car go fast

Why was this necessary???

So tonight, my particular Mart o Walls has SIX police cruisers outside. None of the managers would tell us what was going on until they were gone.

Apparently, one of the semi-truck drivers outside got pissed at a car driver for ‘going too fast’ in the parking lot(our cameras showed that he wasn’t even speeding or anything). Anyway, truck driver stopped the dude as he was looking for a parking space and PULLED A FUCKING GUN ON HIM BECAUSE HE WAS 'GOING TOO FAST’.

Didn’t shoot him, though. Just threatened him.

Dude goes shopping and mentions the incident to a cashier, who tells a manager, who calls the cops.

The next two hours were confusing and hellish. And of course, all of this occurred right as I was supposed to go to break, and the cashier from the story was the one who was supposed to take my spot at the door so that I could.

Instead, she was stuck filling out reports on her conversation with the dude, and the managers apparently couldn’t find a SINGLE OTHER PERSON to take my spot for 15 FUCKING MINUTES so that I could have my break. My break was supposed to be at 8, but ended up being at 9:30. My shift was over at 10.

Later, I found out that they had arranged for every other cashier behind me to get their break during that time by switching them around onto different registers, though. I don’t see how that couldn’t have been done for me.

TLDR: Some crazy asshole with a gun caused my shift to go to shit real quick, and the managers were not helping.

Headlights Part Two

Sister Winchester : Head Lights Part Two

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Word Count: 3050

Summary: After waking up without the memory of Sam and the majority of your life, Dean, Cas and Bobby all help you regain it and surprise you with a special someone when you finally return home.

Warning: hospital? Idk this is too fluffy to have a warning

A/N: Thanks to  random-superwholock-imageslittle-hufflepuff-badger and  elladatimelord (I hope I didn’t forget anyone) for requesting a second part to this story. I enjoyed doing it and ensuring you all some closure. Sorry it’s a bit long and more fluffy then anything. Lots of love xx 

Part 1

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Dean looked at you in shock, he didn’t know if you were joking or being serious. How could you, of all people forget Sam. The two of you were inseparable, like each other’s shadows. You knew him better then you knew yourself. Sam was so important to your overall being, Dean didn’t know how much of yourself would be left without the memory of Sam living within you. “Sam” he stated again, “Our brother, Sam”, hoping some of this will jog your memory but you came up blank. You were confused and a little scared. Did you really have another brother? If you couldn’t remember something as important as a brother, what else had you forgotten?

“We have another brother?” You asked as you tried to process this information into your numb and groggy mind. Your heart rate monitor started to quicken it’s tempo, as panic started to rattle you. Your breathing started to follow the pace of your heart and made your fractured ribs throb under the heavy bandaging. You scanned your brain for anything to remember, but it just came up with wisps of memories which dissolved into nothing when you reached out to grabbed onto them. “I-I can’t remember” you admitted with panic shaking your voice. You looked to Dean hoping this was some bad and cruel joke he was playing on you, “Dean I can’t remember anything” you stressed, as the weight of those words sunk in.


The sunlight was streaming into your sterile room which made you squint as you looked out the window. You rolled over to escape the blinding rays of early morning sun to see Dean already sitting in the chair you had found him in last night. “Morning” he softly spoke with a small smile, “How are you feeling?” he continued.

You groggily repositioned yourself whilst you lied on the soft mattress as Dean scooted his chair closer to you, “Tired and a little slow” you sluggishly informed. “That’d be the morphine bug, glad to see you not in pain though” he smiled but you could see his sad eyes and suspected that he was still feeling guilty about the crash.

Dean was holding a large shoe box on his lap and you looked at it suspiciously. Dean saw your curious look at the box, “Oh I talked to the doctor last night about the memory loss and he said there could be the chance that you still have your memories, but they may be ‘hidden away’. So, I thought that maybe I could jog your memory with some stuff from the bunker” he told you whilst opening up the box. “The bunker?” you asked confused again. Were you part of some cold war fanatic cult?

“You know Men of Letters? Hunting? The family business?” he reminded you, half pleading behind his words. You just shook your head as your mind came up blank once again. Dean sighed with a small smile, This was going to be a long day but he loved you and having you back was enough for him. “Okay what do you remember?” he asked slightly anxious to know the extent of the memory loss. You sat up whilst you scanned your head for any memories, “last night and the car crash…”, blinding headlights, a large bang, crash and roll, hanging upside down whilst blood dripped onto shattered glass, the pain, Dean pleading for you to stay awake and then giving into the pain. You opened your eyes after the flash back and even though they haunted you, you tried to remember anything from before the car crash as you continued to concentrate on remembering anything at all. Fear, anger, shouting, a dark night and a car going far too fast, you heard your own voice shouting but it was as if you were hearing the words underwater and therefore could grasp onto a couple at a time, ‘road kill…Sam…we will find him’, an outstretched hand and headlights blinding you and Dean.

