car less

let’s start over. paint ourselves red and yellow and everything that speaks sunrise instead of midnight, this time. we could be less car crash, wildfire, burning rubber, maybe, and more moonlit-nights.
i don’t know, i just want to run without ending up in the middle of a six-lane highway. i want to love without being able to compare it to fistfights and bloody knuckles and the busted window in my old house.
let’s start over. i want us to be ethereal and real and together, this time.
—  we could be something new (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

95z being magnets feat. me in the bg

each year my vision of an ideal life gets less and less extravagant like years ago if you would have asked me what i want for myself in the next ten years i’d be like… earn a 6 figure salary and travel the world with the love of my life….and now if i’m ever thinking about the future it’s literally just me fantasizing about driving a car that’s less than 10 years old and having a kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Okay but seriously imagine the Pynch wedding

·         Imagine ronan and adam the night before lying in the barn and thinking bout how neither of their parents could/wanted to come and how much they missed noah

·         Imagine adam pacing cos hes so nervous bout the next day cos its the big day and holy fuck what if everything changes

·         Imagine ronan trying to calm adam down and screaming “Parrish calm down we’ve been dating for the past 10 years i literally know everything about you there is to know. I promise ill warn you if before i run off. And do u actually believe Gansey will let me do that?”

·         Imagine that morning adam wakes up to ronan on top of his back whispering in his ear “i swear parrish if u run away without me i will make Chainsaw fucking hunt you down.”

·         Imagine Gansey taking ronan and Blue taking adam to the venue in separate cars and the Camaro breaks down again cos its always breaking down (ik ronan gave them an engine-less car shut up)

·         Imagine adam freaking out cos ronans not here yet what am i going to do ohmygod blue

·         Imagine ronan freaking out in the camaro cos hes not there yet and what is adam going to do ohmy-fucking-god gansey

·         Imagine ronanreaching the venue and he immediately goes to see adam cos damn superstitions he wants to see how his adam looks in his suit

·         Imagine adam freaking out again cos ronans not dressed yet and what is he doing here like thanks for coming to see me but the ceremony is literally in twenty minutes you fucker i love you GO get dressed NOW

·         Imagine them both walking down the aisle looking so damn blessed cos yes this was happening and ronan going “see parrish its all going well.” and looking so damn smug

·         Imagine adam rolling his eyes at the gibberish the priest is saying cos its well gibberish

·         Imagine after they both say “i do” ronan going finally and pulling adam so so close and kissing his face off just cos he could

·         Imagine them slow dancing and holding each other cos they were so fricking happy

·         Imagine gansey jokingly playing that song yes that song and they all burst out laughing and no one except the four of them understands what the fuck is happening

·         Imagine opal wearing adams watch and rolling her eyes at her fathers cos they were being so damn sappy and then dancing with them as a family

·         Finally just imagine ronan and adam after going through so much my heart fucking breaks everytime i think about it, finally finally being happy and together if that doesn’t make ur heart sing with joy i don’t know what will.

Richard Campbell Gansey III’s guide to forming the perfect squad:
  1. Drive an orange car to random town intent on finding something supernatural
  2. Buy an abandoned warehouse
  3. Recruit recently traumatized friend
  4. Insert a fridge next to your toilet
  5. Be unknowingly haunted by not-so-recently dead friend
  6. Recruit genius-hick friend
  7. Drive pointlessly around town with willow stick
  8. Go to your local diner
  9. Attempt to hire waitress as verbal prostitute for your genius-hick friend
  10. Here you have your perfect squad
  11. Climb into murder-hole with socially awkward mutual acquaintance, tell him your deepest, darkest secrets, go to his house dressed only in a bed-sheet, invite him to your parents mansion, casually save him from your good friend the hit man, go into more holes in the ground, cry,  attempt to prevent your squad’s resident gays killing each other alongside him, die, come back to life, go to Venezuela in an engine-less car…….
  12. Now you have a perfect squad.

Mormonism is an adult religion and a child-like religion. It is a critical thinking religion. Mormonism is Heavenly Father’s divinity in the hearts of those that simply want to love something greater than themselves. It is the promise that God made to those that seek Him: they most inevitably will find Him.  

