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Oh Sehun//Fast Lane

Summary: You finally find out how your big cousin earns her money - she’s the flag girl for the illegal street races in your neighborhood, and now she’s dragging you along. And that’s where you meet the Hawaii-shirt wearing, orange-headed Oh Sehun, ace street racer and smartass.
Scenario: street racer!au 
Word Count: 6,337

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Roman Godfrey Imagine

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

You were never a people person. Sure, you had your close circle of friends and enjoyed going to a local restaurant for dinner or having a girls night in but you never dreamed of going to a party. Especially one that all the kids from school would be attending. You never dreamed of going to one that is until a boy from every single one of your deepest and darkest fantasies acknowledged you.

He looked like he just walked out of the front page of GQ magazine. He was 6 ft 4 with dark locks of hair that were usually slicked back from his face. He dressed sophisticated from all the other boys from your school, wearing slacks or dark jeans with a blazer and v neck underneath. You often found yourself staring at the veins in his forearms or his prominent cheek bones. He was in most of your classes and you looked forward to seeing him everyday even though you two had never spoken two words to each other.

He was often found out by his car smoking cigars or cigarettes. That’s how you two first met. Smoking always calmed you down but you knew if your parents ever found out you’d be grounded for a long time. It didn’t help that your aunt was the guidance counselor at school so you had to be extra careful who saw you. One crisp Friday afternoon in early October you snuck out after second period heading towards the parking lot behind the school. As you lit your cigarette you noticed a tall figure making long strides to catch up with you from his stylish red car.

You tried your best to ignore him and mind your own business, but he had other plans. “Y/N, my fucking lighter isn’t working” snatching your pink lighter from your hands. Not knowing what to say you stared at him in awe. You’d never been so close to him and could smell the expensive aftershave that you imagined he had dabbed on his neck earlier that day. You we’re at a loss for words and figured you were looking like a complete idiot by now, standing there with a stupid look on your face and staring. Roman handed the lighter back and you mumbled a “Thank-you”. He looked you up and down as if contemplating his next move. “There’s a party tonight at Bryce Ryans, you going?”. “I had no plans on it, not really my scene” you replied looking down at your converse. Snuffing his cigar out he put it into a case and put it back into the pocket of his dark slacks, Roman looked up at you with his green eyes intent on yours. Pursing his lips just the slightest before saying “I want to see you there” then turning and heading back into the school.

6 hours later you found yourself standing before your full length mirror sizing your outfit up. You had choosen a navy green sweater dress with your flats. You wore a gold moon necklace which was your favourite and small golden hooped earrings in your pierced ears. You had choosen to leave your hair straight and had applied a little mascara and lipstick. You didn’t know what to wear to a party but decided this would have to do. All of your friends we’re going out to a movie tonight so you would be attending the party alone. The words Roman had said earlier kept playing in your mind. “I want to see you there”. Not a question but a request. You wondered if he was being serious or if it would be a big joke between him and friends, that you were so desperate for his attention that you would show up all alone hoping for him to see you. Deciding that if it felt awkward or if anyone even made the slightest comment regarding your interaction with Roman earlier that day, you would flee back to your house and hibernate there for the rest of the school year, or at least the weekend. 

It was now 9:30 p.m. and you headed down the stairs to your house, slipping into your blazer before opening the door. Bryce’s house was about a block away so you decided to walk instead of driving. Autumn had always been your favourite time of year, you enjoyed the early nights and the crisp fall air and tonight was no exception. 

