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🍬🚙🍩🚗🍭 Baby Penny Candy & Butter Drop Day Of Fun - Part I  🍬🚙🍩🚗🍭

The baby friends were bored so they went to take walk. They found a pretty milk bar. In the kids menu they use a cardboard vintage car as box. It was perfect for Penny Cany and Butter Drop, they liked it so much that they wanted to bring it home :D

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Imagine: RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having an out-of-control baking hobby?

Hiya! If you have an out-of-control baking hobby, please don’t be afraid to share with us too >.


  • He woke up to a busy sound from the kitchen, it’s a small apartment after all
  • You have made trays of cakes
  • “MC, do you have an event or something?”
  • He eats only one because diet, of course
  • And shares the rest of it with the production staff
  • While showing off that it’s from his girlfriend, of course


  • Jumin woke up in the morning to the sight of kitchen, full of breads
  • All kinds of bread, name it
  • He’s surprised he has never seen that much bread in his life
  • He saves enough for a week, out of love for you of course
  • And had the rest shipped and sold at C&R managed hotels
  • Everything can be made into money for Jumin


  • He knows you have been busy in the kitchen
  • He started working, you are already in the kitchen
  • He finished working, you are still in the kitchen
  • So he checks up on you out of worry
  • And find stacks of homemade potato chips!
  • Woohoo~~ Heaven on Earth!
  • No way in hell is he sharing it with anybody
  • He urges you to try making homemade PhD Pepper next time


  • You meet up with Yoosung to walk together to the university
  • You brought him a bag of cookie
  • And another bag next day
  • And another bag the next day
  • And another and another and another
  • He is curious so he asked to go to your house
  • And found jars of cookies everywhere!
  • You still have some baking in the oven
  • In the end, he suggests that you put them up for bake sale in the university
  • And next time he’s keeping an eye on you whenever you go shopping


  • Jaehee has a coffee shop
  • You has an out-of-control baking hobby
  • Result: Perfection!
  • Bountiful supplies in the coffee shop
  • Sold Out is not known in the café
  • Bake Sale is a frequent visitor


  • V knows that you have a talent in decorating cakes
  • But when you saw a new skill you never seen before, you’ll end up trying to perfect it overnight
  • It’s impossible to let you or himself eat only buttercream rainbow flowers for the whole week
  • So he suggests that you make small cupcakes and practice your sculpting there
  • When you are done, he’ll drive you and his car full of cupcakes to share to people in need
  • He takes pictures of you and your happy face when you are sharing your creations


  • Girl, are you crazy?
  • Why is the kitchen so messy?
  • Why is there pies on the dining table?
  • Piles of fruit pies!
  • How many kilos of fruit did you buy?
  • Did you empty out the fruit market?
  • Did you empty out the baking store?
  • Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  • Then, you know he loves ice cream
  • So you made him gallons of ice cream next time.

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What would each 2p be doing when asked "What the hell are you doing?!"

Only done a few!

2P! America: Probs dancing around naked

2P! China: Checking himself out in a car window

2P! England: Putting cupcakes into someone’s bag

2P! Ukraine: Stealing something

2P! Canada: on the floor playing with a puppy

2P! Finland: Aiming a gun at someone (Don’t worry, he wont shoot at them)

2P! Iceland: Setting a fire

Girl’s talk Boy’s! Ashton

Words: 2.3k

Warning: car blowjob + smut

Lyric: Cause I been talking to my friends
The way you take away my breath


*Ashton’s POV*

It was a sunny day, well it always felt like a sunny day with Y/N by my side. She was my fiancee, we’d been together for nearly 10 years her being with me since we were 14 and she stuck by my side through my good times and bad. Y/N is definitely my soulmate theirs something about the way she carry’s herself and the way she loves me. 

