car sighting

Bill skarsgard😍❤

Imagine going on a trip to Sweden with your cousin or friend and the car you’re driving breaks down resulting in you kicking, yelling and cursing at the vehicle while your friend/cousin is gone to look for some help. Then Bill is casually taking a stroll and sees you cursing at and kicking an inanimated object aka your car. This sight causes him to laugh a bit so he walks in your direction and taps your shoulder; you turn around and stare in awe at him trying your best not to crazily fangirl. Then he starts speaking to you in Swedish but you don’t understand a single fudging word he is saying so you look at him like:

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He then realises you don’t understand and laughs his adorable asf laugh again and finally speaks in English. Y'all have a little conversation and he fixes your car engine -which is now working again- and he asks if you could exchange numbers cause you seem like a cool and awesome person. You add your number on his phone with the contact name as: The car engine girl🚗💨💨

He adds his number on your phone with the contact name: Pennywise 🤡🎪🎈

You both laugh at each other’s contact names and he tells you he gotta go so he hugs you while you’re literally a tomato and jogs away while waving bye bye with a cute smile. Your friend/cousin comes saying they didn’t find help and finds the engine working perfectly; you both drive off to wherever you were going and at night; 08:45 p.m to be more precise your phone rings with “pennywise🤡🎪🎈” on the screen. Bill and you talk until really late at night and until you both fall asleep on the still ongoing call.


Please excuse my English if it’s bad and also excuse the shitty thing I just wrote above. I just HAD to! Bill skarsgard is bae😍❤ Hope you enjoyed this nevertheless, whoever that reads this! Bye byeeeeee~

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Oh and here’s two little gifs of Bill for y'all!❤

Sensing the Gods

Touch: raindrops falling
Sight: flash of light through the rain
Scent: day after a rainstorm
Emotion: a slight startle when a large thunderbolt lights the sky
Hear: resounding crack of thunderbolts
Taste: the numbing surge of electricity when testing a battery

Touch: the feeling of the wedding ring
Sight: the tears of love as a betrothed walks down the isle
Scent: the welcoming familiar smell of home
Emotion: love as grey as the hair time and passion has aged like wine
Hear: sound of child laughter
Taste: home cooked meal hot from the oven

Touch: the cold pool of tears after a panic attack as sleep calms the suicidal
Sight: a funeral procession honouring the soul to the underworld’s gates
Scent: freshly dug earth in a cemetery
Emotion: peace after a loved one has passed
Hear: the quiet of a cemetery
Taste: salt of tears as a life is not taken

Touch: wind through a open car window
Sight: yellow lines and green lights ensuring a speedy travel
Scent: lingering smell of gas at a full station
Emotion: relief as a long awaited trip arrives
Hear: clinking of coins in a till
Taste: the dryness after a long walk along a gravel road

Touch: long dry grass crunching in the fall
Sight: auburn, reds and golds of Autumn
Scent: pumpkin spice and freshly mown grass
Emotion: solitude and a festival glow as December rolls around
Hear: a lawnmower’s growling as it works through tall grass
Taste: fresh fruits and the taste of nectar and milk

Touch: creamy texture of chocolate in your mouth
Sight: long distance partner smiling after being far away
Scent: lovers perfume/cologne
Emotion: heart pounding, misty eyed love as a smile comes from seeing a love in your arms
Hear: impassioned breaths of intimate moments
Taste: the passionate kisses between lovers forgetting time for a moment

Touch: the long embrace of a soldier and child/love as they come home
Sight: half mast flag
Scent: soldier’s sweat after taking off his uniform from all day
Emotion: pride in your country
Hear: the resounding “Daddy!” of a coming home surprise
Taste: fresh food cooked after time away from your country

Touch: aching feet of a retail worker as they slump in a break room chair
Sight: the clock
Scent: burning embers of a fire, stale ash
Emotion: relief and excitement getting a job offer after searching relentlessly
Hear: clang of an anvil and sizzle of molten iron in a cooling bucket
Taste: cast iron cooked meals, fire cooked steak

Touch: the calluses on your fingertips after months of practice in guitar strings
Sight: beautiful works of art
Scent: lemonades on a day in summer
Emotion: shivering goosebumps as an emotion is struck hard with music
Hear: the sharp and clear melody of a freshly strung guitar
Taste: slight moment of metal and ink as a pen is drawn to your tongue

Touch: animal’s soft fur like water through your fingers
Sight: doe slowly walking out of a dense forest
Scent: a forest with rich leaves
Emotion: awe as a baby deer and mother wait patiently for your car to pass before crossing
Hear: twang of a arrow releasing from a bow string
Taste: cooling water after exploring in the woods

Touch: stiff spine of a new book cracking open
Sight: a deserved verdict to a defendant
Scent: old pages/books
Emotion: peace inside a bookstore
Hear: hoot of a stirring owl in the evening
Taste: fingertips as they’re licked to turn a fresh page in a book

Touch: embrace of a love come home again
Sight: the first spring flower blooming
Scent: new morning dew in spring
Emotion: relief and glowing love as a partner smiles on a long awaited Skype call
Hear: buzz of bees in the summer
Taste: pomegranates

Touch: tide bringing you in to shore again
Sight: crisp blue of the ocean at peace
Scent: the sour smell of a seafood section of a supermarket
Emotion: awe inspired by an image of the open sea
Hear: hooves thundering along a dirt path
Taste: salt of the sea as it slashes into a smile while swimming

Touch: the padding comfort of a bandage on a healing wound
Sight: seeing a loved one feel well again after sickness
Scent: disinfectant
Emotion: the drowsiness of NyQuil as it lulls your symptoms away to sleep
Hear: fresh air after sickness has clogged your sinuses for weeks
Taste: the sweetness as a sigh of relief escapes your breath

Touch: your cheeks stretching against your teeth as a yawn escaped into the sunrise
Sight: painted reds and oranges of a sunrise
Scent: morning dew in springtime at 6 am
Emotion: excitement for a day ahead, full of possibilities
Hear: the morning birds stirring in the early morning light
Taste: morning coffee next to an open-curtained window

Touch: moments when you can feel comfortable with your body after dysphoria
Sight: the charcoal of a panther, eyes glowing in the night
Scent: draping aroma of a fertile vineyard
Emotion: Pride in being part of a LGBTQ community
Hear: chorus laughter of a raucous party
Taste: sweet tang of a well aged wine

first impressions - peter parker x reader

w/c: 838

warnings: none!!

