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If Piper was a daughter of Hades, how different do you think she would be?

Oh man, this is an amazing question. Here are my head canons for Piper as a daughter of Hades.

  • Her mom Trista McLean is a famous actress notable for her rolls as very deep, somber characters and best known for portraying Death in a movie about a car crash victim that has to accept their demise and move on
  • Hades was fascinated by her portrayal of Death and they met/fell in love while the movie was being filmed
  • When Trista found out she was pregnant she tried to hide the truth about Hades from herself in hopes the baby would never have to know
  • Growing up Piper would constantly find dying animals and take care of them until they passed away, she often sang dirges to them to ease their suffering
  • At first she wanted to get into acting like her mom but after giving Hamlet’s soliloquy at an audition for school play and receiving shocked silence changes her mind
  • Trista continues to hide Piper’s father from her thinking it will keep Piper safe but it creates arguments that lead to Trista sending Piper off to boarding school
  • Piper sings dirges to herself and stands out from her peers to the point of frightening students and teachers and each school she goes to tries to find a way to push her out
  • At Wilderness School Leo teaches her about Dia de los Muertos and Piper is strangely happy to know not everyone sees death and the afterlife as terrifying
  • When Piper is claimed as a daughter of Hades CHB panics and Piper feels more of an outcast, she also worries Jason will hate her because of the relationship between their fathers and that Leo will abandon her too
  • Jason tells her he couldn’t care less and still wants to be her friend and Leo jokes that now it makes sense why she’s so creepy
  • After rescuing her mother with the help of Jason and Leo she confronts Trista about everything but Trista refuses to accept it and claims she won’t have her daughter suffer like the rest of his children and Piper understands
  • Piper still decorates her hair with bright feathers in homage to her ancestry but also wears poppies, carnations, and marigolds to show death in a less negative light 
  • Piper struggles to fit in during the war and prove that she can both control her powers and use them to help 

Mariska Hargitay who plays Olivia Benson in Law and Order: SVU and her mother and famous actress, Jayne Mansfield. Mansfield was tragically killed in a car crash where she was almost decapitated with the impact of the crash. 3-year-old Mariska was asleep in the backseat at the time and escaped with minor injuries. She says she will never forget the death of her mother.

Steven Universe Theory: Human’s are being placated by gem tech.

It is not normal for a certified doctor to look at a pile of gem limbs that do not have a pulse and think,

“Boy that’s one bad car crash victim.”

Or for that same doctor and her husband to look at a multi armed giant with two faces and find that the strangest thing to come from a conversation about this giant woman is that she works as an apple farmer.

There are many such examples of this cognitive dissonance between what is happening in front of the humans and how the humans are interpreting it as something else. We are talking about a species who burned women at the stake for behaving a little funny. Some have tried to say to me that Gems have been on the planet for thousands of years the people are just used to it. However that answer falls apart when you take into consideration that the only gems that are on the planet have been living on the same beach for hundreds of years. That does not explain the Jersey guy who sees nothing strange about a blue woman flying in the sky with wings of water. 

Rolando has even been able to deduce a theory about polymorphic rock people, yet he cannot for the life of him connect his theories to the actual magic people who live in Beach City. Sure, he’s rather dumb, but at the same time he is able to deduce so much, yet something is blocking his ability to see the true target of his theories, even when it’s pointed out to him. Even Connie, who is probably one of the most intelligent characters in the show, did not seem to connect the fact that magic and the like that Steven and the Gems perform were strange until she was more integrated in the group.

So what is going on? In a lesser show you could chalk it up to bad writing, but I do not believe that to be the case here. My theory is that when Gems start preparations to colonize a planet that’s populated, they use gemtech to placate the local population, effectively making it so that the organic/sapient life does not register gems as a threat or anything out of the ordinary. They aren’t exactly threatened by creatures like humans, but at the same time having them placated and not trying to attack their bases all the time is probably more convenient than not. 

In an old marvel comic book series called The Power Pack, a similar premise was introduced into its canon. The Powers, two brothers and two sisters whom were given powers by bipedal horse aliens (long story), were not exactly the best at hiding their abilities from their parents, yet they seemed to never be caught. Their parents seemed almost blind with how oblivious they were to their kids antics. There was a reason for this; The aforementioned horse aliens were placating their parents and making them open to suggestion for the kids, so that if the kids ever did tell them that they were little super heroes with powers from space aliens they’d be completely fine with it. Unfortunately it didn’t play out that way, but I digress.

