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Working At the DX With Sodapop Curtis and Steve Randle, Would Include:

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Anonymous said:What would working at the DX with Soda and Steve include ?

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- Having to deal with Soda constantly flirting with you.

- Having to put up with Steve constantly flirting with you.

- Steve and Soda calling you ‘doll’ or ‘tut’s’ or ‘doll face’.

- Having to deal with Steve’s bad temper and cockiness.

- When you’re upset, Soda’s always there to listen and help out.

- Your work day would definitely not be boring with those two around, if you know what I mean.

- Soda and Steve making comments about how hot you look when you’re working on cars.

- Always having to go get the boys lunch, and if Soda isn’t busy, he’d definitely tag along and flirt with you the whole entire time.

- Did I mention Sodapop flirting with you yet?

- Soda flirting with you.

- Soda. Flirting. With. YOU!

- Seriously, Soda will just flirt with you all day. He won’t shut up.

- Working the counter at the DX and whenever a cute guy comes in, Soda and Steve always tease you about flirting with them.

- “He’s totally interested in you. Did you see them heart eyes he had, Steve? He’s head over heels for her!” Soda would grin.

- “Awe, yeah he was.” Steve would chime in.

- “Shut up you two! He can hear you, moron’s!

- Having to deal with Steve jumping the front counter, - taking you down with him-, when Soda chases him with something.

- Handing Steve and Soda all the tools they need because they’re lazy shits.

- Not listening to the boss and sitting with Sodapop or Steve when they work on cars.

- Pranking your other co-workers with Sodapop and Steve.

- Steve buying you all the Coca-Cola that you want.

- Seeing Sodapop’s smile for your whole shift.

- Putting up with Steve’s bitching about Soc’s.

- Being like Soda’s and Steve’s kid-sister.

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Steve Headcanons

🚙When him and Soda were in third grade, they made up a super complicated best friend handshake

🚙There were like twenty steps involved

🚙They still do it from time to time

🚙When Steve gets mad, his eye twitches

🚙His Mom died of cancer when he was ten

🚙He misses her more than he will admit

🚙He visits her grave once a year, on her birthday

🚙He actually tries in school because after he graduates, he wants to open up his own garage with Soda

🚙Steve gave Darry his own paycheck when they were in danger of having there electricity shut off because Darry had no money left to pay the bills

🚙He can hold his liquor well

🚙He’s terrified of snakes

🚙Soda put a rubber snake inside of a car as prank, and Steve jumped back and fell over his toolbox

🚙After that, him and Soda started a long prank war

🚙It ended with Steve throwing water balloons at Soda when he was sleeping

🚙Darry had to put a stop to their madness

🚙Johnny was like a little brother to him


J2 panel SFcon 2016 Misha vs pranks

Jared: How much do you think Misha’s car’s gonna cost me?
Jensen: What did you do…?!
Jared: I haven’t done it yet. I just want to know how much it would cost to destroy his car and to replace it.
Jensen: No. Let’s just stop right there

Jared: Here’s another funny story. It wasn’t a prank, but it involves Misha’s car and Jensen’s car. So Jensen was gonna bring one of his cars from Austin up to Vancouver. So, you can’t ship cars internationally without the owner being present. And so he sent it to Misha’s place in Washington. And Misha, being the friend that he is, was like, “OK well, let’s let Jensen’s car be parked in our drive way. We’ll move our car to the street. So they did it and in the middle of the night, his car in the street got rammed into and totaled!” Hahahaha!
*J2 high fives*
Jared: And we only had to pay the guy 100$! Hahahaha!
Jensen: Pranks gone right!

Zodiac Aesthetics:

Aries: Burning fire, sports, warm summer breeze, competitions, hard rock music

Taurus: Lots of food, Netflix & chill, hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, chatting with friends in your school hallway

Gemini: ecstatic people, Neon colours, huge closets, technology, bright things and beaches

Cancer: fragile antique pieces, cute bows, honey brown eyes, love for animals, trust, hand fans

Leo: Alpha, huge mansions, beautiful chandeliers, Confidence, inferno, eyes full of determination, happy atmosphere

Virgo: Fireplaces, Organised bookshelves, spectacles, Magic, cooking, family albums

Libra: arts, lilac things, beautiful views, dancing in the rain, love, Florence, historic places

Scorpio: Danger, fog, mysterious places, quiet atmosphere, smirks, mororbikes, leather jackets

Sagittarius: Camping, sitting on a car roof, pranks, funny atmosphere, coke, parties, getting drunk

Capricorn: seriousness, Ravenclaw, terraces, Greek things, cool concerts, studying, abstract paintings

Aquarius: unique things, space, oceans, watching the stars, playing with your dog, blue cupcakes

