car cockpit

For being the physical embodiment of the American Dream, you’d think driving a car would be enjoyable, and not a nightmarish blend of crumbling infrastructure, “check engine” lights, and traffic jams that seem to last decades. Eh, on second thought, perhaps driving a car is a very apt metaphor for the American Dream. Best not to question it and just keep driving, hoping that it gets better. Instead of falling into a pit of automotive angst, here are some affordable tools to turn your driving experience into high-tech luxury.

Whether it’s the inside of Iron Man’s helmet or Luke Skywalker’s targeting computer, everyone seems to have awesome futuristic flight assistance but you. But now you can give your car that ultra-fancy cockpit vibe with a high-tech transparent heads-up display. This HUDWAY glass navigation screen displays views of speed, map directions, and anything else that HUD-based phone apps are capable of showing. That means you can follow Google Maps without taking your eyes off the road, which is fairly important when you’re driving. Get it here for $49.95.

The 10 Best Car Accessories Life Has To Offer (Probably)

Redline is one of those movies that make you jump up and down your seat, clap your hands and giggle like a happy toddler. It’s all about BWZOOM and BAKOOM, a ton of explosive firefight, bizzare cyberpunk (but not ridiculous) and freaky, freaky alien people. It’s also an amazing piece of animation with awesome detials and pretty nice music. I think I’m starting to get excited about cars now.

I tried to go a little funky with the colors