Could you do a peter x stark!reader where he comes over to get a look around and the ( homeschooled ) reader walks in in a croptop and tony complains like “ you know I don’t like you wearing that shirt bc it’s too ” and she interrupts notrlly caring “ revealing Ik ” and grabs an apple and turns to a nervous peter and says “ sup hot stuff ” and bites it then winks and leaves ? You can finish the rest. Sorry it’s so specific ❤️ 😂

a/n: i got this request ages ago and i really loved it but i just got the motivation to do it so here it is! i hope you all enjoy!

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To say Peter was nervous to visit the Avengers compound was an understatement. Especially because this time he would actually be getting the tour, not just brought in for five minutes to be offered a job as an Avenger. As he rode in the car with Happy on the way there, a million thoughts rushed through his head. What if I break something? What if I go into an area that I shouldn’t go into? What if I accidentally say something rude to one of the Avengers? And then, as if his anxiety couldn’t get any worse, he remembered that Mr. Stark had a daughter that lived at the compound: you.

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Get Away

Request: Can you do something where (y/n) and Shawn are out on a date and the paparazzi are a bit aggressive and Shawn gets protective?

a/n: hello lovely people!! it sure has been a while! so sorry for delays and what not but i was in the midst of finals but i completed my first year of college!! yay!! and this past week has been the busiest week of my life bc i’m studying abroad in london and we have these pre-london classes and i had 2 classes for like 3 hours and it was a lot. i leave for london tomorrow and i wanted to get something up before i leave for 2 weeks and definitely won’t be writing bc i’ll be out exploring!! 

so happy reading and feedback is always appreciated!! 

Your name: submit What is this?

The bright city lights of Miami, Florida illuminated the restaurant more than the lights inside.  The floor to ceiling windows gave the restaurant a very city feels, and with always being a lover of the city, everything on the outside of the restaurant caught your attention.

         Shawn had been touring nonstop for the past two months, and he thought it would be a fun idea for you to come out and visit him.  And with you being on summer vacation, you didn’t see any reason as to why you couldn’t go and visit your boyfriend.  So when the two of you worked out what dates would work best, you booked a flight, and he picked you up from the airport of the city he was in.

        You were halfway through your trip, and since you two couldn’t immediately do anything when you arrived, Shawn suggested that the two of you wait until mid-way through your stay to do something, and his idea of something was a nice dinner in the city.

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My Biggest Mistake (Barnes/Romanoff/Rogers x reader)

Request:  Cheating Angst of Bucky cheating on the reader with Natasha (Reader’s best friend) And when she finds out, Bucky and Natasha go running to apologize to her. But the reader doesn’t wanna hear it, so she ignores them. One day, Steve tries to convince her to forgive the both of them, because of how sad both, Bucky and Natasha were for the mistake. Which the reader comes in and forgives them ^^ (MAKE IT SUPA ANGSTY PLEASE) THANK YOU AGAIN BONNIE! ILYSM! 

Okay, I’m not a fan of full-on cheating stories, so I toned it down a little.  Also, I’m not very forgiving of it.  I hope you like where I took it tho!

You should have known.  

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Chapter 6: How could I have done this to my soulmate? // Shawn Mendes


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Author’s note: HERES THE LONG AWAITED CHAPTER 6! There wont be an update for a while as it was quite a long chapter. Shawn’s background is explained a lot here and I hope you guys like it :) 

Recap: “Got it.” He rolls his eyes, allowing me to push his towards the door.

I pause, watching his features turn into a small smile as I reach to close the door, I meet his gaze one last time.

“I’ll show you Shawn. We’re a perfect match.”

My soulmate was good at many things. One of them was looking ruggedly handsome in an all-black suit. The other was sneaking into my room when I least expect it. 

There he was, 5 minutes to 10:00 am, just like I told him, head to toe in the finest suit he owned. 

“You clean up nicely.” I smile warmly at him and he glares at me, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. 

“I look like an arrogant ass.” He mumbles, taking a seat on the edge of my bed as I grab some earrings off my dresser.

“Aren’t you always?” I tease, allowing him to complain.

“Very funny.” He scorns me, tugging at his collar again.

“I think you’re really going to enjoy what we’re doing today.” I grin at him and he blanches, a thin sheen of sweat might even be visible on his forehead if you look close enough. “Did you bring your car?”

He gives me a strange look. “Yeah I parked around the back.”

“Lets go then.” I grab my purse off my bed and open my patio door, waiting for him to lead me to his car- a black chevrolet Camaro. It was one of the oldest model’s I’d ever seen but looked surprisingly well kept.

“Bet you’re not used to roughing it out in an old piece of metal like this?” Shawn humour’s, unlocking the car.

“Actually my Grandpa likes to collect old cars, he has around maybe 5 of these but they’re all in different colours.” I try not to laugh too loud at the shocked and mildly annoyed look upon Shawn’s face. I buckle in and Shawn turns on the ignition, pulling onto the road.

“So where are we going?” He breaks the silence.

“Park out front the Dee Gardens and then we’re on foot from there.”

“You made me wear a suit to go to the park?” he asks, looking at me like I had asked him to do the most ridiculous thing.