Sam, you remembered saying that three lettered name, the name that made Dean slow down. “…Were we having an argument before we crashed? Something about road kill and…Sam” you asked tentatively, opening yours eyes again and peering to Dean to see if you were correct. “Yes that’s right we were talking about Sam” Dean perked up and leant forward. Dean was relieved he had something to work with now. He looked done in the box and shuffled a couple items around before finding a slightly faded photo and passing it to you.

You took the small photo and recognised yourself in the photo smiling and laughing whilst enjoying a beer with a tall and long haired man. You suspected him to be younger then Dean, even though he looked much taller. It was in his eyes, he had eye’s almost like a child’s and were slightly similar to yours in shape. Both your eyes were crinkled in the corners due to some joke that had long passed. “That’s you and Sam a year ago, at the bunker. It was Christmas” Dean smiled at the memory of his happy siblings. A memory that you could not muster yourself but there was a niggling at the back of your mind about this Sam, the wisp was back but as soon as you tried to focus on it, it drifted away once again.

“If Sam is our brother, then where is he?” You asked. Dean’s face dropped and he seemed to age in a matter of seconds. Dean had almost forgotten about Sam as he was so focussed on you after the crash. He would do anything to have life as it was only a month ago, with his family happy and together once again; How much could one sibling take? “Sam? … Sam is missing. We were looking for him when we crashed.” He summarised. You thought that was strange. People don’t usually go missing. Or maybe they do, you really had no bearings of what was normal and what wasn’t without your memories. You just nodded and looked back down at the picture.

Dean watched as you studied the photo and then pulled out another item from the box and handed it to you. It was a large plaid shirt which had a strong comforting scent lacing it, “Home” you sighed, even though you couldn’t remember where home was. You held the shirt up to your nose and inhaled it once again, every time it seemed to bring back that wisp of a memory. You looked back to the photo and recognised the shirt in your hands as the one of Sam was wearing in the photo. Dean saw as the pieces were fitting together in your mind and was slightly relieved, maybe this won’t be as hard as he thought.

You went to hand back the shirt and photo but Dean just shrugged, “You keep them” he smiled. “I’d put on the shirt if I didn’t have all these tubes in the way” you lightly chuckled at your own misfortune and Dean chuckled with you,

“Yeah you were always were creeping into our rooms at home to steal our clothes. But we would always catch you even with your hunter-light footsteps, because the place echoes so much.”

“Hunter-light footsteps? … I don’t think I will be walking that lightly for a while.” You jested to yourself again whilst shaking your casted leg before returning to the conversation, “So, this bunker is our home and we hunt?”

“Correct. Sam, you and I, found the bunker a couple years back. But we have been hunting since we were teens and even before that we were in the family business researching or just knowing about it”

“Family business…Why am I remembering a lot of salt and motel rooms and… wait was there a fire?”

“Umm yeah that’d be the house fire.” Dean’s tone of voice had dropped at the mention of the fire and you had the feeling that it affected his life a lot. “That’s when Mum died.” He added solemnly. You mind was still a blank even over this quite rocking revelation of your mother’s premature death. But you felt nothing towards this, you continued to feel numb. “Do you have a picture of her?” you asked pulling Dean back out of his day dream. He found another photo and gave it to you, a wedding photo, “She’s beautiful. What was her name?” you sighed looking from the bride to the groom. “Mary and next to her if John, he’s also passed.” Dean watched you carefully over the news of your two parents already gone and now you with no memory of them. “Are you okay? Sorry it’s quite a lot to take in, I know” he asked softly, “Yeah, I’m okay. How can you miss someone you don’t even remember. No, I’m just sorry that I have lost the opportunity to know them.”. Dean was surprised that you still possessed the maturity and wisdom that you had from your old self. You may have lost your memory but your spirit still seemed to be the same.

“So, tell me more about Sam.” You changed the subject so that you wouldn’t over think your parent’s death and make yourself upset. “Sam, well he was middle child. Older then you but younger then me obviously. However, he is taller than both of us by about a foot. He left for Stanford when he wanted out of our way of life but then Dad went missing a couple years later. So we went to Stanford and pulled his ass out to do a hunt-”

