliance store
1960 - Founded Ace Electronic Industries Inc.
1967 - Patented “Automatic Rhythm Performance Device” drum machine
1972 - Founded Roland Corporation and became president
1983 - Unveiled MIDI standard
1988 - Roland purchased Rodgers Organ Company renamed Rodgers Instruments fulfilling Kakehashi’s lifelong dream to build large classical organs
1994 - Founded Roland Foundation and became chairman
1995 - Appointed chairman of Roland Corporation
2001 - Resigned chairman’s position and appointed Special Executive Adviser of Roland Corporation
2013 - Received technical Grammy (along with Dave Smith) for inventing MIDI
2013 - Retired from Roland Corporation
2014 - Founded ATV Corporation

where to get your witch supplies

So this is a pretty basic post but I feel like it could be useful to beginner witches and witches on a budget, or even just to give inspiration on where to check for some supplies that you may not be able to find otherwise!

Thrift Stores/Charity shops
I don’t know what I’d do without thrift stores. Okay, so, you might not find that ~aesthetically pleasing~ container that you’ve been searching for, or the crystal that you’ve been wanting, but you can bet that you’ll find some candles, some beautiful holders/dishes, boxes, maybe some incense. Sometimes you’ll find an absolute gem of an item, it’s all about being creative with what you find!

While these are all really useful, sometimes they can be a bit expensive. You’ve really got to be careful that you’re getting what you’re paying for (i.e read descriptions carefully). Nevertheless, if you’re stuck for resources, these are perfect for any supplies! Also, you can buy vials and jars on eBay and it’s generally affordable.

Other online stores
Literally just google ‘online witch store’ or something similar, and you’ll be met with an abundance of online stores. It just takes a little digging around to find one that doesn’t break the bank! 

**TK Maxx
Okay, I honestly don’t know if this is a worldwide shop or whether it’s just in my town/country. It’s like a haven for people on budgets! (Not just for witchy things, designer brands at discounted prices.) Anyway, you can buy so many useful things here. Candles, boxes, herbs, incense, plant seeds, craft supplies, etc.
UPDATE: @ajquaeck has been really helpful and informed me that TK Maxx is heavily involved with child labour, so I now advise against shopping here!**

Card Shops
Birthday candles! Pretty boxes! Generally inexpensive! I love card shops.

Stationary Shops
Wanting a ~fancy~ book to start your very own grimoire? Or maybe just some nice boxes to hold all of your witchy supplies? Stationary shops are actually very useful.

Local Markets
I can’t stress this enough. Local. Markets. Are. A. Blessing. Whether they’re car boot sales, artisan markets, yard sales, whatever, you can almost always find something useful. At my local market, there’s a stall that sells crystals (from tiny ones to huge -and expensive- chunks), incense, candles, helpful books, and so many other things. 

Pen Pals!
On a different spectrum: pen pals can be a really great experience. Once you and your friend are close, you can exchange different supplies, buy each other gifts, cast spells for each other, share tips, etc. If they’re able to get a certain herb or crystal in their area, you can exchange with them! Not only will you be gaining supplies, but you’ll be making a friend out of it, which is probably the best thing about pen pals!

Feel free to add any other advice that you guys have found helpful!

Project 1

I’ve finally made a closed terrarium. That was the project I’ve been working on. It’s taken me so long as I’ve struggled to find the plants suitable for a closed terrarium then when I’ve found them I’ve not been able to find a stockist.

I found the jar at a car boot sale and been dying to use it.

A couple of weeks ago I went out into the garden and collected some moss. I decided to keep it in a sandwich box until I was ready to start the project. This also gave me a chance to see if the moss would suit a closed environment.

When assembling the terrarium I started by putting in a layer of stones for drainage followed by a layer of charcoal pieces, this helps to filter the water and to combat any unpleasant smells. I managed to find the charcoal my local pet shop in the bird’s aisles. After that, I put a layer of mixed soil and perlite, again to promote good drainage. I then started to arrange the plants I had selected. I first put in the spider plant with it being the biggest, then the babies tears and then the ivy. I arranged to moss in any spaces left. I then popped in my dino for a bit of decoration.

 Lastly, I watered it. I filled it up to just below where the small stones end, this ensures that the soil will have the chance to dry out a little. Making sure that the water is not in contact with the soil is essential as this will stop any forms of root rot. I’m really happy with the effect and have really enjoyed making the terrarium. I now have my own jungle in a jar and it’s also a fab way to teach kids about the water cycle.


•The original ben 10 series
•Scooby Doo animated tv movies
•Lazy town, other cbeebies shows (In The Night Garden, Mr.Tumble, Shaun the sheep, Arthur)
•Fruit Shoots
•milky way bars
•The professor layton games
•Pokémon cards, match attacks, gogos
•Car boot sales
•Wacky warehouse parties
•beast quest books
•Slush puppies
•Moshi monsters, Club penguin
•Odd web games
•Nickelodeon sitcoms
•Lego games (when they had no dialogue)

anonymous asked:

is there anything i can do with a cauldren? i found one at a car boot sale for a small price and i thought it looked cool and has that kind of witchy aesthetic but so far its just been sat on my dresser for decoration and i'd love to actually put it to magical use but i dont know if it has any? all the potion recipes ive seen have been teas :/

That’s a nice find. It’s difficult to locate a cauldron this days.

A cauldron is basically a big pot used for cooking things over an open fire. Many witches use it for outdoor rituals, and its setup is ideal for burning herbs and offerings. The cauldron also represents the element of fire. You can fill part of it with loose dirt or sand and then light incense or candles in it. It can be used for smoke or water divination, as well as burning ingredients for spells, or burning messages that you send to your ancestors.

