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Consider: CU au where George and Harold split the Super Power Juice between them in the third book, and after saving the day they use it for pranks, and to help keep CU safe. (I’ve just got a mental image of George dragging him up into the sky by the cape ‘nope time to go back to school now’ and Captain just thinks it’s him doing it.)

Working At the DX With Sodapop Curtis and Steve Randle, Would Include:

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Anonymous said:What would working at the DX with Soda and Steve include ?

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this, lovely. Thank you for your request!

- Having to deal with Soda constantly flirting with you.

- Having to put up with Steve constantly flirting with you.

- Steve and Soda calling you ‘doll’ or ‘tut’s’ or ‘doll face’.

- Having to deal with Steve’s bad temper and cockiness.

- When you’re upset, Soda’s always there to listen and help out.

- Your work day would definitely not be boring with those two around, if you know what I mean.

- Soda and Steve making comments about how hot you look when you’re working on cars.

- Always having to go get the boys lunch, and if Soda isn’t busy, he’d definitely tag along and flirt with you the whole entire time.

- Did I mention Sodapop flirting with you yet?

- Soda flirting with you.

- Soda. Flirting. With. YOU!

- Seriously, Soda will just flirt with you all day. He won’t shut up.

- Working the counter at the DX and whenever a cute guy comes in, Soda and Steve always tease you about flirting with them.

- “He’s totally interested in you. Did you see them heart eyes he had, Steve? He’s head over heels for her!” Soda would grin.

- “Awe, yeah he was.” Steve would chime in.

- “Shut up you two! He can hear you, moron’s!

- Having to deal with Steve jumping the front counter, - taking you down with him-, when Soda chases him with something.

- Handing Steve and Soda all the tools they need because they’re lazy shits.

- Not listening to the boss and sitting with Sodapop or Steve when they work on cars.

- Pranking your other co-workers with Sodapop and Steve.

- Steve buying you all the Coca-Cola that you want.

- Seeing Sodapop’s smile for your whole shift.

- Putting up with Steve’s bitching about Soc’s.

- Being like Soda’s and Steve’s kid-sister.

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Steve Headcanons

🚙When him and Soda were in third grade, they made up a super complicated best friend handshake

🚙There were like twenty steps involved

🚙They still do it from time to time

🚙When Steve gets mad, his eye twitches

🚙His Mom died of cancer when he was ten

🚙He misses her more than he will admit

🚙He visits her grave once a year, on her birthday

🚙He actually tries in school because after he graduates, he wants to open up his own garage with Soda

🚙Steve gave Darry his own paycheck when they were in danger of having there electricity shut off because Darry had no money left to pay the bills

🚙He can hold his liquor well

🚙He’s terrified of snakes

🚙Soda put a rubber snake inside of a car as prank, and Steve jumped back and fell over his toolbox

🚙After that, him and Soda started a long prank war

🚙It ended with Steve throwing water balloons at Soda when he was sleeping

🚙Darry had to put a stop to their madness

🚙Johnny was like a little brother to him

Grocery Shopping

“I won’t be long, I promise. I’ll just get what I need & we’ll be on our way, okay?” You tried to assure your boyfriend, Ethan, as you walked through the parking lot that you wouldn’t spend the entire day in the grocery store.

He absolutely hated going grocery shopping with you, because you never let him have any fun, but since Grayson was out & about, you didn’t want Ethan to sit at home pouting, so you forced him to come with you. Was it a mistake? Probably.

Once the two of you arrived, Ethan grabbed a cart & started doing a wheelie first thing. You cleared your throat loudly & snatched the cart away from him, knowing that if you didn’t, he would get the two of you thrown out, just like all the other times you trusted him with the cart. The two of you walked through the store, scanning for the items on your shopping list. Every now & then, Ethan would pick up a box of snacks & throw them in the cart, but you just let him go. If the worst thing he did this shopping trip was spend hundreds of dollars on Little Debbie cakes, then you were winning.

By the time you made it to the frozen foods section, Ethan was bored. He kept staring at his phone & running into things, huffing for no apparent reason, & started bugging you by giving your hair a quick tug or tapping your shoulder & quickly looking away. It aggravated you to death, but you couldn’t lie, you loved it when he teased you. However, you didn’t like the embarrassment when he gave your butt a sharp pinch & you let out a squeal. One hand cupped your butt cheek while you quickly turned around & smacked his shoulder with the other as you scolded him. Your red face made him smirk & wiggle his brows. He was clearly proud of himself.