“A car chased us and we jumped off a bridge” you smiled and laughed to yourself. “Wait why did a car chase us and we jumped off a bridge?” you suddenly got quite serious and a little scared as you looked to Dean who was just laughing at you, happy that your memories were filtering in, “Oh it was hunted by-”, “A lady in white. So, is that what we hunt?” you butted in again as the memories continued to return. “That’s right, and yeah basically. We hunt everything from Spirits, werewolves, vampires, Demons, shifters. You name it, we kill it”. Your eyes widened, he had to be joking, “I thought they were just from fairy tales” Dean shook his head sympathetically, “Unfortunately not. So, that’s what we do and that’s how Sam went missing. He went to do a simple salt and burn, solo hunt. It should have only taken him only a weekend but then he wouldn’t pick up our calls so we left to go looking for him.”. You nodded as you tried to process all of this but you were still apprehensive about this whole supernatural world. “Speaking about looking for Sam” Dean’s voice dropped a little into a serious tone as he segued into a new topic, “Now that you are a bit better, I have to go and try and keep looking for Sam. I’m sorry I hate to leave you here but I got Uncle Bobby and Cas coming to keep you company whilst I’m gone. I’m sorry Y/N I wish we could just focus on you getting better, but I have to go”. You processed his words as fear started to creep up on you as he stood up to leave, “What if the same thing that got Sam, gets you?” you asked worriedly grabbing onto Dean’s hand to keep him with you. “It won’t Y/N, don’t worry.” Dean assured, “Okay” you replied a bit flattened that he was going to leave you. You felt so alone when he wasn’t around in this foreign world. He sighed at the new tone in your voice so he leaned over and gave you a kiss on the forehead, “I’ll be back soon Bug, I promise” you smiled as Dean walked away and then a flash of a memory floated dreamily into your mind. Sam but a lot younger, almost a teenage version of himself, is sitting on your bed with his lips pressed into a hard line, “It’s just Stanford not the end of the world Y/N. I’ll be back soon Bug, I promise”. Then as soon as the memory came, it floated away before you could remember what happened next.


Days turned into weeks, which rolled into months. You had your dressings changed more times then you could remember attended rehabilitation sessions to learn to walk and move properly again. The excess tubes and monitors were slowly taken away until you could finally put on Sam’s shirt. You went to a neurologist to help with regaining your memory, but you were still foggy in some aspects but you had Bobby and Cas to help fill in the spaces whilst Dean was away.

Bobby looked rough and grizzly but underneath he was jolly and patient whilst he told you stories about yourself:
How you and your brothers use to play chasey in the car yard. The time he had you taught you to restore your own a car that you picked out from the car yard when your brothers and father left you at his place for the summer. He laughed when he told you about how both the boys were jealous you had your own car before them and he also told you how he was fixing your father’s car now. He told you about your father and mother and how they met. He was the one that helped you remember your parents and how a house fire had changed everything in more depth that Dean had skipped over.

You also met a man named Cas, an unusual name but it matched his character. Cas was sweet and a little strange. When you first met Cas, he walked straight up to you and pressed his fingers to your forehead before you slapped his hand away. He just looked confused at you before apologising that he couldn’t heal you by bringing you a life time’s worth of memory back to you but he would help you anyway. Then he explained he was an angel of the Lord, as if that was some minor detail he seemed to forget about.

Cas talked in an odd monotone voice and he seemed to not be able to catch onto social norms. Such as the time when a nurse said that they needed to wash you, he sat content in his chair before the nurse asked him to leave your room so you could have some privacy. Cas came to sit with you almost daily and told you stories about his brothers and his Father and compared them to yours, you came to learn they were quite similar in some aspects. Cas was always patient and never seemed to tire telling you stories of yourself and your brothers. He helped you with your memories on Sam and hunting in particular.

He told you how he met Dean and Bobby first. Then you and Sam, he said how you were always kind to him although you didn’t always agree with his methods and that he changed over time. There were stories about bars and playing pool whilst hustling people. He told you how people would get mad but then Sam and Dean would always step in to protect you. He told you about the apocalypse and Lucifer as well as his time in Purgatory with Dean. He liked talking about bumblebees and brought you pizza when you were over the bland hospital food.

Finally, the day came for you to leave the hospital where Cas wheeled you out in a wheelchair to the carpark where Bobby was waiting by the repaired black Impala. After a drive out of town you finally pulled up to a wooded area where they walked you down carefully to the bunker.

Cas helped you down the first small flight of stairs and into the Bunker itself. You came to scan over the large space underneath you, “Dean!” you yelped as you found him staring up at you in awe. It was the first time he had seen you in almost a month and he hadn’t seen you stand by yourself since the accident, let alone walk. You started to walk down the stairs as you locked eyes with another pair of green orbs.

A quick flash of memories tumbled into your mind, “I’ll be back soon Bug, I promise”, the plaid shirt that smelt of home, the faded photo of last Christmas, playing chasey in Bobby’s car yard, Stanford, another fire, Jess, playing pool and hustling people for some extra cash, feeling protected and safe when your big brother stepped in against sleazy patrons hassling you, your older brother, the apocalypse, hunting, Mary, John, your family and “Sam?” you spoke aloud as the stream of memories helped you finally recognise your older brother. He had a large smile on his face and was tall with long hair but with a couple more scars on him. He wore old jeans and a plaid shirt and it was something with his eyes that captivated you the most. They were almost like a child’s, “Hey Bug” he spoke up to you softly. You heard as the others all let out a collective exhale of relief as you stumbled down the stairs to Sam and fell into his warm embrace. Sam hugged you tightly until a small yelp escaped your lips, Sam pulled back worried, eyes searching you for the cause of pain, “Sorry it was just my ribs, still mending themselves” you smiled patting them. Dean took the opportunity to steal you away and gave you an enveloping hug, being mindful of your sore ribs and other healing injuries. “Thankyou” you whispered into his ear, “Thank you for getting Sam home, thank you for everything”. Dean smiled, “Don’t mention it, it was my fault you are in this mess in the first place”. You shook your head, it wasn’t his fault, “Shit happens” you assured him as you pulled out of the hug and sat into the wheel chair Bobby had carried down the stairs. “Hey wheel chairs, your favourite” Sam perked up, “Remember that time I broke-”, “Your leg when your eleven. Yeah I remember” winking at Dean.

