car prints

Hey bitches


here it is, my piano arrangement of “mcqueen and sally” from the cars ost!! painstakingly written out by yours truly

me before today: gosh i know i want to make a car boys print but of what?? theres so many iconic moments. theres the bustos, the blob, the plane crucifixion, all the ovo shit. too much to chose from

me after today, speaking robotically, as if controlled by some other worldly force: i know what i must do

1985 Porsche 944 “Discipline” Ad

The 944 came at a time when Porsche was ready to explore new avenues. Porsche nearly scrapped the 911 several years later, in fact, intending for the V8-powered 928 to take its place as flagship. This car, though, was merely an expansion to the Porsche lineup. It’s engine was at the front, and the more conventional setup along with a slightly simpler design meant the 944 was the day’s “affordable” 911 alternative.