“Maybe.” I giggle, winding the window down to allow the cool spring breeze into the car. The sun was beating down through the windows and I already knew it was going to be a good day. Perfect for a wedding.

“Okay, there, park there.” The Dee Gardens were a short 5 minute drive from our house and as soon as I saw a free parking space, we took it.

The gravel crunches under my heels as I get out, shutting the door and walking over to the grass. Excitement bubbles in my stomach and I feel a shoulder brush mine, turning to see Shawn standing right beside me.

“Lets go.” I grab his hand, entwining my fingers with his.

“Is this really necessary?” He holds our joined hands up as he falls into step with me and I raise an eyebrow.

“4 weeks, remember?”

He sighs, the sound drawing my attention to the faint hum of voices. We round the corner and ahead is a small clearing, surrounded by tall red woods. There’s maybe 40 chairs either side, an aisle running through the middle. At the end there’s a stand with a small archway made of flowers that have been threaded through the wire. Fairy lights were strung around the trunk of the trees, light green ribbon bows stuck on the back of nearly every chair. It looked beautiful.

I eye the nervous groom standing under the arch, talking to his groomsmen. He looked like he was going to be sick.

“We’re late.” I don’t give Shawn a chance to speak as I rush to our seats, two spares at the back as we weren’t on time. We sit down and I notice Shawn’s gaping expression, his eyes wide.

“You took me to a fucking wedding?” He hisses in my ear, and I elbow him in the stomach to stop his complaining.

“Shut up, Becky is about to walk down the aisle.” I snap back, rising with the rest of the family. I look down to see Shawn still sitting there and I grab his collar, tugging him up so he’s standing next to me.

A flower girl begins her descent down the aisle and I try to ignore seeing Shawn pinching the bridge of his nose out of the corner of my eye. Bridesmaids wearing beautiful jade dresses come next, their hair up in elaborate braided buns.

Then came the bride. Becky looked stunning, her white dress was studded with tiny diamonds and when they caught the light, they shined. The silk hugged her figure and fell away into a train.

“You sneaky little thing.” I hear Shawn whisper in my ear, we were lucky to be at the back where no one could hear us and anyone who could was more preoccupied with the bride.

“Excuse you?” I don’t tear my eyes away from my cousin, her dress was causing me serious envy.

“You take me to a wedding, get me all loved up and then you’re going to strike. You’ve probably arranged our wedding, haven’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I smile innocently at him and he huffs, falling silent as the ceremony begins.

I didn’t stop smiling.

As soon as the ceremony had finished, Shawn dragged me away before anyone had noticed we were there. In silence, we trek back to his car.

“You know we have to go to the reception right?”

“You do. I don’t.” He laughs at my disgruntled expression. The car comes into sight and we head towards it.

“But what if I get approached?” I ask him, giving him my daintiest smile.

“Approached? By who, your Grandpa?” Shawn snorts and unlocks the car.

“No.” I drag the sound out. “By an eligible bachelor who seeks my hand in marriage.”

I feel shocked at the sound of Shawn laughing, his head tilted back and eyes crinkled.

“Sorry princess but the government would never let you get married while your soulmate is living and breathing just across town from you.” The engine rumbles, and Shawn changes the gear into reverse.

“Then why don’t you come along just to make sure that it doesn’t happen.” I rest my hand on his forearm softly. He looks over at me quickly before sighing.

“You’re going to black mail me if I don’t say yes aren’t you?”


Three seconds of silence. He gives in.

“Where am I driving to?”

The reception was located in a pretty fancy restaurant and had a similar decorative touch to the wedding. There were already so many people here and I feel Shawn’s front press into my back so he doesn’t loose me in the crowded room. Leading the way I take him to our seats. My Mother looks up at the sound of chairs scraping against the wood flooring. Her mouth falls open.

“Who’s this Sweetie?” She prod’s, smiling at Shawn whose head whips to face me, disbelief clouding his eyes. We stay standing.

“Mum this is Shawn, Shawn this is… my Mother.” I watch as Shawn’s eyebrows raise, biting his lip to stop himself from saying something offensive to me in front of my mother.

“Nice to meet you Mam.” Shawn says formally, offering his hand for my Mother to shake.

“Likewise.” She shakes it, turning to face me.

“Shawn is my boyfriend.” I quickly tell her, yet my Mum’s face forms an expression of curiosity.

“I thought you were only going to date your soulmate Y/n.” Shawn audibly gulps. His arm snakes around my waist, pulling me into his side.

“We both have many years on our timer’s. We like each other so we thought why not get to know each other.” He tells my Mother, a frown etched onto his face. A relationship during the youthful years with someone who wasn’t your soulmate wasn’t illegal, although it was frowned upon by many people.

“Oh.” My Mother gasps while my mouth opens and closes, no words forming.

“You just lied to my Mother.” I whisper in his ear, Mum still staring at us.

“Would you rather me tell her we’re soulmates?” He rebuts, pulling out my seat and letting me sit down.

“She could easily check my arm and see my timer has gone.” My eyes flick to my sleeve covered arm, right where my timer would have been if it was still ticking.

“Then you will just have to cross that bridge when you come to it.” He frowns at me, resting a hand on my knee under the table. “Now I believe we are at a wedding and you wanted us to act like soulmates, care to dance?”

Somehow, from the time we got here and when we sat down, music had begun to play, a soft beat filling the room.

“I can’t believe you told her.” I mumble to him as he pulls me to the centre of the room where other dancing couples were located.

“I’m just trying to be what you expect me to be. You only have four weeks of this treatment so enjoy it while it lasts.” Shawn snaps and my face flushes in anger.

“I don’t expect you to be an ass Shawn, I don’t know what you want from this ‘trial’.” He rests a hand on my waist and the other holds my left hand.

“Most soulmates act irrationally, right? So that’s what I’m trying to do.” There’s a hint of sarcasm and I ignore it.