Since you didn’t trust him not to put his hands on you again, you sent him to the candy aisle, hoping to keep him occupied while you shopped for dairy products. Suddenly, your attention was caught by something in the next aisle over, where you heard a loud noise. It sounded as if several things had fell off the shelf at once. You silently prayed that Ethan wasn’t behind it, but when you decided to go investigate, you found Ethan staring at multiple boxes on the ground. You let out a sigh of frustration & approached him. You eyed him as you bent down to help him pick all of the boxes up.

“I can’t take you anywhere. Seriously, are you five?” He rolled his eyes & placed some boxes back in their appropriate places on the shelf.

“It was an accident, Y/N. I was just trying to get the box in the back & the rest of them came crashing down.” You paused, furrowed your brows, & desperately tried to make sense of the situation.

“Why were you getting the box at the back? Why couldn’t you just grab the one at the front?” He shrugged, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Why do I do a lot of things?” You rolled your eyes, wishing you had the answer to that question.

You pushed the cart out of the aisle, Ethan following closely behind you. You waited in line to check out, & once everything was paid for, the two of you headed out of the store & back into the parking lot. Ethan pulled out his keys & popped the trunk open a few feet before you actually approached the car, frightening an elderly woman. Ethan started laughing & you playfully punched him in the arm, trying to contain your own laughter.

He helped you load the groceries into the trunk. You picked up the last bag & pent over to place it securely in the trunk, when suddenly, you felt his hand smack the same cheek he had pinched earlier. You quickly grabbed the stinging area & stood straight up, hitting your head on the trunk lid in the process. You placed your hand over your head & gave it a soothing rub before turning to face him, giving him the death stare. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around you & kissed your head.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. You okay?” You nodded, playfully shoving him off.

“Yeah, let’s just go home before you push me in front of a moving car for a prank or something.” You teased.

“I’d never go to that extreme. I’d miss you too much.” He returned the cart to the appropriate area as you got into the car.

Once you were both inside & fastened in, he turns to look at you.

“Are you gonna punish me for being bad today?” He said in a low voice, which made a smile appear on your face. He always knew what he was doing.

“Nope. That’d be too easy. I’ll teach you to not embarrass me in public like that.” You turned to look out the window as you heard him chuckle.

“We’ll see about that.”


- Having music blasting out from the other room
- Having to deal with them drinking
- getting lost in the middle of a sentence because of either Sav’s eyes, Joe’s lips, Phil’s abdomen, Steve’s voice, Rick’s arm and Viv’s silliness
- Overhearing late night conversations between Joe and Sav
- big, sweaty, group hugs
- being stuck in the middle between Steve and Phil during car rides
- being pranked
- temple kisses, surprise bear hugs from Sav
- forehead kisses, arms around neck hugs from Joe
- cheek kisses, behind hugs from Steve
- one arm around waist close hug, top of the head
kisses from Rick
- Digging head in chest hugs, sly silly kisses from Viv
- sly hugs, drunken-like kisses from Phil
- “Phil, you woke me up, playing (insert song here)”
- ”stop laughing Steve”
- being stressed
- birthday serenades
- sporting too tight jeans all the time
- “all of you, stop wearing tight pants”
- “It’s not really effective if I’m looking down”
- “sorry sweetie, can’t do that”
- “Put a shirt on, Phil!”
- pranking the boys
- the boys checking you out
- wearing their t-shirts to bed without a bra
- playing with hair
- messing up hair
- “stop being cute”
- cuddling on the couch
- missing Steve like hell
- smelling like the guys because you ‘forgot’ to buy body soap
- hair smelling like cigarettes
- chillin’
- “you guys are goofballs”
- being lulled to sleep
- the boys sleeping on you, and their hair is in your face
- seeing them sleep after a long day (soooo cute)
- blaming mostly everything on each other
- cheeky smiles
- forgetting to wash laundry because of them
- inside jokes between only you and one of the boys
- “dance for me” “Why?” “Because I’m bored”
- slapping all of the boys for getting wasted
- “Love you.”
- flirting
- “having a good time?”
- whispering sweet nothings
- sleeping
- “no, no, no”
- having a backup box of cigarettes in your purse at all times
- breaking up fights
- Steve reading bedtime stories
- being total dorks everywhere with Joe + Sav
- loving them to pieces
- “Sexy”
- being chased around the house by the boys
- embarrassing stories told by the boys of each other
- being caught singing
- daily seeing the boys partly naked
- shower incident
- drawing their logo everywhere
- having multiple Marilyn Monroe posters
- ‘borrowing’ stuff especially hairspray
- the boys slapping your bum when you bend over
- sometimes groping
- beating the guys at competitions
- “no fair”
- out chugging the boys
- awkward conversations during the morning
- really stupid nicknames like Philly and Ricky
- hangovers.
- lots and lots of hangovers
- murphy’s law is in effect until you unwind
- unwinding is a cycle of smiling, cuddling, and sleeping
- swearing
- everyday is like the Me & My Wine music video
- and you love it
- “Mabye”
- feeling loved
- smiling
- their smiles killing you inside
- them catching you singing
- calling each one of them ‘Curly’ at one point
- hair incidents
- being a total wreck three times and the boys caring for you(when Pete left, Steve hangover and died, and Viv got cancer)
- you pretend to be sick so the boys lovingly take care of you
- Joe’s the mum, Sav’s the father, Phil’s the twin, Steve’s the other twin, Viv & Rick & Pete are the uncles
- sitting on their laps and them having no problem with it
- their sense of humor rubbing off on you
- telling secrets to one of the boys and the rest of them finding out except the secret you tell Sav, he keeps them secret
- birthday presents are usually jewelery, bras, picks, music related stuff, guitars etc. when all you want is a acoustic
- muttering
- when “Kiss her, kiss her” is a normal thing
- every month telling the boys why you get so moody and snappy
- tickle fights
- giving them the silent treatment if they won’t do something
- getting wasted
- “you look (hot, cute, sexy, smoking’ etc)
- “Ouch, mate”
- loving their laughs
- trying not to laugh, biting your lip
- playing football
- secretly learning how to play songs for your and their childhood to brighten their mood when they had a hard day at the studio
- befriending rockstars
- making excuses to kiss them
- “Sav?” “Yes, love?” “Can i borrow your hairspray?”
- stupid jokes
- reacting to hate
- not giving a f❤❤❤s on some days
- eye rolling
- “What is it, woman? Are you crying or laughing?”
- the boys writing lyrics in birthday cards
- eyeing Steve’s guitar collection
- them wiping the tears away
- being taller than Phil in high heels (Sorry I had to)
- tongue in cheek jokes
- Personal Property basically describes friendships too
- “And i’ll take that. Thank you.”
- falling on top of each other
- pile-ons
- waking up in the middle of the night, hearing noise from the kitchen, next thing you know you’re whisper-yelled at Vivian to stop licking the donuts
- “stop it, Vivian”

