capturing goddess

So it’s funny, even in my “ideal AU” the Jedi order still falls and the Empire still rises. Not all the Jedi die but a lot of them do (so enough that they can’t just relocate and restart the Order).

Anakin + Obi Wan + Padme don’t die and after much hiding & traveling & adventuring they end up with a farm, the twins + Ahsoka and a handful of clones + Padme’s handmaidens (it’s a pretty big farm okay)

The Emperor knows where they are but leaves the alone because:

- He thinks Anakin + Obi Wan (+ Ahsoka) are exiling themselves for “failing” the Jedi Order
- He is a little nervous about attacking the place not because he thinks he’ll loose just… probably suffer a lot of damage and that isn’t good when you’ve just set up your Regime
- They can have the twins for their early years, he’ll come kidnap them later (hopefully after everyone else’s battle skills go a bit rusty)

He doesn’t think them much of a threat but keeps an eye on them just in case.

He is dead wrong.

Every single person on that farm is a part of the resistance (well, except the babies) and it is absolutely a front for the Resistance activities. The know they have eyes on them so they’re careful but
- The basement is MASSIVE (they’ve extended it) and filled with weapons and sparring space
- Just about every Jedi still alive has stayed there at some point. They just didn’t go outside (because eyes watching)
- Many important meetings have been held in the living room

And Palpatine is none-the-fucking-wiser

((And eventually the events of the original trilogy happen… just slightly different greater context))

In Norse mythology, Rán (Old Norse “sea”) is a sea goddess. She is married to Ægir and they have nine daughters together. She had a net in which she tried to capture men who ventured out on the sea She is also associated with the practice of sailors bringing gold with them on any voyage, so that if they drowned while at sea, Ran would be pleased by their gift. (wiki)


Janeweek Day 6: Post-Sburb

The Statue of Revered Goddess of Strength and Health,

The Maid of Life,

Jane Crocker.

so post-sburb right? im talking about yeaaaaaaaaars post sburb, religion and myth is formed around our beloved players. Temples and statues are built to worship them. painting, murals, and vases are made to capture the gods and goddess greatness. Songs, poem and literature written and told to their descendants that tells the epic journey of world’s creation. Guess who’s been setting the art trend at that time? (its rose. and dave; much to jane’s dismay).

So, this Jane’s statue is built to be put in Temple of Life. It is made with mysterious material and posses healing attribute to those near them, after Jane put her Grace into it (because she likes the artist who made that very much, you see. a very spirited prospitian). Hundreds of years later, Temple of Life doubles as hospitals. A new magical constructs are invented to spread the healing properties of the statue throughout the building and around them.

follow me through the night // a witchy playlist // listen

fithos lusec wecos vinosec (orchestral) - nobuo uematsu // charmed (again) - nebelhexe // sisters of the light - xandria // another witch is dead - the eccentronic research council // under the earth - yeah yeah yeahs // ritual - hexperos // let yourself go wild - jasmin tabatabai // razor sharp - collide // pulse of the earth - ava inferi // sisters of the moon - fleetwood mac // the earth is my witness - the gathering // drumming song - florence + the machine // ritual - ellie goulding // witchdrums - nightwish // the coven - autumn // threefold law - nemesea // vessel - zola jesus // the pagan way - trobar de morte // my book of shadows - domina noctis // the dance - within temptation // cursive eve - i:scintilla // senses capture - leaves’ eyes // goddesses - the dreamside // earthlore - aenima

the moon is in a holding cell;
grasped between the bones of my
failing ribcage. she is so cold,
gods, she is so cold.
i do not remember the last time i
felt sun on my face. there is only this;
silence, cold, and the frozen moon
in my black hole chest.
something has taken my warmth
and replaced it with a starless sky.
—  captured goddess ( h.a // @wylaneck )
Impeccable Timing, or how Hinduism got into Kaladesh anyway

I’ll admit, seeing this art tickled me for a few reasons. 1, i’ve always liked ajani as a character, even though he went a little iconoclastic in theros (Tom LaPille called him “atheist jesus” on twitter after the story he wrote with ajani telling brimaz to fight the gods) 2, this is almost certainly an unintentional and yet deeply resonant reference to a very famous episode in Hindu mythology.

