car fight

Unpopular opinion:

  • Neil actually has a really good taste in music
  • This shocks all the foxes later
  • he spent A LOT of time in the car and his mom and him weren’t that… talkative (unless they where planning or going over back stories) so instead of spending that time in silence they would play music
  • He memorized the top ten charts for eight years in a row because he needed something anything to do that had nothing to do with running or he would go crazy
  • Neil and Mary also spent a lot of time in small dive bars (fight me on this) cause they often didn’t have cameras and was full of drunks who kept their heads down, dont ask questions, and pay no mind to a random lady and a tough lookin kid sitting by themselves at a table in the corner
  • What these bars lacked in size they made up for with live entertainment
  • Mainly Local bands that would play covers of practically anything
  • This is where Neil learns a lot of classics and other popular songs
  • Neil kept a lot of secrets (duh) but most of them where shared with Mary… some he kept himself
  • Like that these where his favorite night’s while on the run, he always got excited when Mary stopped the car in front of a crappy looking bar and he would see someone dragging in a drum and some speakers in through the back
  • He (also securely) really wants to sing with one of the small little bands at least ones but he knew it was unrealistic
  • One band preformed Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the machine and the song stuck with Neil for years. he knows every word
  • Years down the road all the foxes make playlist for long bus rides or work outs and they are all surprised when Neil actually has one to share
  • And it’s really Good!
  • It’s got a bit of everything and they transition really well (never goes from a fast song to a slow song, or a soft song to a loud song, nothing jaring)
  • everyone is for once happy with the playlist they all have to listen too
  • Now Neil is the one shocked as the Foxes unanimously elect him to be in charge of music from now on
Marco Rubio. The worst. The absolute worst we can do. And ALL THOSE REPUBLICANS who told me in my direct messages,
“In private he sparkles.”
Oh does he? In private? Because on camera you can see the torture of him knowing he’s EXACTLY what we say he is. He wears it on his face! At least Paul Ryan has the decency to have dead fucking eyes!
—  Pod Save America

listen, i’m gonna be honest here, on a flawed and strictly personal level: if the events of the mcu were happening in our world, i would be fucking Terrified of the avengers 

as a civilian in the mcu i wouldn’t have access to a ton of info about Bucky Barnes’ Super Tragic Life Situation? i would just know about the apocalyptic shit that happened in sokovia and i’d be seeing news stories about the avengers just Showing Up in countries they had no right to be in, causing damage, and leaving patting themselves on the back. i get upset hearing about local police misconduct. i wouldn’t be chill in this situation

this straight white 25-30 year old american dude from the 40s marching around the globe with a group of superpowered vigilantes (some ex-military, some enhanced with dangerous superpowers, all heavily armed with nearly unlimited resources) fighting people, possibly without working with local law enforcement or emergency services, without being held responsible by any higher-ups because the secret government organization he was working for turned out to be hydra so he burned that to the ground (making more apocalyptic-looking shit happen in the states) and then decided that he should still get to do that job anywhere he chooses without any systems of accountability or communication with the public in place (short of an eccentric billionaire with a shaky reputation making some statements to the press)

like. would i be on tumblr and twitter and facebook seeing people asking for a donation to their kickstarter to fix their car or their house or pay hospital bills or something because of the events of the avengers, and catws, and aou, and cacw,,,, like would the avengers be paying for that? they’re not working for anyone. they don’t have people they answer to. there’s probably not a complaints department or a number you can call. do i have to personally contact and/or sue tony stark to unfuck my financial situation. how exactly do you handle this? how does this work? who’s paying for damages this would be a mess

and then 117 countries around the world start getting together to say “okay this needs to stop”, so there’s probably some Not Great Press re: the avengers circulating around the world. natasha was a russian spy/assassin and all of her Red Ledger Baggage got dumped onto the internet. + also press re: the Event In Lagos™…and then bucky barnes attacks the people trying to hold the avengers accountable. holy shit. the leader of a nation who was leading the charge re: Avengers & Accountability is murdered by captain america’s best friend. 

i mean, steve knows that bucky is innocent, you and me know that bucky is innocent, but your average citizen probably wouldn’t. then steve goes and physically fights off the people who have been sent to arrest bucky for this–you think those people and the families of those people wouldn’t be publicly not okay with that? there’s a dramatic car chase fight situation involving bucky, steve, sam, And The Son Of The Recently Murdered King of Wakanda, and they’re arrested, and maybe you think the drama is probably over, it’s being dealt with, bUT NO, bucky barnes attacks a bunch of people and escapes and there’s a dramatic helicopter crash and holy shit this is like maybe half of the movie’s plot and things would already be So Tense

like even people who were pro-avengers would probably be like  “holy shit okay but What Is Going On” and this is all Before the fight at the airport in germany and hearing on the news that captain america broke his team of vigilantes out of prison and they are now Hiding Somewhere Among Us…like, we know these people and can empathize with them because we see their stories in a way that prioritizes them and their relationships over the collateral damage but like. this would be such a mess this would be so tense to live through as a civilian and i would be Afraid


meanwhile in russia…

dating stiles stilinski would include...