There were alot of people at the party when you arrived, cars lining the street on either side. The lights from the house cast a glow on the lawn and you could hear the music booming from inside. Bryces parents worked for a law firm and were out of town for a business trip. Every time they left for one Bryce would have a party and it would be the talk at school for the next week. Somone always got a little too drunk, unexpected pairs hooked up and people still talked about the time your close friend, Betty Wheeler, threw up in Bryces mothers $3,500 vase. You had always liked to hear the stories but we’re too shy to attend one. As you made your way to the front door you started to get nervous. What would you even say to Roman? Why did he want you to come? You looked around the living room and kitchen, taking it all in. People were everywhere. Some were chatting and drinking their beer and coolers, others were dancing in the middle of the living room. All the furniture was moved aside to for a make shift dance floor. You grabbed a beer and were scanning the room for someone you knew when you felt somebody tap you on the shoulder. You spun around so fast that you almost lost your balance to see Peter Rumancek behind you with a big grin on his face. “Hey Y/N! I never would have expected to see you here at one of these parties!” Peter was a friend you had grown up with. You helped Peter study for Chemistry often and the two of you had gotten pretty close. His girlfriend Letha was in your friend circle and often came over to your house for girls nights where you would gossip and watch horror movies on Netflix. “Hi! Y/N!” Letha squealed “Happy to see you here, come dance with me!” Before you could reply to either of them Letha pulled you into the crowd. Soon you forgot about why you were here and all about Roman Godfrey. The alcohol flowed through your body leaving you feeling warm and relaxed. You swayed to the music and giggled. You felt a hand grab yours from behind and thinking it was Letha you closed your eyes swirled around like a ballerina. You felt the hand pull you in fast and you smelled the familiar cologne from hours earlier. Snapping your eyes open you saw none other than Roman Godfrey smirking a smile that nearly made your knees give away. “You listened” he breathed and pulled you off the dancefloor and out the door. 

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This is literally one of my first times writing anything like this… please go easy on me!! Loved writing this and am thinking about writing more imagines and accepting requests. XO A

Undeniable Heat Chapter 63: Searching

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Making your way off the floor was one of the hardest things you had ever done. Your entire body was on fire, sore from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Your lip was bleeding, as was the knot on your head. Your entire face felt swollen, and with each movement your ribs cried out in agony.

With tears storming downing your cheeks, you used the wall for support. With each step utter torture, you finally collapsed on the bed, the ruined wedding dress right in front of your face. Wiping away your tears, you stared at it. The symbol of your freedom, torn beyond repair. Reminding you that you were just a puppet, and Brad was your master. There was no hope in fighting any more. Jensen probably had no idea where you were, and by the time he found you, it would be too late. You would be married to Brad, on your way to Alaska. Or dead.

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Entry #1 - About Last Night - Smut - By @maddie110201

Originally posted by punksciles

Author: @maddie110201
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dave Hodgman/Reader
Words: 5,123
Prompt:  “I hope everybody saw that because I will probably never be able to do it again.”

“Y’know you haven’t changed a day since you turned 18?” My best friend, Natalie said aloud as we were sitting on my couch looking through old photos of the two of us. She was holding a picture of me from my 18th birthday up to my face, looking for any difference.

“That’s sooo not true.” I tried defending, but she was right. I hadn’t changed one bit. Normally, people wouldn’t have a problem with not aging. Pretty much everyone wants to look as young as possible, for as long as possible. But that was just not the case for me.

Everyone in this world ages like normal until they turn 18. But when their 18th birthday finally comes, they stop aging until they’ve met their soulmate, so that they can grow old together. Sounds cute right? I used to think it was cute too.

Justin and I have been together for 6 years now. We met when we were 19 through a mutual friend and have been together ever since. He was my best friend and i loved him so very much. From old photos to new ones, I could tell that Justin had aged since we have been together, and it made my heart flutter knowing I was his soulmate. There was a slight problem, however…I have not aged one bit.

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About Last Night- Dave Hodgman

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Dave x Reader

Words- 5,123

Warnings- SMUT, cheating, some have cried while reading (bwahahaha)

Prompt-  “I hope everybody saw that because I will probably never be able to do it again.

A/N- So I wrote this for @dumbass-stilinski competition and wasn’t going to originally post this on my page,  however some people are asking for a part two so i would like to have both on my page. With that being said i will not write a part two unless you guys let me know what you want to see because i have absolutely no idea where to go from here!

Also, HAPPY DAVE WEEK Y’ALL. @ninja-stiles and i are so excited to see what y’all come up with!!!

Thank you to @were-cheetah-stiles for proofreading this for me. Shes such a babe. I hope y’all enjoy!!!!


Originally posted by lifeinabooktorn

“Y’know you haven’t changed a day since you turned 18?” My best friend, Natalie said aloud as we were sitting on my couch looking through old photos of the two of us. She was holding a picture of me from my 18th birthday up to my face, looking for any difference.

