So, this is me, dressed as Wendy, telling Peter Pan a huge secret. I went to visit Peter every day for five days in a row, and sometimes twice a day, during my trip to Disney World because I love him so much. This picture was taken on my last day there. I had previously seen him that day dressed as Tinkerbell and we took fun silly face pictures, and a few days before I had given him a present of a green dreamcatcher, with absolutely no reason of why I gave him a gift. I had also seen him dressed as him. He had been wonderful with me, absolutely wonderful. So, I decided to tell him a secret. I told him all about how I had been in a really bad place for a really long time lately, and how I had been feeling really badly and had thought about killing myself, but that I watched his movie every night until I felt better, and it did make me feel better. And that now I’m doing so much better. And it’s true. Since January, even since November, I have been in a really terrible place, and it has been a real struggle for me to make it through. But I have a stack of Disney VHS tapes from my headboard to ceiling and I’ve always put Peter Pan in when I was feeling particularly down. Peter Pan has been able to make me feel better since I was very little. It always works. So, I guess Peter is my happy thought. And when I told him, he was very serious, and then he said, “Yay! You’re happy now!” and gave me a big hug. Peter saved my life, and I felt like he needed to know. I know that every time I feel down I can just pop in his movie, recite it line for line, and fly away with him, feeling better. Don’t ever tell me Disney is for children.


NOW one could say I have a lot of bows….

Park Ariel and Off to Neverland Gadgets and Gizmos boards.

On the Park Ariel board:

top row (L to R): custom Park Ariel prom minis

second row: custom Park Ariel prom mini, Park Ariel board mini, custom Park Ariel prom mini

third row: CMS Splash Mountain A, Park Ariel mini, CMS Splash Mountain B

fourth row: Mickey Mouse mini, Minnie Mouse mini, Daisy Duck mini, Donald Duck mini

fifth row: CMS Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique A

sixth row: CMS Rock ‘n Roller Coaster B, CMS Pirates of the Caribbean B

left tail: Park Map Disneyland, Space Mountain, Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airlines, Splash Mountain

right tail: Park Map Magic Kingdom, Frontierland, Classic Minnie Mouse Red, Tower of Terror

On the Off to Neverland board

first row: Wendy Darling mini, Tinkerbell mini, Off to Neverland board mini, Sully mini

second row: Jolly Holiday Bert mini, Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins mini, Rapunzel mini, Pascal mini

third row: Ferb mini, Perry the Platypus mini, Little Green Aliens mini, Toulouse mini

fourth row: Kingdom Ariel mini, Merida Turquoise no hair mini

fifth row: Kiss the Girl Ariel mini, Merida Green mini

left tail: Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear

right tail: Phineas, Peter Pan.

all of the bows are absolutely gorgeous and high quality. all of the minis are on pinch clips, and all of the full size bows except for my two Park Map bows, Phineas, and Minnie (which are on pinch clips) are on French barrettes. the GG boards are GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to hang them up in my room. they give my bows a place to be on display as well as a storage space where they won’t get damaged. I have 43 bows- 31 minis and 12 full size. the ones I’ve worn are durable with my hair and the weather, and some have even gotten a bit wet and are still perfectly fine. Hayley has a gift and I plan on continuing buying.

*originally, I had 5 custom Park Ariel prom minis, but I mailed one to one of my Japanese sisters, so now I have 4. otherwise, I’d have 44 bows. 


birthday bow review:

I got the Toulouse mini, Mickey Mouse mini, Kiss the Girl Ariel mini, Ferb mini, CMS Rock ‘n Roller Coaster B, Classic Minnie Mouse red, Phineas, Park Map Disneyland, and Park Map Magic Kingdom bows for my birthday.

Honestly, the first three minis (Toulouse, Mickey, and KtG Ariel) made my jaw DROP. the Park Maps did too.

I have gotten soooo many compliments on my Park Map Magic Kingdom bow (it’s the only one I’ve worn so far) it’s amazing.


new order from Magical Ribbons! I ordered on August 13th, and got my bows on September 4th (:

I ordered Winnie the Pooh on a French barrette, CMS Splash Mountain A & B, CMS Pirates B, CMS Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique A, and Little Green Aliens on pinch clips. Winnie the Pooh was smaller than I expected, but I still like it a lot. All my minis are pretty so I’m really happy with my order.