“To our third album” Calum shouted excitedly, raising his beer bottle in the air. I raised mine as they all clinked. We were at Luke’s house, we had just finished our third album and we were celebrating. We all had our families here and of course John Feldy and his kids. I was stood with the boy’s as we threw our beer down our throat’s. Calum had a cigarette perch between his fingers as he brought it to his lips. I looked away and over to Y/N, she was sat under the tree with Mali-Koa’s newborn, Charlie in her arms and John’s kids, Milla and Julian. She looked amazing holding kids and I honestly can’t wait to have our own. Thinking about it makes something inside me erupt in thousands of butterflies. 

“Mate, what aftershave are you wearing?” Luke fake gaged. I whipped my head round to see that he was talking to me, I grabbed the collar of my shirt and brought it to my nose taking a wiff. I smelt of Y/N, I smiled to myself and dropped my collar.

“You smell like a woman” Michael laughed, he chugged down his beer smiling.

“I always knew you were a woman” Luke sassed.

“I don’t care what I smell like. If I smell like the woman I’m completely in love with then thank fuck. Plus I’m the manliest out of us four, I mean c’mon Calum don’t deny that you haven’t fucked Michael this week.” I grinned. Michael spluttered out his beer as Calum dropped his fag on the floor smirking and treading on it, putting the light out. They both shook there head laughing, as I looked back over Y/N, which the other boy’s did too. 

Milla had made a daisy chain, placing it on Y/N’s head. Y/N laughed, with one hand sorting it out the other holding Charlie. Julian was reading a book to the three girls, Y/N slowly rocking the baby. She had a massive smile plastered on her face with crinkles by her eye’s watching the boy adoringly. I took in a breath which made my chest flutter looking at her. I heard a camera shutter go off and turned my head, Luke was holding up his camera.

“Did you just take a photo?” I asked, looking at Luke’s guilty face.

“The way you look at her mate, I’m saving this for when I’m your best man at your wedding and making a presentation about your love” he laughed. 

“Have you even decided who’s going to be your best man?” John said, placing a hand on my shoulder. 

“No I’m having best men not a best man” I smiled, looking at my three best friends. The boys awed along with John as he gave me a hug.

“Right I’m off” He say’s hugging the other boys. I watched as he made his way over to Milla and Julian. They both hugged Y/N and Julian left a kiss on her cheek which made John laugh. They all waved goodbye and walked out the house. Me and the boy’s went and sat down down on the deck chairs, the small smoke from the BBQ, floating up into the atmosphere. 

Y/N walked up to the decking where we were and came and sat on my lap with Charlie. I placed my beer down on the table, wrapping my arm’s around her waist. Y/N was curvy which meant she had a big squishy ass pressed against my crotch. I tried to holding in my whine my kissing her shoulder. She was stroking over Charlie’s face and looking down at him admiring, tucking the blanket around him. 

“I think Julian has a crush on you, now remember you’re mine” I smiled into her shoulder. She let out a laugh, elbowing me in the chest lightly before laying her head back onto me. Calum came over to us and took Charlie out of Y/N’s arm’s gently. He went and sat down next to Michael who leant on his shoulder and kissed Calum’s cheek. Y/N awed at Michael’s flushed face nuzzling into Calum’s shoulder. 

“You’re so breathtaking” Y/N said, I looked up at her and she was already looking down at me. I squeezed my hand, leaning my head up and kissing her lips. Her lips always taste peachy one of my favourite taste’s, I licked over her lips wanting to make it heated but she grabbed my jaw pulling me away. She gave me a smirk and pecked my lip. I ran my hand up her thigh, tucking it under her dress. She laid her head on my shoulder and kissed my neck, leaving small tingling sensations. Y/N skin was smooth, almost silky as I caressed her thigh, rubbing circles into it. She purred into my neck, sucking onto my neck and licking over it like a kitten. My breath hitched in my throat as she applied more pressure to my semi-hard on, rotating her ass around discreetly. I felt her giggle into my neck and suck onto my sweet spot.

“Stop” I growled pinching her leg and holding her body close. I grinded my body into her hearing a small pant come from her lips which went straight to my cock. 

