car wipers

It was gray and some rain thing. The car’s wipers had trouble giving us clear vision and everything was soppy, muddled, and splayed. I had fallen asleep and had my cheek pressed to the window as she drove. It was cold only in the way that windows hold cold and I let the glass before me fog up and clear, fog up and clear, fog up – 

It’s heartbreaking to return to your hometown in the rain. You have to be more attentive. Everything seems foreign and sapped of detail like a hard to find memory. There are surprises and hidden things you never really had to think about before and all the things you relied on some years ago are gone, covered up, or wrong. All this makes you feel age and you’re glad you don’t have to do this trip alone.

She wanted to be married. There was a five year plan and now there isn’t. Her boy that she’d loved since college gradually turned into a squingy man who had simplified his life to a three part routine of alcohol, sleep, and some work following a few heavy bouts with depression. Last I’d seen him we were sharing a gin before the movie theater while waiting for the girls and he mentioned the one distinction he couldn’t help but reminding me of again and again. He’d tell me that there is a difference between wanting to die and being suicidal. You can want to die and not be suicidal. You can be both. You can be neither. You don’t have to be both. I told him I understood. Then the girls came and we picked a movie.

She’s not with him anymore. She mentioned that she left in the worst of it. There was obvious guilt when she described why she left. She tried harder to convince than to portray. When people speak in this way, they lean forward to find some support or reaction. They’re also more emotive. They’re spilling out from themselves. It was like that fucking rain.

During the drive she said that people aren’t supposed to love everything that they love. She said things are never fair and that she didn’t really understand that until our friend’s wedding and there were people dancing, eating, laughing. She said all she thought about were how she wanted to forget this day like so many other days because it brought up thoughts that she had tried so hard to ignore so that she could love him in the way that she had thought she should love him. She said at that point she felt that she didn’t want to know anyone anymore and that she didn’t want to do anything anymore. And oh god, she’d said. That was when she knew that things are never fair and that some people aren’t supposed to love everything they love. She moved out that night. She said that he didn’t even come out from the room to see her leave. He probably couldn’t. She crashed at my place and she slept through an entire day.

We pulled into her mother’s. I had not been here in years. The rain wasn’t letting up so we decided to unload the truck later. We carried some of the bags containing clothes and such. We sat by the heater letting ourselves dry while her mother heated some soup.

Later, she showed me her old bedroom. Her mom hadn’t changed anything. There were unframed pictures stuck up everywhere. There was one of me skinny and not really knowing how to smile. There were posters, awards and trophies, trinkets from travel, a map of Europe with little stars in cities she’d been, and even an old iPod that still worked. She played this song that we’d heard together in high school in the backyard of some friend’s home while sharing earbuds from this same iPod. 

I looked at my friend. I didn’t know what to say or tell her. I felt bad that so many of the promises we thought we had with life when we were young just turned out to be some misunderstanding. We sat side by side on her small twin sized bed listening to old music we used to love and forgot. We stared out the window to the wind and the rain. I felt age. I felt it come and go, disappear and glow, and youth flowering from all the lingering bits of it that they couldn’t shake off.

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Do you know what they meant by "push buttons"? As contrasted with "fingertip controls?"

When I search “fingertip controls” it comes up with examples of push buttons so I’m not really sure what they might’ve meant!

I’m thinking it might’ve just been more advanced or complex than a simple on/off switch, like a series of dials or buttons or one single button that could have been used for multiple settings.. for example with cars - a starter, windshield wipers, headlights, an accelerator and brakes etc all in one button or panel? For a chair, it would recline fully, partially, or lift you back up. Maybe the different settings on a hand mixer, dishwasher or a washing machine? 

But that’s just a guess! 

Whatever it was, it doesn’t look like it advanced very quickly, take this “fingertip control” from the Dixon Evening Telegraph, Illinois, December 11, 1967…

This might be more what the article had in mind.. Jefferson City Post-Tribune, Missouri, August 14, 1968:

“She will have in her kitchen a small television screen and a console with a number of buttons.”

A Preponderance of the Evidence: Readiness (Part 2 of 3)

Author:  KatEyes224
Rating: Teen (For language)
Timeline: Post-ep for Never Again and Memento Mori.

A/N: I have to thank my betas, @piecesofscully and @crossedbeams, for holding my feet to the fire on this one.  If you missed it, read part 1 here.

He calls her Sunday morning to let her know he’ll be there to pick her up after lunch.  She sighs heavily into the phone, mutters something that sounds suspiciously like, “Sure.  Fine.  Whatever,” and hangs up without waiting for his reply.