Nothing Else Matters

* Ayeo Ladies and Gentlemen! So I decided to give this writing thing a shot. I personally don’t think my writing is any good but I gave it a go. With words of encouragement from @jeylovestoblog and @bangtanjaemi I finally wrote something. Now I know its probably not the best but I really hope you guys do like it!

Genre: Slight fluff and a bit of angst

Leaning against the closed door to your dressing room, you try to regain your breath. Adrenaline coursing through your veins preventing you from relaxing any time soon. You couldn’t believe that this day had come, you had worked so hard to get here. To even be able to audition for this prestigious showcase was such a huge deal.

You never allowed yourself to rest, you spent most of your nights practicing trying to perfect your dance. Earning annoying yet loving messages from your best friends every time you picked practice over them.

[Joonie]: y/n you should take a night off and come eat with us!

[Jungkookie]: Noona! Come bowling! You know I need some real competition, it’s too easy beating all of my hyungs in bowling! Please?!

[TaeTae]: (image attached) y/n-ah! We miss you! Look how sad I am :( you dont want your favorite to be sad now do you? Come out with us? 

[Momma Jin]: Princess? Please tell me you’re taking care of yourself. And that you’re eating right. Don’t forget we believe in you!

[JHOOOOOOOOOOPE]: You’ve practiced enough, you’re more than ready. Please allow yourself to take a break and come over for a movie night with us. We’ve got your favorite snacks!

[Jiminie]: We’re not taking no for an answer! You’re coming over…right?

[Oppa]: Yah! Pabo, come over? They won’t stop whining until you do.

Feeling a ping of sadness as you read their messages, you picked rehearsal over them yet again. Every once in a blue moon you would agree to take the night off and hang out with them. One night in particular you literally didn’t have a choice.

You nearly screamed when you opened your eyes at the sound of the music track being stopped, seeing Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin, and Yoongi standing before you.

“Guys! The fuck? I was practicing!“ you stated with obvious irritation.

“Y/n, now is that any way to speak to your best friends?” Namjoon asked.

“Or to Yoongi-hyung?” you hated when they pulled that card. He was only four months older than you. Yoongi smiled his signature gummy smile at Jimin’s question.You rolled your eyes, not believing these boys.