“When I asked you to give me a chance I didn’t mean change your entire personality.” I mutter, letting him sway us to the beat.

“I don’t do relationships Y/n, I’m sorry that I said the wrong thing to your Mum. Next time I just won’t say anything” He growls at me and I fall silent.

The music was classical; the instruments filling the dining hall, giving the atmosphere an old fashion feel.

“If you weren’t a member of the libertas would you still have treated me the same?” I ask him softly, meeting his hazel eyes.

“Even if I wasn’t I still have the same belief in soulmates Y/n.” He tells me, his eyes scanning my face.

“If soulmate’s didn’t exist would you want me?” I hold my breath, the question out in the open air.

“If you weren’t my soulmate I think I would have actually wanted to be with you- out of my own choice.” He lets my arm falls and I can’t speak, can’t move. I’m lost in the depth of his eyes. Even after everything he has said to me I want to pull him closer to me, into my embrace.

“Why tell me that? Why not just be with me because you like me?” He lets me rest a hand on his chest, right over his heart and the steady thump has me feeling giddy.

“All my life I’ve told myself that I’m not going to let the soulmate program dictate my life like it did for my Mum.” He whispers softly and we’re dancing again, his left hand glued to my right and his other hand on my waist. We’re chest to chest as we sway to the soft beat from the band.

“What happened with your Mum, Shawn?” I ask boldly, knowing he would either answer me or retreat away from me.

He takes a deep breath. “She was abused… by her soulmate, my Dad.” I let him talk, feeling a weight settle in my stomach. No one ever deserves to be treated the way I can only imagine Shawn’s Mum would have been treated. 

“The one person the Government told her that was supposed to treasure her and take care of her was the one that haunted her nightmares and caused black and blue bruises to appear on her skin.” Shawn looks angry now, his hand tightening its grip on my own hand.

“What did she do?” My face is so close to his that I can see the faint flecks of gold in his hazel eyes.

“She put in a request form to the Government to leave her soulmate, so she could find someone else.” In society, when a person’s match dies, we can request to form a relationship with another single match. 

“But because my Dad was still alive they forced her to stay with him.” He snarls, his frustration rolling off him. “She couldn’t find happiness with another person because they told her that she could only be happy with him. They partnered my Mother with a monster.”

He twirls me, my dress fanning out and I crash back into his chest ungracefully. Shawn doesn’t seem to care.

“I joined the libertas when my mother couldn’t take the violence any more and committed suicide.” He’s calm again. A sadness welling in his eyes. “I was only 13 and my Dad was the one who found her. He didn’t care that he did that to her. He just packed up his things and left.”

“Shawn.” I try to comfort him but I don’t think there was any measure of comfort I could offer considering what he’d been through. “I vowed that night when both my parents left me that I would never let my life be controlled by the Government the way my Mother’s life had been. Its been 8 years since then and not once have I ever broken that vow. Not until I met you.” His eyes hold my gaze and I feel a heat creep up over my cheeks.

“And that’s why you don’t want a soulmate.” I finish for him and he his hand moves further up my back so his palm is splayed firmly between my shoulder blades. 

“That’s not all.” He mutters and I feel a chill creep up my spine. “I’m my father’s son, Y/n.” 

“That doesn’t mean-”

“If I gave into this soulmate thing, gave into you,” He pauses to let his words settle and I feel my heart flutter at them. “Whose to say that I won’t turn into what my father was. Hurt my own soulmate who I was meant to look out for and take care of.”

“You’re not your father Shawn.” I tell him and he lets my hands go to cup his cheeks, stopping our dancing. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“I already have.” He bites his lip and I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. “When we first met at your school, Jeremy wanted me to take care of the witnesses, I said I would. You were one of them and I hurt you.”

“I don’t remember..?” I trail off, confused with where this was going. I remember having a lump on my head but I thought it was because I had fallen during the attack.

“I smashed your head against the wall and you blacked out.” He spits out and I feel a sick feeling rise in my belly.

“Shawn.” He can tell that I’m beginning to feel the effects of fear, fear of him.

“I watched as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you passed out in my arms.” He’s put up his walls again. The shields that stop me from getting close. “And when I picked you up I remember how light and fragile you felt. I thought, how could I have done this to my soulmate?” He laughs, the sound harsh against my ears.

“You were just following what Jeremy said-” I try to excuse his actions but Shawn isn’t having it.

“There is no excuse for what I did. I hurt you before I even got to know you and I never want to put you in a situation like that again. If we’re together, you’re only going to be in danger.”

“I can handle it.” I beg him, pulling him to me as he tries to get out of my grip.

“There’s so many people who could hurt you for being with someone like me. It could be the libertas, Jeremy, the Government or what about your soulmate, huh? I could just as easily break you.” His words are sharp yet I don’t let them cut me.

“I trust you Shawn!” I say desperately and he stops struggling against my hold, stops talking, just stares at me. I wrap my arms back around him, over his shoulders and winding my fingers through his hair. Gripping the back of his head I push him forward until his lips touch mine.

I couldn’t breathe. His lips pressed feverishly onto mine and within a second he’s kissing me back. He leans closer to me and his hands are everywhere. On my hips, sliding up and over onto my back, the heat of his fingertips alighting a fire on my skin that made me dizzy.

He doesn’t part from me, instead kisses me harder, sending tremors along every nerve and evoking feelings I had tried to hide from him. I knew it now though. My arrogant, wilful soulmate had stolen a part of my heart, and I didn’t know if I would get it back.

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sweet creature


after being overseas for six years, bucky is struggling to adjust. being home after an honorable discharge isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem, but could you and your child be the key to bucky’s happiness?

