Car Radio Drive
  • Car Radio Drive
  • Halsey / Twenty One Pilots
  • Album artwork by @p0sterboy

I discovered these two artists within a week of each other and I thought these songs might be soul mates. So I smushed them together like pb&j.

This is my original mashup but the songs I used are by Halsey and Twenty One Pilots. You know that. I know you know that. But I don’t want to get in trouble.

Enjoy! This was fun to make and I think it turned out pretty cool.

@p0sterboy made this album artwork for the mashup and it is AWESOME. 

Vessel songs that fit what you’re feeling/Thinking

Thinking too much?

Listen to “Car Radio”

Want to put your anger in a song?

Listen to “Guns For Hands”

Overcoming depression?

Listen to “Holding On To You”

Feeling alone?

Listen to “Fake You Out”

Thinking about the future flaws?

Listen to “House Of Gold”

Negative thoughts?

Listen to “Migraine”

Thinking too deeply? Struggling to sleep?

Listen to “Ode To Sleep”

Feeling a bit broken?

Listen to “Screen”

When your emotions become a paradox:

Listen to “Semi-automatic”

Find it hard to rely on people?

Listen to “The Run And Go”

Losing hope and/or faith?

Listen to “Trees”

When you’re not sure if tomorrow will be better:

Listen to “Truce”

((Self titled 

regional at best 



Blurryface (2015): Actually a pretty happy album about embracing life and appreciating the people you have and being together. Occasional sad undertones.

Vessel (2013): About coping with and overcoming the threats inside your head. Sounds very happy and pumped up but if you listen to the lyrics it can be very depressing.

Regional At Best (2011): Beautiful, happy songs with devastating lyrics. Mostly about self-harm and mental illness.

Twenty One Pilots (2009): Poetic, slow songs that are very beautiful. Very despairing wit a strong undertone of death and suicide.

No Phun Intended (2007): 100% depression, suicide, anxiety, self-harm, despair, feeling lost, hopelessness, etc.

Tyler’s come a long way.


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