And yes, in light of the first point, the second point is rather ironic and hilarious =)

But yeah, a man-lion coming to save someone out of nowhere is the Hindu version of the stock religious story of why God is everywhere even when unseen, and it’s pretty neat.

Content warning - I’m going to be linking to some images behind the cut that folks have told me were hella graphic and potentially not work safe for violence reasons. The Narasimha avatar of Vishnu was a pretty violent story, and artists have not shied away from showing some gory things. If you’re ok, carry on!

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How Spark courted the ever so lovely Lady_Ianite
P.S. I wrote this a while back, probably when it was first revealed that there was another Sparklez and stuff. So I apologize if things doesn’t add up to the canon Lore. (though I did try to stay faithful)

 Spark sat on top of the hill, his chin resting on the palm of his hand. The weather was wonderful.The sky was blue, there was not a cloud to be seen. The cool air ruffled his void black hair. He had a serene smile on his slightly tanned face.

It’s been a week since he last saw Lady Ianite, and ever since they bade goodbye to each other Spark couldn’t help but think none stop about her. He loved the way her purple eyes twinkled in the end, how the mere thought of her brought a sense of calmness in the world. 

“Sup man,” a voice greeted. Spark didn’t look as he heard the faint thump as the person sat next to him. He knew who the voice belonged to, “Good morning Mot.”

Mot grinned at him, his green zombified face looked less horrifying. “Yes, it is a lovely morning.”

“No trouble from the Mianitees?” Spark questioned. The green faced man chuckled, “None so far. They’ve been awefully quiet this morning.”

Spark hummed, “Give it a few minutes, you’re going to hear an explosion or two.” Mot fiddled with his green tie, “I hope that doesn’t happen though. It would be nice to have a calm day for once.”

Spark raised a single eyebrow, his blue eyes twinkling behind his green shades, “Well, with Ser Jeriah messing around with  that Blood Magic stuff and CountryBat with her antics, you can’t be too sure.”

“Hey, cut Alyssa some slack.” Mot said in defense of the little tribe girl.

“Though,” he started, “You’d think a Mianitee would rather prefer a more ‘cleaner’ approach to magic.” Mot said thoughtfully.

Sparks laughed “Yeah, I would think that.”

They sat in calm silence after that. Enjoying the breeze on their skin and the gentle waves on the ocean. “So,” Mot said after awhile “What are you up to today?”

Spark shrugged “I don’t know, my head has been busy lately.” Mot smirked knowingly as he wagged his eyebrows, “Thinking about Lady Ianite eh?”

Spark bowed his head, a fruitless effort to hide his blush. Mot laughed as he playfully punched his friend on the shoulder “You’re crazy man. You can’t just fall in love with your god. I mean, you don’t see me daydreaming about Dianite.” he joked.

“Not that I daydream about Dianite.” he added, “I mean, I think of Dianite, he is my god after all. But I totally don’t think of him, in that way.” he said a bit nervously

Sparks ignored his friend’s stutters.

“I can’t help it. She has beauty unlike any other.” Spark said in a sad tone. Mot frowned at him, “She’s a goddess. Of course she’s going to be gorgeous. Do not confuse infatuation with love my friend. It’s a fruitless effort to even try and woo a goddess.”

Spark opened his mouth to answer when an explosion echoed from the backgrounds. Mot groaned while Spark chortled. “Please Lord Dianite,” the green man prayed “Please just give me one day with none of these shenaneigans.”

Nonetheless he stood up and dusted his black dress pants. “Duty calls, see you soon Spark.” He said before jogging down the hill. Spark turned his attention back to the horizon. His eyes sparkled as the sun steadily rose in the sky at a snail’s pace. He didn’t care if his love for the goddess was not meant to be. He has to at least try. With newfound determination, Spark stood up and trudged down the hill, mentally listing down the items he would need.


Spark wiped his forehead with a wide smile on his face. He stared proudly at the statue he has built. It was Ianite. He spent all morning, trying to capture the goddess’ beauty in the statue. He quickly fixed his crooked clothes, smoothed down his messy hair, and checked for any sign of bad breath before summoning the goddess.

“May I summon thee Lady Ianite, so that I may bask in your everlasting beauty.” he mumbled under his breath. The wind around his rushed together, forming a small tornado of sorts, and from that tornado emerged the lovely goddess.

