car dice

up10tion as drivers

Jinhoo: listens to the news and classical music when driving. has lots of trouble making u-turns and always forgets to turn on his turn signal

Kuhn: drives rly well, has never gotten a single ticket in his life. a law-abiding citizen

Kogyeol: cussing out every driver he encounters, has p bad road rage. his car probably has those dice hanging from the window and he constantly glares at it every day 

Wei: always drumming along on the wheel to music, starts daydreaming while hes driving by accident and almost gets himself killed in the process

Bitto: gets so into the music he’s playing that he turns it up all the way and gets turnt in the middle of a stoplight. has become the topic of many passing cars’ conversations

Wooshin: can fuckin floor it and wind through all the cars. never gets caught in traffic bc hes so good at getting through it. he drives too fast honestly

Sunyoul: follows all the rules n shit but drives wayy too slow tbh everybody hates him on the road

Gyujin: drives the nicest fuckin car on the road but he sucks at it. cant parallel park and always accidentally cuts o ff ppl all the time

Hwanhee: apologizing profusely to everybody he passes, freaking out like xiao and brakes too damn hard. nobody can tell when he’s gonna stop

Xiao: sweating aggresively , hands constantly gripping the steering wheel and almost crashes at every turn. always runs red lights

the signs as *rolls dice* car parts!

aries: brakes
taurus: transmission
gemini: brake fluid
cancer: windshield wipers
leo: blinker/turn signal
virgo: speedometer 
libra: headlights
scorpio: gas pedal
sagittarius: navigation system
capricorn: engine
aquarius: hubcaps 
pisces: antifreeze

The Signs as Drivers

Aries: Offers rides but then demands gas money.

Taurus: The obsessive one that makes sure they follow the laws and that their car is spotless.

Gemini: The last minute decision maker. Loves illegal U-turns and crazy detours.

Cancer: The mother hen that drives friends around to wherever they need to be. Follows the laws and drives a safe car.

Leo: That one kid that drives a Mercedes to school and loves showing it off.

Virgo: Has a perfectly good license but prefers rides from other people.

Libra: Drives a sketchy old used car but they’re really proud that they saved the money for it.

Scorpio: Road rage.

Sagittarius: Music is all the way up and pays close attention to the full back seat. Is the driver for all of the long distance road trips.

Capricorn: Drives to school, drives to work, drives home. (Occasionally through the drive through when they’re feeling wild)

Aquarius: Likes to drive alone and has really cute car accessories like dice and the hula girl on the dash.

Pisces: Gets tickets for going too slow.