Scully tosses her overnight bag into the boot of his car and throws the trunk closed with more force than is necessary.  She slides into the passenger seat of his sedan, slams her door shut with a reverberating bang that leaves his ears ringing, and says nothing.  Manhandling the file out of her briefcase Scully steadfastly avoids acknowledging Mulder.  Her eyes remain glued to her lap as she reviews her written report, or she turns away from him completely to gaze out the window.

The drive north is interminable.  Quiet.  And not their usual quiet, which is as comfortable as a worn-in pair of jeans that they slip into and out of when they’re not feeling particularly talkative.  This quiet is stifling, itchy; the wool sweater your mother forces you to wear even though the weather is 15 degrees too hot for it.  It settles over the car the moment Mulder collects Scully at the curb in front of her apartment building and continues to suffocate them until he pulls up to the quaint red-brick hotel a few blocks from the Criminal Justice Center in downtown Philadelphia.

Mulder isn’t really in the mood to talk either, but he keeps glancing at the folder when she underlines or stars something, hoping she’ll open up and finally tell him what happened.  What her theories might be.  What the hell she’d been thinking.

Instead, when she hasn’t said a single word to him in almost ninety-eight minutes and he can’t bear the silence anymore, he says stupidly, “You know, I never figured you to be the kind of girl who’d go out and get drunk with some random guy and then go get tatted up together.”  And then go home with him and fuck him, he doesn’t say, but the words hang in the air between them as if he’d spoken them aloud.  

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Wall Epilogue

Characters:  Song Mino (WINNER) x You (Reader, OC) x Sora x WINNER Members (cameo)

Genre:  Fluff (maybe), Smut (maybe), Angst (maybe)

Length:  2422 words

Warning/s:  Hmmmmm…

Other Wall parts can be accessed below:

Part 1:  Wall

Part 2: Dirty Little Slut

Part 3: Tonight

Alrightie, as requested, I am posting an Epilogue – well not sure if this is really an Epilogue or another chapter but yeah however you treat it that is fine with me.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I DIDN’T DO ANY PROOFREADING SO I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY ERRORS.

I hope you’ll enjoy ;3


You thought that you’ll be able to let go of him. You thought that it is that easy to forget about him.  After what had happened just a few days ago, it made all of your plans shatter into pieces. Or, to put it in a better term, you are shattered into pieces.

You never imagined him to confess to you.  You just wanted Sora to catch you in the act, so that Mino will be hurt as much as he hurt you.  You are not even sure if what he said is true, or it’s just something that he said out of shock or because he is overwhelmed with the pleasure and affection that you showered him that day.

Now, you are depressed as ever.  Mino never contacted you after the incident.  Sora asked one of his sisters to get all of her things from your apartment and gave you money to pay for the rent on the duration that she stayed with you.  Her sister didn’t show any indication of irritation or anger towards you; she even smiled and greeted you lovingly.  She even asked you to eat lunch with her because she brought some food – which you accepted out of shyness and respect.  

The week has never been this tough as before.  You have to admit that this is the hardest situation that you’ve been to since you met Mino.  You sometimes hoped that you shouldn’t have fallen for his charms that night at the bar.  You shouldn’t have allowed him to use you, to own you, and play with your feelings.  That night when he told you that he loved you, he just ran away with his fiancé, and never came back, which pretty much indicates that he either stayed with her, or just simply ran away from everything, especially you.

It is just an ordinary day for you so you stood up from your bed, washed up, drank your coffee, and grabbed the keys to your car. You went to your car after locking the door and you gasped lightly as you saw three red roses on the hood of your car, clipped against the wiper.  You grabbed it immediately and you took the note inside.

”I hope I will be able to make you smile by this small gesture.  Have a great day ahead!”

Your eyebrows crunched as you read the note.  You don’t have any idea as to who this person may be, since there is no name that is listed on the note.  You took a sniff on the flowers and they smelled wonderful.  You placed the flowers on the backseat along with your stuff and drove your way to work.

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Pairing: Calum & Y/N 

Words: 2000+

Warning: sfw, but it might be a tear jerker. 

