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guardian angels of the signs

the aries guardian angels are always on guard for potential accidents. aries have a risk taking capacity in every sense of the word, physically, emotionally, romantically. and an aries heartbreak can make angels weep because it is so innocent. the aries guardian angels have a lightning reflex, sudden chaos always threatens 

the taurus guardian angels send messages in music, art, in sleep, and romantic partners. they can appear in forms of nature, often giving tremendous sources of inspiration and intuition through the body. a taurus knows that when their body knows, that this is pure. the taurus guardian angels know they can fly slowly and calmly, rest assured that discriminative judgment is always active 

the gemini guardian angels fly in pairs, each keeping a watch for one twin, knowing their impulses, their quirks, and their propensity for anxieties and accidents - especially with the hands. mercury rules transport so geminis are protected when driving a car.  

the cancer guardian angels sit closely, knowing they are constantly teaching and guiding in prophetic ways. they can leave messages in scripts of the moon and they are strongly protective of the person’s home. angels will guard this with all of their will. when angels protect a cancer, they become angels of the cancer’s family, they know the vitalness 

the leo guardian angel is always waiting behind the spotlight, ready for presence when the lights have dimmed. there are few people a vulnerable leo will open up to. their guardian angels protect the heart. but they cannot prevent heartbreak, only offer unconditional love when they feel invisible 

the virgo’s guardian angel often hides in the shadow, knowing the virgo will respond unkindly to being bothered or prodded. they are activated when the virgo becomes anxious, often requiring only a thought to dim the thoughts of pain. mercury rules transport so virgos are protected when driving a car 

the libra’s guardian angel circles the heart closely, ever ensuring heartbreak does not cause complete death. they respond well to the libra’s expression of beauty, often activated through the libra’s natural play with the universe - lighting candles, creating colour, and being angels in human form to people 

the scorpio’s guardian angel stands between two worlds, taking on the task of one who will constantly visit and than vanish from their frame of consciousness. the scorpio’s guardian angels wait with messages of profound sacred guidance from the unconscious. their wisdom is readily available 

the sagittarius guardian angels absorb into nature, often reflective of the individual’s cosmic experience of divinity. they await in the higher mind, ready to dispel messages and guidance. jupiter rules foreign nations, sagittarians are protected when they travel abroad 

the capricorn’s guardian angels appear and disappear, often conscious of the individual’s need for self sufficiency, but constantly leaving reminders through patterns and synchronicities that beneath everything their angels are waiting without judgement or criticism. the silver winged angel may appear to capricorn 

the aquarian guardian angels are visitors from other galaxies, often activating their presence through sudden prophetic streams of ‘knowing’. they spark information through the frequent visits aquarians take to strange dimensions of consciousness. they may communicate through technological methods

the pisces guardian angel protects and guides overtly, often requiring constant communication and acknowledgment. the pisces rarely feels that she is alone. the angel guards closely for psychic absorption, and guards closely in sleep