 I would not be surprised if Rebecca Sugar was utilizing a similar explanation for her series.

Feels Like Loneliness - Part Eleven

This update took a long time. Lots of things prevented me from writing. However, I got this part done and I hope you all enjoy. There’s only going to be one or two more parts of this fic to come. Shout out and thanks to @francescabuccino for discussing my ideas with me ♥

Previous parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

“Incoming trauma, car crash victim, two minutes out,” April hollered.

Amelia followed the woman, along with Richard. As she made her way out there, she caught sight of her husband in the ER and she felt pain in the pit of her stomach. It sucked working at the same place as Owen. Just looking at him lately made her want to cry. She knew she couldn’t do that though, not while she had a job to do. The ambulance pulled up, and all of them rushed over. 

“What do we have?” April asked.

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I wanna hear your bright ideas about a mermaid and sailor au for rupphire .u.


OKAY SO ONCE UPON A TIME Sapphire was a little sprout of a merperson who was too curious for her own good (and maybe lead by a far-off future vision) and made her way to the sunlight zone to explore. Not only did she make it too close to where the Above People lived, but she actually broke the ocean surface in an inlet, was mistaken for a child in distress, and brought on land. Like a frog turning into a tadpole, Sapphire’s “legs” had yet to fuse into a full tail, and her fingers were webbed but the fins that should have ribbed her arms hadn’t really grown in yet. Authorities were called who assumed Sapphire was the tragic victim of a genetic mutation and carted her off for an extended stay - and study - in a hospital whilst they tried to find out who her parents were.

One of the head surgeons in the hospital was well-respected because of his seemingly boundless expertise in multiple subjects, so when he brought his daughter to work with him, nobody really thought much of it. She was loud and had a bit of a temper, but was absolutely amazing at calming other kids in the Sunshine Rooms and had frequented the hospital so often that she willingly began helping the nurses with blankets and putting equipment away and going on coffee runs. Her name was Ruby, and everybody liked her.

On what starts out as a particularly good day where Ruby and her daddy were going to go camping and fishing and lots of other summertime things (which she had written out on a list in bright red crayon), Ruby’s father is called into work under absolutely-cannot-deny emergency conditions. Ruby tags along to the hospital, upset but ready to help, but is denied entry. Her father keeps her out of areas of the hospital she’s normally allowed in - she can’t even help with laundry. Hours after they should have been rolling out sleeping bags and counting stars, Ruby’s father gives her curly hair a pat and says he’s going to need a little rest before they can leave - the trip’s going to have to be delayed until morning.

Ruby is mad, and hurt, and she knows this hospital like the back of her hands, and the whole place has been so hectic all day that all the workers are zonked and nobody notices her sneaking around. She makes her way through all the locked off areas of the hospital and comes across something she’s never seen, not ever, and it’s not as gory as the car crash victim she wasn’t supposed to witness but somehow much worse.

There’s a little girl her size with long, frilly limbs, like she’s wearing slips of a gown lying in a gurney, strapped up to what looks like hundreds of wires and tubes and screens, and she’s wheezing quietly towards the window between machine beeps like the moonlight streaming across her blue skin is going to give her life. Her one eye is so big and watery, and she starts to cry when Ruby peeks over the edge of the bed and gives her the kind of smile that usually makes the other young patients happy. Ruby thinks she’s really pretty, even though there’s parts of her that are weird as heck. She tells the girl that, and then gets her one of those big plastic cups with water and a straw, because she looks really thirsty. 

The girl doesn’t talk much, and she doesn’t do much except watch Ruby move, until she notices the sand-dollar necklace Ruby’s been carrying on a black cord on her neck since the last trip her and her dad took a trip to the beach, and then all heck breaks loose. She coos at her, and makes sounds that could have been songs if they weren’t so crackly, and she tries to reach for the little piece of the beach, but Ruby notices she’s tied down.

Well, that’s just not gonna fly.

Ruby unstraps her, and helps her sit up, and gives her the necklace to hold because it makes her smile so big and wide and stops her from shaking. They sit on the gurney and stare out the window and then the girl grabs Ruby’s arm and points fiercely at the waves outside. Still bitter about her cancelled trip with dad, Ruby agrees that they should have their own special adventure outside by the beach, and she and the weird girl can count stars together. They get a wheelchair and Sapphire has no idea how to sit properly so just kinda curls up in it and they race down the ramps giggling to each other, and the moment they get to the rocky edge of the ocean Sapphire just jumps.