Her tiara, gold with a purple gem at the center, was nestled in her long wavy purple hair. Her violet eyes glowed, her chin held high as if she was ready to take any challenge presented to her. Gold bracelets and cuffs decorated her ivory skin. Her dark violet gown shimmered as they disappeared with a light blue gown, accented with gold, and a dark blue skirt held up with a purple gem replacing them.

Her eyes rested on Spark, “Why have you summoned me?” her voice was like ringing bells, it was silky yet commanding.

Spark bowed “My lady, I have summoned you here to present this statue I have built for you.” She turned her attention to the statue. She bit her lip to stifle a laugh, it wasn’t one of the best statues she has seen, “Oh, it’s a lovely.”

Spark’s shoulders sagged, his face fell. “You don’t like it.” Ianite immediately shook her head, “Oh no, no, no!”

She circled the statue, her delicate hand resting on one of the rocks, “It’s a lovely statue of a chicken.”

Spark tried to hide his reddened face, “It was suppose to be you, m'lady.” Ianite’s cheeks flushed with a purple hint, “Oh, well. It’s nice.”

Spark stood up, “I apologize for disturbing you for such a worthless statue.” The goddess smiled sadly at her champion, “It’s not worthless Spark. In fact, I think I have a spot for it in my home.”

With a single flick of a wrist, the statue was gone, and so was she.

Spark stared at the spot Ianite previously stood on. He hasn’t given up hope yet, he’s not giving up. With his jaw set, he made his way towards his home.


After 7 failed tries, Spark stared at his new built with a mixture of pride and uncertainty. The first few were either too simple or too over the top, some were horrible while others were just unsatisfying. After every try, Spark took down the rejected building and started from scratch.

With a quick prayer, he summoned Ianite.  Lady Ianite appeared before him. “Time for your weekly show and tell Spark?” Spark nodded, “Indeed, my lady.”

Ianite smirked playfully at him. Her hair was tied in a loose bun, loose strands were covering her face. She wore the usual slightly transparent blue gown.

Ianite walked around it, impressed by what she saw. Spark’s buildings has been getting greater and better. This was the best one yet. It was simple yet detailed, it was pleasing to the eye. Appealing to both light and dark with a replica of the “Scales of Justice” on top.

With a light smile on her face she turned to Spark, “It’s wonderful Spark, though I am curious on why you keep offering these buildings to me, destroying them immediately after if I reject them.”

Spark felt his face heat up, he wrung his hands “Well, I- um, well…” Ianite stared at him expectantly “Yes…?”

“I-I’m trying to, to…”

“To what Spark?”

“He’s trying to court you!” Ser Jeriah shouted, emerging from his hiding spot behind the nearby hill. CountryBat and Mot glaring at him.

Ianite blinked at Spark, her cheeks turned to a deep shade of purple. “Oh, i-is that so?”

Spark lowered his head, looking at the ground and not at his goddess. Ianite laughed lightly, “My dear Spark, aren’t you a special one. I’m usually courted with flowers, not buildings.” She said hoping to make the mood lighter, alas it didn’t work.

The corners of her mouth quirked down.

He heard her light footsteps come closer to him. “Spark, please look at me.”

Spark did what he was told. Ianite has shrunk to her mortal size, only a few inches shorter than her most loyal follower. She grabbed his hands and laid them at her waist. Spark’s eyes widened, his body tensed, his mind was currently deactivated.

Ianite threw her arms around him and leaned in closer, her lips finding his. Spark, too shocked to comprehend what was happening, tensed even more as he stared in awe at the goddess before closing his own eyes then relaxing into the kiss.

Ianited pulled away. Spark’s eyelids slowly opened, finding Ianite’s purple eyes gazing back at his blue ones. “This makes things way easier” she said before leaning in for another kiss.


“Spark, where are you leading me?” Ianite laughed as Spark led her blindly through the meadows. It’s been years since Spark had won her heart, a few weeks ago they tied the knot. Everyone came, her two brothers called a temporary truce just for her wedding. The other three heroes attended the wedding as well. Declan, the priest, had wed them since he was the only priest they knew. It was the happiest moment in Ianite’s eternal life.

She vividly remembered the way he proposed to her. She found him fiddling with some unknown object in their home in the End. It was the middle of the night (Ianite assumed it was night, since the sky never change in her dimension) and she found it odd to find her lover sitting alone fiddling with whatever he was holding.


