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  • Mason: Hey, wanna come to get pizza with me?
  • Liam: Not interested
  • Mason: Theo will be there
Games ; Haz Osterfield feat. Tom

WARNINGS: nsfw, cunnilingus, threesome M/F/M, double penetration, anal, slight oral (male receiving), unprotected sex oops

summary: a blindfolded guessing game with your boyfriend and his best-friend after you come home tipsy 

word count: 3,198 :) so enjoy

A/N: tagging @forevanssake bc she’s a smut buddy. 

The streetlights glinted above you as your steps ambled over the pavement. For the whole day Harrison got you to spend time with your former university chums —as he had his own agenda with Tom and the other Holland siblings. And by spending the time meant that your whole circle had arranged upon visiting the nearest pub in town and spend the night drowning themselves under alcohol.

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I just hope for a life with unbelievable stories. Not cars, fur coats, or houses, or diamonds that shine so bright they blind pedestrians in direct sunlight. I want stories. Give me twenty-four hours broke in Paris. Give me soccer with the Roma in Slovakia. Give me tea with nomads and kings. Give me the mountains of Kabul. Tell everyone who wonders why, there is more to life than the thrill of glory.
—  Give me stories (Hannah Sofia Ghani)
Dean’s Flannel

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Summary: Flannel is a standard in the hunting world but it slowly becomes something more for Dean and the reader…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Favorite Things Challenge. My prompt was “Flannel”…

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-He’s a nerd

-He calls himself a nerd

-He loves school, and isn’t afraid to tell everyone that he does

-He has a cat that he got when he was four or five, which he calls his “evil sidekick”

-He poked a hole in the barrier for a few seconds, just because he wanted more T.V shows

-He has an abusive mom, yet he still smiles

-Carlos is the techie of the group

-Carlos is easily scared

-Carlos is easily flustered

-Carlos is easily adorable

-His mother loves her car and fur coats more than she loves her own son

-He never had a proper, warm bed (let alone room) until he got to Auradon

-He got so excited when he got his first pillow

-Carlos is basically his mom’s slave

-Plus he got bullied at school too

-After befriending Dude, he carried him everywhere and loved him

-Something about Jay laughing with him made his heart warm







-Oh, and he loves his boyfriend Jay

Just a Little Too Late

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean has to decide to save you or Lisa. (Set during 6x21)

Warnings: Oh boy, this one’s sad; get ready. Mentions of blood, torture, death, some spoilers and brief cursing.

A/N: I’ve been planning this angst for a while. Let me know how I did :)

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“Coffee?” Dean offers, handing you a steaming cup. You grin; you’ve been researching this journal for hours and you need caffeine as soon as possible.

When you tap a sip, you splutter, choking on the liquid. “Dean Winchester, is there whisky in this?” He gives you a cheeky smile before shrugging playfully.

His happiness doesn’t last long before the phone rings. Dean’s face morphs into a state of horror in a matter of seconds.

As he hangs up, you look at him cautiously. “Dean?”

“Crowley took Lisa and Ben.”


“Hey”, you whisper, putting a gentle hand on Dean’s tense shoulder. His green eyes barely flicker toward yours. “We’ll get them out. Don’t worry.”

He only grunts in response, shaking out of your grip roughly. “Let’s go.”

The three of you slip into the warehouse, all splitting up. Sam gives you a cautious look, but Dean doesn’t look back. You have to admit, it stings. You and Dean hadn’t taken the final step to an actual relationship- you just stayed as really close friends. You had thought you had a chance, that is, until Sammy fell in the pit and Lisa and Ben kept him for over a year.

Regardless of the hurt you feel in you chest, you keep moving, keeping your salt gun aimed. It’s oddly quiet, that is, until you hear the sounds of multiple gunshots.

You swiftly head over to the sounds, noticing this is where Dean was passing. Stepping over the bodies of multiple demons, you head into the room. 

You arrive just in time to hear Lisa, or presumably a demon possessing Lisa, taunt Dean and Ben, holding a knife under her son’s chin.

You see Dean’s face morph into one of agony as her words sink in. You can’t take it any longer, so you aim your gun at her head.

Dean seems to hear and see you before yelling, “Y/N, don’t!”

Lisa’s head turns toward you, flicking her hand and crashing you down the stairs. Your vision blackens as soon as you hit the ground.

When you open your eyes again, you see Dean and Ben leaning over Lisa’s bleeding body. 

“Ben, grab the salt gun. I have to carry your mom.” Dean’s voice is like maple syrup- deep and thick.

Ben hesitates before meekly asking, “What about her?”

Dean pauses for what seems like hours, but was probably only a few seconds. 

“Leave her.”

At first, you can’t believe your ears. You and Dean were like glue, and have been for ages. He was the guy you know you could rely on.

You see Dean’s boots as he rushes past you. He doesn’t even look down.

With that, you vision goes black once again.


Dean sits in the hospital, gently holding Lisa’s cold hand. The doctors said she wouldn’t wake up, but he had hope.