“That’s sooo not true” I tried defending, but she was right. I hadn’t changed one bit. Normally, people wouldn’t have a problem with not aging. Pretty much everyone wants to look as young as possible, for as long as possible. But that was just not the case for me.

Everyone in this world ages like normal until they turn 18. But when their 18th birthday finally comes, they stop aging until they’ve met their soulmate, so that they can grow old together. Sounds cute right? I used to think it was cute too.

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“Within the perils of his own demons, he came to recognize the purity held within you, and how even the loneliest of creatures have the ability to feel.”

  • Yoongi x Reader
  • Words: 1,829
  • Genre: Angst, Fluff, Supernatural themes

a/n: idek what this is, unedited because it’s 3 am.

He phased into your reality within a flash, unseen to all others passing around him, through him, unaware of the mythical being standing at the corner of twenty second and fifth; irises a mixture of fire and cobalt, a perfect contradiction of his very existence.

He gazed at you from across the narrow road, lined with cars and street vendors that yelled out into the brisk morning. It was easy to spot you, a face all too familiar to him, and rightfully so, after the many years spent by your side, watching and protecting.

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Crush Imagine #32

y/f/n = your friends name

y/g/f/n= your guy friends name

I stared at the text from y/c, as if I was trying to engrave it in my brain forever. Why had I agreed to go to a party with him, and sneak out of my house in the process? I quietly left my room and snuck down to the basement. I quietly thanked god for walk out basements as I quietly opened the door and shut it, quickly running over to Y/C’s car. I opened the door and sat down, quickly buckling. “What are you doing? Go go go” I urged. Y/C chuckled and put his car in drive, and he drove us to the party. 

The party was in full swing by the time we got there. The music was loud enough that you could hear it from one block over, and cars lined the streets as if the world was going to end and this one house is where you would be safe. “We are so not finding a place to park” I groaned, fixing my shirt. Parties were notorious for hookups, and I was hoping that Y/C and I would end up hooking up with each other by the end of the night. 

“Yeah” he groaned and we drove to the next street over. He finally parked infront of some random house, and we got out of his car. I started walking down the street when y/c called out my name. “Where the hell are you going?” he asked. 

“To the party” I gave him a weird look. 

“This way” he shook his head. I followed him through someone’s backyard until we reached a literal wall. “It’s a good thing you’re very small” y/c teased, looking at the wall which was taller than me. “Damn I forgot they had this” he muttered. Unlike most of my friends, I was given the genes of an ant, and was barely 5′2″, a long way from y/c who happened to be well over 6 feet. “Alright lets do this” y/c sighed and tried to roll up his shorts as much as he could and got down on one knee. I placed my foot on his knee, trying my best not to get any dirt on him. I got my hands on the top of the wall, and got a little extra boost to get my whole body on top. I sat and waited as y/c climbed up and jumped down. “Do you trust me?” he asked, stretching out his arms. 

“Of course I do” I smiled. 

“Alright, I’m going to grab your legs, and you slowly let yourself down” he instructed. I felt tingles once he held onto my ankles and slowly scooted off the ledge, holding onto it by my hands. Y/C removed one hand from my ankle and held my waist, and then moved his other hand to the other side of my waist. “Okay let go” he said. I let go and fell a little, but was sturdy in y/c’s arms. I held onto y/c for safety, and let go of him once I felt safe. “Hi” he grinned. 

“Hi” I bit my lip as y/c set me down on the ground. 

“Wow y/n, you look great” he stepped back.

“Thank you” I smiled and walked over to a group of my friends, swaying my hips lightly. 

“Y/N you look smokin!” y/f/n exclaimed, hitting my arm. 

“Thanks, hopefully it’ll be good enough” I sighed. 

“Oh shut up, if nothings happens tonight then he’s stupid, alright? Now come on, let’s get us drinks” y/f/n led me towards the gazebo where kegs and bottles of beer were lined up. I grabbed a bud light and took a sip.

“Wow y/n wanna dance?” y/g/f/n asked. 

“Maybe later, I just got here” I smiled.