Inspired by Cal’s tweet last night and my own sadness, i’m really fucking proud of this actually, i hope you love it as much as i do xx 


(gif isn’t mine)

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For the drabble thing :D 81. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?” I can actually see Jjong being the one to feel the rain xD I'd love to read what you can think out of this :D I'm curious. Oh and also don't feel forced of course. Thanks in advance :D ♥

I don’t feel forced! I loved writing this! I’ve been working on a oneshot and I’ve been struggling with it, and this just flowed right out, it was awesome! I hope you like it ^^  ♥

it was pouring down rain, the car’s wipers were rapidly moving across the windshield but there was simply too much rain to see much farther than a few meters. Key was driving at a very slow pace in fear of something popping up out of the rain. But the truth was it was pouring down so badly, anyone who could stay inside, was inside. Key was also scared some car would come up behind them and not see them through the thick rain and hit them. He had every possible light on to be visible, he even had all four blinkers on just too be sure. If that wasn’t difficult enough, the accompanying thunderstorm made everything worse. The lightning was blinding and seemed to reflect in every water droplet, restricting his view even further. The thunders were loud and together with the rain hitting the car’s roof and windows, it was a dull deafening sound that even the radio couldn’t top. 
“Pull over,” Jonghyun said. Key assumed that Jonghyun deemed it too dangerous to drive and did what he asked. When Jonghyun reached for the door handle however, Key stopped him.
“What are you doing?” he asked. Jonghyun’s hand hung in the hair, hovering over the handle. 
“Stepping outside?” Jonghyun replied. There was a field right beside the road. It had big pools of water and every strand of grass was strewn with hundreds of droplets as they dripped down to the ground.
“Why?” Key asked confused. They might as well wait in the car until the rain stopped. No reason for them to get wet.

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the problem with ADD is that is doesn’t look the same on everyone who has it. so no one will ever truly have it figured out & no one will ever fully understand it. I’m 27 & I still am figuring out everything that bothers me or calms me.

like how the windshield wipers on cars drive me crazy, every time they swipe it’s like a reset button is hit in my brain. every. time.
my planner and notes have to be brightly colored or I overlook everything in it.
If I don’t write it down myself/make it myself/drive there myself I will instantly forget anything and everything.
I leave the tv on while I study because when I take tests I can recall information faster by pairing it with a scene that was on while I read that specific information.

Other people may have ADD but have none of those same quirks, so it’s hard for people without ADD to ever fully understand what it’s like. I also think this is why some people think ADD is “made up” because it’s so different for everyone who has it.

I’ve met one person who completely understands my thought process no matter what the situation. and I tell ya it’s the most amazing feeling when you don’t have to try and explain your thought process to someone!!

since I’m on this focused insomnia ramble I’ll also add that’s it’s really irritating when people ask if you’re off your meds because you’re acting a certain way. Or if you’re in your meds because you’re acting a certain way. It’s a lose/lose situation. People get concerned when you’re too mellow and focused but they also get concerned when you’re too chatty and hyper.

And I don’t even want to get started on the appetite nonsense. My doctor wouldn’t keep prescribing my meds if my weight or overall health was at risk!! this is one issue people never fully understand. No, it’s not fun to lose weight when you’re losing it because food has lost all taste. and when I’m picking at my food it’s not because I’m not hungry, it’s because I’m trying to talk myself into taking another bite and force feeding myself because I know I have to eat but my mind doesn’t want to.

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Please Forgive Me - Part 2 

Read first part here - Part 1

I decided to carry on with the story after all :) hope you like it x


Dean had insisted on burying you instead of burning.  He said he couldn’t bear to watch you burn, despite Sam’s objections.

You don’t know how long you were in hell for, the days merged into one. Fire, pain, that’s the only things you knew. You’d scream until your voice gave out and then you’d do it all over again. You’d lost hope, faith everything that made you, well you. You’d become a shell. So when Crowley, the King of Hell himself came to you with an alternative, you took it.

You glace up at the mirror in front of you, and see your face staring back. You don’t know how Crowley had done it, you were shot in the damn head yet here you were. Well almost you. You blinked and see your eyes flash black in the reflective surface.

This was your deal, you had your body, your memories, everything. But you were a demon, that was it. You expected for him to demand you go to the Winchester’s to spy on them but he didn’t. He knew you’d go to them eventually, one way or another.

Things were hard at first. You had become the thing you once hunted. But being a demon had its upside. You had some telekinetic ability which was always fun. You felt yourself caring less about the big bad’s of the world.

You kept track of Sam and Dean, watching them from afar. But you left them alone, until the night you saw him with some blonde at a bar. You could feel yourself giving into your darker side.

He was there flirting, He claimed you were the love of his life, he chose to let you die and here he was trying to get into some bimbos pants. You narrow your eyes, smirking to yourself as you come up with a plan.

You grab your black leather jacket, pulling it on and lifting the collar. You strut passed Dean, whistling a tune you always did. You see his head snap towards you in your peripheral vision, you don’t even pause, you simply pick up speed and head out of the door.