“What do you guys want?” asking after you took a sip of much needed water, wiping the sweat from your face.

 “To hang out with you duh!” You laughed at the expression on Taehyung’s face.

“Sorry guys, no can do. You know the showcase is only,-”

“Three months away!” They said in unison. “Yes we know Noona, but you need a night off,” Jimin pouted.

“I know I’ve been a bad friend but I really do need to prac-,” you couldn’t even finish your sentence before Namjoon threw you over his shoulder at Yoongi’s signal.

“You don’t have a choice tonight pabo,” Yoongi winked at you as he followed behind Namjoon. The other boys already ahead of you guys at the doors holding them open to let you and Namjoon through. You couldn’t help but grin at him and his cocky gesture. “Fine! I give up!” you grunted.

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Travel - XXII

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Virgil ended up being able to escape from his place of capture after Analise threatened him to spill information about Roman—which he faithfully kept his mouth shut. He was found by Prescot, but managed to escape and find Roman. When they tried to leave, however, they were threatened by Analise one final time before it was revealed that this was all a test set up by Pranks to test Virgil’s loyalty to Roman.

“This has been fun,” Roman said stiffly, “but we really should be going. Pranks, can you bring the bike back and we’ll take the car?”

“Actually,” Virgil said softly, “can we take the bike? I…I want to go for a ride, just for a bit.”

Roman bit his lip. That probably wasn’t a good idea, considering they were in Level Two, but Virgil looked badly shaken up. He didn’t want to let him down. “Alright. But I have to go with you. I don’t want you getting into any extra trouble.”

Virgil only nodded. They were given the bike and Analise bid them farewell. Prescot and Vic left in their own cars with their entourage, Pranks took the car, and Virgil got onto the bike. Roman took his place behind him and wrapped his arms around Virgil’s middle, like before. Virgil took a deep breath and then revved the engine and took off.

It was freeing, being on the bike. Even though he didn’t know the streets enough to race easily, it was still nice to be on the bike and zip around the streets. Virgil felt himself relax and calm down as he drove and turned sharp corners. He had control on his bike. He was free on his bike. And best of all, there were no guns being shoved in his face.

After a while, Roman tugged on Virgil’s jacket, silently alerting him to pull over. Virgil did as instructed, pulling into an empty parking lot of some closed store. When they were out of sight, Virgil wiped at his eyes. His nerves had still caused some tears to form, but overall, he felt okay now. He looked back at Roman, who had gotten off and was staring at the ground.

“What is it?” Virgil asked. “I know you don’t like the bike so we can go back to the Sandlot mansion if—”

“I want to tell you what happened,” Roman said. “With…with my last boyfriend.”

Virgil’s eyebrows rose. “Roman, you don’t have to tell me.”

“That’s what this whole mess was about. You deserve to know what happened. And…And I’ve never talked to someone about it.”

“The others seemed to know about it.”

Roman sat down and leaned against the wall of the store. “I never talked to someone I trust about it.”

That certainly got Virgil’s attention. He got off the bike and sat beside Roman.

They were silent for a while, listening to the traffic around them, before Roman finally began. “I dated him when I was seventeen. I fell madly in love with him and let him get too close. I was involved in the family business, but my mother still ran things—she wasn’t blind yet—so I didn’t. I didn’t really take the business seriously. I didn’t consider all of the dangers that went into what we were involved in. And Mother didn’t want me dating, so I didn’t…I didn’t tell anyone about it.

“I just loved him more and more. I became blinded by how much I loved him. At one point he asked me if he could meet the family and I told him it would be a bad idea but he said that he wanted to. I knew Mother would be furious so I decided it would be better to ask for forgiveness than permission, so I just brought him home with me one day. Mother was there, along with my brother and sister. Mother was furious, of course, but there wasn’t a lot of time for her to dwell on that.

“It turns out that he had planned to kill my mother. Something about her being involved in the job that hurt someone in his family. I never got details. But my sister reacted quickly and pushed Mother out of the way before he could shoot her. But she ended up getting shot instead. Mother tried to kill him, but he was fast enough to shove me at her so she couldn’t shoot and then he bolted. So only my sister got hurt but…”

Roman took a shaky breath and covered his face with his hands. Virgil bit his lip, uncertain of what to say. Roman just continued. “But we got her to the hospital. They saved her life, but she was in a coma for a while. After she woke up, she was in an awful condition and had to be hospitalized for two years. We moved her back into the house when she got stronger but a couple of months ago she relapsed and now she’s back in the hospital. And I don’t even visit her because it just reminds me of him and I…I feel so guilty every time I’m around her.

