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One-Eyed Kings

Tokyo Ghoul: Seriously, who the hell is the One-Eyed King? I need to know!

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Survivors look back and see omens, messages they missed. They remember the tree that died, the gull that splattered onto the hood of the car. They live by symbols. They read meaning into the barrage of spam on the unused computer, the delete key that stops working, the imagined abandonment in the decision to replace it.
—  The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion
The Impala

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Dean’s car, it’s a thing of beauty. He loves this car, it’s the most important object in his life. It’s sleek black lines, it’s timeless elegance, it’s all part of the appeal. The rumble of that V8 engine as it rolls down the road is a sound that you feel deep in your soul.

His ‘67 Chevy Impala is eighteen feet of awesomeness. Quite simply, it’s badass. It’s got a 502-cubic-inch big-blog on Hotchkiss performance suspension.

Not that I know what any of that means. I just know that Dean uses those words to describe his baby in a tone usually reserved for one’s lover. I could listen to him wax poetic about his car any day. It’s downright sexy, the way he worships that car.

More than that, the car is a symbol to Dean. It’s part of the family, part of his childhood. From the plastic green army men jammed into the ashtray to the Lego shoved down the front vents, it’s a chronicle, a timeline of Dean and Sam’s journey. From childhood to present day.

It’s been destroyed before, it’s been rebuilt before. It can be rebuilt again.

I just have to figure out how I’m going to tell him I wrecked it.

Leonardo DiCaprio giving his father a car for his 50th birthday (October 31, 1993).

“I knew that he wanted a new car, because his previous car was badly battered. I arranged for a party in honor of his 50th birthday, and he called all his friends. He invited some group that performed ska. They were Polish musicians… When he blew out the candles on the cake, I stopped and beeped. Dad turned around and saw me with a completely new car. It was a wonderful picture. I could not imagine anything more beautiful. His eyes lit up. Dad did not know anything about my gift, for it was a pleasant surprise - not to say that the car symbolizes all my feelings, but I hope that my action showed -. no matter what, I will always be with him in this regard. I am a very insightful person. I want to be.. an ideal child for my parents.”


Hey guys, just making a special awareness post! So we all know about people who park illegally in the handicap spots, right? Normally, you see a car without a wheelchair symbol on the license plate or a disabled placard in the front window and know it’s illegally parked. But did you know in certain areas, cars parked with a DV-#### are actually parking LEGALLY? If you take a closer look at their license plates, you will see the words “disabled veteran” on the bottom. So please don’t attack them and accuse them of stealing spots “from people who really need them.” Look for a disabled placard, disabled plate, or a DV-#### plate before reporting. Thanks!

The Impala Is Not Dean

I just had an epiphany. I can’t believe I never realized this before. Ever since I joined the fandom I’ve read meta that refers to how Dean’s emotional and mental state is represented by the state of the Impala. 

But it just hit me that Chuck/God referred to the car as their home, and that this was dissonant with Dean’s relationship with the car being the dominant symbolic meaning.

I realized the state of the car isn’t about Dean’s mental state. The Impala reflects the state of Sam and Dean’s relationship with each other. Sure, Dean has a closer connection with the car, because so much of his character is about how he relates to his family, to the point where other aspects of his identity are almost inseperable from it (see: Performing Dean/Sanitized for Sammy metas, his relationship to hunting as being unable to do it alone, etc.).

Let’s take it event by event, shall we?

In 1x20 Dead Man’s Blood, John makes an offhand comment about the car being on the verge of rusting, moments after an argument displaying the fraying relationship between John and Sam, with Dean acting as mediator.

In 1x22 and 2x01, Devil’s Trap and In My Time of Dying respectively, the Impala is totaled. It’s in pieces. And Dean is dying, with Sam and John beat up; the family is falling apart as John hides the truth from his sons and Dean is on the verge of death.

In 2x02, Everybody Loves a Clown, the car is still damaged, but as the boys grieve, Dean gets to work building the car back up again. They’re trying to fix their relationship.

When Dean teaches Sam how to take care of the car in 3x07, Fresh Blood, it is clearly a means of showing the audience how Dean is preparing Sam for a life on his own.

In In the Beginning, 4x03, the Impala is the vehicle John buys in lieu of a larger car suited for several kids and a growing family. John proposes to Mary in the front seat; this is where the Winchester Saga kicks off, and it’s with family.

And then we have 5x22. Swan Song. The car is, of course, what allows Sam to beat Lucifer and take control. But it’s not just memories of the car; it’s memories of him and Dean together in the car. They chose family. And when worse comes to worst, it is family that saves Sam.