You hear footsteps follow you; you lightly jog towards a crowd of people. You slip into a side ally unseen by the eldest Winchester. He looks around the busy street, you see Sam join him

“It was her Sammy, it was Y/n” Dean pants in distress


“I know! But it was her; I’d know her anywhere Sam! And she was whistling her song.” He runs his hand down his face.

“Dean, you’re overthinking things, just go back in and finish your drink. She wouldn’t want you to be unhappy man” you glare at the statement

“Oh silly Sammy, you have no idea what I want…” you mutter, watching them retreat back to the bar.

You spot baby sitting on the street, you smile evilly. You wouldn’t damage the car no, you were a demon but you weren’t that evil. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t leave something on her…something that he’d know was from you.

You pass a flower stand and nab yourself a single white lily, you always loved the flower and Dean knew it.  You walk back to the car, lifting the windscreen wiper and drop the flower beneath it.

“Rest well my love” you cackle as you walk down the street.


You followed them for weeks, leaving Dean the odd gift here and there. Driving the poor man to the point of insanity. Sam was determined it was the work of some demon they’d either pissed off and that mostly likely worked for Crowley.

Well he was right and the demon part and that you were indeed pissed off. You guess two out of three wasn’t too bad

You sit in the bar not far from the bunker where Dean would visit frequently; you were in the corner hidden from view with your feet propped up on the table. You had decided that tonight was the night you’d show yourself. You were picking at your nails with your pocket knife when you saw them walk in.

Sam scanned the room as if he was looking for someone, you sink lower in your chair not wanting to be seen just yet. Your fun for the evening was only just beginning. Dean followed his brother to the bar quietly; you guess your latest gift of a necklace he’d given you had left him a little spooked.

You could see it in his face, Dean Winchester was a broken man!

You smirk to yourself watching them order drinks, while you debated your next move. You push you knife into your pocket and pull on your short black leather jacket; pulling up its hood to hide your features. You stand brushing lint off your black jeans; your stiletto boots clicking on the wooden floor as you made your way over to the jukebox right next to the door.

You flick through the songs, your blood red nails drumming on the glass idly. You start to grow impatient when you finally see it, yours and Dean’s song. The song he’d hum to you as you fell asleep, the song you first danced to and the song that would now be his new torture.

You pulled a coin from your back pocket and slipped it into the machine. You pushed the right button, and smiled as the opening cords filled the room.  You could almost hear Dean gasp from where he sat across the room.

You shove your hands in your pockets and moved for the door, walking swiftly through it onto the street. The door hadn’t even shut when you heard two stools drag along the floor and heavy boots running behind you.

“Hey! Stop right there!” Sam shouts behind you, you do so but make no move to turn around. The street light next to you would probably shadow your face but why make it easy on them.

You hearing picks up the small click of their guns when they pulled them out.

“Turn around, slowly!” The youngest Winchester bark, you do as he demands.

Your assumption was right; the light that was now behind your head, along with your hood shadows your face perfectly. The only thing they could see was a female silhouette.

“Hands out of your pockets” you hold up your hands in mock surrender, wiggling your finger showing you had no weapon. You all stood motionless for a few moments while you waited for their next move.

“Move under the light” Dean finally speaks, you watch him carefully. Silently asking him if he was sure that’s what he wanted.

“Do it” he mumbles with his gun trained on your chest.

You smirk wickedly even though they can’t see your face and slowly step backwards. The light beams down onto you, your features stay mostly hidden by your hood. Dean knows it’s you instantly but still asks you to remove your hood.

“Why bother baby?” You chuckle lightly, your voice dark and dangerous

“Do it” Sam added almost quietly. You push the fabric from your head, revealing yourself fully for the first time.

“Hello boys, did you miss me?” you wink, laughing wildly as they lower their weapons in shock; they’re worst nightmares coming true.

“I knew we should have burnt the body!” Sam snaps to himself, clearly thinking you were now someone vessel.

“Oh no Sammy, you have it all wrong. No one is wearing me to the prom….” you watch his face go blank, void of any reaction. Sam always had a good poker face.

“I’m me…just a little darker” you chuckle watching Dean flinch as you blink and let your eyes turn black.

“How is that even possible?” You shrug slightly at Dean’s question as in all honesty you still weren’t sure

“That’s a question you’d have to ask the King of Hell sweetheart, he’s the one who gave me the deal.”

“You made a deal with Crowley” Sam asked disgusted, you snap your head towards him

“Do not use that tone with me Winchester” you flick your wrist, sending his gun flying from his hand into yours, you hit the release and the clip drops to the floor and you toss the gun behind you.

“You’re not the one in control here” you add dangerously, you little display letting the brothers know you were here because you wished it.