“Baby” I rasped, she lifted up her head and kissed my jaw. 

“Yes” she smiled stroking over my beard. 

“You know what you’re doing” I whined bumping my nose on her jaw and kissing under her chin. 

“Do I?” she sassed, running her finger over my bottom lip, I took it between my lips sucking onto it and shutting my eyes. She was quick to remove her finger and stand up. I smirked in victory seeing her pull down her dress. Along the way of her teasing I some how forgot that we were surrounded by people. They were all focused on little Charlie anyway.

“We’re off now guys” she said hugging Luke. Luke wrapped his arms around her kissing her cheek. She hugged Calum and Michael as I bro hugged Luke and the rest. Y/N grabbed my hand as we waved goodbye, Y/N dragged me to the front door and to our car. I went to go in the passengers side but she pushed me up against the door. I felt a sharp sting in my back and hissed looking down at her. She stroked her hand’s down my chest, feeling me inhale her nail’s dragging lightly across my nipples. She touched her fingers over my tent in my pants and squeezed it. 

“Not here” I gulped, feeling extremely vulnerable to her touch. She licked over her lips and took out the key’s to the car.

“You drive” She winked. I rolled my eye’s biting my lip and walked around the car. I got into the blue car smelling the vanilla cupcake Yankee candle air freshener, Y/N’s choice. I started the engine and fastened my seat belt, turning the automatic car into drive. I rolled the car forward and drove down the road. Y/N rested her hand on my thigh and I instantly knew what she was doing, I clutched the steering wheel tightly focusing on the road. Y/N popped open my button and I whipped my head round at her.

“Focus on the road Ash” she purred unzipping the zipper. I faced forward stopping at the traffic light. Y/N tucked her hand under my trousers, I sat up a bit so she shuffled them down under my ass. My semi cock sprung up slowly, slightly drooping, but twitching when I saw the desire in Y/N’s eye’s. The light turned green and I stepped on the accelerator. Y/N licked over her hand and reach toward’s my cock giving it a small tug. 

“I can’t focus on the road when your hand is wrapped around my cock” I groaned, she circled her finger around my tip and laughed.

“Unless you want us to crash you’re going to drive” She whimpered, her face coming closer towards my dick. She licked up my dick, tracing up the vein and closing her eye’s. Her eyelashes fluttered against her cheek as she moaned onto my dick. I let out a groan, turning the wheel around the mini roundabout. Y/N tapped my tip against her lips, dribbling her wet lips along it. She gave it a peck before, sliding her lips around it. I gripped the steering wheel tightly, my finger’s going a white colour as she sucked onto it. 

“Fuck” I moaned pushing my head right back against the headboard. I kept my eye’s focused on the road and she swirled her tongue around my tip. She took me all the way the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat. I gasped, pressing to hard on the accelerate and trying to break it off. Y/N giggled around my cock hollowing her cheek’s and making the sweet sound of slurping. I turned in the corner to our house as she bobbed her head more rapidly up and down my slick cock. She twisted her hand around the base of my cock as she sucked onto the tip once again. 

I drove into the drive and tucked my hand under Y/N pulling up the handbrake. I turned the engine off and thrusted my hips into her mouth, she slightly gaged around me. I grabbed her hair pulling her off my cock, a small trail of saliva coming from her lips to my cock. She smiled smugly moving back, I just shook my head clenching my jaw. 

“You’re so getting it” I growled watching her throw her head back and moan. I pulled up my pant’s opening the car door and jumping out. Y/N was already at the front door of our house waiting for me to open the door. I walked slowly up to to her and she let out a whine smiling. I stuck my tongue between my teeth grinning and sticking the key in the hole. Y/N tucked her hand into my trousers, under my boxers and grabbed my cock, slowly stroking it. I flung open the door grabbing her hair and dragging her inside. I pushed her neck against the door slamming it shut and instantly pushed my lips of hers. I tilted her head with my thumb, poking my tongue into her mouth taste the peach flavour and the small taste of my pre-cum. 

