capybara and guinea pig

seeing pictures of capybaras w/ guinea pigs is like seeing pictures of fully evolved pokemon w/ the smallest form of their evolution……like seeing a flareon w/ an eevee……an arbok w/ an ekans……arcanine w/ a growlithe…..the largest rodent on the planet w/ its tiny tiny relative


Funny and bizarre German animal names

The German language is famous for some really long nouns (Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän comes to mind). This is because German nouns, verbs, prepositions and adjectives are like lego bricks; you can stick them together in almost any way to create new words that encapsulate new concepts. This gives the language a special ability to name just about anything. You could call it the German language’s lego brick-like quality, or Legosteineigenschaft (see what I just did there?).

But why does German rely on such an elaborate process to name things as simple as squirrels? When broken down into their separate components, the names of familiar animals mutate into bizarre new creatures.

The Uncanny X-Tiere

Comics are full of heroes with names like super, wonder, iron, ultra, bat or cat followed by -man, -woman, -girl or -boy. A lot of German animal names work the same way, where Tier – the word for animal – is preceded by a word describing that animal’s “super power”.

  • Stinktier – stink animal (skunk)

  • Faultier – lazy animal (sloth)

  • Gürteltier – belt animal (armadillo)

  • Murmeltier – mumbling animal (groundhog)

  • Schnabeltier – beak animal (platypus)

  • Maultier – mouth animal (mule)

  • Trampeltier – trampling animal (bactrian camel). The verb trampeln means to trample or tread upon, whereas the noun Trampel is a clumsy oaf.

Sometimes suffixes get more specific than -tier, but still tend to describe the wrong animal:

  • Schildkröte – shield toad (tortoise)

  • Waschbär – wash bear (raccoon)

  • Nacktschnecke – naked snail (slug)

  • Fledermaus – flutter mouse (bat)

  • Seehund – sea dog (seal)

  • Tintenfisch – ink fish (squid)

  • Truthahn – threatening chicken (turkey). Trut is onomatopoeic for the trut-trut-trut cluck of a turkey, but it’s also been hypothesized that the name comes from the Middle German droten which means “to threaten”.

No, I’m Pretty Sure That’s A Pig

Swine seem to be a popular yardstick in German animal taxonomy.

  • Schweinswal – pig whale (porpoise)

  • Seeschwein – sea pig (dugong). Not to be confused with the Seekuh, or sea cow, known in English as a manatee.

  • Stachelschwein – spike pig (porcupine). The English word is actually just as literal; porcupine sounds a lot like “pork spine”.

  • Wasserschwein – water pig (capybara)

  • Meerschweinchen – ocean piglet (guinea pig). The ending -chen denotes something small. Add it to the end of Schwein and you get a little pig, or piglet. Since the stems Meer and Wasser are often interchangeable, it’s most likely that Meerschweinchen actually means little capybara.

Just Plain Weird

I’d like to end this list by giving one animal a category all to itself: the humble squirrel.


  • little oak horn: Eiche (oak tree) + Horn (horn) + -chen (little)
  • oak croissant: Eiche (oak tree) + Hörnchen (croissant)

alternate names:

  • Eichkätzchen (regional name) and Eichkatzerl (Austria) – oak kitten

Calling a squirrel a “tree kitten” is reasonably literal, but where does “little oak horn” come from? It seems that the answer comes down to a misplaced h: Eichhörnchen comes from the Old and Middle German eichorn, which has nothing to do with oak trees or horns. In this case, the eich comes from the ancient Indo-Germanic word aig, which means agitated movement, combined with the now obsolete suffix -orn. Somewhere in history a superfluous h was added (along with the diminutive -chen ending) but the original meaning remained. Today, Hörnchen is a category of rodents that includes all squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, prairie dogs and flying squirrels.

Keep an eye on this spot for an upcoming post where we’ll delve deeper into the animal kingdom: branching out to birds, insects, reptiles, fishes and any other mammals we find crawling around.

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Pkmn Evolution line: Syrian hamster, guinea pig, capybara. Then the mega evolution is a Josephoartigasia monesi. (Look it up)

baby evolution:

first evolution:

second evolution:

final evolution:

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hey mandy... i'm sad, can i have some heartwarming capybara content?

oh my gosh anon, you absolutely can

This is Joe Joe, who has his own youtube channel. Go subscribe for more Joe Joe cuteness. 

This capybara is taking a nap with some guinea pigs: 

This capybara cares for abandoned litters of puppies: 

Oh, and Joe Joe also likes puppies!

These capybaras are having a spa day: 

I hope you feel better. <3


This is not a guinea pig on steroids, it is a capybara, the largest rodent in the world. I captured this mum with her super cute babies in the Pampas, Bolivia. It is definitely a place to visit if you are crazy about wildlife 🙌💚

(via Lidewij - Planet Earth 🌍 on Instagram)


I wanted to share with all of you these pieces by When Guinea Pigs Fly ! They are part of a beautiful series call Capy Holidays and they feature a friendly capybara and guinea pig sharing the holiday season with each other! You can check them out on Etsy here . (There are also plenty of none holiday pieces you can check out as well, they’er all super cute!)


Why did Guinea Pigs, Pacas, Capybara, and Mara give up there grabby rodent hands?
All other rodent I can think of kept them; beavers, nutria, porcupine, squirrels, rats, mice, hamsters, degus, agouti, chinchillas, gerbils, groundhogs, spring hare, etc etc.
The only clue seems to be that they are South American cause they adapted to different habitats mountains, rainforests, marshes/rivers, pampas.

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What did Mulder and Scully miss about each other the most during the breakup?

Mulder missed everything: her smell, her frustration at her misfortune with the washing machine that she just cannot scientifically figure out (his tshirts have all taken the colours of “washed out” and “dull”), the few long auburn hair on the side of the tub, the stupid candles she’d put around the house and would light one by the stairs before she went to bed when she meant “join me…”

Scully missed the light in his eyes, the one that slowly faded like his tshirts as he spent more time watching his computer instead of her. Wonders never ceased with him, but somehow they did one day and she knew she had to leave. She never thought she’d miss his socks on the floor, his attempts to convince her to adopt a capybara as a pet (“they are just plus-sized guinea pigs Scully!”), his terrible sense of humour before her morning coffee that she pretended irritated her but secretly made her love him more,…