‘Tourist in an American Suburb’ Gothic

  • You go for a walk, but there are no places to cross any of the roads. There are cars, and cars, and more cars, but you cannot see any drivers inside of them. You retrace your steps and turn into a residential area because there are what the locals call “sidewalks” there, and somewhat less cars. You get lost and find yourself again at the entrance to a dead end – a cul-de-sac – only to turn and see that behind you lies yet another cul-de-sac. There is no escape. They have you now.
  • You walk into an empty store in an empty strip mall at random, wondering where all the people have gone. Inside it is bright, too bright, with every colour imaginable crammed into any available space. Six identical employees are there, and they greet you as one. They do not say anything else, and they do not move. You realise they were waiting for someone, but that someone was not you. You back out of the building slowly. You regret ever leaving your car.
  • Another residential area. You want to call it a ghost town, but you have been in ghost towns. Ghost towns are deserted, yes, but they are run down, unappealing, covered in dirt and smoke and graffiti and grit. They appear lived in and long-abandoned. You want to leave them as soon as you enter. This, this is not a ghost town. It is clean, and orderly, and wants you to think it is a good place. Every home is exactly the same. There is not a blade of grass out of place. It has eyes. But if there are people, you cannot see them. It welcomes you. You do not feel welcomed. It wants you to stay. No. It never wants you to leave. It is a trap, and you know this. It knows you know this. But there is nowhere to hide.
  • Somehow you stumble, exhausted, into the largest building you can find. A Wal-Mart. Or is it a Target? The walls are red, but you are not sure that that is paint. You cannot see the ceiling for lights, nor can you see where exactly it is that the aisles end. You do not remember moving, but your feet carry you further into the store regardless. This is the first time you have seen people in three days. They do not see you. You shiver. It is the air conditioning, you tell yourself. It is not the air conditioning. You get the feeling that the eye-wateringly bright light and the strong scent of clinical clean penetrating your senses are covering something up. The shadows hiding in plain sight agree. You do not know what the underlying scent is. You do not want to know.
  • As you leave town, you do not look back. Every traffic light you come to is frozen at amber. You stop at a garage six hours into your journey. Back home, you would have been in another country by now. The man attending the kiosk in the garage asks about the town you visited. He has never heard of it. Now you come to think of it, neither had you. You also do not recall how you got there. You drive on. Eight, ten, fourteen hours later, you stop the car to find a place to stay. In the dark, you do not realise it is the very same town you started in. The sky splits into a grin. You do not look up.
The signs as family members
  • Aries: The uncle who has gone through more than 4 cars in less than 6 years
  • Taurus: The embarrassing, BBQ dad
  • Gemini: The annoying aunt that's on all social media bUT is actually really famous and hot
  • Cancer: The newborn baby that everyone wants to hold and take pictures of for Facebook
  • Leo: The wine mom that knows everyone's side of the story when there is drama
  • Virgo: The older sister that is hard headed and is really sweet in front of the family but is a huge bitch in front of their siblings
  • Libra: The uncle that always wants to go to amusement parks with the kids
  • Scorpio: The black sheep that can't go 3 weeks without fucking up
  • Sagittarius: The loud mouth aunt who causes all the drama
  • Capricorn: The older cousin who actually went to college that hates family functions because of the agony of listening to idiots
  • Aquarius: The single aunt who is rich af but also believes in ghosts and conspiracy theories
  • Pisces: The annoying little brother that eVERY adult loves but the kids know how annoying and stupid he is
My opinion about the 2018 Mustang

With the photo’s of the new Mustang leaked, I’m here to tell you my opinion. At first sight the new mustang only got a few, remarkable changes. Most of them are happening in the front. With sleeker diagonal bars, a new front-bumper and obviously new headlights, the Mustang lost some of it’s aggression. I simply don’t like it, and I’ll explain to you why.

The front-bumper got replaced by one having a thinner hole in the front. The 2 big holes at the sides seem to have disappeared. This design change made the car not only look less agressive, but it also lost some of it’s typical ‘Muscle’. Now I’m asking you to put your hand on the screen, just beneath the upper-grille. Looks better already, hm? 

Another change they did are the hood-vents. They are now much wider and out of position. They look like those cheap stick-on fake hood vents you can buy for about $10. 

The new headlights aren’t much of a problem to me, and neither are the taillights. I just whish the fog-lights whould have gotten a better position, but it’s not much of a big deal either. Something else I like is the new rear spoiler. It makes the car a little sportier.

It seems like we just have to deal with these changes. Let’s hope for a better replacement with the 7th generation in 2020. For now I can just hope Ford will take this thing back to the drawing table and atleast give it a better front-bumper. Maybe something like the Ford GT? It’s not too late Ford.

My experience of trying to make new friends and exercise are surprisingly similar. They’re both hard, require surprising amounts of mental energy, and before both I always have the powerful urge to say fuck it, I’m just gonna stay inside by myself and watch dumb TV all afternoon. But if you work consistently and repeatedly at both, they begin to pay off after a while, and, hopefully, lead to a lot more long-term happiness.

I’m never sure whether I like big groups or small ones more. One-on-one hangouts have a risk of awkward lulls in conversation (which is also true of online dating–actually, there are a lot of similarities between trying to make friends and trying to date, except in the second case people rarely do it in large groups anymore), but in big group chats I find it easy to end up on the outside of everything while it just sort of passes me by. This is a *lot* worse if the language of the room isn’t one you speak very well. But I’m getting better at forcing myself to make relevant contributions to the conversation, though I dunno if I’m an *interesting* conversationalist exactly.

One-on-one there’s also more room to talk about each others’ arcane interests and go off on tangents about your personal history, and both of those are things I really enjoy. I also think one symptom of my inherent shyness is overthinking the grammar of conversation, turn-taking and that sort of thing, which is inhibiting in large groups where I don’t know most of the people well.

I used to describe myself as an introvert, but that’s not true, really; while I do need a certain amount of alone time, I really like people, and meeting new people, I just sometimes have to force myself to participate. One of the skills I hope to master in my adulthood is being relaxed and engaging in social situations, and while I’m still terrible at both, I’m definitely getting better.

Today on I can’t adult I have had 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, its 11:53 and I just finished eating dinner which consisted of three string cheese sticks, an entire head of broccoli, and a mountain dew voltage. All this while binge watching Voltron on Netflix.

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