Y/N let out a sweet moan which wet straight to my rock hard cock. She pushed me back, feeling her hands put as much pressure on my chest. I walked back moving my hands to her hips, she tugged down my trousers freeing my dick once again. My legs hit the back of the staircase as I fell back onto them. She detached her lip’s from mine and stood up straight. Her eye’s bored into mine as she stroked up her thighs and reached under her dress. She pulled down her panties and threw them across the room. I went to stand up but Y/N pushed me back on the stairs climbing on me.

“Too needy” She whined. She bunched up her skirt and licked over her finger’s, sliding the between her folds before grinding against me. She wrapped her hand around my cock, poking it at her entrance and sitting down onto it. I threw my head back onto the stair case clutching her hips as she sunk all the way down. She rolled her hip’s on mine slowly, placing her hand’s on my knee’s and giving me the sexiest look. Scanning up body body and fluttering her eyelashes and smirking. I slapped her thigh harshly, watching it jiggle. 

“Ow” She hissed, giving my chin a quick slap. I growled wrapping my arm’s around her, placing them on the top half of her back and grinding into her. I managed to tilt her back at a slight angel which made my cock thrust into her. I rolled up her dress as she pulled it up and over her head. I rocked into her, her hair flying everywhere. I grabbed her face moving her hair from it her making pfft sounds. I grabbed her face and sucked onto her lips licking over the top one and sucking hold of her tongue. 

“Fuck me” she whimpered.

“Am I not?” I smirked, grabbing a hold of the bottom of her ass and sitting back. I lifted her up as fucking up into her tight pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair roughly pulling at it, making a growl fall from my lips. She knew I loved it when she tugged at my hair, the curls between her dinky fingers. I moved my hands under the cup’s of her bra and squeezing her boobs in my hand. My cock was buried deep inside her as she rolled her hip’s. 

I could sense Y/N’s high as she clench my shoulders and dug her nails in. I whimpered, her walls tightening around me squeezing my cock. I felt my cock pulsate inside her making me go crazy. Y/N clamped her eye’s shut and took a long inhale in breath. She came around my cock looking like a goddess her hair matted against her forehead and her peachy lips parted. I came inside her, feeling the warm cum spurting inside her. I felt my balls tense and my cock still. 

“Ash” I heard Y/N moan stroking over my face. I smiled and opened my eye’s looking at her, she climbed off me. My cock drooping back down between my legs. 

“Round two upstairs maybe?” 


Irish Slammer Cupcake Minis

I think I’ve finally perfected the recipe… which is good because St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday!

[EDIT: Name change due to the insensitivity of the original title “car bomb” - “slammer” is the most common substitution I’ve found. Call ‘em a slammer and enjoy your cupcakes (and beverage) guilt free]


  • 1 box chocolate cake mix
  • 1 full cup Guinness Beer
  • 1 half shot Jameson whiskey
  • 1-1 and ½ cup flour (add until desired batter thickness)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup oil

Mix and bake at 350 for ~14 mins. Hollow out (I use piping cap to make the holes then a knife to hollow them out). 

Whiskey Ganache

  • 2/3 can condensed milk
  • 1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2-3 shots Jameson whiskey

Melt the chips and milk on the stove at a med high heat just until smooth. Cool for ~5-10 mins in a different bowl then start folding in the whiskey. Don’t let it get too runny. Pipe into the cake hollows when fully cool. 

Bailey’s Frosting

  • 1 tub frosting
  • 1-2 shots Bailey’s
  • 1 stick butter (soft, not melted)
  • 2-3 cups confectionery sugar (add until stiff)

Mix together until a stiff frosting is achieved. 