Pisces: Mermaids, fantasies, chocolate fountain, arrogance, beauty, dimples, clumsiness, nice warm coffee

Domestic Chimera Pack Headcanons

Them all taking turns making dinner, even Theo.
A chore chart.
Switching chores witha full out bidding war.
Theo teaching Corey how to drive.
Theo vowing to never let Corey go near his car again.
Prank wars that escelate very quickly.
Training together.
Theo teaching them not only how to use their powers, but hand-to-hand combat.
Everyone refusing to fight Corey because they don’t want to hurt him.
Corey getting upset and insisting that someone fights him, he can do it just as much as everyone else.
Them wanting a pet.
Theo flat-out refusing, threatening extreme violence if they even think about it.
Them not caring.
They bring a stray dog they found back and hiding it in their rooms.
Corey making it invisible when Theo looks for it and putting it in different rooms so he doesn’t find them.
“Maybe your powers are just out of wack, none of us hear another heartbeat.”
Family breakfasts with everyone grabbing stuff and making a mess.
Theo giving in and letting Hayden see Liam without hiding it.
Theo and Josh being the stereotypical over protective brothers that don’t like Liam.
Hayden and Liam making out on the front porch and Josh making the lights go on and off.
Theo getting upset because he was going to do it.
Tracy saing they’re idiots and to lay off.
Trips to the mall.
“No, Josh, you cannot come with us.”
“You are not following us into Victoria’s Secret, Josh!”
Tracy and Hayden telling someone at the store that Josh has been following them around.
Theo having to bail Josh out of Mall Jail.
Trips to the grocery store.
Corey and Josh are small children who put anything they like the look of or name of in the cart.
“I don’t know how that got in there, do you, Corey?”
“Of course not, Josh. Maybe it fell in?”
Josh and Corey not being allowed to be left alone together.
“The last time you two were left without supervision, there was a fire and a hole in the wall.”
“Not our fault!”
“You started the fire and threw each other at a wall!”
“We wanted to see how strong the walls were!”
Hayden being completely inept at Make-up.
Tracy teacher her how to put it on, what colors look best, different ways to do it.
Theo giving them extra money to buy make-up.
“Why do we never get extra money?”
“Last time I gave you money you came home with 5 boxes of cookies and chocolate milk that expired the day before.”
Tracy also teaching Hayden how to hack.
Hayden teaching Tracy how to play soccer.
Josh teaching Corey how play basketball.
Josh trying to teach Corey how to smoke or do drugs.
Theo throwing something at Josh to stop him.
Corey teaching Josh anything he can find out about because he likes feeling useful and appreciated.
Theo teaching all of them how to survive.
All of them teaching Theo how to live.

Dating Sam Winchester Would Include...

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+ Helping him with researching cases

+ Stealing his flannels and wearing them

+ Always asking him if you can braid his hair

+ Getting terrified when he gets hurt on a case

+ Rarely getting enough time alone to have sex

+ But when you do it’s rough and amazing

+ Getting into fights over nothing

+ Always forgiving one another in the end

+ Staying up late and watching movies together

+ Sam always protecting you on hunts

+ Saying I love you all the time

+ Always kissing each other

+ Dean being grossed out when you do 

“Do you really have to do that in my car?”


+ Pranking Dean with Sam

+ Reassuring Sam that nothing will happen to you

+ Being pretty good friends with Dean

+ Going on dates whenever you can

Being Juice’s sister would include:

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✦ Smacking him upside the head when he does/says something dumb

✧ (You smack him upside the head a lot)

✦ Hating the tats on his head

✧ Initially hating the idea of him being in an MC, but you warm up to it

✦ When he goes to prison you go to visit him just so you can yell at him for being so stupid

✧ After that though you visit him weekly - You’re his sister and you worry

✦ Always being terrified he’ll lay his motorcycle down and hurt himself

✧ That’s when you aren’t worrying about him getting shot or something

✦ You argue a lot, just because you’re siblings and you are very protective over each other

✧ Teasing him because you can speak Spanish but he can’t

“This is why I’m always gonna be Mom’s favourite kid, idiota.”

✧ Him beating up your dickhead ex for you

✦ Singing in the car together

✧ Playing pranks on each other

✦ Him forbidding you from dating a member of his club

✧ Tig winding him up by making comments about you jokingly, but you’re both just good friends and you see the funny side.

✦ “Man, we should be calling your sister Juicey - Look at that ass! Holy damn bro!” “If you don’t shut the fuck up I’m going to throw you into oncoming traffic, Tig.”

✧ Him telling you about his suicide attempt nearly breaks you, and you swear to always be there for him 

✦ Him coming to your house to hide from the Sons when he betrays Jax

✧ You begging him to run away somewhere, but he won’t and you know it’s only a matter of time until something happens to him