“Alright, well I want to dance, now” he grabbed my arm and pulled me. 

“What the fuck y/g/f/n? How drunk are you” I pulled my arm back. 

“Look I’m just really, you’re just really hot tonight, like damn girl I’d fuck you” he slurred. I rolled my eyes and turned around, walking back to y/f/n. Y/g/f/n grabbed my arm, turned me around and forcefully kissed me. I pushed him off of me.

“Stay the hell away from me” I glared at him.

“Oh come on y/n, if I could I would” he smirked. Before I could say anything, y/c had showed up. 

“Dude lay off, she clearly doesn’t want to hook up with you” he tried to calm things down. 

“Oh yeah, what are you going to do about it? Everyone in this damn schools knows that you’re not gonna do shit, mostly because you haven’t done shit for y/n” y/g/f/n spat. Y/C muttered something and punched y/g/f/n’s jaw. My jaw dropped, had that just happened. 

“Stay away from her for the rest of today” he shoved y/g/f/n and grabbed my hand, leading me away from the scene. 

“Thank you” I quietly said. 

“For what?” he asked, his hand was holding onto mine tightly. 

“For that” I softly said. 

“He was bothering you” y/c stopped walking once we were in the house and in a living room. “I did what any guy would have done” he gave a soft smile and sat us down on a couch, letting go of my hand. 

“I’m such a dick, I didn’t stop him because he was bothering you” y/c admitted. “I stopped him because I didn’t want to hear about, or see you two hook up” 

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to hook up with you” he muttered. I raised an eyebrow and bit my lip. Before I even realized what I was doing, I was pressing my lips against y’c’s lips. His lips moved against mine, swiping his tongue across mine every once in a while. I straddled y/c and tangled my hands in his hair as he lowered his hand to rest on my butt. Every kiss made it feel like I was in heaven. It was once we heard a random shout from outside that we pulled away. I rested my forehead against y’c’s for a few moments before getting off of him and sitting on the couch. 

“I don’t want us to be a hookup” y/c interlocked our fingers. “I want us to be real, I want a relationship” 

“Are you trying to ask me out?” I giggled. 

“More like asking you to be my girlfriend, and to come with me to dinner next Friday” 

“Well I can’t really say no” I grinned and pecked y’c. 

“Good” he grinned and kissed my forehead.

Indefinite Initials

Misha x Reader - Soulmate AU

A/N: This is a completely random story that I came up with to celebrate Misha’s 43rd birthday. Each chapter of the mini-series will be released within an hour or so of each other, so make sure to keep an eye out for any updates. A masterlist will be created later during the day.

Summary: Everybody receives a special tattoo of their soulmates initials at some point in their life. After nearly thirty years, you wake up with the initials ‘M.C.’ tattooed onto the back of your shoulder and set out to try and find who it might be.

Warnings: language, alcohol consumption

Word count: 3456

Originally posted by itsrabbidseason

The initials slowly tattooed into your skin millimetre by millimetre, the black ink marking your shoulder for the rest of your life. It took less than thirty seconds for the tattoo to finish, your skin turning red around the ink. The pain was minimal but it didn’t stop you from feeling it, causing you to toss and turn in your bed as if it was happening in your dream.

When you woke up later in the morning with sweat across your forehead and behind your kneecaps, you decided to have a shower so you wouldn’t stink during the day. Stripping from your sweat soaked pyjamas you threw them in the laundry hamper before entering your shower, running your face under the hot water to wake you up even more.

Turning around to let the water run through your hair and down your back, you hissed at the unusual sting on the back of your shoulder and flinched away from the water. Exiting the shower to look in the mirror on the wall, your eyes widened in shock and fear at the tiny three centimetre tall tattoo on your shoulder. M.C

Whoever this M.C was, he was supposedly your soulmate. It was so hard to believe what you were seeing; when did it even appear? Obviously it was sometime last night, but you would’ve assumed the pain from getting a tattoo would’ve woken you up.

Your lips curved upwards into a small tight smile, you were nervous but you’d being lying if you said you weren’t excited. Some of your friends already had their tattoo, you even had two friends that received theirs when they were younger than ten years old. When you turned twenty and still hadn’t been tattooed you started thinking that maybe you were supposed to be alone for the rest of your life, and even though that had disappointed you, you had started to make peace with the idea.