Good Girl Ch 16: Seeing Her

3rd Person POV

His knuckles are white from gripping the steering wheel so tight. His mind is going a hundred miles an hour every single thing running threw is mind is about her, their baby, his baby. Something is wrong, it’s bad enough for Suho to call him at work so it must be really bad. The car isn’t going fast enough for any of the three men in the car, but getting pulled over at the moment isn’t something they want to deal with, their patience is wearing thin. When they finally pull up to their home, the driver and the oldest of the group is already out of the car and busting into the front door.

Xiumin finds them in the living room, the younger two aren’t far behind, stopping right on his heels in the doorway to the living room. All of them are there, scattered on the floor, or standing by the window, Sehun is on the couch with their baby on his lap. Her face is buried in his neck, his arms are around her, rubbing small circles on her back. With a blanket over her, it would appear that she is sleeping but they can see her shaking and watch as Sehun tries to calm her.

“What happened?” Luhan asks Suho.

Suho looks to Chanyeol to explain, “We walked into the classroom that Joon told us to meet in and we see him on the floor with Jooyoung crouching over him.”

Tao continues, “When we tried to go towards her, she freaked out and backed into a corner. She yelled at us to stop. She was afraid of us.”

“What happened to Joon?” Kris asks threw clenched teeth, as he, like the others, tries his best to control his anger.

“He got a good beating, but he’s down in the dungeon for now, we wanted to make sure she’s okay before we deal with that.” Suho answers.

“Did you guys stop him before he had the chance to do anything?” Lay, who hadn’t been there for more then five minutes looks to the younger boys.

The six who had been there share a look. What had happened in the room had already been discussed, earning Joon a few broken fingers when Kai accidently slammed his hand in the car door. They know Jooyoung is listening and is already uncomfortable telling them and having them tell each other over again.

“She stopped him,” Sehun says a bit proudly.

Kai chuckles, “Broke his nose.”

“That’s our girl,” Kris smiles softly as he sits down on the couch next to her and Sehun.

“We just came in to finish the job,” Tao adds in.

“I’ll deal with him in a little bit,” Xiumin finally speaks for the first time since hearing the news.

“I’m surprised you’re so calm about this,” Kai says without a thought, earning a swat from his hyungs close by.

“I’m not fucking calm,” Xiumin’s tone turns icy as he gives them all a horrifying smile. “It is taking all of my self control not to go down there and kill him. I just want to see her, to make sure she is okay. Can I see her? Is she still afraid?” They are all surprised when his tone shifts so suddenly to something so warm and worried.

“Can you let them see you baby?” Sehun whispers to her. She had only stopped crying a few minutes ago so she can imagine how horrible she looks. Only Sehun and Suho have been able to see her bruised face and bloodshot eyes.

“Only if they don’t get mad or yell,” Her small voice mumbles, just loud enough for them to hear. Never in their years of living had they been so happy to hear someone’s voice.

“We will be good daddies,” Sehun reassures her with a kiss on the top of the head. With a deep breath she sits up straight on Sehun’s lap and hesitantly turns around to look at everyone. Kris and Sehun are the first to see her, like she had worried her eyes are puffy and red. The bruise on her cheek reaches up under her eye, a deep purple covers most of her cheek, it looked painful even to the boys.

At first Kris is happy that their baby will let them see her but the minute he sees his poor baby’s swelled face he wishes he were down in the dungeon tearing that bastards fingers off one by one, and from the way Sehun is clenching his jaw, he knows the younger boy feels the same. The other ten waiting all gasp at the sight, Xiumin is in front of her faster then she could have thought possible with Chen, Lay, and Kyungsoo hovering behind him, smart enough not to get in the older man’s way. Xiumin places both hands gently on her cheeks, his thumbs brush over them, trying to make the pain and tearstains go away.

He leans down as places a dozen kisses on her bad cheek, “I’m so sorry baby, I should have protected you.”

“It’s not your fault,” She tries to give him a smile but it falters when a shot of pain spreads threw her face.

“Are you hurt anywhere else?” Lay asks, scanning her and finding a few busies on her legs.

“I’m fine, I’m just really tired,” She yawns cutely.

“You should go take a nap,” Suho suggest.

“Can daddy Sehun stay with me?”

Sehun smiles at her, “Of course baby, I’ll stay with you as long as you want.”

All the boys felt a pang of envy for the younger, she picked him, she clung to him even after the others had tried to take her away she stuck to him. Sehun takes her out of the room, taking all the light with him, leaving the eleven men in the darkness that they know. Without a word they all file threw the house to the secret staircase behind a bookshelf in the hall to the dungeon. The dimly lit halls lead them to another hall, but this one has cells with begging or crying men inside. They reach their pale arms threw the bars, their annoying cries echo off the wall, begging for their freedom or their families safety, the boys are too focused to really care. At the end of them hall they reach the door separating them from the man who hurt their baby.