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: ~10K 

warnings: angst, children, mentions of abandonment, nightmares, mentions of PTSD, mentions of guilt, mostly fluff, happy ending

a/n: this is for @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K AU writing challenge. my prompt was number 18 (“I’m such an idiot. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”), and i may have gone a bit overboard (like way overboard) but. oh well. i hope you guys like it! 

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request | masterlist

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Unexpected Guest

Author: @jkqueenly

With Y/N asleep, Hotch has some struggles to work through. Most importantly, how to find her house.

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Tags at the end because it’s a little longer than expected.


Watching Y/N  fall asleep in his car, especially while wearing his suit jacket, was something Aaron never expected to see. Seeing her asleep on the plane was normal, just part of the job, but something about her had changed now that she was so close.

He risked a glance across the car to look at her again. Her hair was flatter on the side she had slept on during the flight and it had brushed forward a little onto her face.

It surprised him how tempted he was to brush the stray hairs back into place. It would be a small motion, he reasoned. Just to reach over and touch her hair. Within seconds he’d rationalized that it was a simple and friendly thing to do. At the next red light, he gently caressed her hair away from her face.

She stirred, making his heart leap in his chest. For a moment he worried he had scared her, but calmed once he heard her breathing return to the deep inhale and exhale of sleep.

After twenty minutes driving circles in downtown D.C., Aaron realized he was lost. He knew he wouldn’t be able to find Y/N’s apartment without waking her. He didn’t want to bother her already uncomfortable slumber, but a few minutes later Aaron pulled over.

“Y/N?” He asked softly. The tone of his voice reminded him of Christmas morning, when he prodded Jack to wake up after staying up way too late watching for Santa.

“Mmm,” she mumbled, turning her head away from him.

“Y/N,” Aaron said again, a little louder.

She didn’t wake up. Instead, she curled deeper into his jacket. It was much too big for Y/N, but somehow it looked like it was made to be worn by her.

Aaron shook his head a little, trying not to smile at how small she seemed in his jacket.

His phone dinged.

Where are you? Is everything ok? Jack’s awake and needs his dad. Hurry.

He typed back a quick apology and an estimated time he’d arrive home before turning the car back onto the street.

The drive home seemed too short. Knowing Jack was awake made bringing home a seemingly comatose co-worker even more uncomfortable than Aaron had planned.

As Aaron pulled into the driveway he could see Jessica at the door, trying to get Jack back into the house. She looked tired but smiled as Aaron stepped out of the car.

“Dad!” Jack ran around Jess, through the gate, and pounced, wrapping Aaron in a warm embrace.

“Hey, Jack,” Aaron said, hugging his son. He placed a hand on Jack’s forehead. “You’re burning up! Jack, I need you to go inside. You’re sick, you should be in bed. I’ll come tuck you in when you’re ready.“

“Okay,” Jack replied. He walked slowly into the house. Once he was through the door, Jess followed him to make sure he went to bed.

Aaron contemplated his next move, looking between the house and the car. It seemed cruel to put Y/N on the couch after all the work she put in with the case, but there weren’t enough beds for everyone. Jack was small enough he could share with Aaron on the king size, but his bed was too small for Y/N–even if she was the smallest of the team.

“Aaron? You coming in?” Jess called.

“I’ll be right there,” he replied. He carefully pulled Y/N from her seat and carried her gently into the house.

Jess didn’t question the arrival of the sleeping agent, but she did raise an eyebrow when she noticed where Aaron’s jacket was.

Halfway down the hallway, Aaron changed his mind and turned into his bedroom instead of the living room, laying Y/N gently on top of the covers.

She yawned deeply and turned onto her side, making the hair Aaron brushed back earlier flare out against the pillow.

Something bloomed in Aaron’s chest as he gathered his things to sleep on the couch. Something that would keep him up wondering about it. On instinct, he kissed Y/N’s forehead and brushed her hair back again before leaving the room.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

Closing the door behind him, he walked down the hall a little more to say goodnight to Jack.

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10 seconds || Dan Howell

A/N: this is a little idea I had, it’s something I guess. 

Word Count: 1.2K

POV: Reader


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Keeping a relationship a secret is a good idea, right?

No, not at all.

‘Can’t wait to see you tonight, baby.’

I read Dan’s text message with a huge smile as I stood in front of my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. There were so many options and at the same time there were none.

Dan and I had been dating-ish for two months now without telling anybody. We were afraid of how people would react since nobody would have ever expected us two to get together. We wanted to be sure about this before we told somebody else.

It was a Friday night and Dan’s friends were throwing a party. He invited me to come with him, not as his date though. I was worried about who to talk to tonight since none of my close friends were going and I also didn’t know about how to interact with Dan in public.

I had to park my car a little further away from the house where the party was held at because all of the good parking spots were taken already, signalizing that a lot of people came.

As I walked into the big house so late that Dan must have arrived an hour ago, I immediately spotted him drinking beer with his friends. They were joking about something and laughing out loud from time to time. Since Dan and his friends were by far the most popular and attractive guys in our town a lot of females were surrounding them, trying to start a conversation.

I had to stop myself from smiling at Dan who noticed me the second I walked into the room. He was clearly checking me out in my dress that wasn’t too fancy but he seemed to like it anyway. I also had to stop myself from telling those girls to back off my boyfriend.

Sweaty bodies were dancing to music that was shitty and way too loud. There was alcohol everywhere and people were flirting with strangers while getting drunk. A typical teenager party therefore. Some people just live for weekends like this.

I talked to a few girls that I knew from school. They were updating me on all the recent gossip since I wasn’t good with stuff like that. I never hung out with the ‘cool and scandalous kids’.

“I heard Tiffany tell her friends at school today that she wants to get with Dan tonight.” Jessica, one of the girls I had chemistry class with told me under her breath. I nearly chocked on my drink at her words.

“Dan as in Dan Howell?” I asked her, gritting my teeth while trying to not sound too interested.