Whiskey Detail Frosting

  • ½ stick butter (soft, not melted)
  • 1-3 cups confectionery sugar
  • Green food dye
  • 1-3 shots whiskey

Start with the butter then add sugar and whiskey alternating until you have a stiff enough frosting and enough to make your clovers. Add green food dye until satisfied with the color. Pipe into 3 leaf clover shapes!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For more cupcake recipes, check my tag!


this is pretty much both sort of a life story,, and a cars story

i was born in Virginia on June 25th, 2001

since that day, me and everyone in my family have been big NASCAR fans, one day (2006) my grandmother told me with absolute joy, (i remember seeing her watch the trailer) that they were making a racing movie, relating to NASCAR, i immediately lit up and had to see it, of course i was pretty young so i never saw it in theaters, but later that year i saw Cars (2006) for the very first time, i was hooked immediately, my family bought me all sorts of cars stuff, some of which i still have, whether it be a rug for the toy cars to drive on, or just all the die casts in general, i loved cars and everything about it, i stayed interested but never really got 100% excited till i was 10 years old, and i saw the trailer for Cars 2 come on TV, i was so PUMPED, and went to see it on my birthday, as it was released Jun 24th the day before my birthday, I remember seeing it with my cousins, we came home and ate cars 2 themed cupcakes, and cars 2 juicy juice, just seeing juicy juice to this day gives me so much nostalgia, although i didn’t really notice how.. off par the 2nd movie was from the first one until this year, i still loved it and still enjoy it to this day, then at the start of 9th grade (last year, early Sept) i thought i was so lucky, i’d never been happier, i had a girlfriend, and amazing friends.

 then finally, it all came crashing down on me, in my life i never considered nor thought of the idea of me being depressed one day, then things from earlier that year bit me in the ass, the girl i was dating at the time was severely disliked in our friend group, i made the mistake of taking part of a group chat involving hateful words to this girl, i don’t recall doing most of the hate, but i was still part of it, and it was wrong of me, eventually a girl in our friend group who hated me, (cause she was dating my cousin and she was jealous of the fact i knew him better then she did.) she told her everything, all about the group chat, and everything we had said, my girlfriend broke up with me, and all the people who were also part of the group chat, left me, and started harassing me online, due to them not wanting her to find out they had something to do with the chat I’d imagine. I. was. DESTROYED.

I finally had enough of their bullying, and my parents did as well, they took me out of public school and started home schooling me, (which i did better in home school this year then i ever did in public school.) 

but it didn’t help the situation.

it was all i could think about, i fell into a deep depression, found out i have generalized anxiety disorder, and even OCD, I also at one point had crippling depression. it was horrible. I considered taking my life several times, I’ve had chains of a ceiling fan wrapped around my neck more then times I’d like to admit.

…but then.

late last year, they unveiled the trailer for Cars 3, I was obviously instantly hooked. I couldn’t wait till it came out, then finally, after months of anti depressants (which im still on) anxiety pills i’ve been given to take when having an attack..

June 16th, 2017 finally arrived.

I went to see it opening day, early at 11:00 AM.

It was an amazing day.

Now I look forward to today, I’ve got several Cars 3 items, just because anything that even barely has a cars 3 logo on it, It makes me so happy.

(Goldfish, Juicy Juice, Pens, Posters, Die Casts, Books, Sticker Books, Notebooks, anything.)

and it makes me happy.

I look at everything Cars 3 in my room everyday, and yes, I cuddle my Cruz Ramirez plushy at night.

Then I got on here, Tumblr, not expecting to become popular, not even remotely. I just wanted to see what other cars fans like me did, and sure enough..

Here I am 100+ followers and hopefully growing..

I’m sorry this was so long, and yes, depressing, but I truly mean it when I say I love you guys, I don’t see myself as a good person, but you guys find ways to lift me up..

Thank you.

-Shane (dinoco-51)

I Hate You (Part 6)

Ryan Sitkowski x reader 

Warnings : Language 

A/N: I’m still having to post from my phone, but links will be on the Masterlist once the entire series has been posted.

All the, small things

Works sucks, I know

She left roses by the stairs,

Surprises let me know she cares

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