capturing time

the divinity of the
present moment here in the

winter air shimmering spawn
of inconceivably long

odds immense ancestor of
an infinitely branching

today’s breaking froth on the

unspooling beaches of now
lies asleep on the window

sill in front of the stirring
sphinx of the city its head

erect capturing time’s dreamt tail
in the still hour before dawn


alec is hovering in the doorway, halfway out, bow on his shoulder and his quiver resting against his shoulder blade when magnus appears at the door to the bedroom. he wasn’t dressed a moment before but now he is and it’s funny how this is so much worse than half naked. his shirt unbuttoned all the way down to the waistband of well fitting pants and a belt with one of those beautiful ornate buckles. he’s talking, something about dinner, something about raphael and simon, something about later but alec can’t find the will to listen. he’s drinking it in instead, gaze slipping further and further down all that exposed skin, littered with necklaces. everything in the room has gone fuzzy as his eyes trails over that view. one of them is so long, falling right at the top of that belt buckle. it clinks against the cool metal, like wind chimes on a hot summers day. alec can feel that sweltering heat growing under his skin, despite the fact that summer is long gone. “alexander?” he blinks, magnus’s voice slightly louder, cutting through the haze. swallowing, his eyes trail back up, along with his eyebrows. “hm?” he murmurs, reaching to shift his quiver. magnus just smirks, eyes shining, something like sunshine caught in them. his hips sway slightly as though bid on by a summer breeze. “just wondering if you were paying attention.” alec pauses, lips parting slightly, watching those warm brown eyes and the way they appraise him, all fondness and playfulness. “i wasn’t.”

You know what I was SO SURE Helen would notice Ryan’s cologne when he leaned in hella close with a gun to her back, like c'mon. Since Tony wore it I thought next scene would definitely be Helen figuring it out or at least become suspicious of the murderous dirtbag who kinda confessed to being a stalker and having an obsession with “"young”“ women already, instead she bonds with him and keeps reporting everything to him aND I’M JUST SO STRESSED OUT

little note that’s easy to miss in fantastic beasts - when discussing the aftermath of the obscurial attack, someone asks if it could be grindelwald and graves replies that no, he was there, this looks different

perhaps the real graves was sent to capture grindelwald around the time that grindelwald ended up disappearing, and that’s when the real graves was replaced


Yay complex women! Boo writer’s block!

Anyway: next up is the long-delayed entry on Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, now in its… like thirtieth rewrite. Getting it done as soon as it’s good enough to publish. The two were mob bosses during prohibition-era Sydney (yep, Australia passed anti-booze laws, to similar effect as the States!).

Kate and Tilly were powerful, ruthless, darkly hysterical, and they just haaaated each other. It’s a hell of a story.

Pretty happy with the cover image. Mimics the same horrible flash photography that you see in all pictures from the time. Plus, captures the two of them in their youth, and how Kate would get all up in Tilly’s business. 

since i’ve got @demonphannie’s approval, i can post the drawing :DD i’ve been meaning to do it for a long time but i didn’t rlly have the time until recently lol,,, hope it turned out okay 💞💞💞

More Than Curious

A late Valentine for @flusteredkeith. A little pre-Kerberos Sheith with some wingman Matt on the side. :)

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“That’s the new kid?”

Matt nodded, scraping at the metal mess hall platters for another spoonful of unpleasantly dry noodles. “Keith, yeah. Kind of a troublemaker, I heard.”

Shiro shrugged, chewing on a slice of stale bread. “I heard he can fly, though.”

“Better than you.” Matt chuckled and speared one of Shiro’s spare peas. “He broke your record two days ago.”

“Did he?” Shiro glanced back at the new recruit, sizing Keith up again now that he had a bit more information to work with. Keith seemed to notice and glanced up to catch his eye, almost daring him to keep watching. Shiro looked away reflexively, but when he looked back, he saw that Keith was still staring him down. This time, he didn’t back away from the challenge. He just smiled, eyeing the empty table around Keith and the rigid lines of his shoulders and back warning everyone to keep away. Then, he returned to his meal and pretended Keith wasn’t boring holes through him with an obvious glare. “Interesting,” he murmured.

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Ice floe and perfectly timed video capturing a breakup from the Danube River, Budapest, Hungary.