He jumped at the sound of her voice. His hands automatically went to his back, hiding whatever he was hiding.

“Ianite, m'lady.” he greeted, still treating her as his goddess and not as his lover, “W-What are you doing walking in the middle of the night?”

Ianite crossed her arms, “I could say the same thing for you dear.”

“I’m wasn’t walking around,” Spark answered honestly “I was sitting.”

Ianite rolled her eyes, “What are you hiding behind your back Spark?” Spark bit his lip, his eyes darting around.

“What? Oh, you mean this?” He held out a stick. “It’s a stick.”

Ianite looked at him skeptically, “A stick?”

Spark’s gave her a lopsided grin as he waved the stick around like a crazy person “Stiiiiick!”

Ianite giggled at her lover’s antics, but she knew a distraction when she’s presented with one, “That’s funny Spark, but that doesn’t change my question. What are you hiding?”

Spark sighed as he dropped his stick, “I never really wanted it to happen this way…” His hand went to his back pocket and produced a small black box. As he got down on one knee, Ianite’s hand flew to her mouth.

“Spark.” she whispered. Spark gulped, “Ianite, I love you. You are my goddess and I will forever be your champion. But I wish to be more than that, as selfish as it sounds.”

He drew a deep breath before he continued, “When you accepted my love, it was the greatest gift I could ever recieve. It is one of my most reasured memories. A memory I hold higher than that time you gave me the Pivot of Balance. But want to be by your side forever, to experience even more memories with you. I wish for you to grant me the the honor of calling you my wife.”

Ianite bit her lip, her head bobbing up and down. Spark’s face formed a wide smile as he slipped the ring through her finger. It was silver with an amethyst gem decorating the top. He pulled Ianite into a sweet kiss.

Fast foward to now. Ianite’s eyes were covered with white silk, only her husband’s hands and voice guiding her through  the unknown.

“Trust me, it’s a surprise.” her husband answered, “Not too long now, my love.”

After a few minutes, Spark stopped. “Okay,” Ianite felt his stong calloused hands undo the knot at the back of her head,  "We’re here.“

Ianite’s eyes blinked at the sudden brightness the sun offered. As soon as her eyes adjusted, a gasp flew from her mouth.

The previous empty island of Ruxomar was now filled with wooden houses. A gianite cobblestone castle sat at the center, docks were situated at every edge with boats docked nearby.

"Sparks,” Ianite said as she stared in awe. Spark grinned at her, his hand resting at her waist. “I built the town with Mot, Jeriah, and CountryBat. I built it in honor of you.”

He turned to her, both of his hands were wrapped around her waist now. “I want a safe small town that would be neutral ground for all the gods. Mianite has his mountains, Dianite has his dwarves, I wish for you to have this town.”

Ianite kissed her husband, “It’s wonderful Spark.” she whispered, “Thank you.”

She drew away but her hand held on to his, “I have a surprise for you as well husband.” Spark raised an eyebrow, “Oh?”

She brought his hand to her belly. Spark’s stared at her in confusion before widening his eyes in realization. “Y-You’re.We-”

“We’re going to be parents.” Spark laughed joyfully as he lifted the goddess and swung her around, before immediately dropping her delicately, “Oh dear, am I hurting you? Is the kid okay?”

Ianite laughed at him, “I’m fine Spark, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m not tough anymore.” She puffed out her chest. Spark laughed as he drew her into a tight hug. “I love you” he whispered.

Ianite sighed in bliss before whispering back, “I love you too.”


Ianite bowed her head, her hand clutching Spark’s. It was a sad day as rain poured from the sky, the dwarves were silent for once with their helmets in their hands and their heads casted down. A casket lie in a rectangular hole in the ground, Mot bit his lip, trying to to refrain from crying.

Declan’s words faded in the background, Dianite’s lifeless body lay inside the casket. Ianite looked up, and saw the most peculiar thing. Her brother Mianite, though his eyes were down, his lips formed a silent smirk.

Ianite’s jaw tightened with unsure rage. She must’ve been holding on too tightly since Spark opened his eyes to look at her “Are you okay my love?” he muttered under his breath.

Ianite shook her head, “I’m not sure. Something isn’t right here.” The sad somber air suddenly turned cold and icy. Spark kissed her temple, comforting her in the tiniest bit.