The security tapes have Ruby in more trouble than she’s ever been in, because she stole a patient. She’s too young for anything more than the most severe reprimands and bans and spankings she’s ever had in her life, but her father loses his job and faces legal charges (and he only doesn’t go to jail because there’s no one to claim Sapphire, and no one who knew who she was). They move far away, and change their last names, and only in the most rural area with reports and inspections every other month can Ruby’s father practice medicine anymore.

Ruby decides the best thing to do is stay away from people. From her dad, from hospitals, from other kids. But she can’t stay away from the ocean. She fixes herself up a tiny dingy from wreck she finds along the ocean shore an a couple of pallets she took apart with a cheap hammer and goes out on peaceful nights with a bunch of blankets and just watches the stars.

One night she swears she falls asleep and dreams because silky blue fingers reach over the side of her boat, followed by a slim arm laced with fins and then the head of a girl with blue skin and hair like gauze, her single eye sparkling in the moonlight. The boat is tilting a little too far one way and Ruby’s stomach is doing flip-flops and she’s sure she’s going to die here, and then the woman sings, soft and ghostly, something that sounds like, “Ru-bee! Ruuu-beee!”

She smiles, and around her neck hangs a sand-dollar on a black cord.

When the music gets dark ~ part 2

Part 1

This story started as a dream, and hell, I love writing it.

Owen was still unable to realise what Teddy just had told him.
Megan had not been killed by taliban members. She was still alive.
His little sister… She was still alive.
According to Teddy, she had been in hands of the taliban for almost eight years. She hadn’t told them about her condition.
“Teddy… You mind if Riggs and I…”
“Not at all.”
They had landed at a militairy station somewhere in the county. He had no idea where.
Teddy knew what he had to do. She understood.
“Owen, what are you-”
“I am not going to fight you anymore, Nate. I am not going to fight with you anymore, or to hate you. I don’t know what we’re gonna find inside this base, but for Megan her sake-“
“I agree. We don’t know her condition-”
-and if we start fighting
-That wouldn’t be any good.”
They had been finishing each other their sentences once again, and Owen wasn’t sure if he should find it ironic or not.
“Well, we should go inside then.”
The two men went inside the building, escorted by two other soldiers, to the elevator, down to another level. When the elevator doors opened, Nathan and Owen could hear someone screaming.
They ran to where the noise came from, to end up in a recreation room, where there was a TV, a piano, and even a few book shelves. A young woman with the exact same color hair as Owen was throwing books at people in front of them, who were trying to stop her.
“You two, leave,” one of the escort soldiers said. “You’ve made her upset.”
The two soldiers left the room, and while they did, Owen could not do anything else then just look at the woman in front of him, dressed in an army t-shirt, and jogging pants.
It was definitely his little sister.
Her hair, her eyes… It was definitely Megan.
The red head in front of them looked at him for a few seconds, and Owen would have sworn he saw in her eyes that she recognised them.
Then she continued throwing with books.
Teddy had to basically drag the two men out of the room. When she had closed the door, she looked at Owen and Nathan, waiting for their reaction.
“That is definitely Megan,” Nathan said.
“Good,” Teddy said. “Owen, are you okay?”
The trauma surgeon had not said anything since they had left the room, and he turned his face away from the door, looking directly in Teddy her eyes.
“What happend to her?”
“We’ll explain that during the briefing,” Teddy said, noticing her friend was shocked by his sister her appearance. 
“There we’ll go about what to do next.”

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Secret Love | pt. 2

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Genre: Angst I’m so sorry lmao

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 2441

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

(I got inspired writing this miniseries by this song, but I wrote this chapter while listening to this song. The feels were real, I was sobbing.)

Prologue | Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

It felt weird, waking up alone.

The morning sunlight was shining through your thick curtains, signaling that the morning has come already. You slowly fluttered your eyes open, the sunlight welcoming your sight, before stretching out your aching limbs and sitting up. You could feel how stiff your neck and your back were as you stretched them, mentally scolding yourself for not sleeping in your own bed.

But then, sleeping in your own bed would be a torture for you, since you were sure that Jimin’s scent was still lingering there.

Then you remembered what happened last night. It was all over.

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Seeing is Believing: Actually Perceiving Magic Might Be Harder Than It Looks

Alternate title: They Were Car Crash Victims, Until They Weren’t

WARNING: This has Nightmare Hospital spoilers. In fact, the very foundation of this meta comes from Nightmare Hospital, so watch that before you read this, or you will be very confused.

