car lol

The gang’s chilling at the malt shop, as per usual. The Mystery Machine sits out front, minding its own business.

Oh noes, the bad guy appears!

He stretches out his spectacularly-long arms.

Ha, joke’s on you, bad guy! Freddy keeps the Mystery Machine locked, like any wise owner of a–


I, uh….

Well, then.

…the real villain of this episode isn’t Mr. Hyde after all.

It’s unsafe van security practices.


Clyde broke down again… Gotta offer a helping hand.

Video by Bonnie and Clyde

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: cars shoulda been egg shaped. Or at the very least, we all should all have personal egg containers to live in and feel warm and loved inside of. Just nice little cocoon style pods to snuggle inside of. Please.