“I have a bad feeling about this Spark.” Ianite said as she watched Spark pack up his things. Spark answered without looking at her, “You know why I must leave. And besides, you have a bad feeling about everything.”

“I never had a bad feeling about you.” she said quietly.

Ianite sat at the foot of their bed, Helgrind and Martha were off doing their own thing in the village. Martha appeared to be flirting with the local farmer boy Steve while Helgrind took his wife and children to Captain Sprinkles.

Her purple hair was out of the bun, it hung loose and resembled a river of purple water cascading down her shoulders. She was wearing a gown with 50 different shades of violet in it.

She sighed in frustration, “I know and I care nothing of that damn prophecy.” She stood up and embraced Spark’s back “I’ve been having odd dreams, I fear that whatever may come with that prophecy is anything but good.”

Spark turned around and returned his wife’s embrace, “I know you’re scared-” “I’m not scared!”

Spark’s chest vibrated as he laughed “I know you Ianite, I can read you like an open book.” His playful mood turned serious, “But I must do what the fates have told.”

Spark continued, “Dec has prophecised the coming of 4 heroes, we must leave in search of them. We need them now more than ever.”

Ianite clung to him tighter, “I don’t want you to go alone.” Spark drew away and smiled warmly, “But I won’t be alone. I have Mot, Ser Jeriah, and CountryBat backing me up.”

The goddess frowned at him, “What if something happens to you?” He caught her hand and brought it to his lips. His stubble tickling it. “I will always come back to you. I don’t know how, I don’t know when. But I will find you, I will always find you.”

Ianite gave her husband one last hug before letting him pack somemore.


Ianite stood at the castle gates, gently hugging herself as she watched the ship, that carried her husband and friends, slowly disappear.  Soon only the outline of the boat was seen.

“They’re going to be fine, my lady.” Declan appeared next to her. His expression was neutral, his long ginger bangs covering half of his face. “The prophecy will come to pass. And you’ll be in your husband’s arms sooner than you think.”

Ianite frowned at the priest, “I do hope so Declan.” They stood there for a few minutes in comfortable silence, watching the horizon. “If I may ask, where is this place they’re going to?”

“It’s a place long and far from here, my lady. Somewhere only the most bravest of heroes could travel to.” The priest’s deep voice rung Ianite’s ear.

“And what exactly is the name of this place?”

Declan’s jaw was set, “Aethoria.”


Ianite woke up once more to the most terrifying of nightmares. It was the same over and over again, purple tentacles jutting out to destroy the town she loved. No, loves.

Ianite assumed it had something to do the last time she was in the overworld. Ever since Spark “disappeared” with the other 3 heroes, Ianite’s discomfort and fear grew. She it was one of the first times she dreamt of the purple thing she has called “Taint”.

Due to her fear, she went for a quick visit to Ruxomar. To her horror, she found her nightmare came true. Purple tainted grass and dirt slowly approached the town, one sniff of it turned even the most gentlest of pigs into the most bloodthirsty animal. She entered the town with great caution, and she was greeted with an enraged Helgrind.

“This is all your fault mother!” he yelled as he stomped his way towards her. His eyes were bloodshot, he looked ragged and distrought. Ianite stepped back, taken back by her son’s hostility. In the corner of her eye she saw little Andor watching from his window. His bright blue eyes watched the scene behind the curtains of his brown hair.

“Helgrind, what are you talking abo-”

“You know damn well what I’m talking about! You caused this.” he growled. Martha went to her mother’s aid, “Now brother, let’s not rush to hasty-”

“You left us! You never cared. Because of you,” Helgrind’s eyes stung with hot tears. He took in a shaky breath as he whispered menacingly, “Because of you Alva and Freya died.”

Ianite gasped, dread filled her soul. “No, that-that’s not true,” Ianite shook her head, backing up. Martha looked at her with concern, “Mother, please.”

Helgrind snarled, “You have no place in this town. Be gone witch!” He forcefully grabbed the Pivot of Justice then proceeded to throw it at her feet, “Take your stupid gifts and leave. I should have listened to the signs, I should’ve trusted Mianite and protected the town. But no, I had to choose you.”

He raised his chin and squared his shoulders, “The town is no longer in need of your services. Leave this place and never come back. Only the one true god, Mianite, is welcome here.”