“What other Dan is there?” She wanted to know, indirectly answering my question.

Great. Miss Popular was after my guy not knowing that he was already taken. By me!

“Let’s play Truth or Dare” Somebody shouted in between two songs. The response was quite diverse. Some people seemed to really hate the game while others seemed to love it.

“C’mon let’s play.” Jessica excitedly exclaimed, grabbed my arm and dragged me along with her.

“I really don’t wan-“ I was in the middle of saying as she made me sit down on the floor where everybody who was playing was already gathered in a circle.

My eyes suddenly landed on Dan who was sat right opposite me. He didn’t look that comfortable either and I could clearly hear his friend Jason tell him “I bet it will be fun, don’t be so boring!”

There was a little twinkle in Dan’s eyes as he saw me and he raised his eyebrow surprised to see me here. He was looking as handsome as ever. His hair was a little bit curly and he was wearing the black leather jacket that I loved so much on him.  

A guy I had never seen around before started spinning an empty glass bottle and it landed right on Jason, making Dan smirk.

“Truth or Dare” the guy asked Jason. He obviously said ‘Dare’ since he was an outgoing guy and up for almost any challenge.

“I dare you to knock on the neighbour’s door in just your underwear and ask him if you can borrow a jar of peanut butter.”

“What the fuck, mate?!” Jason shouted as everybody laughed and some girls giggled.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked the guy who dared him to do this as he started to take off his shirt, revealing his toned chest.

People started to whistle as Jason walked to the door and opened it wearing nothing but his boxers.

“It’s freezing outside!” he complained as he wrapped his arms around his own body for warmth, shielding his nipples from the cold air of the night.

He quickly ran across the street, as he saw that no car was in sight. The neighbour, a 50 year old man, was not too pleased to see Jason.

“I’m going to call the cops, you dumb pack of teenagers!” he shouted after Jason as he sprinted back into the house after he was obviously denied some peanut butter.

We were laughing our butts off while Jason’s cheeks were bright red from running and embarrassment.

“It will be fun, right?” Dan asked Jason, making me giggle.

We continued playing and after a few rounds the bottle still hadn’t landed on me or Dan. One of Tiffany’s friends was just dared by a guy to take her shirt off was now spinning the bottle in a pink Victoria Secrets bra.

It landed on the devil herself, Tiffany.

“Dare” she said and I already had a weird feeling in my stomach region.

“I dare you to kiss Dan for at least 10 seconds.”

My mouth hung open as I tried to suppress a gasp.

Tiffany was seductively smirking at my boyfriend whose eyes had grown wide in shock. He was taking a quick glance at me. His face spoke of panic as Tiffany said, “A dare is a dare, right?”

With that being said she pressed her lips onto my boyfriend’s, making my heart sink. And those 10 seconds were the hardest 10 seconds of my life.


I swallowed hard although my mouth was completely dry


I tried looking away, but I couldn’t 


My blood started to boil as I watched Tiffany eagerly kiss my boyfriend


My cheeks grew bright red as anger filled every inch of my body


I wanted to rip my heart out just so it wouldn’t hurt that much


I wanted to yell for them to stop but I had to sit here in silence


My hands started to shake with anger as they were clenched into fists


My eyes got watery and the first tears were about to spill


I decided to get up and leave, not being able to bear this anymore


I lef-

Dan pushed Tiffany off his body right before I could get up to leave.

“Y/N is my girlfriend!” he shouted and all eyes suddenly landed on me.

Once More, With Feeling: Part Two

Summary: You’re essentially Buffy Summers, a young girl fighting vampires and other supernatural beings. You’re dragged out to a club on your night off by your friend, Margaret, when you run into two vampires.

Warnings: Vampire!Bucky, vampire kink, angst, torture

A/N: You guys requested a part two so here you go! I hope you like it :)

(~ my own shitty edit ~)

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bitter || min yoongi

Min Yoongi x reader

Summary: Yoongi is a regular at the bar you work at, and you’re used to hearing about his problems over a drink. But one night he’s having a particularly bad day, and something changes between the two of you.

Genre: angst/fluff 

Words: 1935

this came outta nowhere 

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I raised my eyebrows at Yoongi as he entered the bar, nodding and beckoning him over as I wiped down the surface. He made his way over to me with his usual expression of disinterest and sat down on the other side of the bar, immediately dropping his head into his hands. I let out a small laugh as I wiped around him.

“What happened this time?”

Of course, I had noticed Yoongi when he had first walked into the bar, his pale, ethereal skin and delicate features were easy to distinguish amongst the usual monotony of customers. Despite his small frame he had seemed to give off a powerful and dangerous air, making people consciously move out of his way as he passed. With the crowd physically parting around him, and his indifferent expression as he ordered a drink in a low voice, I couldn’t help but to pay him some attention.

What I didn’t know then, was that he would become a regular customer, and familiar to me personally. Almost every night he would come in, near the end of my shift, and order the same drink. It wasn’t long before we started talking, although it had taken some coaxing, and I began learning a lot about him from his drunken rambles and sober stories.

He groaned into his hand, raising his head as I slid him his drink.

“She left again.” He mumbled, knocking back his head to take a swift drink of the strong alcohol I had handed him. I sighed, sympathy filling me upon noting his tired and red eyes. He had an on-and-off girlfriend who always seemed to be angry with him, and from what it sounded like, he could do a lot better.

“Probably for the best.” I said quietly, leaning on the bar next to him and watching worriedly as he finished the drink in another mouthful, slamming the glass down.

“I think we might have actually broken up this time.” He said, ignoring my comment. He held out his glass with a pointed look and I raised my eyebrows at him for a moment, before sighing and taking it from him to refill it.

“I’ve been spending too much time here. You’ve forgotten that it’s actually your job to serve me drinks.” He chuckled dryly from behind me as I poured the drink. I smirked as I turned back around and placed the glass in front of him.