  • Being totally awkward and embarrassed around each other when you first start dating
  • Forgetting your own inside jokes 
  • “Remember that one time you laughed really hard at the one thing and chocolate milk came out of your nose?”
  • “Yeah babe, that was so funny. Wait, why was I laughing again?”
  • Having full access to his infinite collection of flannels & hoodies
  • Stealing a few of your favorites because they smell like him and returning them once the his scent wears off 
  • “I’ve been looking for this sweater for 3 months." 

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Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland! (*´▽`*)✿

Stark Expo Store

Iron Easter Egg :D

The Iron Man Experience (a 4D short film which is about you traveling on a flying car and fight Hydra with Iron Man) is really great! And there are many details in the exhibition which fans would appreciate. And you can take pictures with Iron Man (and he said my Iron Man T-shirt is very pretty heehee)

Although the Iron Man area is quite small, but still, if you come to Hong Kong, I would definitely recommend you to go and visit! :D I am sure you would have a lot of fun! (*´▽`*)✿

Modern Dregs AU #2

The Dregs driving

  • of the seven, Matthias is the best driver
  • owns one of those vintage cars (like a ‘69 chevy)
  • his record with DMV is flawless, passed his driving test the first time he took it
  • he’s always very courteous, yielding to others even when he has the right-of-way (Matty is a Good™)
  • has one of those “Baby On Board” bumper stickers, actually in reference to his dogs that he takes to the park a couple days a week
  • Nina always gets on his case about it
  • “it’s false advertising” “they are my CHILDREN, Nina”
  • Nina, on the other hand, is the source of Matt’s road anxiety
  • she never checks over her shoulder when making a turn or lane change
  • stops for birds in the road, and not gentle stops
  • full on slam-your-face-into-the-dashboard stop
  • Matthias has bloodied his nose on multiple occasions when Nina was behind the wheel
  • “Nina, you don’t STOMP on the brake” “the bird could’ve died!!!” “it’s a BIRD” “what if it was your DOG”
  • her dream car is a sleek Audi - maybe someday
  • Inej is v careful on the road but also drives right at the limit
  • she drives a tiny car (like a Volkswagen Beetle), likes the little jostle when a giant car zooms past and the resistance hits hers
  • only one who can parallel park without having to go back and forth 15 times
  • ends up driving Kaz everywhere, he’ll just call her out of the blue
  • “pick me up” “not with that attitude” “darling inej, would you be so kind as to let me ride with you to school?” “you’re paying for gas”
  • she only ever agrees to pick him up because she’s crushing on dat boi fully aware he never learned to drive
  • shocking - Dirtyhands can’t drive
  • Inej tried to teach him the basics once and it did not end well
  • “wHY AREN’T WE MOVING” “that’s the brake pedal, Kaz” “oh, so this one” “KAZ, DON’T SLAM ON IT”
  • he ended up rearending Matthias’s vintage car
  • “you’re paying for the damage” “do i look like i shit money?”
  • and then there’s Jesper
  • hoo boy
  • Nina’s generous with the brake pedal, and Jesper is the same with the gas pedal
  • he’s the type to zoom through yellow lights right before it goes red
  • he also swerves in and out of lanes when he’s in a hurry
  • no one knows how he got his license, least of all Mr. Fahey (lost his hat once, it flew out the window while Jesper was speeding on the fucking freeway)
  • Kaz is the only one who maintains some sort of calm when in the car with Jesper driving
  • meanwhile, Wylan has only ever let Jesper drive once of all the times they went someplace together
  • “c’mon, wy, I’ll be easy this time” “never. again.”
  • so Wylan drives them everywhere in his mom’s minivan
  • surprisingly enough, he has the worst road rage of them all
  • not like he’ll jump out of the car and go, “FIGHT ME” though he could if he wanted
  • just gives you the finger as he drives by, acting all tough in the minivan
  • Kaz applauds him from the back and Inej disapproves
  • “you shouldn’t encourage him” “why not, he’s learning something useful”
  • Kuwei can’t really drive yet but Nina likes to take him to the park to practice around the block
  • she’s like the nonchalant parent
  • and Matthias is the one who freaks out every time Kuwei increases the speed just 5 mph
  • “YOU’RE GOING TOO FAST” “i’m only going 25, settle down, you old coot”
  • you cannot even believe what the roadtrips are like
  • ;)

A S T R A L — of, connected with, or resembling the stars

With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist. 

Rules: Make a playlist using as many songs as you want that describe your aesthetic, using each artist only once and linking the playlist somewhere in the post.
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“Two guys were in a parking lot in Turin and started a fight because one hit the other’s car. But the fight ended very differently from how it started.”


Further Observations: Screenshot Edition


I don’t know what kind of music Rayon would sing/play/whatever but I,,,,,,,WOW,,, 


The Duke: *threatens*

*tiniest voice* fight me???


The Duke: *triple-crosses*



Texas: *talks*


this is an in-between shot but it looks like a “happier times” portrait or Snapchats From The Duke SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE THAT A THING