There were nights where you couldn’t fall asleep because you were so afraid you’d die alone. One night you began watching videos on the internet of different soulmate stories, each persons sounded so happy and exciting that it made your hopes raise. The people who never did get a tattoo in their life even seemed happy, but you were different. You didn’t want to be alone; you weren’t the dating type but you knew that you would eventually want to settle down with somebody.

Lightly running your thumb over the tattoo, your ignored the pain from the sensitivity. You had a soulmate. Right now in this moment, the excitement was overpowering the nervousness of this situation and you happily hopped back in the shower, thinking of what your soulmate might look like or what their name might even be.

M.C. There were thousands of possibilities.

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Asking for It - Part 2 (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by kurokumorithedarkshadow666

Part 1

Imagine the Joker breaking into your apartment to hide out from the cops. However, he doesn’t know what kind of surprise is waiting for him.

A/N: I was really surprised by the amount of people who enjoyed the first part of this. So I hope you guys like this one, there’s going to be a third part so don’t worry~

Warnings: Casual murder (cause the Joker is the Joker)

It’d been at least two weeks since Gothams most wanted criminal broke into your house and stayed the night. The memories of the night you’d spent with him still brought crimson blush to your cheeks. You’d never done anything impulsive like that in your life. He was clearly a bad influence on you. Or maybe, you were secretly into things like that. Who knew. He was gone before you woke up, the only thing remaining of him was a Joker playing card that sat on your nightstand. The existence of that card was the only thing that assured you that you hadn’t dreamt the whole thing.

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Pretty Woman - UNO (Bucky Barnes x OFC AU)

SUMMARY: A very successful, wealthy lawyer, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, hires a beautiful and unlikely prostitute, Gabriella Alvarez, from Sunset Blvd to bring along to various business events for the week. An attraction develops between the two and Bucky finds it harder and harder to let the infectious, kind-hearted Gabriella go.

WARNINGS: mention of murder, drugs, alcohol. prostitution. language.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: hello, all. i am here with another AU series based off a movie that left quite an impact on me when i watched it for the first time a couple of months ago. it is not entirely based on the movie word for word. obviously i will have my own ideas in here. that would be plagiarism if did copied the movie lol. 

i will also have a face for my OFC soon. i’m debating on two at the moment. 

this will not be a long series. max. 15 chapters, minimum 10. i’m really excited for you all to read it and let me know what you think!


“What do you mean you want to leave? The party’s just getting started!” 

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a/n: Y’all I haven’t written in 10,000 years but I really dig the insanely cool Jared Kleinman and I just felt The Need™ to write smth so here goes adkjfkaj (sorry it’s kinda cliche and poorly written lmao)

Don’t Tell Jared - Jared Kleinman x Reader 

Jared Kleinman didn’t like to deal with his emotions. He pushed them down and said he’d deal with them later, though usually later never came. That’s just how he learned how to deal with things he was scared of. 

You guys met in freshman year, at orientation. Ever since then you’ve been inseparable. One day, in sophomore year, when you guys were just playing video games and cracking jokes something happened. You laughed extra hard at some dumb joke he made when bam. That’s when he felt it. An emotion he wasn’t used to. So, he did what he always does, pushed it down and said he’d deal with it “later”.

Jared Kleinman, no matter how much he’d deny it, loved you.

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New Year’s Kiss

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,138

Warnings: language, Jensen being adorable af (yes that’s a warning)

A/N: This is for @one-shots-supernatural 10k Celebration Challenge!! Sorry it has taken me so freaking long to get this out but here we go!! I hope you enjoy it!!! I wrote it pretty fast so it might actually be shit tbh….

*throws it and runs away to hide under the Christmas tree*

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

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Turn Down the Heat - 12 (Leonard Snart/Reader)

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten  Part Eleven

Originally posted by prisonbreakgifs

Snart woke up in the morning staring at he ceiling. There was something in his gut that told him today was going to be one of those days.

