car in space


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.


recharging : what the hell is even happening???

so i have reviewed my understanding of recharging in transformers mtmte and concluded I have no clue what the heck is happening

things I’m pretty sure are true

it’s like sleeping, you have to do it, you can have dreams whilst recharging

but does it have something to do with electricity?

supporting details:

nautica electrocutes the personality ticks by punching a ‘recharge socket’

not supporting:

every other instance that I can recall?

is it how they refuel, hence they’re hooked into energon lines?

supporting details:

When Tailgate attacks Megatron in his sleep we can see the fuel lines he and Ravage are hooked up to

Cyclonus says he doesn’t need a drink/fuel because he’s just recharged

Optimus refers to recharging as ‘topping up’

not supporting:

Cyclonus, Rewind all shown recharging with no feed lines

what are all the glowing monitors for?

? why is this one orange

? why is this one red

? why is this one blue

i’m starting to think there is no explanation

So I know we all love those “Humans are weird” posts

What if we were terrifying instead?

has anyone ever given thought to the kinds of things we could do as a hive mind? 

I remember that post with it describing us as space orcs, but picture an entire race who’s abilities revolve around pursuit predation and can survive the kinds of things that we can. Single minded determination could give us the ability to do anything.

The human race would be an unstoppable plague that would either assimilate or destroy everything we come across. 

“Who are you!? What do you want?”

“We are Humanity. We need more space.”

There’s also the possibility of individuality within the hive mind.  Every human knows everything that any human has ever known, but people are still individuals.

“You know, we could help?”

“Help what?”

“Break you away from the overmind and help you be a real person.”

“NO! It would be terribly lonely.”

“You would still have us!”

“We are Humanity. We are never alone, as we are.”