Sam had pleaded with him to go back to help you, but he only responded with a “She’s tough. She’ll be fine. You’re not going in there alone.” Angrily, Sam had left the hospital, presumably to get coffee.

That is, until he got a phone call. He reluctantly lets go of Lisa’s hand before heading outside the room to answer the call.

“What?” He asks roughly, tone sharp and crude.

“D-Dean”, your voice shocks him a little, “I need help.” There’s a pause and choking, sounding like you’re coughing up blood.

Dean curses before looking over at Lisa. She’s safe now, he reassures himself before grabbing his coat and car keys.


When he arrives, the warehouse is silent, and the bodies are still there from yesterday. His wet boots squeak on the hard floor as he takes careful steps.

When he enters the room Lisa and Ben were in, he sees your battered body tied to a chair with your head lolled to the side. There’s blood everywhere- on your face, on your shirt, on your arms and legs.

He gently shakes your shoulder. “Hey, I got you”, he says while grabbing Ruby’s knife and slicing the ropes that held you in place. Your eyes glance up to meet his. “My hero”, you whisper, before your eyes flash black.

With your arm lifted, Dean flies to the pillar next to him, pinning him in place.

“It’s about time, Deano”, you tease, grabbing the knife that Dean had dropped.

He struggles against your strength, but to no avail. “Leave her alone”, he growls, his eyes and jaw hard.

You laugh hysterically, tracing the knife along Dean’s face. “Like you care! From what I recall, you left her here for…”, you look at your cracked watch sarcastically, “about 12 hours.”

You see Dean’s expression turn into guilt. Had it really been that long?

“Cat got your tongue? What’s the matter, Deano? Feeling sorry yet?” You mock, pouting dramatically. He stays silent, looking at the floor in shame. “You know what’s funny, Dean?” He looks up at you reluctantly. “I didn’t have to try very hard to torture her. I mean, come on, one of the only guys she’s cared about leaves her to save another girl? It’s priceless! Also, a little too easy, for my taste.”

Dean gulps thickly, tears forming in his eyes. “Gonna cry, Dean? Well get ready, because shit’s about to get real sad”, you smile raising the knife towards his throat.

Before you can land the final blow, your body stops, and your face contorts in pain as you fight to gain control of your own body.

You shakily lower your arms as Dean takes a deep breath and is released to the floor. Your body is shaking terribly, the demon already taking control again. 

You know you don’t have a lot of time. This demon is one of the strongest you’ve faced. If it takes control again, you know Dean’s blood would be on your hands forever. You know what you have to do.

You look into Dean’s beautiful eyes and whisper “I’m sorry”, before plunging the knife into your stomach.

You and the demon screech as the demon fizzles out of your body. You slump to the ground, knife leaving your hand as you struggle to breath. 

“Y/N, oh God”, Dean chokes out, crawling to your dying body. He puts his hands firmly on the wound futilely, his tears dropping in your face and shirt. “You’re going to be okay, it’s going to be okay. Stay with me. We can go to Bobby’s after you’re better and watch shitty movies all day, your favorites, come on babygirl, hold on”, he rambles, his eyes not leaving yours.

“It’s okay, Dean”, you pause as you cough up more blood. With your heart swelling for the last time, your last dying breath goes to a simple phrase.

“I love you.”

When Sam comes five minutes later, all he can see is Dean sobbing over your pale, crumpled body, simple ‘I love you too’s leaving his brother’s lips and filling the cold, dusty air.

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S.Mendes Imagine

Song(s):Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, Star of the Show by Thomas Rhett
Summary:Shawn takes his girl out for dinner, which ends in things escalating quickly after a paparazzi gets way to close for comfort.

Here you go sweets, I’m working on the Cameron one. I’m in a bit of a cross road with that but I’ll post it once I’m some up happy with it. @thoughtfullyyoungduck

Everything was going perfect, from the food to the drinks. Whatever they wanted was brought to their table no questions asked. Shawn had gone above in beyond in making sure that this night went according to plan. The restaurant itself was magical. The skyline of the city was breathe taken from the window besides her and she couldn’t help but wonder how she had gotten so lucky. Her dress was made from a material that was slick like, the color making her skin glow as Shawn praised her for the beauty she was. This was his girl and one loved giving her nothing but the best.

So far things had gone by without as much as a hitch as they sat down leaned back in their seats sipping on the last of the bottle of wine. Her cheeks were rosy as the alcohol swam its way through her veins. It wasn’t till the manager of the restaurant had appeared whispering something in Shawn’s years as he bit his lip and nodded his head before asking for the car and their coats. She watched with slightly narrowed eyes as the check was brought over and Shawn quickly pulled his card out paying the bill and standing up helping her to her feet and her coat over her shoulders. Smiling as the waiter came back he throw a couple of bills on the table and slipped his card back in his wallet.

“Everything okay babe?” She asked as he nodded her head resting a hand on her back. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to her lips letting his lips linger on hers a few extra moments as they awaited for the elevator to take them back to the lobby where hopefully the car was already parked and awaiting for them outside.