He swung his feet off onto the cold floor grabbing his boots. He pulled them on lacing them up tight before he stood up. He looked at the side table grabbing his wallet putting into this pocket. It was a routine. It wasn’t that he anticipated needing, but more of a habit.

He sighed as he reached for a ring. Nothing special. Just a plastic quarter machine one. 

He rolled it around his thumb and index finger. It was rough from holding onto it for so long. He shoved it into his front pocket clearing his throat before grabbing his interior jacket of his parka. 

He walked putting it on and looked over seeing Mick walking toward. He had a look on his face that said he wanted something, “It’s going to have to wait Mick.”

“Can’t.” Mick stopped next to him, “Y/N, needs are help in the hanger.”

Snart looked at him surprised, “Really? Did she say why?”

Mick rolled his eyes, “Look, I don’t ask questions. I just go where I’m told and she needs help with something. It’s supposed to help us get home.”

“Well…” Snart adjusted his collar and started walking down the hall, “What are we standing around for.”

Mick hung back a moment let a long breath out of his nose. He had no idea what he was going to do once they got there and Snart didn’t see you.

You stared into the core taking a deep breath. 

“You don’t have to do this.” You looked over at Sarah behind you.

You smiled a little, “Yeah I do. If I don’t we’re all going to die, and I can’t let happen.”

She watched you look down at your hands, “What do you want me to tell him?”

You looked back at her frowning, “That I’m sorry. I know he won’t understand…but…my time with him has…”

Sarah frowned walking over to you giving you a hug, “I’ll tell him. Don’t worry.”

“If Mick…”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t get by.” Sarah pulled away looking at your face. She smiled brushing a tear away, “Thank you, Y/N. I won’t forget this. None of us will.”

You took a deep breath turning away from her, “Dr. Stein, Mr. Palmer, can hear me?”

Palmer’s voice came through the com link you were wearing, “We hear you and we’re getting clear readings.”

“Mr. Palmer.” You smiled stepping up to the door, “Don’t be sad…help them get home.”

“I will.”

“Y/N…” It was Rip, “I have documented your work. Everything found while you’re inside…it will be put to good use. I assure you.”

That was as close of an ‘atta girl, as you were going to get, “Just promise me you’ll take them home.”

“I’ll do my best.” Rip cleared his throat, “Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

You took another deep breath, “I’m entering the core now.”

Everyone on the bridge waited quietly. Rip glanced over at Palmer and Stein looking at the readings. Jax was comforting Kendra. He looked away from them all silently praying to himself that this would work.

“Rip…” He listened as your voice came through, “It’s beautiful…time all at once. There’s an elegance to it. It’s not contain in the sphere at all…it’s branching out to the variance tubes.”

“I’m sure it is.” Rip said trying to be comforting, “Are you able to see what’s wrong?”

“Yes…I’m working…my way over.” Your voice sounded labored, “I can see a branch…it’s attached to the hall from the center…it makes sense. It’s like a virus…spreading on the ship instead of the drive system.”

“Is everything going alright?” He asked glancing at Stein. The doctor shook his frowning.

“I’m managing.” You told him working your way around pipes. You could feel your skin blistering, “I’m almost there…how are the readings looking?”

Ray swallowed blinking away the tears, “Strong…and clear. Your vitals…”

“Don’t worry about that.” You interrupted him taking a deep breath. It burned going down. “I can see the tilt. I’m going to start pushing…Gideon as soon as you see an inch…take off.”

“We’ve got a problem.” Sarah’s voice came through.

Rip sighed, “Subdue him. No matter the cost. Gideon lock the core door.”

“Move Sarah.” Snart stood in the room staring past her too the door.

“I can’t do that.” Sarah looked at him frowning, “She needed to do this. She wanted to do-”

“I don’t care! We can still save her!” Snart shouted taking steps toward the door. Sarah stepped in the way, “Don’t…push your luck Canary…”

“Snart…I know…but I can’t let you.” Sarah raised her fist, “I am prepared to do whatever it takes.”

“Let me talk to her.” Sarah’s eyes got wide. He stared at her, “Please, Sarah…let me talk to her.”

Sarah looked down for a moment before reaching into her ear handing the com to him, “I don’t think she has much time.”