“Let us help you Y/n” you cock an eyebrow at your former lover as he spoke

“Help me?” You question with a light smile on your lips.

“We can save you….” you laugh cutting him off, you step forward so he can see your face clearer as you mock him

“Oh sweet naive Dean, I don’t need saving!”

Dean looks at his brother and as if giving a silent signal, Sam lunges for you. You roll your eyes and raise your hand, sending the younger brother flying backwards into the wall of the bar. He lands with a heavy grunt, but is still conscious.

You focus your attention back on Dean, your eyes meeting his apple green orbs.

“I’ll see you around baby” you whisper winking.

You start to walk backwards away from Dean, with him making no move to follow. Sam stands, leaning heavily against the wall.

“Dean stop her!” He calls to his brother, waking him from his trance.

Dean raises his gun to you again. You walk back towards him, you let your eyes fall wide and sad; playing with his emotions

“You gonna shoot me baby?” You ask, stepping forward so Dean’s gun touches your chest. You can see the conflict in his eyes. “Or are you gonna let someone else do it again?”

Dean drops his gun immediately, his eyes glistening with unshed tears.

“Y/n I’m so sorry, please forgive me” he begs

“Oh baby….” you step towards him, cupping his cheek with you right hand.  You press your lips lightly to his, whilst taking his gun from him with your left hand unnoticed; before wrapping your arms around his neck.

You pull back before he can deepen the kiss; he opens his eyes looking at you sadly.

“…not in a million years” you answer, hitting him in the back of the head with his own gun leaving him dazed, he drops to his knees before you. You disarm the gun before dropping it to the floor at your feet.

“I’ll be seeing you soon my love” you say running your fingers through his hair. You wave wickedly at Sam who was still hunched against the wall, before spinning on your heel and disappearing into the darkness.

When you’re gone from sight, Sam rushes to his brother; wincing at the pain in his ribs and shoulder.


“She’s still in there Sammy, she could have killed us but she didn’t.” Dean almost pleads with his brother to agree

“She’s a demon Dean…”

“She’s still there, my Y/n! What other explication is there for her not killing us on the spot?” Dean argues as his brother pulls him to his feet.

“Let me think, kitty has new claws and wants to play with her pray before she pounces?” Sam swiftly answers

“We have to help her, please Sammy. It’s my fault she’s like this, please…I can’t…”

Sam’s heart breaks for his brother and for himself. Yes you were Dean’s love, but he loved you like a sister. If it was Dean in your place Sam knows he’d move heaven and hell to get him back. Sighing heavily Sam nods, residing to the fact he knew they had to try.

“Ok. Ok we’ll figure something out. I promise Dean, we’ll find a way to help her” *even if I have to kill her myself* Sam adds silently in his head. Dean pulls his brother into a tight embrace before helping him to the impala.

They needed to get back to the bunker. They had research to do

Part 3,

False English Loanwords in Korean

aka ‘false friends’ in linguistics or often ‘konglish’ colloquially

english meaning + korean word + (suspected origin of korean word)


dress shirt 와이셔츠 (Y-shirt)

dress 원피스 (one piece)

overcoat 오바 (over) (note: the korean word ‘외투’ is also used to mean overcoat. ‘오바하다’ means to overdo something)

trenchcoat 바바리 (comes from the brand name Burberry)

sweat suit, work-out clothes 추리닝 (training)

corduroy 골덴 (cord)

zipper 쟈크 (from the japanese ‘chakku’)

jacket 잠바 (jumper)

suit 투피스 (two piece)

underwear 팬티 (panty)

muffler 마후라 (from the japanese word for muffler)

turtle neck 폴라 셔츠 (polar shirt)


glue 본드 (bond)

stapler 호치키스 (Hotchkiss, the name of the man who invented the stapler)

ball point pen 볼펜 (ball pen)

mechanical pencil 샤프 (sharp)

flashlight 후레쉬 (flash)

felt-tip pen 사인펜 (sign pen)

crayon 크레파스 (Cray-pas, originally a Japanese brand name for oil pastels.The word can also be used to mean ‘oil pastel’ but when clarification is needed 크레용 and 유성 페스텔 are used)

notebook 노트 (note)

car parts

emergency break 사이드 브레이크 (side break)

rear-view mirror 백밀러 (back mirror)

flat tire 펑크 (short for ‘puncture’)

steering wheel 핸들 (handle)

hood 본네트 (bonnet) 

motorcycle 오토바이 (short for autobike)

convertible 오픈카 (open car)

horn 크락숀 (klaxon)

wiper 윈도우 브러쉬 (window brush)

window tinting 썬팅 (sunting) 