Xiumin is the first in, the massive concrete room has only a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling right above the slouching boy. Tied tightly in a chair the boy is trembling as he tires to pull his hands free of the bindings. He knows too well what is going to happen to him. Joon is the son of a close family friend, whose father works under the boys. He had heard his father telling horror stories about that happens in the Kim’s legendary dungeon. But the poor bastard doesn’t under stand what had earned him a chair in this hell whole.

The girl. That little fucking bitch is what got him here. He wants to ask which one of them she had gotten her claws into but from the way all of them are glaring at him, he figures it must be all. It would be a lie if he didn’t say he is amazed that the slut is able to get all twelve to kill a close friend just for fucking with her. He finds himself chucking, “Wow Hyung, that bitch has got you whipped.”

Bad decision, Xiumin punches him, more blood pours from his nose and his mouth. His already broken nose only gets more fucked up.

“Don’t you ever fucking dare say something like that about our Joo,” Suho growls.

“Is her pussy that fucking amazing that you guys would want to piss of my father just because I fucked the bitch up?” Joon chuckles hoping his friends will laugh along with him and let him go, but no such luck. In fact Kris heads toward a table filled with tools and other torture devices.

Kris chuckles humorlessly, “Your father won’t do shit even when we send your head to his door. Because with your head will be a note telling him about what you did. You broke a rule Joon.”

“What did I do?” Joon yells, “I barely touched that bitch!”

“That bitch? That bitch is our baby!” Chen growls, surprising Joon, Chen is never the type to raise his voice or even say anything rude.

When his closest friend Chanyeol comes forward he almost lets out a sigh of relief, that is until he sees the pliers in his hand. His face drains, “Yeol, what are you doing? Why are you doing this? I thought we were friends?”

Chanyeol laughs, he places a large hand on the boys shoulder, “Friends? I told you a hundred times not to touch, to not even fucking look at her! But you fucking touched her. You hit her, you made our baby cry. You made her afraid of us, because of you she saw our dark sides, something our innocent little baby should never see. You told her bad things about us. You took her beautiful smile off her face. Because of that, we each get a minute to do whatever we want to you,” Chanyeol smiles. “As you know, I think your smile is important, so someone as disgusting as you doesn’t deserve such a nice smile. I’m going to make this right.”



Sehun’s POV

My baby looks so broken, she won’t even look me in the eye as I stare down at her, her gorgeous eyes are focused on our feet. The bath is filling behind me, it’s only half full now, after five minutes of her asking to bathe herself. I understand that she wants to be alone, that she might not want anyone touching her after something like that but I don’t want to leave her alone with her thoughts. She could talk herself into the wrong thing, she could think of all the reasons she should run away from us, I’ll be having none of that. I still feel the deep satisfaction of her picking me over all of the others to comfort her still buzzes threw me. I find myself smirking at the memory of their glares. She’s all mine for the moment.

“Baby,” I order softly as I grip the hem of her sweater. Reluctantly she raises her hands above her head to allow me to remove it, next is her button up that comes off without much of a fight. She surprises me by pushing my hands away from her tank top, she holds the hem down tightly, more tears begin welling in those beautiful hazel, cat like eyes of hers’.

“Please daddy, you’re going to get mad if you see it,” She mumbles out. “I don’t want you to get mad.”

“Why would I get mad baby?” I try my best to keep my voice soft but we both know there is poison behind it. My mind is racing a million miles an hour at the thought of what she could be afraid of me seeing. What else could that bastard could have done to you?

“I told you earlier, he kicked me, hard. I think there is going to be a bruise but I don’t want you to get mad.”

“I can’t promise that baby, I’m honestly fuming at the thought that he actually kicked you. But I promise I’ll behave,” I give her a soft smile which is enough encouragement for her to show me. But my smile drops the moment I see the purple blotch on her side, it feels as if my heart has been ripped right out of my chest.

My baby, my little ball of sunshine and rainbows and all that is good in the world, was beaten. That asshole marked our little kitten, a nickname I’ve grown fond of when I think about her. I drop to my knees in front of her and pull her close, peppering kisses all over her stomach, surprisingly earning me a precious giggle from her. Never in my like have I seen such a beautiful sight of that little grin on her face, even with the bruise she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I’ve only been able to look at her for a week, that I’ve gone my whole life without it is amazing.

“Daddy, stop it,” She giggles as I continue.

“I just want to kiss the pain away,” My hold on her tightens, “tell me where it hurts, daddy will kiss it better.”

“It hurts everywhere,” She answers honestly.

“Daddy will make all of it better.”

I remove her skirt and panties, until her cute frame is in front of me shivering like a leaf in absolutely nothing. Never in my life have I been so amazed by the female form. Her petite frame lacks nothing when it comes to curves, with a perfect chest that he knows for a fact feel as good as they look and hips that would make any woman jealous. I help her into the water and sit on the edge, my hand swirls around in the water.