Hope this helps (`ω´)

poodlecake11  asked:

Hey sammy, I bought Love Beach at a car boot sale a while back. Could you give me some info on it and what your favourite/least favourite tracks are? Thanks xx

Hey!! It means a lot that you came to me with this question omg!!

Okay well first I can give some background info on the album:

After the band did their orchestral albums and tour (Works 1 and 2 respectively) in 1977, they decided that it was best to take a break. Not quite “split up” but at least take a few years off. They were spent, a bit more broke than before, and frankly quite tired of seeing each other every single day. However, they were told that if they wanted to make any solo albums (which they did want to do) that they owed the record company one more album. Reluctantly, they complied.

The album was recorded at Compass Point Studio in Nassau in the Bahamas. The reason for this was that taxation in Britain had gone through the roof. Many bands (such as Queen and The Who) left the country to record their albums for this reason. ELP chose the Bahamas because, they figured, if they were gonna have to record another album, it might as well be somewhere warm and vacation-y.

The three of them all rented places in the Bahamas and got to work during the summer of 1978. The record company was requesting (or demanding) more radio playable material. Aka no 30 minute long instrumental twiddling pieces. This of course took ELP in a much different direction. With the help of Pete Sinfield on lyrics, they wrote quite a few “radio playable” songs, such as All I Want Is You, Love Beach, The Gambler, and For You. When they eventually got released, they didn’t gain too much attention (but they’re great nonetheless).

Greg has said before that Keith and Carl seemed to take the album far less seriously than Greg was trying to. They spent a lot of time goofing off. Of course, simultaneously they were attempting to treat it as a vacation in the Bahamas. They all purchased boats and spent time waterskiing. Carl said they hung out more than ever during this time, and spent time going to dinner and having a lot of friendly interaction.

They decided to name the album Love Beach because the beach directly across from where they recorded the album was called that. They figured, as Keith has said, that it was like how the Beatles named their album Abbey Road. The photographs for the cover were taken on a tiny island just off the coast of the beach. Carl slathered himself in baby oil for no other reason than he wanted to, and Keith describes himself as having his “meat and two veg bursting out of his pants.”

Anyway once the material for the album was recorded, Greg and Carl were itching to return home. The album still needed to be mixed, so Keith agreed to stay behind and do it himself. Once he was done, he decided to properly move in there and he lived there for several years. He recorded his album Honky there in 1981.

Okay infodump over. Down to favourite tracks:

I must say that one of my all time favourite songs on the album is Taste of My Love, as risqué as it is. Another favourite is For You for its dark undertones, and another would be Memoirs of an Officer and A Gentleman (aka the b-side nobody seems to care about for some reason). Of course I love the entire album, and I really can’t place a least favourite track. It’s an amazing album that’s gotten far too much shit over the years. It makes me really sad that a lot of people put it down based on the album cover or because it’s “different than the rest of their stuff” or “not prog.” I mean, if you don’t like it then that’s just fine, but it irks me when people immediately shoot something down without listening to it just because it’s “different” or whatever.

All in all, a 10/10 album in my personal opinion. Definitely in my top three favourite ELP albums. Thanks again for asking me about it!

Are you bored of reading or writing the same old paras with the same old settings? Feeling uninspired when it comes to thinking of new ideas of places your characters can go or activities they can do? Well fret no more, because under the cut is a list of 75 ideas for paras that may be of help. Please note that whilst many of these have been written with couples in mind, many of the activities will work for friends too.

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The Beatles Story and Julien’s Auctions held a memorabilia free valuation day at the Beatles Story museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool, last Thursday which turned up this interesting letter from John.

The letter is John’s famous note to Her Majesty the Queen, from when he decided to return his MBE to the palace. The letter reads: 

Your Majesty, 

I am returning this MBE in protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against Cold Turkey slipping down the chart.

With love John Lennon

John Lennon of Bag.

The owner of the piece, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said the letter was discovered tucked away inside the sleeve of a record that was part of a collection of 45s, which was picked up for £10 at a car boot sale 20 years ago. 

Julien’s Auctions valued the letter at £60,000. Until then, the owner of the letter had presumed it must have been a copy and was stunned to discover that it could be worth such a huge sum of money.

Darren Julien, Director at Julien’s Auctions, has theorised that the letter may be an early draft, due to the smudged ink.

“If you’re writing to the Queen, you want the letter to look pretty perfect, you don’t want the ink to be smudged. This suggests that he wrote a second version of the letter, which was the one that was actually sent to the Queen. We’ll be doing some further research but this could be the Beatles find of the year. There is no doubt that the handwriting is definitely that of John Lennon.”
[Darren Julien, quoted in The Telegraph, 27th Oct 2016]

Photos above of the letter and of the Beatles press conference after they’d been to collect the MBE on 26th October 1965! (Look at the dates! Spooky!) The press conference was held in the downstairs bar of the Savile Theatre.

Q: What did the Queen say to you?

John Lennon: She said to me, ‘Have you been working hard recently?’ And I couldn’t think what we’ve been doing, so I said, 'No, we’ve been having a holiday,’ when actually we’ve been recording.

Paul McCartney: Then she said to me, 'Have you been together long?’ and I said, 'Yes, many years,’ and Ringo said, 'Forty years,’ and she laughed.

George Harrison: She said, 'It’s a pleasure giving it to you,’ but that’s what she said to everybody, and she put John’s on first.

John Lennon: I must have looked shattered.

Ringo Starr: She said, 'Did you start it all?’ and I said, 'No, they did,’ pointing to the other guys. 'I joined last. I’m the little fellow.’

[Beatles press conference, The Beatles Bible]

John’s letter - PA,
MBE pics - Rolls Press/Popperfoto