supermarket 슈퍼 (super)

market 마트 (mart) (note: the korean word ‘시장’ refers to a street market)

cell phone 핸드폰 (hand phone)

apartment 아파트 (apart)

remote 리모콘 (short for remote control)

signature 싸인 (sign)

air conditioner 에어컨 (air con)

blind date 미팅 (meeting)

desk lamp 스텐드 불 (stand light)

duplex 빌라 (villa. used to describe an apartment which is not part of a complex)

friend with benefits 섹파 (short for ‘sex partner’)

sprite 사이다 (cider)

outlet/socket 콘센트 (consent)

swiss army knife 맥가이버 칼 (macgyver knife)

boots 워커 (walker. hiking or army style boots are 워커 and other boots are 부츠)

vomit 오바이트 (overeat)

discount 디씨 (abbreviated to DC)

commercial 씨에프 (CF)

coordinator 코디 (cordi)

combo 콤비 (combi)

gym 헬쓰 (health)

comedian 개그맨 (gag man)

mummy 미이라 (based on the japanese pronunciation of the portuguese ‘mirra’)

part-time job 아르바이트, 알바 (from the german ‘ Arbeit’)

office worker 샐러리맨 (salary man)

mass media 매스컴 (short for ‘mass communication’)

nail polish 매니큐어 (manicure)

wake-up call 모닝콜 (morning call)

greenhouse 비닐하우스 (vinyl house)

physical contact 스킨쉽 (skinship)

window shopping 아이쇼핑 (eye shopping)

protest 데모 (demo)

popsicle 아이스께끼 (from the japanese pronunciation of ‘ice cake.’ as slang it means lifting up a girl’s skirt)

uniform number 백넘버 (back number)

loaded bases 풀베이스 (full bases)

goal 골인 (goal in)

So Messy

Uh so Jinki’s work was closed because of the horrendous snow storm, but Taemin’s was not and he had to go in until the manager got the call from the big boss he could go home and close the store etc, and while sitting in an empty department store he starts something he really wants to be home to finish right about now.

So Ima say its nc-17 because of what they are sexting, but there’s very little sex sex.. some solo Jinki tho for like 3 paragraphs lol 

Title came from @leejinklies and also @jinki-as-thumper because both called Taemin so messy, I hope you enjoy :D

The snow outside his window was falling in heavy drifts with no sign in sight that it was going to even slow down, let alone stopping.  The only reason he cared at all about the constant accumulating snow was that his boyfriend was out there stuck at work waiting for his boss to get the call from higher up telling them they could close the store.  He would be more worried if the man was texting him constantly. The store had no customers obviously. Jinki didn’t understand why they made Taemin go in at all.

It’s so cold like the heat just said fuck this im out

Jinki snorted, Well when you get home ill warm you right up baby

:D is that a promise

With a loving smile he replied, pinky promise

ooooh this is serious bizniz

Taem pls

<3 you love me though

/sigh, that I do…. unfortunately.



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A Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Mini-series

Summary: You meet a clumsy guy on the streets of Seoul, and it just so happens that he’s one of the nation’s most well-known idols….and he’s interested in you.

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Chapter 8

‘So, did you know this morning?’ you ask timidly as you watch Izzy talk to Jin, blushing at whatever he was saying and making him laugh- the sound being similar to car windshield wipers- whilst Namjoon pulled gently on your hand, trying to get you to look at him.

'Of course.’ he answers confidently, knowing you were referring to your attendance at the concert.

'And you didn’t think to mention it?’ you ask, peeking out of the corner of your eye at him, and seeing him smirking at the glance, leaning closer to you when you blush.

'Not if it meant missing the adorable embarrassed look on your face right now.’ he murmurs, biting his lip, and you get completely drawn in by the action, staring at his lip caught between his teeth for a good 30 seconds, before snapping yourself out of the trance as you hear Izzy move to Jungkook.

'Is there something on my face?’ he asks, his voice having slipped down a few decibels, tone becoming deeper.

'N-No…-’ you murmur, struggling not to stare at his mouth, moving your eyes to look at your joined hands and gasping quietly when his finger comes up to beneath your chin, tilting your head up to look at him so that you could see his sensual smile.

'Then why do you keep staring at my mouth?’ he asks, and if he wouldn’t have smirked, you would have lunged across the table there and then to kiss him senseless…

But when his eyes flashed at you, triumph in their depths at having caught you staring, you decide that you were going to play hard to get.

'Because I was trying to figure out why everyone else had really luscious lips, and yours are just…well…thin.’