“Are they going to kill him?” She asks out of nowhere. I pause for a moment, hesitant on whether the truth is best or not. But when I look at her and see her staring strait back at me, I figure honesty is the best policy.


She nods, “Are you upset that you aren’t down there?”

Another question I wasn’t expecting, “No, I’m happy where I am, here with you.”

“Really?” There is a cuteness to her that usually isn’t there.

I nod, “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now.” She smiles down at the water. “Are happy here, right now? Or even in this house, are you happy baby?”

She’s hesitant, “I’m not sure. I don’t want to be anywhere else right now.”


“When I was with that guy, even thinking about all the bad things I know you could have done I still wanted you guys to be the ones to save me.” She pauses, “Have you ever killed a person?”

Without any hesitation I answer, “Yes.”

“Do you regret it?”

I shake my head, “I don’t regret a single one.”

She nods.

“Does that change your idea of me?”

Her head shakes no.

“Do you still love me?” The words surprise me but her automatic nod surprises me even more. “You love me?”

“I love all of my daddies, even if I don’t like what you do, or what you have done.”

It’s as if my heart stops, I don’t want to ever leave this moment, I want to hear her say that over and over again until time runs out. She loves us. She loves me.

“I love you baby.”

headlights (Reader X Reggie)


Warning: … involves an accident.. that’s pretty much it

Request: Yes

A/N : well this was my first none jughead Imagine… hopefully it’s not bad. It’s quite weird writing about an accident because the only accident I’ve been in ( Thank God ) is when I was 9. We were driving in Mexico and suddenly this car was going mega fast and hit the back side of my grandma’s truck, and I was playing my Gameboy.. and so we kinda swerved and the window was open.. my face hit the backseat of my mom’s seat and I my Gameboy went flying out ….. MAN WAS I PISSED AT THAT GUY. I remember I walked over to the Guy’s car and grabbed a rock from the side of the road and threw it on his side window, my mom had to pay for that damage . XD


Finally it was the end of my shift, due to it being the weekend Pop asked if I could stay a bit longer on my shift, since Mrs.Harmony had decided to take a day off. Of course I said yes because it means free food for me and extra cash, which I need. Sadly because of the extension of my shift, I couldn’t go the the party that someone had planned tonight. It was currently 11:53 p.m. and thank goodness my house is just about six minutes away from here. I quickly run to the back locker room, grab my things , check out from my shift and ran to my car. I start the engine and let it heat up for two minutes due to the cold night that the winter has brought to Riverdale. Once the engine is ready I start to drive home. I drive on the road that’s between the double sided forest. When I’m about 3 minutes away from home I stop at the intersection and check if any cars are coming, I start to increase my acceleration but I notice two bright headlights from the corner of my eye coming closer in lighting speed.

Before I could even slam on the breaks the impact of the car hits my side of the car,as a result causes my car to flip. I felt like my body was frozen in time while everything moves in slow motion. I feel the window class break and cut against my skin, my head slamming onto the steering wheel and the seat belt pressing deeply into my chest cutting my oxygen flow. A few seconds later, after the car had stopped moving, I painfully pull my phone out and call Reggie’s number.

“ SUP (Y/N)! You should co-”

“Reggie I was in an accident Please just hurry and call the ambulance, I’m at maple road” I tiredly speak into the phone.

“(Y/N/N), stay on the line in coming right now!” He assures me. Faintly I hear Reggie screaming at someone to call the ambulance.

Every 10 seconds Reggie would speak and ask if I’m still on the line, and all I can say in a weak voice is “yes.” And with every answer my voice starts to fade.
4 minutes later I hear a car screeching to a stop and a car door slamming. I feel Someone open the driver side of my car and pull me out of my seat.
“(Y/N) i’m here okay, I’m here. Breath with me, in, out… in , out.” I here Reggie speak to me, though I know he’s right next to me I feel like his voice is fading away.

“(Y/N) don’t fall asleep! The ambulance is on it’s way.”
Suddenly I think of the person who crashed into me.

” Reggie, what about the other driver.. Are.. are they okay?” I ask with difficulty.

“(Y/N) a friend is helping him, but just stay with me. I hear the ambulance.”

Within seconds I hear the ambulance and I feel myself being lifted off the ground and put onto a bed and carried into the ambulance. I could here Reggie in the background arguing trying to get in with me.

“Sir, you can’t ride with us only family members.”

“But.. She’s my umm..girlfriend.” He argues back

“ Sir , rules are rules I can’t let… SIR get out of the car right now!”

Softly I feel Reggie hold my hand as he says “I’m right here for you .” And that’s the last thing I remember until passing out.

I hear a beeping sound of a machine and the feeling of needles and strings being attached to me. When I open my eyes I’m blinded by the white light above me, once my eyes get used to the lighting I look around and notice I’m in a hospital room… I then feel movement around my lap area and notice Reggie lying his head on my lap, gently I start to stroke his hair as I wait for him to wake up.

