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What roles do you think the 104th and vets have in a zombie apocalypse? (like who would lead them, be in charge of getting food and stuff like that) Who do you think would survive?

Because everything is more fun with pictures: 

Leader: Erwin // Brawler: Mikasa // Weapons Expert: Sasha // Supplies: Historia // Craftman: Ymir // Brains: Armin // Medic: Hanji // Car Guy: Mike // Mascot: Bertholdt // Wonders what’s happening: Connie // First to die: Marco // Bad things happen but remains alive: Eren // Bites Zombies: Reiner

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

Sunglasses for the magelet and myself, tylenol, spf lipgloss, wallet, roughly a billion receipts.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

A retro gaming console, 2 full bins of yarn, at least 3 necklaces my husband made me, too many laundry baskets full of clean clothes we haven’t put away, one cat or other, but never both at once.

5 things I’m currently into:

Star Wars Rebels, designing cross stitch patterns, Star Wars Destiny, crackers and homemade pepper jelly, STAR WARS.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

Support myself (or contribute to family funds) with my own small business, take my kids to Disney World, grow our own vegetable garden, host annual Galentine’s Day parties, vacation in Scotland.

5 things that make me happy:

Good coffee, finishing off a color on my latest stitch, my SWR lego minifig car dashboard mascots, the magelet’s enthusiasm for cosplay, the bats living in the tree in our front yard.

5 things on my to-do list:

Finish the Star Wars Rebels cross stitch series I’m designing myself, sew curtains for the kitchen, prepare and pack for a camping trip next weekend, refine my Star Wars Destiny deck before Gen Con, survive (and conquer???) the Great Laundry Crisis of 2017.

And the story begins with an act of rebellion

Ho’kay. I finally buckled down and started reading the books in order. For a while, I was picking and choosing books that I remembered liking (all of the Cassie, Marco, and Ax books, along with anything about the Crayak or Ellimist). I was also choosing books I remember not liking so much, but they sure are fun podcast content (horse book, starfish book, cow book, oatmeal book, Atlantis shenanigans which I had COMPLETELY forgotten about and LOVED).

I am still fighting with my co-host about Helmacrons and the David Arc. Don’t want to touch it. Might have to be super drunk to do it. Might have to take time off work to recover. 


We changed the format of the podcast, thus the way I read these books changed. I am, officially, 10 books in. (confetti)

One trend I find myself consistently tickled by; the early books usually begin with an act of silly teenage rebellion. As serious as these kids are about their jobs, they are still kids and this is expected and healthy behavior. Mischief is a vehicle for learning life skills. 

So anyway. Nobody will talk with me about this adorable trend, so I will cover it here.

BOOK 1 : Innocent enough. Kids cut through an abandoned construction site. We all know how that goes.

BOOK 2 :  Rachel turns into a bald eagle and snatches away some redneck’s gun.

BOOK 3 : Tobias works through feelings by freeing a redtail hawk that was kept as a used car dealership mascot. Rachel shows up to help out, elephant style. This happens on live television.

BOOK 4 : Cassie turns into a squirrel for funsies, and is almost eaten by Tobias.

BOOK 5 : Marco turns into a gorilla and saves a dude from being mugged. The dude SHOOTS HIM.

BOOK 6 : Nada. Bless you, Jake. Bless you, Dad Friend.

BOOK 7 : Cassie and Rachel are at the circus. They notice a trainer abusing one of the elephants, smacking it around with a cattle prod. So they decide to fuck up circus town. Rachel morphs into an elephant, snatches up the abusive trainer, and telepathically berates him about his animal abusing ways. And then throws him on top of a tent.

BOOK 8 : Ax literally steals candy from children.

BOOK 9 : Cassie turns into a rat to get a good grade on her science project. She (and Rachel - who seems to just live for these moments) then attack some errant classmates.

BOOK 10 : Jake and Marco turn into cute dogs, sneak into an outdoor concert, and let girls pet them.

In my heart, I know these shenanigans are quickly coming to an end. But for now, they give me life.


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