Love Pokémon Red & Blue? Then you have to check out this newly translated early concept art & design doc!

Did you know that…

• Trainers were originally going to fight alongside their Pokémon?

• That Pokémon originally featured a Charisma stat that would let you befriend monsters?

• That there were originally 200 Pokémon?

• That some Pokémon got massive redesigns?

Read it all here!

This is quite possible the biggest discovery I have ever made while researching Game Freak’s forgotten history, originally posted on Game Freak’s 1996-2000 website, this is a sprite sheet that depicts earlier versions of certain Pokemon and some other details below that I’ve yet to decipher, at the topmost of the page appears to be a 3-stage evolution of what looks like an earlier version of Weedle, Kakuna, and what looks astoundingly like Ledian! The next row shows a 3-stage evoliton chain of Poliwag-without a mouth-Poliwhirl, and what’s probably Politoed given the crown-shaped item on its head, and last but not least, is Dragonair’s initial design, I’m not good at all with Japanese, but a couple of friends of mine have been able to at least translate bits and pieces but not much-spread this one around fast, folks, the more info we can uncover on these relics, the better!

Sabias que...

Esta es la estatua que se encuentra en el salon de Iris en B2W2, parece ser solo un dragon generico, pero no es asi, en los primeros juegos se encontraban estatuas por todos lados de Rhydon ya que el fue el primer pokemon oficial en ser dibujado, pero ademas de Rhydon hubo otro que nunca vio la luz: Capumon

Obviamente esta es solo una especulacion debido a la similitud del pokemon beta y la estatua, pero quizas este pokemon aparezca de forma atrasada en la 6ta generacion como munna o gastrodon.

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Before Pokemon, there was Capumon.

Capsule Monsters (Japanese: カプセルモンスター Capsule Monsters) was Satoshi Tajiri’s early design concept of Pokémon, first proposed to Nintendo as early as 1990. According to the book Pikachu’s Global Adventure, this early concept traces all the way back to Tajiri’s childhood years, during which he had enjoyed bug collecting.

Various Pokémon are known or believed to have originated from this early concept work, such as the well known battling foes Nidorino and Gengar.

The name "Capsule Monsters” is inspired by Japanese gashapon machines.[1] Apparently, Tajiri had trouble trademarking the name “Capsule Monsters” so he changed it first to “CapuMon” and then later “Pocket Monsters”.“

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Well ,this is my first post, so lets start off with explaining what this blog is here for

for a little bit now, I’ve been working on this pokemon fire red rom hack called Capumon Alpha Version. now, i haven’t made much progress yet, but I plan to create a game full of stuff from the Pokemon franchise that has been released in beta art, removed, unused, errored, or wasn’t meant to be created at all. I plan to add somethings to that list later on, but i think this is good for now, I’ll post some more stuff as I go, thanks for reading, and if you could, leave me your opinions on this idea!

In the earlier Pokemon manga-such as the Pocket Monsters Pokemon manga-the artist made a lot of fantastic creatures that weren’t actual Pokemon at all-however, the creature in the topmost right of the panel looks like a pretty detailed version of the Capsule Monster, Godzillante:

Was this done on purpose or was it all sheer coincidence? No one can say for sure, but it is a very nice ‘Shout out’ to the older, unused Pokemon designs nonetheless-!