I guess he feels my touch automatically because he springs up from his position and looks at me.
“(Y/N) you’re okay! How do you feel, are you in pain, should I call the doctor?”

I laugh lightly but hiss when I feel my rib area ache.
“ I’m fine Reggie.. just a few bruises here and there but I’m a big Girl, I’ll be fine.”

“ (Y/N) what the hell happened?”

“I don’t know.. I was just driving back home until I reached an intersection and stopped at the stop sign, I looked both ways to check if any cars were coming but saw none. When I wanted to drive again from the corner of my eyes I saw bright lights.. next thing I knew I was in a crash.”

“Why didn’t you call me to take you home? You know it’s winter and the roads get icy! Not to mention that the other driver was drunk and didn’t stop at the stop sign.”

“Call you Reggie? Either way we would have been in a crash! At least only one of us got hurt.” I state weakly feeling myself getting tired because of the argument.

“ Well I would be the one driving, so the car would have hit my side and you’d have less of the impact! While you now got ALL of the impact!”

“WHY DO YOU CARE? I got hit, Get. over. it! Besides you’re my BEST FRIEND and you’re acting as if you are my boyfriend, hell even my father!”

Suddenly I notice the rage in Reggie’s eyes as he gets up from his seat and hovers over me with both of his hand resting on each side of my head.
Suddenly I feel his lips crash into mine and hands as if they were magnets, attach onto Reggie’s neck and hold him in place. Reggie slightly pulls away and whispers “ stop being my friend, and will you be my girlfriend?”

Without a thought I pull him back and kiss him back.

i. cherry lips and condensation running down the side of the soda can, her laces undone, hair up. here is the sun and it wears shirts yanked free from the back of cupboards that smell like mothballs. here is the sun and it looks across the courtyard, eyes peeking over the latest issue of some outdated magazine that hasn’t published a thing since ‘85.

ii. we played tennis all summer, shoes squeaking on the court, laughter like poison in our throats.

iii. i still keep the photo of you in my jacket pocket, where i can’t see your smile, your eyes staring out from the past like pilot lights that gutter and fade into oblivion.

iv. lying in the grass, holding hands. my mouth tastes of blood, and your knuckles are bruised, but that’s fine. it’s always been fine.

v. the summer of never growing up. the summer of the ambulances screaming up and down the roads of our suburbia kingdom, us watching through blinds as we eat honey straight out of jars- here, eat this ichor, here, take this power and turn yourselves into something worthy, something-

vi. here is the sun and she’s packing her bags. here is the sun, and i’m pulling on sunglasses as she’s pulling out of the driveway in a car that’s going nowhere fast- and everywhere faster.

vii. the summer of never growing up. the fall of learning how to pick yourself off the sidewalk with broken bones and a mouth full of decaying forevers.

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Hi there, first time asking for a prompt but I love your writing so.. Neil and andrew having a car accident but Neil swerves the car to protect andrew(angst is in my veins). thank you!!

Shoutout to @irishrainbownjh who is the angst to my fluff and basically wrote me an outline for this! Hope you enjoy! :) 

The first thing Neil registers is the incessant beeping. It gnaws its way into his brain and sets his nerves on edge. His fingers twitch and clench, and the next thing he registers is the scratchy fabric underneath his fingertips. Neil tries to open his eyes, but his eyelids feel like lead, and Neil’s sluggish brain doesn’t seem to have the strength to try and pry his tacky eyelashes apart. He allows himself a few more moments to just lie there, the constant beeping starting to become more of a soothing blanket. Tendrils of sleep start to slither their way back into his mind, but Neil pushes them down. He sucks in a deep breath, but suddenly pain is sent ricocheting across his side. His hand instinctively flies to the troubled area, but the movement sends more pain splintering up his arm. It’s enough for Neil’s eyes to finally snap open. 

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How to Write Children

The other day I started writing something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  The first chapter starts with the characters at age 7 and, for the sake of accuracy, I pulled out my notebook from the Child Development course I took over the summer.  I know that not everyone has access to a course like that or even notes from one, so I thought I could share some tips I picked up on writing children.

Age: Infancy (birth to ~2)

Infants don’t really do much besides eat and sleep.  The only way they know how to communicate is through crying; however, they do start making noises that sound like talking as they get older, which can be noted as cooing or babbling.  First words are usually short, brief words that are nouns or actions.  Language develops quickly at 50 words by 8-18 months, and 300 by 18-22 months.

Fresh babies can only see about 7-9 inches away from their face and without much peripheral vision.  Basically, things need to be right in front of them.  Infants respond to sound much easier, though, responding more to the mother’s voice, and sounds and rhythms of speech rather than nonsensical noises.  Babies are sensitive to smell, taste, and pain, being able to determine good and pleasant from the bad.

They spend about 2/3 of their time sleeping (16 hours a day).

Around 2-3 months, the infant starts being able to hold up their head, and around 3-4 months they can start grabbing things voluntarily.  

