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DAI: a car or motorcycle :D

(Hope I did this right!)

Cassandra: Ford Mustang. With 300 mph and a V-6 the ‘stang is a force to be reckoned with. But the romance of the car is undeniable, and anyone who gets to know it will never trade it in.

Solas: Ford Focus RS. Plain enough in the outside, but all power under the hood.

Sera: Reliant Robin: a three week car that rips over and causes chaos when ever it is driven.

Blackwall: Jaguar XJ220. It promises greatness and glory, but spectacularly fails to deliver. It’s sturdy and powerful for a supercar, but don’t count on the flash and shine that the exterior suggests.

Vivienne: Porsche 911. All power and beauty and the sensual pleasure that Porsche promises, but with more than enough power to back up the claim and rule the car world for years.

Iron Bull: Lyman Hypersport. Built for speed, power, and flash, the Hypersport makes and breaks all the rules.

Dorian: Lamborghini Veneno. Meaning Poison in in Italian the car is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Capable of hairpin turns and smashing through with 740 mph it’s a car that lives up to its own hype.

Varric: Party Bus

Lelianna: Duceti 1089 Testashetta Evoluzionr. Fast, sleek and makes a beautiful kind of sound.

Josephine: Fiat 500 Pop. Flirty and fun but with a 16 valve engine delivering 101 bph to get the job done. It’s diplomacy and determination all rolled into one.

Cullen: 2002 Ford F 150. Simple, sturdy and strong. It’s got some secrets under the hood and it’s not right for ever day. But there is no better truck for a hard job.

Cole: “I am not a car or a motorcycle.”

– Fereldone

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Honestly, "what does society look like now that flight is hot-air balloons towed by dogs" has probably sold me on Nobilis by itself. Because that sounds amazing.

I should add that it’s also something a starting character could probably pull off. The real drawback is that it’ll piss off a lot of people, and you’ll probably eventually find out that, like, the guy who embodies the concept of Art has a collection of exotic theoretical hot rods from worlds that never existed and hates this new car-free world you’ve created. Soon you are attempting to live your life with the surprisingly inconvenient Art-like property of ‘connects and unites disparate people’ applied to you, and trying to set things right before you unwittingly reenact the end of Akira.


Sunset and evening commute, New York City


the sky was so amazing i literally couldn’t breath