Okay, so I think we can all agree that Dr. Maheswaran underreacted to the cluster-monsters in Nightmare Hospital. The hospital’s entire staff seemed to have underreacted (with the possible exception of the individual who called her back to work to begin with). We have already made jokes at Dr. Maheswaran’s expense—a particular Toy Story gif comes to mind (“I don’t think that man’s ever been to medical school”). I laughed, too, but then I got to thinking: The writing of Steven Universe is phenomenal. Up until this glaring oversight, they’ve thought everything through.

So, then I start to wonder, is this really an oversight? What if, instead of being so desensitized to Weird Stuff as brought to Beach City by the gems and an Earth that has been altered by their presence (I’ll get into that later), the regular citizens literally can’t see the Weird Stuff at all?

Hear me out. I think I might be on to something.

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Everyday I wake up, I search for you like a car crash victim reaching out for a ghost limb. I am a glass of water left shattered on the floor, I fall and I break so slow. I don’t think you can comprehend the riot raging inside my head.

How? How can I let you feel exactly how I feel? Words are not enough to describe what it feels like to miss someone so much that there is physical pain gnawing its way out of your chest, driving you to shaky breaths pitiful tears of nostalgia and yearning. And after it, you are so confused, so alone, so alone.



Coffee and Cigarettes 

A collection of poetry and prose by Sade Andria Zabala ( surfandwrite )

Modern Dougal

Because reasons. I loved the responses to Dougal being creepy in the 18th century. So how much worse would he be in the 20th?! Read on to find out!

Jamie had gone to the airport to pick up his uncles, Dougal and Colum Mackenzie. I hadn’t ever met them, but Murtagh didn’t seem pleased at their arrival. It intrigued me, meeting some of the only blood family Jamie had left. There was his sister Jenny, of course, but both his mother and father were dead. He’d told me once that he had an aunt living somewhere in Jamaica, but he didn’t know much about her.

I’d been called into the emergency room to perform surgery on a car crash victim. There was no way of knowing how long I’d be gone and I apologized profusely to Jamie.

“Dinna fash, Sassenach,” he said before kissing me thoroughly. “We’ll all be at the estate when ye finish. Go on and save lives, as ye were meant to do.”

That was Jamie. Always sweet and understanding, encouraging me to heed my calling. Jamie would take our daughter Faith with him to Lallybroch, her first trip. She was nearly a year old now and we were hoping for another one soon.

I would tell him tonight, when I got to the estate. He didn’t know yet, but he would be the father of two children in a few short months.

After several hours working hard to save the man’s life, I finished. I’d done it. I’d kept him alive so he could eventually return to his family. But I had my own family on my mind at the moment.

“Good evening, Dr. Fraser,” came a sweet voice I knew very well.

“Good evening, Deny. How’s Dotty doing?”

“Wonderful!” he beamed at me. “I thank you for kindly asking after her.”

“My pleasure.”

“Say hello to Mr. Fraser for me.”

“I will.”

Then I was free. I wrote myself out and went down to the cab I’d called. I’d brought my bag of clothes with me to change before I left the hospital. Jamie had offered to take it to the estate with him, but surgery can be a messy business.

Pulling down the long drive to the Lallybroch estate always took my breath away. The arch I drove under somehow always gave me chills, but I didn’t know why. The rest of it, however, was something out of an art gallery. The beautiful green hills, dotted with Jenny’s prized goats, the flourishing garden behind the kitchen, the small stable with a few Highland ponies in it.

I smiled as I exited the cab and paid the driver. Jamie was in front of the house, bouncing little Faith in his arms. I knew he’d seen me, but I didn’t approach him yet. It was a beautiful picture to watch a man with his offspring. How much more exciting would it be if I could give him a son?

“And look here,” he said in a soft voice. “There’s yer mam!”
He came over to me, still lightly bouncing the slumbering baby.

“I take it ye saved the man?”

“How did you know?”

“I can read ye like an open book, Sassenach. Ye are not sad about losing a life, which tells me that ye did yer job and ye did it well.”

“Flatterer. How are your uncles?”

“Och, they’re inside hasselin’ Jenny.”

He handed Faith to me, who felt amazing in my arms, and picked up my bag.

“Jamie,” I blurted. “Before we go inside…”
He turned to me, his face openly curious. Those beautiful expressive eyes of his glittered with happiness.

“Aye? Are ye alright, Sassenach?”

“Ah, yes. Well. Erm… I’m afraid I’m pregnant.”