Ianite’s eyes teared up due to the foul words coming from her son’s mouth. She picked up the sword, turned around, and ran. Martha tried to stop her but Helgrind stopped her, “Let her sister. Let her run away, that’s all she’s ever done anyways.”

Martha glared at her brother, “You shouldn’t have said that to her.” Helgrind raised an eyebrow, “Why not? She deserved it.”

“She’s our mother!”

“Not anymore. Either you’re with me or against me Martha. Think wisely.” Helgrind said. Martha answered without a moment’s hesitation, “I choose Ianite, and I will always choose her.”

Helgrind glowered at her, “Then you have no business here. Leave.”

Martha stared her brother down before running after Ianite.“Mother!” she called out. Ianite stopped, she clutched the hilt of the sword in her hands, “Helgrind was right. I have no business here.”

Martha shook her head, “No, that’s not true.” Ianite sniffed as she turned around facing her daughter. A sad smile was on her face, “While I admire your loyalty my child, I have no other reason to stay here.”

“Am I not a valid enough reason?” Martha questioned. Ianite answered, “You are the only thing holding me back,”

Martha bit her lip, “But…”

She stared at the sword, “The prophecy must come to pass, and I feel it in my heart I am not needed yet.” She handed the sword to Martha, “Take this. When this returns to me, I shall take it as a sign to come back. By then, we shall be reunited as a family again.”

“I will never leave you my daughter. Though you may not see me, I’m watching you from afar.” Ianite said holding her child by the shoulders. Martha shuddered, “That sounds very stalkerish mom.”

Ianite laughed. It was the first time she had laughed in months.

She kissed her daughter on the forehead, “Take care Martha.” Winds whirled around Ianite, and with a poof she was gone.


Ianite tried to shake the most recent dream out of her mind, a dream that consisted of alternate versions of their land, when she felt the oddest sensation. She felt life nearing her, not the usual enderman vibe, but real human beings.

She begun to hear the voices. “It’s all in my head,” she chanted. But the voices grew louder.

“I found her! She’s here!” She heard someone scream with glee. From the sky descended 5 strangers. One looked like a red assassin, the other looked like a steampunked fox, the 3rd had his face hidden beneath the shadows of his hood, the 4th Ianite had disliked immediately since it started to make holes in her land, and the 5th… Ianite’s breath caught in her throat.

“Spark? Is that you?” Spark looked different. His stubble had formed into a light beard, his hair was unkept, his skin got  tanner, but the thing that stuck out most was his red shades. Not the usual green.

“It is I.” Spark answered. But Ianite knew it was too good to be true, the Spark she was talking to wasn’t her Spark. He doesn’t remember her. He doesn’t remember the real her. All those times they spent in bed, not really sleeping, but just mindlessly talking about the future.

“No, you’re not Spark,” she said with a disappointed tone in her voice, “You’re not my Spark.”

She felt paint shoot through her heart. Was this some cruel joke the fates were playing on her? Let her husband go missing for 10 years then bring back a replica of him only with no romantic interest in her.

And yet, Ianite wanted the Other Spark to be her Spark. She secretly hoped it was indeed her Spark, only his memories were erased. She tried to recount their personal joke.

She pulled out a stick and yelled, “Stiiiiiick.” Just as he did the night he proposed. She hoped that recognition would ignite in his familiar eyes but it didn’t. He just smiled warmly at her and replied, “Indeed, that is a stick.”

Ianite’s heart felt heavy. Soon she found herself clinging to the Other Spark, whom she has dubbed “Spark Plug”. She returned to the overworld after 10 years of solidarity in the End. She found herself goofing off, wearing her old clothes. Flirting with Spark Plug, but alas he either awkwardly said hi or shook off her compliments. She tried being nice to him, but that never changed his feelings for her.

When he handed her a pie on Pie Day, she gave it away. Mainly because her original Spark was a horrible cook, that and she wanted some sort of payback for all those time he ignored her flirts. She knew it wasn’t fair, but Ianite never really knew what to feel nowadays.

She knew it wasn’t her husband, but it was all she needed. She wanted to just be with him, pretend her husband’s by her side once more. But he returned the Pivot of Justice, and it was all Ianite needed. These were the heroes in the prophecy. Though her heart was still full of dread, there was one glimmer of hope in it. A shimmer of light that grows everyday, getting ready to explode when her husband returns to her eager embrace.
A sign that meant that she will have her Spark back.