You bite the inside of your cheek to keep your chuckle in when his face drops, eyes narrowing as he regards you and fingers twitching as they shift in your hands, moving to grab your wrists. You dont know what it is about the way his long digits wrap around your arm just above your hand like shackles, his face somehow being closer than before, his breath very much audible to your ears, but you feel a shiver race down your spine at the position you were now in, not noticing Jin watching the two of you curiously from beside Namjoon.

'That’s not very nice, now, is it?’ he asks, a hint of teasing in his voice despite his serious expression, the way his lips tilt up slightly at the sides making it very obvious that he knew exactly what effect he had on you.

'Why should I be nice? You’re the one that tricked me into having sex with a famous idol…I could get caught up in all kinds of scandals…’ you dare to whisper, peering out of the corner of your eye and seeing that Izzy had made her way to Yoongi at the end of the table, with only Taehyung to go. Your attention snaps back to him when his grip on your wrists tightens, a low hum coming from deep in his chest making you look back at him, and seeing his eyes raking over you, narrowing at the stagehand stood just to the side who was presumably watching him.

'If you didn’t want to get caught up in scandals, you wouldn’t be sat in front of me in that dress right now.’ he whispers, a mischievous smile stretching across his face as his eyes flicker to yours, locking with your gaze. 

'If there wasn’t someone watching my every move right now, I’d have you bent over this table like the naughty girl you are.’ he whispers, so quietly that its almost inaudible, but you catch his words nonetheless, your eyes widening as you swallow thickly at his obvious threat, feeling your stomach thrash with butterflies as you restrain yourself from dragging him out of the room to repeat your activities from last night, possibly finding an empty cupboard…

'Okay, fanmeet over! Boys, you need to go back to the green room now- Ladies, if you’d please make your way out the door at the far end to the special VIP queue.’ the stagehand suddenly pipes up, breaking you out of your dark thoughts and you realise that Namjoon had been sat watching you with a smirk, lip once again caught between his teeth.

'I’ll catch you after the show?’ he asks, standing up from the table, Jimin immediately skipping over as everyone gets up to leave and jumping onto Namjoon’s back, making his hyung groan and object in annoyance, but giggling as his eyes latch onto your still joined hands.

'Sure…what do you want to do?’ you ask, trying to compose yourself as Izzy comes back to you, trying to pull you away as she smiles cheekily at Taehyung who winks at her as he walks away.

'We’ll see what happens.’ he murmurs, shooting you a wink, biting his lip once again- knowing it caught your attention every time he did it at this point- before letting go of your hand, the two of you getting dragged away from each other, both anticipating the end of the concert.


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Rfa + V + Saeran hugging MC feat. trying to hide that awkward boner/arousal

I don’t know whether to find this funny or just damn awkward for the boys… I didnt really know how to write this as this has never happened to me


  • His hugs are amazing!
  • Like hugging a huge, muscly, beautiful, tall teddy bear.
  • He also squeezes you a little before letting go.
  • And omg that’s the best part.
  • But…
  • He knew you were beautiful, but he didn’t expect little Zen to pop out to say hello.
  • While hugging you, he just notices it.
  • He pulled away kind of fast, but not fast enough for you to question it.
  • And he’d remove his coat,
  • And carry it on his arm, concealing his crotch and still looking like a complete gentleman™.
  • And just chuckle afterwards, when he gets home.
  • And curse.
  • Just a little bit.
  • Okay, a lot.

Jumin Han:

  • He’s an awkward one.
  • One of those forced hugs (Draco and Voldemort-esque) that really confuse you.
  • He wouldn’t know what to do, bless him.
  • He doesn’t have the most experience in the RFA with the ladiez.
  • So he’d find the whole aftermath awkward.
  • You’d know.
  • You’d definitely know.
  • But you would just offer to get a coffee sometime.
  • And he’d pull this really awkward smile.
  • Jumin were you just possessed by Ronald McDonald please don’t smile like that.
  • He was awkward enough hugging you,
  • But this just made the whole thing worse.

Jaehee Kang:

  • Cute little hugs.
  • Nothing big, or small, just right.
  • With the mom, she’d blush when she’s aroused.
  • And sometimes her glasses would steam up, she’d need car wipers for them.
  • So hugging you,
  • She’d pull away looking like a tomato.
  • You’d ask if she’d okay and she’d stutter.
  • “I’m.. O-Okay. *clears throat* Let’s go out again sometime”.
  • Bless little baehee, she’s so adorable when she’s turned on.