When I returned from serving another customer, the glass was empty once more, and Yoongi was staring into nothing. I sighed again, figuring it would be best to leave him to his thoughts, especially as I wasn’t very good with words. It hurt me to see him like this: he deserved so much more, but I didn’t want to make it worse by saying something stupid.

He stayed later than usual, an indication that it really was a bad day for him. It was nearing 2am, and the bar was largely empty, the last few customers filtering out, stumbling. He was still sitting where he had been all night, his chin resting on his hand as he stared blankly ahead of him.

His fourth glass lay empty beside him, and I glanced at the clock, glad it was nearly time to close up, so I couldn’t serve him any more alcohol. I finished cleaning up, and wiped off my hands, going to the back to change out of my work clothes. When I returned, Yoongi was the only person still in the bar, and I felt my heart twinge at the expression on his face, his eyes sullen, and his mouth downturned.

I walked around the bar and sat on the stool beside him, staying silent as I fiddled with my fingers, watching his face carefully. His eyes were glazed and dull as he let out a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked quietly, kicking myself at how stupid that sounded. He chuckled lightly, looking over at me in amusement as I hurried to correct myself. “I mean obviously not, I…” I trailed off, my cheeks heating up. I desperately wanted to help him, but I didn’t know how. Thankfully, he started talking.

“I don’t even care that she broke up with me, really.” He said bitterly. “I didn’t love her.” I was surprised at this, given how upset he seemed.

“No?” I asked, and he turned to look at me, shaking his head.

“No. I don’t think I’ll miss her much. It’s just…” He sighed heavily, facing forward again. “It’s me, it’s myself. I can’t seem to keep anyone close to me.” I didn’t know what to say to that, but I don’t think he really expected a response, his eyes still fixed on something I couldn’t see, and clearly in deep thought, so I kept quiet.

“I mean, I get it.” He spoke so quietly, had the rest of the bar not been entirely silent I don’t think I would have heard him. “I get why she left me.” He curved his lips up wryly. “Who wouldn’t?” I frowned.

“It’s not your fault-“

“Of course it is.” He snapped, whipping his head towards me angrily. “How could it be anyone else’s?” He muttered, rubbing his face. “I didn’t deserve her. I don’t deserve anyone.” Anger rushed up my throat towards whatever, whoever, had made him feel like this. I had seen enough of him to know that although he put up a cold front, he was gentle, and kind, and worthy of love.

“No.” I turned my body around so I was facing him entirely, and he watched me unresponsively. “Yoongi, listen to me. This is her loss, her fault. You deserve someone better. Someone who will give you back as much as you give them.”

Someone like me. I didn’t say it.

He turned fully towards me, his eyebrows furrowing as his gaze moved around my face. He licked his lips, shaking his head. “You don’t even know her.”

I couldn’t help the hand that reached up to touch his cheek gently. “But I know you.”

His eyes flickered to my lips, and back up to my eyes and I suddenly became aware how close we were to each other, my legs brushing against his and my hand on his knee.

In a sudden rush of movement, he leant forward and pressed his lips against mine messily, one of his hands coming to my cheek. My lips moved against his in an almost unconscious motion, my heart rate through the roof as my hands lifted to his hair, wanting to feel more of him.

His lips were hot and I could taste the alcohol on them as he pushed further towards me desperately. It was only as his hand began to move up my waist that I remembered the circumstances. I caught his wrist and pulled it away from me, separating our lips. I stared at his face and tried to calm my breath, reminding myself, he’s been drinking, he just broke up with his girlfriend; this isn’t right.

“You’re drunk, Yoongi.” I murmured breathlessly. His eyes opened and he licked his lips, meeting my gaze. He shook his head.

“I’m not drunk enough to do that without wanting to.” His voice was gravelly and low, and my breath hitched as his fingers stroked across my cheek. “I wanted to do that, Y/N. I want to again.”

I tried to calm my breathing, telling myself over and over not to get ahead of myself. I closed my eyes.

“I want you to as well, Yoongi… believe me.” I chuckled breathlessly, meeting his intense gaze again. “But I think we should wait.” I gave him a small smile as he frowned. “You only just broke up with your girlfriend.”

“You’re not a rebound.” He said quietly, examining my face with focus. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” I smiled at his words, wanting nothing more than to kiss him again, and let whatever happened as a result happen. But instead I pulled my head back, forcing myself to be sensible.

“How about this, you go home now, get some rest, and clear your head.” I proposed, hands on his shoulders. “And then we see each other again in a few days, and if you still want to do… this, then, well…” My face stretched into an uncontrollable grin at the thought of something actually happening between Yoongi and I. He sighed, looking at me for a moment before nodding slowly.

“Okay.” He gave me a small grin as he stood up from the stool, stumbling slightly. “But my answer will stay the same.” His speech was wobbly and I chuckled lightly, grabbing his arm. I called him a taxi and led him out of the door.

I smiled at him fondly as we waited outside, watching his eyes droop shut before he suddenly jerked his head up to stay awake. I didn’t voice my fear that he would change his mind when he’d thought about it clearly, but worry clouded in my chest at the thought. Trying to convince myself that it was the right thing to do, I gave Yoongi a light kiss on the cheek before pushing him into the taxi, his eyes locked on mine out of the window until the car was out of sight.

I pushed down tears at the terrible dread filling me; that I had given up the chance to kiss him whilst I had it, and he was going to wake up tomorrow and regret ever doing it.

I didn’t hear from him after that, and I tried to continue about my daily tasks without thinking of him, but it was hard without him sitting at the bar, making me laugh with his snarky comments and intellect. I hadn’t even known I had felt something so strong for Yoongi until he wasn’t around anymore. I ached for his company. Eventually I realised the inevitable: what had happened that night had only been the actions of a drunk, heartbroken man, and it didn’t mean anything.

