car boot find

My car-boot sale findings!

- Two books on ‘Herbal Remedies’ (£1 Each)
- One book on Ancient Magick (50p)
- A couple of Succulents (£2.50 each)
- A nice large Rose Quartz tumblestone (£2)
- Some nice jars with taps which I might use to collect moon water (?) (£2.50)
- A wooden bowl that I’m going to use to dry out herbs (£1)

A good run I think!


And now onto our key supporting players, who all feature in Season 2, beginning with the adorable Wee Fergus.

As soon as I saw Romann Berrux bring Fergus to life on screen, I knew I had to find a doll equivalent.

My Wee Fergus was a thrifty car boot find, but dare I admit that he began life as Troy from High School Musical? ( 😱😱😱) Finding a smaller boy doll wasn’t easy, but as you can see, he is the perfect height when stood next to ‘Milord’ DDPJamie, and fortunately, I don’t expect him to break into song any time soon, 😂

I am planning to update his wardrobe, for the Scottish part of season 2, to include that wee knit he wore so well.