  • It’s like he’s hugging a toy he just got for Christmas.
  • Very willing, chirpy and excitable.
  • Giggles a little bit the first couple of times he hugs you.
  • But what happened after,
  • This never happened to him before.
  • He got a bit too excited, bless, now look where that got him.
  • He’s just trying to look away from it.
  • “WHY NOW?!!” He internally screams.
  • But it’s okay because you laugh and say that it’s alright.
  • It’s a boy thing, just get used to it.
  • Poor Yoosung would pull a pouty face :(
  • You thought a peck on the cheek would make things better.
  • But now he’s bright red and incredible turned on.
  • Oops.


  • One of the best huggers in the RFA,
  • Again, like hugging a teddy bear.
  • He’d place his chin on your head,
  • And sigh.
  • And it would feel great.
  • But when tiny 707 wants a peek of the outside world.
  • He’d try to almost point it out.
  • He almost walks into a wall,
  • “I wouldn’t hit my face if I did that.”
  • He would hug you again.
  • And when you realise what he’d getting at,
  • He’d laugh it off.
  • He’d totally be embarrassed too, but he’d sugarcoat it with crappy jokes and puns.


  • He’s unsure when he hugs, but you’d still love to hug him whenever you can.
  • This might have happened to him before.
  • But he still gets flustered.
  • The best part?
  • This is in a shopping centre.
  • “Right, let’s go into this shop then.”
  • Changes the subject way too quickly.
  • Trust me, you already know.


  • So so flustered, poor little child has no clue what to do.
  • He’d give an awkward hug, looks down, and 
  • He makes an excuse, goes to the bathroom and just looks at it.
  • Literally is like :/ right now.
  • What does he do?
  • How can it magically go away?
  • He doesn’t appear for half an hour.
  • You thought he got sucked down the toilet or something.

Drive of the honeybee.

Bees’ sensitivity to weather makes it hard to transport them between farms. But because Watson is able to find insights in huge amounts of untapped data, Watson could be the key in making better decisions about getting bees from crop to crop safely. With Watson, a highway full of cars running their wipers could be used to offer a more accurate picture of a storm and send beekeepers on alternate routes miles in advance.

That’s not all. Read our post from T Brand Studio for more on Watson →

Doing it. Had more headcanons for Omen the dog. If you wanna see the artwork that started all this/don’t know this au go check out the joml au on @notllorstel


- Basically has anyone seen the crow video going round of the crow refusing to leave the cars windscreen wiper? Cause all I saw was Stan glaring at a crow from inside his car trying to get it to move before giving up and going back inside because it wasn’t that important a trip. (The murder of crows usually would fly…oh god I’ve forgotten what way sinister is/right I think? over the car as a warning. Only the crows have grown attached to Stan like Omen so they’re gonna make sure he can’t go get into that crash down in town by making sure he just can’t drive his car anywhere)

- Omen does the same. Stan grumbled when he almost falls over the dog at the top of the stairs, prods it with his foot and tells it off for trying to kill him. What he doesn’t realise is that Omen was sitting far enough back from the stairs to make Stan fall before and not fall down them like Omen had seen happening if he wasn’t there.

Basically the death omens have become attached and somehow Stan is really really accident prone, you know? I mean he’s hardly safety conscious.

- Another one of these because I was thinking ‘what else?’ and I had a cute little thought that the banshee that lives in the woods nearby who normally gives a wail if humans go out too late into the forest as a vague warning makes sure that she is heard when it comes to Stan or if he’s not paying attention, makes sure she is seen to dissuade him from wherever he’s going. Amusingly with her, it isn’t an offering that got this kind of response but because Stan accidentally saw her the first time and flirted of all things. Not anything big, just compliments, cause it’s Stan, his first response is to try and be charming. (I just thought it was cute, OK? Just this flustered banshee, OK? Ford gets very confused by the banshee’s antics when he’s back home, OK? OK)

- Right the one that started all this but then I got distracted by animals cause animals. Mabel meeting Omen. She’s really similar to Stan about it all, you know? Just ‘Who cares if it’s a weird dog, Dipper? It’s a cute dog!’ She makes Omen a sweater the first chance she gets and Stan laughs because it’s the first time he’s seen the dog utterly conflicted. Because it wants to phase through things like it usually does but that means leaving the warm blanket that Mabel’s made for it. Stan can’t believe that after 30 years of trying to figure out how to stop the dog phasing through locked door that Mabel’s figured it out within her first week of meeting him.

- I guess I should do a Dipper one, right? I feel like he’d be very similar to Ford and be fascinated by the dog but also weirded out. He has no idea how he’d get rid of it though and Stan says the dog has been with him on and off for 30 years so it can’t be all that bad, right? To be honest he’s more confused by everyone elses nonchalance around the dog than he actually is the dog itself.