  • <p> <b>AQUARIUS:</b> you deserve compassion. understanding. someone who extracts the passion you exert into everything you do and shoves it back into you. you deserve someone who falls in love with your fire, someone who views it as a strength instead of faulting you for burning forests to the ground. don’t let people shrink you.<p/><b>PISCES:</b> you deserve patience. calamity. someone who knows your heart is in the right place, even if you don’t always know how to express your emotions accurately. you deserve someone loyal, someone who won’t drop you the second you make a mistake. i promise someone will love you in a way that feels convincing. wait for that person.<p/><b>ARIES:</b> you deserve passion. excitement. someone who honors you for all that you are and is not afraid to tell you. someone who sees the stars in your eyes, even when you’re short-tempered and unreasonable, and would do anything to catch them. you deserve road trips; don’t settle for standing still. don’t settle for anyone who cannot help you grow.<p/><b>TAURUS:</b> you deserve persistence. comfort. someone who will hold your hand and lead the way when all you want is to collapse in your bed. someone who knows you are trying your best. you deserve someone brave, with broad shoulders and steady hands. you deserve someone who will catch you when you fall. every time, without fail.<p/><b>GEMINI:</b> you deserve laughter. humor. someone who won’t let you sleep until the corners of your mouth are curving upwards. you deserve someone intelligent, who catches onto your ever-changing moods and knows how to cheer you up. you deserve someone who keeps you interested, someone who can keep up with you, someone who will stay.<p/><b>CANCER:</b> you deserve friendship. support. someone who cares about you as much as you care about everyone else. you deserve someone who makes you feel like a part of something bigger than yourself. you deserve someone who needs you. someone who is afraid to lose you. appreciation for all of the sacrifices you make.<p/><b>LEO:</b> you deserve admiration. attention. someone who will pry you open and unravel your being. someone who loves to discover new things about you. who asks you about your dreams because talking about things that don’t matter isn’t really talking. substance is something you value and your values should never be taken lightly.<p/><b>VIRGO:</b> you deserve permanence. loyalty. someone who will be where they say they will be when they say they will be there. you deserve someone devoted, who never leaves you hanging, who knows what they want and won’t let anyone stand in their way. your future is important. choose someone with the foundation to build it with.<p/><b>LIBRA:</b> you deserve harmony. peace. someone as easy-going as you are, who is interested in all walks of life. you deserve someone open-minded and kind who treats you with respect. it’s the little things: hands on your waist, showing you off, leaving you love notes just because. you deserve to feel special. you are not asking for too much.<p/><b>SCORPIO:</b> you deserve fullness. power. someone who makes you feel in control. someone who can keep up with your quick wit and level out your strong emotions. stop putting up with people who lie to you; it hurts you too badly. you deserve someone honest and straightforward, who never leaves you in the dark or feeds you any bullshit.<p/><b>SAGITTARIUS:</b> you deserve optimism. positivity. someone who knows the sun will not always be out, but is not afraid to dance in the middle of the street with you through the rain, snow, and hail. don’t dwell on those who make you feel unfulfilled; leave them without feeling bad. love is supposed to be extraordinary. don’t settle for anything less.<p/><b>CAPRICORN:</b> you deserve courage. ambition. you deserve someone responsible and caring, someone who won’t make reckless decisions just for the hell of it. you deserve someone dedicated to choosing you for you. don’t mold yourself into someone else just for adoration. you’re doing just fine and you deserve to be adored.<p/></p>
The signs as drivers
  • "My car I choose the music": Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Gemini
  • "Do not touch anything, do not eat in my car, do not sweat in my car, hell do not breathe in my car": Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Cancer
  • "Wooooo! DRIVING!": Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Taurus
The Signs As Cars Characters

Aries: Snot Rod

Taurus: Filmore

Gemini:  Guido

Cancer: Wingo

Leo: Lightning McQueen

Virgo:  Flo

Libra: Sheriff

Scorpio: Chick Hicks

Sagittarius: Mater

Capricorn: Sarge

Aquarius: Tractor

Pisces: Luigi

The Signs & Cars


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The Signs as PIXAR movies
  • Aries: Toy Story
  • Taurus: UP
  • Gemini: Inside Out
  • Cancer: CARS
  • Leo: The Incredibles
  • Virgo: Monsters U.
  • Libra: Finding Nemo
  • Scorpio: Brave
  • Sagittarius: A Bug's Life
  • Capricorn: Wall-E
  • Aquarius: Ratatouille
  • Pisces: Monsters Inc.
The signs as things my friend Abby has said

Aries: I’m a tree! I don’t know math!

Taurus: Apparently, he’s too British for normalcy.

Gemini: I’m going to hide guavas in your car.

Cancer: Nothing says champions like “do you wanna build a snowman”

Leo: Well, look on the bright side. At least you’re not a serial killer.

Virgo: *singing* La la la, we’re all gonna die, tra la la, give up now…

Libra: I was going to go on a life-changing quest to save the world and find love in the process, maybe even discover who my real parents are, but I can push that back till Tuesday.

Scorpio: I would be down for saving the world with our graduating class.

Sagittarius: It’s you or the goose. One of you is going to die.

Capricorn: Sir, I’m trying to save your wife, STAND UP

Aquarius: Your dog is a Nigerian princess who needs your help!

Pisces: If I want to make the moon a lesbian, I’ll make the moon a lesbian.

My fav parts of every song from the Blurryface album (by Twenty One Pilots)(+Heathens and Cancer)

You can listen to the official Blurryface playlist here. Heathens Cancer

Heathens: car sirens, background harmony, “watch it,” the talking in the background that give the illusion of voices in your head.

Cancer: the bass that run though your whole body, the sadness in Tyler’s voice, “turn away,” the way Ty says “agony.”

Heavydirtysoul: the weird sounds at the beginning and when the drums start, they way Tyler’s voice sounds in “death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.”

Stressed Out: the little “oh” between verses, the “yo” at the end.