Age: Early Childhood (2-6)

At this stage, children are developing their gross motor skills, which is the large muscles.  They are learning to balance, throw, catch, push, pull, etc.  At this point, males and females are generally equal in terms of development and abilities.  Children can begin to develop fine motor skills at this stage, but not unless they have mastered gross motor skills.

Children at this stage usually develop patterns of erratic and unpredictable eating habits.  They can develop strong or strange preferences, and often are influenced by parental food preferences.

These ages need about 10-11 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period which is usually accomplished with 9-10 hours at night and a 1-2 hour nap during the day.

Children at this stage begin “symbolic” or pretend play.  They have one-dimensional thinking, and see themselves as the center of all situations, and this is completely normal development.  These children do not understand the laws of causality.  An example of this is that highways make cars go fast, or when I wake up the sun comes out (rather than people make highways fast or the sun will always come out whether you wake up or not).

Preschoolers learn an average of 9 words per day.  They also apply the concept of overregulation, which is applying grammar to words that are an exception to the rule (a child learn that you put -s on plurals and makes the word “mouses”).

Preschoolers start to identify and respond differently to their friends than other children.  They identify friends not by qualities, but rather the toys and activities they share.

Age: Middle Childhood (7-12)

This is the stage when children usually begin losing teeth.  They start going in for regular vision, hearing, and dental checks.  This is also the stage when hormonal differences begin to occur, not until puberty however.  Children begin to develop “executive functions” of thinking, such as goal setting, information processing, and self-regulation.

During middle childhood, children are increasing their speed, strength, agility, and balance.  They are developing hand-eye coordination, faster reaction time, and flexibility.  Their fine motor skills have increased to tie shoes, fasten buttons, zip zippers, etc.

Children at this stage begin to understand the law of conservation, which is the idea that properties of an object remain the same when superficial characteristics are rearranged or changed.  They can also begin to uses class inclusion, or understand that one category or class can include subcategories (**Note: This is Piaget’s theory and has since been proven that the development in this paragraph happens earlier than he accounted).

Children begin to develop a moral conscious that is usually dependent on the world around them.  Basically, children learn that they must conform to an authority or set of rules, and misbehavior results in automatic retribution.  Children at this age may also begin to lie as a way out of retribution, but do not fully grasp the concept of deception (develops around 9-10), so lies will be short, one-word answers rather than elaborate tales.

By age 6, children will have learned 7000-13000 words.  By ages 7-9, they will understand that words have different meanings and enjoy jokes.  

Children will start to develop self esteem around this age, and is usually higher in children with close relationships with their parents, and social acceptance by their peers.  Peers become powerful during middle childhood, and there becomes a lot of pressure to conform due to acceptance or rejection.

Age: Adolescence (13-17)

Puberty may have already happened before this age, but it usually marks the beginning of adolescence.  In males, early maturation is not usually seen any one way or another; however, late maturation in males can make them feel dominated an insecure.  This is reversed in females.  Early maturation can make them feel awkward and conspicuous.

Teenagers are at the peak of physical health, strength, and mental capacity (in general terms), yet this is a very hazardous age.  Rates of death by injury between ages 15-19 are about 6 times greater than the rate between ages 10-14 because of an egocentric feeling of invincibility.

Teenagers bodies have sexually matured, but they have limited executive functions and tend to be impulsive.  They may end up reacting to peer pressure.  Sexually-active adolescents have a higher risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections (estimated 2.5 million teenagers).

Many teenagers experience sleep deprivation (<6 hours), which can lead to poor performance.  Adolescents experience what is called phase delay.  This concept is the teenagers body shifting its sleeping schedule, making them fall asleep later and waking up later.  It is natural for teenagers to have difficulty falling asleep before 11pm.

At this stage, teenagers have a great capacity for abstract thinking and use of symbols.  They are categorized by hypothetical thinking (what might be rather than what is), Utopian thinking (the future’s possibilities), and symbolic thinking (how a symbol can represent something greater).

Teenagers still experience a sense of egocentrism.  Adolescents are overly concerned about what others think of them, and feel under scrutiny or on stage (”imaginary audience”).  They also believe that their own thoughts and beliefs are special and unique, which can lead to them feeling alone and isolated.

The differences between genders (I’m sorry I don’t have any notes on trans youth we didn’t cover that) is now much more obvious due to cultural experiences.  Girls tend to be better in verbal skills such as reading, and expressive language, whereas boys tend to be better at visual-spatial abilities because of sports.  In a study of 7 million teenagers, they found no difference between boys and girls in mathematics.

*** Please note that this is a very simplified and edited version of my notes.  There are entire sections of the science behind development, and also disorders and diseases.  If you want a deeper explanation on anything, or posts about the two subjects I skipped over, please feel free to ask! ***

Get you a girl who makes you wanna wear your seat belt. I know, something so simple right, but when you’re someone who used to sit in cars and go as fast as you can hoping that on the off chance something would go wrong and you would have a “good” reason for dying then it matters. So get you a girl who makes you buckle up everywhere you go because as long as you’re seeing her beautiful smile you’re wanting to live.

so. guess who now has a boyfriend.