He took it putting it in his ear, “Y/N…”

You paused for a moment, but then kept pushing the metal barrier watching the tendril slowly inch away. You need to hurry…you could feel the pain take over.

“Y/N…I know you can hear me.” He walked toward the door looking inside trying to see you, “Please come out.”

You felt tears slipping down your face as continued, “Please…I’ll tell you everything…please…I can’t lose you again. Come out.”

“Len…” You frowned pushing your back against the wall putting your feet against barrier. You took a deep breath, “Don’t be angry…”

“I could never be angry with you.” He whispered putting a hand on the window, “Just come out…let me take care of you.”

You started to push, “Thank you…”

“For what?” He tried the handle again.

“For teaching me what it’s like to be wanted.” You let out a yell as you put all your might into it. As you did the tendril latched onto your leg burning into your skin.

“Y/N!” Len shouted as he started to throw himself at the door, “Open the door!”

“Gideon?” Rip asked shutting his eyes as he sat in his chair, “Are we able to move?”

“Yes sir. Plotting a coarse out of the stream.” Gideon stated.

The bridge remained still as Snart’s cry for you filled the ship. 

Mick sat in the hanger on one of the spare ships listening to his partner until he couldn’t anymore and shut the shuttle’s doors.

Sarah stood there watching him bang on the door getting no reply from you. Finally she walked over grabbing his arm only for him to rip it away from her, “Snart…”

“She can’t be gone…” He whispered, “I still remember her…”

 Sarah frowned staying there with him until he would be ready to walk away. She knew it might be a while.

You landed hard against the ground feeling the last bit of the air in your lungs escape. You rolled on your side gasping for air as you tried to see where you were.

Everything was so dark and damp. You slowly found your breath again getting to your knees. You looked around seeing a neighborhood.

“Wh…” You stood up spinning slowly seeing antique cars lining the street. You turned stopping as you looked at a blue house. He had described it perfectly to you right down to the deck furniture.

“1629 Hadley…Avenue…” You whispered slowly walking toward it glancing at the mailbox that read Snart.

X-44 Land.

Reader x J-Hope - BTS (ZombieApocalypse!AU)
Genre: Angst, Eventual Smut, kinda smutty in dis one?
Synopsis: The times and trials of people trying to make it in a world that’s heading for ashes.
Word Count: 12.7k
Part 1 of ?

Playlist: Little Secrets - Passion PitIn Case of Rapture - As Tall As Lions, Circles - Thrice, Last Man Standing - People In Planes, Rose Golden - Kid Cudi ft.Willow

AN: *mentions of death and gore* I’m gonna put a TW up on this as it’s a pretty graphic (I mean obviously it’s a zombie apocalypse AU :/) but just a warning! Let me know how ya like it! <3

Everything I loved, became everything I lost.

        If you remembered back to the time where you felt peace; where you felt a complete calm, no fear running through your veins, no worries running through your mind, nothing but happiness and ease, when would that be?

You could almost taste the memory on the tip of your tongue. The summer before the outbreak. Thankfully, strain X-44 decided to let you enjoy one last family outing, making its infamous appearance only a day after one of your favorite times of the year.  

It was Independence Day. Your family always threw a huge get together, inviting as many family members as your backyard could hold. Aunt, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Cousins, whether be second, third or fourth, hell, even removed, they’d be there. Cars lined the street late in the night, the entire block setting off fireworks into the stars as lightning bugs danced around the atmosphere and june bugs sang their songs of summer, celebrating national freedom.  

“Kids! The food’s ready! Come eat!” Your mother yelled from the porch. A slur of screams and giggles as the children finished splashing their current opponent added to the cacophony of all the sounds of the evening. A repetitive pop song played from the stereo and numerous people swayed drunkenly to its beat, naturally.  

You sipped from the cold beer bottle in your hand casually even though you weren’t of age. Your mother figured a few on the 4th of July couldn’t be that bad and who was going to deny underage drinking? The sun was setting by now. The blistering heat from the day slowly dissipating into a mild breeze while the mugginess remained. You sighed as you ran your fingers through your damp hair, still drying from the trip to the pool nearly an hour ago. This humidity being your only concern.

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