Car Related Poses Set pt2: Car Show Models Poses Set

Car Related Poses Set pt1: Drive Far Poses Set

  • 6 poses, only Ingame with Andrew Poses Player.
  • Notice:
    • I made all the poses base one this car model, so if you use others, please adjust the car’s height by following the steps:
      • Ctrl+Shift+C, enter: bb.moveobject on
      • Switch to Build mode
      • Press 9 and 0 for up/down 
      • Use [Alt] key to move around the car.
    • Or, if you want to adjust the poses in blender by yourself, welcome, BUT, do not public as your individual works. 
  • Click pics for HQ

So, here is the DOWNLOAD:


Hope you all enjoy. Any questions or concern, please message me.