Almost a week later I arrived at the bar for my shift, only to see a familiar mop of hair leaning against the wall outside. He immediately stood up when he saw me, walking closer to me. 

“Yoongi.” I breathed, taking him in, and trying to force down the misery I felt now upon seeing him.

“Y/N.” He spoke without a hint of hesitation, his voice clear. “I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I had to wait a few days to make sure I was making the right decision.” I took in a sharp breath, bravely meeting his eyes.

“And? What is your decision?” I asked, ready for the rejection, for his apologies and regret.

He took a few steps forward until he was standing right in front of me. All my resolve melted away as he stared at me with a soft expression, his hand coming up to my face. Slowly, gently, he leant down and pressed our lips together. His mouth was cold this time, and the action itself was so much more controlled and gentle that it had been before. My knees weakened as he firmly took my face in his hands and moved his lips softly against mine.

I opened my mouth as he pulled back, my heartbeat going wild. Relief washed over me as I realised I had been wrong, and this was what he really wanted; I could see it in his eyes. He gave me a small smile.

“You. I choose you.”


Heathens - Smut - [thelittlestkitsune]

  A scruffy hoes production. ©

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Rating: NSFW 18+

Pairing: Void/Reader

Words: 5,017


This is dark. It seems light at first but the ending is dark, you know me. Please don’t read if you have any problems with death/suicide. Thank you so much!

AN: Happy Halloween fuckers! The hoes and I couldn’t let the most important of holidays go by without giving you a treat! or is it a trick? Who knows! Enjoy xoxo

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Midlife crisis much? When the owner of this collection turned 50, he gave himself 50 classic cars of the 1950’s as a birthday treat. He parked all of those cars in the woods that surround his home to let them wither away there… “I can’t help it, I have a morbid interest”, he says cheerfully. Among the cars are such classic beauties as a Plymouth Savoy (1954), a Buick Special Dynaflow, a Citroën Traction Avant, a BMW 340, a Borgward Hansa 1500, a Mercedes Benz 170S (all from 1950), but also a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith and a Jaguar XK120. With the latter he won a grand prix in the 1980’s… He bought all of the cars around the same period in 2000. Some of them had already been restored completely, such as the Buick. To hasten the decaying process, he even smeared yogurt on the cars. The yogurt ferments corroded the paint and the metal of the cars faster. While lovers of vintage cars shudder at the sight of this neglected collection; urban explorers have a field day!

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May I suggest a scenario where y/n and yuta met in a bar and they have a one time thing but yuta actually starts having feelings for her?

A/N: Every time I make these I kind of want to write them in a real scenario… [I feel this is one I might come back to later and create an actual story bc I like the plot.]
Don’t kill me, I watched Tokyo Drift today. -Admin Finn

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  • Study abroad in Japan! [in college]
  • Of course, a couple of your new Japanese dorm mates coax you to go out with them one night.
  • You weren’t really sure where they were going, but you trusted them.
  • Holy shit! A fucking street race?!
  • The cars were sleek and beautiful, you don’t think you could watch one of them get dinged without wincing.
  • The engines were revving loudly, tires smoking before they took off, hitting the breaks as they drifted around a corner dangerously.
  • Even though the cars were out of sight you could hear their loud hum in the distance.
  • Your friends assured you it was perfectly fine and that they knew one of the racers, and that he was ‘really good’
  • Imagine that, he won.
  • His face was godly, soon surrounded by girls as he stepped out of the car.
  • Your friends suggested for a celebration they go out drinking.
  • AND, those assfucks made you ride with him, making jokes like ‘don’t go too fast’ etc to freak you out.
  • He drove like a civilized person, staying silent 98% of the ride.
  • Skip to getting to the bar-
  • He really was a quiet dude, even around friends, but you deduced it must have been because you were there…
  • He kept catching your gaze, causing you to dart your gaze to the floor.
  • After more drinks than you had intended, you opened up more and began talking to him.
  • He became fond of you pretty quickly, noticing your quirky attitude and silly jokes, the collected and quiet girl from earlier gone.
  • In fact, the two of you would get along so well as the conversation kept going your friends would leave you in his care, haphazardly tossing you a wave.
  • You felt a bit wired to be honest.
  • Then Yuta would suggest you two ‘head out’
  • In actually what happens is he takes you back to his car [he’s sober okay] and says he’ll take you home, but one thing leads to another and your crawling from your seat onto his lap, fisting his collar as his lips tease your own.
  • I mean he parked on a dimly lit street and there aren’t many people around, so things get heated.
  • You accidentally hit the horn once, the cramped space making things more intimate and hotter- the rush of excitement of being with a stranger in public making you writhe in his lap.
  • He helped you do most of the work.
  • You know he knows what he’s doing too fack
  • Just imagine it, his hands wandering under your shirt before embracing your waist as you sink onto his cock [I need help], his head leaning back against the headrest, his arms relaxing.
  • Shit, he’d be pretty vocal too, hissing and cursing as he bucked his hips to meet your own.
  • You are maxed out after and just want to get home… getting back into the passenger seat was the hardest part, your legs a bit unstable.
  • — 
  • The next day you do remember just about everything, except why you were so crazy as to fuck a guy you just met!!!!!!1
  • You sigh, he probably does this kind of thing all the time.
  • It’s certainly a memorable 1 night stand-
  • However, ya boi Yuta actually rlly into you and like wants to meet you again and is hittin up his friends asking more about you.
  • He thinks your quiet n modest side is charming and your hidden playful side is cute & quirky, and shit your body he loves.
  • One thing leads to another and in 2 days time he’s sitting in the cafe your friends called you out to meet at.
  • You’re a bit bashful, but he’s not and is practically doting on you, actin like ur bf.
  • I’ll let you conjure up the rest of the scenario.