In 6x01, the car is in storage. Sam is gone, out of Dean’s life, and as with him, so it is with the Impala. The car returns with Sam, although for a while Sam insists on driving his own car, separate. (Because he’s soulless, or because he’s connected with the Campbells?)

The Impala is totaled again in 6x22, The Man Who Knew Too Much. Sam’s wall is crumbling and Cas is a traitor, about to go off the deep end. Dean starts trying to rebuild the car as Sam gets better in 7x01, Meet the New Boss, but the car is put into storage once more in 7x06, Slash Fiction, reflecting both Dean and Sam’s conflicts with each other, Sam’s instability, and Cas’s apparent death.

In 7x23 Survival of the Fittest, the Impala crashes in front of Sucrocorp as a diversion, and Sam is left alone by the end of the episode, with Dean and Cas in Purgatory.

However, Sam fixed up the car (i.e., himself and his life on his own much like Dean wanted for him in season 3) and even got a girlfriend and a dog. It’s the dog smell that tips Dean off, something foreign dividing their home and their relationship.

In season 9 episode 16, Blade Runners, Abaddon’s minions deface the car, again showing how distant the Winchesters have become as their trust ruptures.

Next comes 10x02, Reichenbach, when the Impala is filled with trash and debris. The Winchesters’ relationship isn’t just troubled, it’s corrupt. Demon!Dean’s neglect of the car is obviously meant to reflect their relationship, considering his remark that “It’s just a car.” That comment can’t refer to himself, but for the demon’s feeling about their relationship? It’s perfect.

At last, we reach the season 10 finale, 10x23 My Brother’s Keeper. Dean leaves the car to Sam’s care for the third time, fully intent on dying. It seems like they will be separated once again. In the last moments of the episode, though, the two of them are trapped together in a literal rut as the consequences of their repeated self-sacrifice and determination to save each other at any cost actually surrounds them. It’s blatant: their self-destructive relationship has cost them everything and they are stuck in a rut, struggling to escape those familiar rhythms that so frustrate the audience.

In 11x01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, we at last see the beginning of positive change. Dean and Sam not only agree not to make any more self-sacrificial plays to protect one another, they actually have to push the Impala out of the rut it was trapped in during the s10 finale. They are forced to confront their patterns.

In Baby, 11x04, the car is still obviously taking damage. We’re shown how things still break, but how the car keeps running regardless. The boys might have some bumps along the way, but they’re trying to do better, to fix their relationship (see Dean washing Baby at the start of the episode, Dean convincing the car to start at the end, and Sam talking with Dean about his infection and his visions).

No wonder Jensen’s idea of what Dean would do if Sam died permanently is so heartbreaking. To trade the car and go off alone is to say that Dean’s connection with his entire family has been so utterly destroyed that he has nothing left, not even scraps.

This also makes me wonder about Cas’s Lincoln Continental. Do the appearances and vanishings of his car maybe connect to his relationship with the Winchesters? Oooh, or his humanity? @elizabethrobertajones I know you’ve written meta on the Pimpmobile before, did you ever hit on something like this?

In conclusion, keep a watchful eye on what happens with the Impala. It might not be tipping off where the story’s headed next, but it’s definitely key to understanding the Winchester brothers’ relationship.

List of symbols that represent Stelena’s love:

  • An ancient necklace
  • A comet
  • Being descendants and doppelgängers of an ancient love story in Silas/Amara
  • Serendipitously bumping into each other outside of washrooms
  • Stefan and Elena’s diaries and journals
  • Stefan and Elena’s love of writing and literature
  • Sensing when the other is in trouble through a cosmic connection
  • Humanity/human life
  • Fighting compulsion for each other
  • Fighting bloodlust for each other
  • Forehead kisses
  • Hugs
  • Rings/Marriage foreshadowing/proposals
  • Motorcycle rides
  • Dances/Decade dances
  • Sitting on rooftops together
  • Doppelgängers
  • The ferris wheel
  • The koala bear that Stefan won for Elena
  • Stefan saving Elena’s from car accidents

List of symbols that represent Delena’s love:

  • A crow and fog (which scared Elena)

did my research :) louis got his wrist tattoo of the playing card symbols around August 10th 2013 :) and he doesn’t have it in those pictures :) so those pictures were taken earlier in 2013 :) they’re old as hell :) why are we just seeing them now :) why are they trying to distract us :))))