Ride: “I know, it’s hard, sometimes,” the little popping sounds at the beginning, “help me,”  “So I’m taking my TIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE, OH! YA!”

Fairly Local: the bass, synth, and “Ah!” at the beginning, “eeh eeh eeh,” the “YEEAAAAHHHH!” and the background screaming of “good people now.”

Tear In My Heart: “But my taste in music is YOUR FACE!” “oh oh oh oh ohhh, ooh ooh ooh ooh” before “you fell asleep in my car…” and the quiet, emotional, “Than I’ve ever been,” at the end.

Lane Boy: the “boing boing” (synth) noices at the beginning, this song makes me want to violently rock my car seat back and fourth to the beat while my mom yells at me while driving lol, the low “ Will they be alive tomorrow?”

The Judge: the WAY TOO LONG opening that everyone hates but secretly loves, “na na na na oh oh,” “Set me FREEEEEE” and “JOSH DUN” near the end.

Doubt: the “please” at the end of the third verse, and “heeeyy heeeyyy” at the end.

Polarize: reminds me of the vine wheres someone throws a bowl of rice down the stairs, “da da da da dada da,”  “ You’ll have to come and find me, FIND ME!” scream, and the chill “yeeeaaaahhh.”

We Don’t Believe What’s on T.V: -little ukulele stums- “Yeah yeah yeah!” -violent ukulele strums-, the little whiny “ohhh!” in the middle, and “oh oh oh oh oh (yeah yea yeah)” at the end. The little “yeah  yeah yeah” at the end are so friendly they make me smile.

Message Man: “Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!” “beep beep beep beep beep beep beep boop,” and “my people singing.”

Hometown: every time Tyler sing high notes (they are particularly good in this song), when Josh does the drum thing that sounds like the beginning of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley, and the “ooh ooh,” throughout the song.

Not Today: “Don’t you test me though, just because I play the piano,
Doesn’t mean I am not willing to take you down, (I’m sorry)” and “ Buh buh bah, buh buh bah,” at the end.

Goner: “DON’T LET ME BE!” the scream part of the chorus at the end that abruptly lowers at “you,” and the hard smashes on the drums during the scream chorus. I also love the sound of piano and I imagine Tyler showing Josh this song for the first time and Josh being like “shit dude you’re sad af give me a hug.”

I will do one for Vessel, Self-Titled, and Regional at Best if you want me too. I can also do one for Tyler Joseph’s solo album when he was a sad lil teen boy.

Love Songs for the Signs

Aries: “Collide” Howie Day

Taurus: “Cecilia And The Satellite” Andrew McMahon

Gemini: “In Your Arms” Kina Grannis

Cancer: “Vanilla Twilight” Owl City

Leo: “Today Was A Fairytale” Taylor Swift

Virgo: “Someone Like You” Boys Like Girls

Libra: “Ships In the Night” Mat Kerney

Scorpio: “Four Walls” Broods

Sagittarius: “Helplessly” Tatiana Manaois

Capricorn: “Here In Your Arms” HelloGoodbye

Aquarius: “Chasing Cars” Snow Patrol

Pisces: “Kissing In Cars” Pierce The Veil

(Can also use Venus Sign)

The signs on a roadtrip
  • Aries: Cant sit still and always opens the window
  • Taurus: Has to go to the bathroom every ten minutes
  • Gemini: Wont shut up
  • Cancer: "are we there yet?"
  • Leo: under 50 blankets and pillows
  • Virgo: Driving
  • Libra: headphones in and no one knows what the fuck they're watching/listening to
  • Scorpio: stares out window entire time
  • Capricorn: always in the worst mood ever
  • Sagittarius: wants to stop at every gas station and tourist attraction
  • Aquarius: playing games like finding different license plates
  • Pisces: Sleeps through the whole car ride
Signs on a snow day

Aries: out with Sagittarius somehow making sledding a dangerous activity

Taurus: eventually wakes up and is baking cookies

Gemini: making snow creatures out by the road to freak out the cars driving by

Cancer: decorating for Christmas

Leo: plotting epic holiday parties or gifts

Virgo: shoveling their long ass driveway bc the tire tracks were bothering them

Libra: shopping for stylish winter gear, maybe they’ll join Aries later

Scorpio: ice skating on the nearest lake

Sagittarius: sledding and mischief with Aries

Capricorn: chatting up the guys at the tree farm, maybe out on a date later

Aquarius: building an igloo

Pisces: binge watching their favorite series, making hot chocolate for the squad, and trying to figure out what the hell Aquarius is doing out there