“My brother never forgave me for putting the family in danger. He didn’t like the family business much anyway. So he ended up leaving when he turned eighteen and I haven’t heard from him since. And I haven’t thought about my last boyfriend since my sister relapsed but now with all of this, I…”

Virgil placed a hand on Roman’s back, and he heard Roman sob. Virgil pretended he didn’t hear. This was weird. Roman wasn’t emotional. He was snarky and rude and maybe a little protective. But he wasn’t…like this.

They remained like that for a couple of minutes, just silent, with the occasional pained noise from Roman. Finally, Roman wiped at his face and eyes and took a deep breath. He seemed better, and less stiff, like he’d gone on his own bike ride in those few minutes.

They didn’t even say anything. Together they just stood up and got back on the bike. Virgil took the long way back, but they did get back to the Sandlot mansion, where they were greeted by everyone. Parker was searching through LOG-IN’s code and talking about emotions to the robot, Patton was reading a book, Pranks was writing in some kind of journal, and Mrs. Sandlot was explaining a job opportunity to Parker.

“Welcome home,” Patton said with a smile.

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J2 panel SFcon 2016 Misha vs pranks

Jared: How much do you think Misha’s car’s gonna cost me?
Jensen: What did you do…?!
Jared: I haven’t done it yet. I just want to know how much it would cost to destroy his car and to replace it.
Jensen: No. Let’s just stop right there

Jared: Here’s another funny story. It wasn’t a prank, but it involves Misha’s car and Jensen’s car. So Jensen was gonna bring one of his cars from Austin up to Vancouver. So, you can’t ship cars internationally without the owner being present. And so he sent it to Misha’s place in Washington. And Misha, being the friend that he is, was like, “OK well, let’s let Jensen’s car be parked in our drive way. We’ll move our car to the street. So they did it and in the middle of the night, his car in the street got rammed into and totaled!” Hahahaha!
*J2 high fives*
Jared: And we only had to pay the guy 100$! Hahahaha!
Jensen: Pranks gone right!

Domestic Chimera Pack Headcanons

Them all taking turns making dinner, even Theo.
A chore chart.
Switching chores witha full out bidding war.
Theo teaching Corey how to drive.
Theo vowing to never let Corey go near his car again.
Prank wars that escelate very quickly.
Training together.
Theo teaching them not only how to use their powers, but hand-to-hand combat.
Everyone refusing to fight Corey because they don’t want to hurt him.
Corey getting upset and insisting that someone fights him, he can do it just as much as everyone else.
Them wanting a pet.
Theo flat-out refusing, threatening extreme violence if they even think about it.
Them not caring.
They bring a stray dog they found back and hiding it in their rooms.
Corey making it invisible when Theo looks for it and putting it in different rooms so he doesn’t find them.
“Maybe your powers are just out of wack, none of us hear another heartbeat.”
Family breakfasts with everyone grabbing stuff and making a mess.
Theo giving in and letting Hayden see Liam without hiding it.
Theo and Josh being the stereotypical over protective brothers that don’t like Liam.
Hayden and Liam making out on the front porch and Josh making the lights go on and off.
Theo getting upset because he was going to do it.
Tracy saing they’re idiots and to lay off.
Trips to the mall.
“No, Josh, you cannot come with us.”
“You are not following us into Victoria’s Secret, Josh!”
Tracy and Hayden telling someone at the store that Josh has been following them around.
Theo having to bail Josh out of Mall Jail.
Trips to the grocery store.
Corey and Josh are small children who put anything they like the look of or name of in the cart.
“I don’t know how that got in there, do you, Corey?”
“Of course not, Josh. Maybe it fell in?”
Josh and Corey not being allowed to be left alone together.
“The last time you two were left without supervision, there was a fire and a hole in the wall.”
“Not our fault!”
“You started the fire and threw each other at a wall!”
“We wanted to see how strong the walls were!”
Hayden being completely inept at Make-up.
Tracy teacher her how to put it on, what colors look best, different ways to do it.
Theo giving them extra money to buy make-up.
“Why do we never get extra money?”
“Last time I gave you money you came home with 5 boxes of cookies and chocolate milk that expired the day before.”
Tracy also teaching Hayden how to hack.
Hayden teaching Tracy how to play soccer.
Josh teaching Corey how play basketball.
Josh trying to teach Corey how to smoke or do drugs.
Theo throwing something at Josh to stop him.
Corey teaching Josh anything he can find out about because he likes feeling useful and appreciated.
Theo teaching all of them how to survive.
All of them teaching Theo how to live.