car modifications

Il n'existe pas d'être capable d'aimer un autre être tel qu'il est. On demande des modifications, car on n'aime jamais qu'un fantôme. Ce qui est réel ne peut être désiré, car il est réel.
—  Tel quel. Paul Valéry

Renault Clio Williams, 1993. Built for homologation purposes, the original limited edition of 3,800 cars was supplemented by a further 1,600 first series models (to the chagrin of the original series owners who felt their ‘limited edition’ was somewhat less limited than they had been told). Because of demand Renault went on to build the Williams 2 and 3 so that in total 12,100 Clio Williams were made, including road and race versions. The car was named after the then Renault-powered Formula One team Williams F1, though in fact Williams had nothing to do with the design or engineering of the car. The modifications to the standard Clio 16S on which it was based were the work of Renault’s motorsport division.