His expression didn’t change at all. At. All.

“Aye. Ye’re… Two months gone now?”

“How the hell did…”

“Ye havena been a day late in yer courses since ye first took me t’ yer bed, Claire. And I kent how ye were when ye carried wee Faith.”

Pursing my lips, I followed him into the house. We went up the stairs to put my bag down in our room and to give Faith a change. She stank to high heaven.

“I can’t believe you’ve been tracking my cycle,” I hissed.

“You havena?”

“Well… Not very closely, no.”

He closed the door behind me and got out the diaper change for our little girl.

“Did ye want to tell the family tonight at dinner?”

“I suppose. I’d thought you would have been more excited about it.”

“Oh, I am Sassenach. I am very excited.”

With Faith presentable once more, I buttoned her back up in her little pink dress and went downstairs with Jamie.

The Mackenzie’s were a loud group. I was most intrigued by Colum and his condition. His bowed legs must have been complete agony, but you couldn’t see any of it in his face. The men were drinking heavily and I eyed Jamie. He was keeping up with them as I knew he would. My only worry was what he’d be like when he came up to bed later. I knew from past experience just how ‘gone wi’ lust’ he would get. Especially knowing I was pregnant.

I excused myself from the talk in the parlor to put Faith down in her crib for the night. The way Jamie’s eyes followed me confirmed my earlier suspicions. I’d likely wake up on the floor with bruises and bite marks again. Hopefully this time I’d be able to cover them up a little easier.

With the baby monitor in my hand, I yawned and stretched as I walked down the hall. I was beyond exhausted, but I wanted to be with Jamie.

“Ye’re bonny, for an Englishwoman.”

I stopped short.

“Excuse me?”

“Och, it’s no’ your fault that ye are English,” one of Jamie’s uncles said. “But 

I’ve never seen one as bonny as you.”

He emerged from he shadows then, a trifle wobbly.

“It’s Dougal, right? Jamie’ uncle?”

“Aye, that’s me.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Mackenzie.”

He stepped in front of me, blocking my path to the stairs. I glared up at him. I’d dealt with drunken men in the emergency room during my residency, so this wasn’t a surprise.

“It’s a damn fine day t’ meet you, Claire.”

“It’s Mrs. Fraser or Dr. Fraser, Mr. Mackenzie.”

“Are we no’ family then?”

“At the moment? No.”

Despite being very drunk, he moved with impressive speed. I was pinned against the wall, dropping the baby monitor. I pushed with all my might against his broad chest, but it was no use. I was simply too small to win that fight. What I needed was leverage. But the way he’d pinned me gave me none. Perhaps he wasn’t as drunk as I thought.

“There’s no reason for ye not to sample other pleasures, Claire,” he said.

I supposed it was intended to sound seductive. It didn’t. I turned my face away, looking for some way out of this.

His mouth was suddenly on mine, making me squeak in shock. I hadn’t kissed another man but Jamie in over five years, and Jamie was always clean shaven. Dougal had a big bushy beard that itched my chin. I kept my mouth closed, still trying to find a way out.

Dougal stepped suddenly back from me and I gasped for breath. When I opened my eyes, I looked over Dougal’s shoulder to see Jamie.
I had never seen him so angry before.

He was completely rigid, his whole body shaking with rage. For a moment, I thought he might have been angry with me. But he wouldn’t possibly thing I had made a move on his uncle.

“Jamie, I-” I began.

“Hush, Claire.”

His voice was deep and thick, making his burr even more pronounced. He was angrier than I’d ever seen.

“Jamie, lad.”

“Dinna speak to me like family! Ye bastard! Trying to steal my wife from under my nose! Wi’ me no’ but a few steps away!”

“No, lad! That isna the way of it!”

I saw Jamie’s hands clench into fists. He was locked with Dougal, so I began slipping away from them both. I could tell things were about to get bloody and I didn’t need to be in the middle of it.

“Claire, go see to Faith,” Jamie said with a sense of calm that terrified me.

“Jamie, don’t.”

“For once, please do as I tell ye Claire.”

He was visibly shaking now. I’d better go before the madness started.

No sooner than I’d closed the door, I heard a feral snarl and the sound of two bodies meeting.

I had no way of knowing what was happening. I could guess, by the noises they made, that Jamie was beating the holy hell out of his uncle. One, or both, of them were swearing in Gaelic.

