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We Are Young: Chapter 3

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Elide sat perched on the footsteps of the house. The morning sun beamed down on her, the sky a crystal blue. A light breeze picked up, blowing around her hair as she pulled her jacket tighter around her. They were only a week or so into October, and the wind definitely held that harsh, autumn bite. But today, it was chillier than normal. She’d definitely be warmer if she were to just wait inside. But being inside would mean a higher chance of seeing her uncle. And she wasn’t in the mood to start her day off by having a lovely chat with Uncle Vernon. Especially on game day.

After going through her normal, quiet routine of getting ready for school, Elide had made her way downstairs. She prayed to every god she knew that it would be one of those mornings where her uncle was passed out. Thankfully, her prayers were answered.

When she made it to the living room, she found Uncle Vernon asleep on the couch. A half empty bottle was clenched in his hand as he snored loudly. Not wanting to risk waking him and getting yelled at this early, Elide went outside. Which is how she found herself sitting on the front steps of her parents’ old home.

She didn’t remember them well, her parents. They died when she was young. She grew up with her Uncle, who was always a cold evil bastard. But when his business burned down years ago and he last basically everything, that’s when the drinking started and things got worse…

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Car OTP Prompts
  • “What made you think choosing this license plate ‘number’ was a good idea? No, I don’t know you, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s dumb.”
  • "I challenge you to a car decorating war.”
    BONUS: ”..are those wedding decorations??”
  • “Can you move your car? You’re blocking my way. Oh, you did not just call me a shitty driver. Wait–get back here and move your damn vehicle!”
  • "This guy is taking up two spots.. trap him in? Trap him in.”
  • "So we’re locked inside/outside of your car alone in this parking lot with no way to contact anyone.. oh my god–we already fed the cat, it should be the least of our concerns right now!”
  • “I think you mistook my car for yours.”
    BONUS: “No, it wasn’t a mistake.”
  • “Nice windshield wiper decal but mine definitely beats it.”
  • I’m in me mum’s car, broom broom!(rip)
  • “We’re stuck in traffic, this song has played exactly sixteen times in the past half-hour, and we’re already running late.”
    BONUS: “No, we are not going to fuck–”

I got a perfect idea for the final scene of teen wolf, should we not get a flash forward. Ready?
The song: The Sound by The 1975
Snippet: the last chorus probably edited a bit but the only lyrics would be the “well I know when you’re around because I know the sound, I know the sound of your heart”
This scene is all about the core four. It flashes through each of them and what they’re doing after high school. Each flash is over one or two verses of the chorus
1. Malia stepping out of her car and looking at some piece of wilderness with a smile on her face
2. Lydia confidently stepping into a large lecture hall, crazy math theorems on the board, she smiles. Pans down to her phone with a text from Stiles “have a good first day, love you ❤” she quickly texts back “thanks, love you too”
3. Stiles training with a smile on his face, looks down to receive the text from Lydia
4. Scott working in a college lab, eagerly taking notes and smiling
It then cuts to the picture of the four of them from 6a. The background changes around it four times. This is over the last two verses of the chorus where the music is less intense and it focuses more on the words.
1. Clipped to the visor of Malia’s car
2. On a decorated picture board next to a picture of Lydia and Stiles and an MIT flag
3. Framed on a desk next to a computer and some criminology textbooks
4. Framed on night stand next to biology books and a UC Davis mug
Cut to black and roll credits

I’m not crying you’re crying

Kids and Cars

 I was thinking about the kids from U.A. and what would happen if they were to have licenses, here was the result-


  • Was the first to get his license because he wanted to show off
  • Has the absolute worst road rage in the entire class, he keeps his windows down to yell at people and honks his horn a lot
  • At first, he drove like a madman and left people clutching their seats, but he has gradually gotten better
  • He drives a manual, which took a hell of a long time to learn how to do
  • He actually doesn’t speed (most the time) and somewhat obeys the rules of the road
  • He’ll drive Deku around when he asks because Deku is useless and doesn’t have a license yet, but when anyone else asks for a ride he asks for gas money and will fight whoever brings Deku in the conversation
  • He’ll purposely swerve to scare (Deku) his passengers
  • Usually has the radio turned up loud and will smack your hand and scowl at you if you try to turn it down or change the station


  • He wasn’t planning on getting a license since he prefers to walk, but his mom insisted he get one so he did
  • He’ll give rides to whoever needs one, but he’s glad not many ask since the students already have their license
  • Izuku was the last one amongst his class to get a license
  • He gets really nervous when driving and tends to avoid it when possible
  • His driving is really stiff, sometimes he stops too fast or turns too suddenly and scares whoever is with him, which he apologizes after
  • He never drives at night or in the rain, he doesn’t trust himself enough
  • He uses his mom’s car as he didn’t want her to have to buy something he wouldn’t really use (he did however put an All Might sticker on one of the windows which his mom doesn’t mind)
  • He doesn’t get road rage, instead he gets extremely scared because oh god did he just scratch his mom’s car??


  • He drives SO SLOW, like, 5x less than the actual speed limit
  • Obeys every single rule and sign, obviously, but if you’re in the car with him it will get tedious after awhile depending on your patience
  • Surprisingly, he gets road rage often but he isn’t as bad as Katsuki, he’ll just talk to himself or rant to whoever is (unfortunately) in the car with him
  • He has a soccer mom car big enough to fit 5 or more people
  • He’s super helpful and will pull over if he sees someone that needs assistance with their car on the side of the road
  • He doesn’t allow anyone eating in his car, he likes to keep it nice and clean, but he usually doesn’t buy fast food anyway because he says it’s unhealthy
  • Not many people ask him for rides, which he doesn’t understand why and makes him slightly upset


  • Treats his car like his baby and takes really good care of it
  • He drives with friends a lot, he enjoys the company and won’t ask for gas money afterwards
  • He has a car without a hood since he likes to feel the wind in his hair, it makes him feel free, but he gets super bummed out when it rains
  • Of course his car is red, and of course it matches his hair
  • He’s a pretty smooth driver and has never been in any accident
  • He doesn’t get road rage very easily, unless someone almost crashes into his car while he has a friend with him, that’s when he gets super pissed and protective as he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if someone was hurt in his car


  • He got a car that he can start himself with his quirk
  • Has a hula girl hanging from the mirror as well as some other incenses
  • There’s a black lightning bolt on the side of his car (much like the one on his hair)
  • Most likely when you ask for a ride he’ll have to clean out the passenger’s side since it’s probably messy with trash he hasn’t thrown away (he’s a hero he isn’t going to litter)
  • He decorates the outside of his car depending on the season (small reindeer antlers for Christmas, rabbit ears for easter, etc.)
  • His driving isn’t bad, but it’s not good either, sometimes he follows the speed limits and other times he’ll just forget.
  • He almost never gets road rage, he’s got plenty of patience on the road and usually brushes off small things


  • She got her license not long after Katuski got his, and only because her parents wanted her to be able to go out on her own
  • She has a cute little beetle car that’s black with a white stripe down the middle, her parents picked it out for her
  • The windows of her car are decorated in stickers of stars and planets, one of them is a sticker of the hero 13
  • Her driving is pretty calm and skilled, she doesn’t speed but she also isn’t too slow, another plus is that she knows how to keep up a conversation, making rides with her really enjoyable
  • Her car is kept clean even though she or her friends will eat in there sometimes
  • Seeing road rage from her is extremely rare but also extremely terrifying
  • She knows how to fix her car in case it breaks down, her parents had taught her everything she needs to know