The moment they reached the lobby the screams could be heard. She bite her lip now understanding why Shawn wanted to leave so quickly. Her anxiety was starting to built up as His hand slid to her waist pulling her closer. The doors opened as he frowned the noise got louder and louder. The the lights of the cameras where blinding as they walked out the doors. She felt her throat close up as they shouted at the pair. Shawn tugged her long as she closed her eyes tightly taken a deep breathe before opening them up and seeing a camera being shoved in her face. She gasped loosing her footing as she stumbled back wide eyed as the monster with the camera came closer and closer.

She felt the panic arise as she felt a tug on her arm. Turning her head, a squeal left her lips as the person got closer shouting questions at her. She had tugged on Shawn’s arm making him stop at the sudden pull. Turning around he’s jaw harden at the sight before him. She stood their wide eyes and panic stretched on every single feature of her body. Her eyes were tear filled at the man shouted questions at her. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he drew his hand back and then forward before it connected with the guys face. Her eye widen as he pulled her closer to her. Security rushed to over to them as Shawn shouted in the man’s face.

“Don’t you ever touch her again.” He growled lowly as he allowed the security guards to finish their job and escort them to the waiting vehicle. Once inside he slammed the door shut pulling her to him and pressing. Soft kiss to her forehead before nodding at the driver who quickly got them away from the awful scene.

His heart ached seeing her with tears in her eyes. The eyes that once shined bright were now clouded with sadness as she gripped tightly onto his shirt, he sighed closing his eyes and pressing soft kisses to her cheeks kissing away the tears that fell from her eyes. It was silent in the car as he pulled her closer to him trying his best to help her forget about what had just happened.

“Shhh baby..” He whispered as his lips hovered over her’s as his arms squeezed her tighter. Her left hand on his lower stomach, as her other hand rested on the back of his neck. “Everything’s gonna be okay..” He finished as she looked up at him with glassy eyes.

Smiling softly he pressed a soft kiss to her lips, as he pulled away and looked out the window stroking her hair and singing to her softly as her eyes closed allowing his voice to calm her down.

so i’m thinking about the backlash to atomic blonde, and how some folks are saying, “uh, it’s a violent movie; sure, the lesbian dies, but so does just about every other character.”

and like. okay. let’s engage seriously with this argument for just a second.

i’m willing to bet that most of the other characters who die in this movie aren’t strangled to death with cable wire while lying in bed wearing sexy lingerie. sofia boutella’s north african lesbian character isn’t just one more dead person on the pile; she’s the subject of a murder scene that is meant to look titillating and erotic. this is a sexualized murder, ostensibly to raise the emotional stakes for charlize theron’s character, but… actually to pander to the worst, most violent impulses of straight men in the audience.

i’m thinking of another, similar storyline in another, similar movie: baby driver. of the main characters, only the title character and his girlfriend debora make it out alive. the other woman in the main cast, a bank robber named darling, dies in the final act of the movie, and her death motivates her boyfriend to go on a bloody quest for revenge. thematically similar to the atomic blonde storyline. the difference here is that darling dies stepping out of her car in a trench coat, wielding double machine guns, and firing stone-faced into a fray of cops.

i’m not suggesting there’s anything revolutionary about violently killing women onscreen - and there’s the whole layer of how the innocent white girl survives the film while the latina bank robber dies - but like… darling gets a hero’s death, a big, stunt-y guns-and-explosions scene similar to the spectacular, violent blow-outs given to jon hamm and kevin spacey’s characters. she dies tough and strong and dangerous, not lying on her back as a man chokes her out and the camera pans over her lingerie.

if this really was an “everyone dies” movie, it was probably possible for sofia boutella’s character to go out in a blaze of glory, performing some final act of valour. but the screenwriters weren’t creative enough to think of one; they really just wanted to eroticize the murder of a lesbian woman of colour, which is something that puts a real group of real marginalized people in real danger.


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

Every king has a secret - Sherlock x reader/Moriarty x reader

Originally posted by damnmuse

AN: It’s good to be back

Summary: Moriarty had the reader pose as Sherlock’s girlfriend, only for Moriarty to reveal the truth. (I know Irene was sort of used in the way to hurt Sherlock but lets just pretend she doesn't exist for the purpose of this imagine)

Word count: 1,691

Warnings: None

“Sherlock, you can’t just run off like this!” You slammed your hand across the door way to stop Sherlock from darting out of the flat.

“Honestly (Y/n), is now any time for a domestic?” Sherlock asked, tugging his coat on.

“William Sherlock Holmes, you don’t even know who this man is and what he can do to you.” You had to put your foot down. Sherlock was such a child sometimes. He was always so reckless and didn’t care for risks.

“And you do?” Sherlock cocked his eyebrows at you. You dropped your arm with a sigh and folded them across your chest. He had no idea.

“Please just be careful.” You pleaded. Sherlock winked at you before darting from the flat and on his way to the pool where he would meet Jim Moriarty for the first time.

You had only known Sherlock for a little over a month, you had met on a case and Sherlock took a liking to you straight away for some odd reason as both Lestrade and John were shocked.

You had kind of stuck by Sherlock and John’s side ever since.

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