“…disrespect my family! Treating my wife like she’s…”

Their voices faded again. I couldn’t let this go on any longer or Jamie would kill is uncle. Stepping through the door, I saw Jamie sitting on Dougal, pounding his large fists down.

“You are no’ welcome in this house! No Fraser will take you in, I’ll make sure of it ye rutting bastard! Get out!”

“This isna your house, Jamie! It belongs-”

“To his sister,” Jenny interrupted. “Who happens to agree wi’ her brother for once. Get on wi’ ye.”

Jamie got reluctantly up and, after twisting Dougal’s arm painfully behind his back, escorted his uncle out of the house. I hustled down to the kitchen where Jenny kept their small bag of medical supplies. As soon as Jamie returned, I brought him to the table and sat him down.

“I’m sorry,” I said softly as I began to clean his bloody knuckles.

“It’s no’ your fault, Sassenach. You werena making an ass of yourself.”
“No, but… I mean I tried to push him off but he was too big.”

“I saw what happened. Dinna fash.”

“I love you. You know that, right?”

He smiled at me.

“Of course I do. Ye carry another of my bairns within ye. After the difficulty of having Faith, I ken it must require a lot of love to want to do it again.”

I bandaged his hands and declared he wouldn’t need stitches.

“It does take a lot of love,” I said. “But I’ve an awful lot to share with you. Thank you for defending my virtue.”

Jamie laughed and leaned his head softly against mine.

“I should hope,” he began with a wry edge. “That if ye do decide t’ take another man t’ yer bed, that ye’d have enough sense for it to no’ be my uncle.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure it’s a pretty man.”

With a final smirk, he patted my bum familiarly.

“Ye can take this pretty man to yer bed any time ye like, Sassenach.”

Grey’s Anatomy

To everyone who is saying that Derek didn’t have to die, he could have just moved to DC, here is why I disagree.

Because the actor wanted to leave the show, he had to be written off. If he had gone to DC permanently, that would have meant he would have chosen to leave his family and his one true love. That would have been a much worse ending to the love story, them breaking up and him running away, putting his career before Meredith, just like Richard did to Ellis Grey. 

As gut-wrenching as this was, I think him dying was the most respectful to the relationship. They made up, they remembered why they loved eachother. They had those great moments when he came back, and they were in a good place. He died loving Meredith. He “picked her, chose her, loved her” over DC and the amazing work he was doing.

It is a tragedy, but he died in love with Meredith.

Also, I love the moments where we really got to see him be McDreamy again in the way he interacted with the car crash victims. He has been so moody and angry these past few seasons, I had lost most affection for him. I love that we got that glimpse of him happy and doing what he is so good at again.

In all, I am mostly happy with the way Shonda wrote off Derek given that it had to be done. If Derek was going to leave the show, him dying is the only way it made sense, the same as Mark.

 (The whole other hospital thing still is frustrating, but that isn’t the point)

Thoughts?? Disagree?? Let me know.
I have nobody IRL to discuss this with right now LOL

Things Change Pt.11

If you want to hate me even more, listen to the song I listened to while writing this.

Part 10

“You promise I’ll get to stay up late tonight for my birthday?” Ryan sought to confirm as Owen led him to day care. Their original plan was to go for the ultrasound and then take him out for ice cream and a movie, but with Amelia not answering her phone and 2PM only  an hour away, Owen wasn’t so sure anymore.

“I promise,” the trauma surgeon said, gently guiding the little boy by his shoulders. “And you’ll get two ice cream cones too.” Ryan looked up at him and grinned, nodding before rushing off to go play with Bailey. Sighing stressfully, Owen pulled his phone out of his pocket, checking for any missed calls from Amelia. Nothing.

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Today, I fucked up by giving blood.

So today I was giving blood at my highschool. It was my first time ever and as soon as I get done I felt kind of woozy but went on with my day as usual, as I’m walking out 3 of the hottest girls at my school were cheering me on “Good job —-!!!! Way to be a hero!!” And it my woozy, not quite capable of talking state, I look back and exclaim “Saving car crash victims and premature babies everywhere!” Not realizing how awkward and somewhat offensive statement I just made, they look upon me with the creepiest, cold look I’ve ever recieved. I went on with my whole day feeling stupid as fuck and promptly fainted in my next class.

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saying a women can’t have an abortion because “she knew the risk of pregnancy when she had sex” is like say that a car crash victim shouldn’t get treated because they “knew the risk of an accident when they got in the car”. Or that smokers who get lung cancer shouldn’t get treatment because they “knew the risk when they bought cigarettes”.