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i’m scared! hold my hand, please? i’m scared. i’m scared… i’m scared!

lorde has such a captivating, vivid and honest way of illuminating one’s journey to light amidst chaotically tumultuous emotions. she captures her deepest thoughts through wistful, electric melodies and dreamy, blissful synths. there’s something magical about how cathartic and liberating melodrama wholly is

I just…. i love this transition so much. Mustang at least gets a couple frames to straighten up his gremlin ass self but Ed and Al are all ÓwÒ and ( ͡°  ͡°<~ to Business in 0.0001 seconds. it utterly captures the exact emotion of the moment when you and ur friends are fucking the hell around & there’s a knock on the door and for 3 full seconds the whole gang is ready to commit murder before you remember it’s the pizza guy. Just… Hawkeye’s gun gliding casually into view. The single frame delay between Ed and Al. I am being totally 100% unironic when i say this is one of my favorite pieces of animation ever

A Guide to Writing: Making New Cultures

Cultures, like anything, take time to build. They are what define a people and what make their customs. It’s complicated and integrated into their society. It changes as the people change but the fundamentals often remain unchanged even centuries and millennia into the future.

When creating new worlds, if it’s not set in the world that we know, then the people, while being similar, will be different. What they hold as value will be different. That’s where new cultures come in. countries will be define by something and way out of the way towns will have things that are connected to them. Making new cultures can be a messy process, and I am by no way an expert, but there are at least five things that define a culture and should be present and known.


Customs are a traditional ways of doing something specify to a set of people or place. If you can’t think of any, think of some traditions that are from where you’re from. For example, in America and many other countries, it’s traditional to put up a tree for the winter holidays. 

If the story you’re writing centers around a new culture, then the customs of its people is something that should come into play, even it’s something small. Maybe it’s someone coming of age. Maybe it’s someone passing away. Whatever the case, customs are a personal thing that people share. Be sure to not overlook them.


Art is a way people share their thoughts that are hard to convey. A way to pass on knowledge and to capture the emotions. Perhaps they capture their history in tapestries and artisans make paintings for a living.

Not only that, body art is an important part of many cultures. Maybe tattoos mean something at a certain age or it’s something like a brand. Perhaps they’re just decorative and meant to look flashy.

Social Institution

A social institution is a group of people who are together for a common purpose such as economy and government. These institutions are a part of the social order of society and they govern behavior and expectations of individuals.

For example, a charities and other nonprofit organizations fall under this category. In this culture you’re writing about, how do they feel about such organizations? Are the promoted? Frowned upon? Not only that, but this includes the education system, cultural groups, how families are defined, health care, market values, politics, and religions.

Each of these things may not hold equal value, or perhaps they all have the same weight. Are the church (in this instance used only to refer to religion) and state separate or together? Is the market, trading goods and services, more important than anything else? What’s the health of the people like and what methods do they use for healing?


Achievements, in this case, are defined as things the people have done to better and further themselves. What are some of the things these people have done since they became a people? Was something medical? Was it something that benefited not only them, but the people around the as well?

However, the achievements don’t always have to grand. It could be something small like finding an easier way to make paint or a way to make their weapons. Achievements are things that are well earned and come from something small like inconvenience or big like a fight.

And not all that glitters is gold. An achievement can benefit the majority, but what about everyone else? Is it useful to everyone? Does it need to be? More importantly, what was the reason? It doesn’t always need to be known in detail, but things happen for a reason. As the writer, you, are the very least, need to know.

Behavior Characteristic

We all know that there are somethings that are frowned upon in modern culture. Things like people with breasts going around topless or anyone walking pants-less through the streets. There are certain things people just don’t do because of the consequences and the culture.

What are some of the things that are okay for people to do? What are things that are harmless yet frowned upon? There are things that are widely accepted and if these normal things are challenged then it should be explain if it’s not something carried over from a real culture.

If there are things that are carried over from real cultures, then that’s a tricky ground to walk on if you don’t know anything. Research and asking are an important part of this process if you want to do this. Carrying over form real cultures is fine as long as it’s not a bastardization of it.

Of course, like I said in the beginning of this, I’m not an expert. I don’t really know everything there is to know but this is what I’ve realized when making new cultures myself.

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emilee-404  asked:

Hi! I want to draw people with a lot of emotion captured, but I don't really know how to do it so that the viewer feels something. I want to show more emotion, I guess? (This was really unclear, I know :0) Thank you so much!

What a great question, @everchangingotps​!

I think studying anatomy helps a lot. Facial muscles are a bit complex, and they move in different ways to make the frowns and smiles happen!

Here’s a few great resources I found:

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The last picture captures all of my emotions when I saw that someone gave Vernon a stitch-teddy bear


Osamu Tezuka (手塚治虫) drawings of expressions, cartooning tips, showing how to animate & capture emotions with body language too. You can find more in the マンガの描き方―似顔絵から長編まで Artbook, published in 1996.

There ain’t no better teacher around. Animation-wise. The God of Manga.

wow i just realized something after looking at this post 

The animation in SU (which has declined significantly despite what some fans think) is EXTREMELY static and boring. Just look at how flat (literally) steven and amethyst are. there isn’t any balance or composition to the shot, it’s the most basic static pose that you’d find from any high schooler. 

Just look at the difference between these shots:

Granted, it’s not the exact some angle and the first is a wide shot but thats the best I’ve got

Notice how Garnet and Amethyst are in a basic pose, but the shot still holds visual interest because of the difference in height and general colour contrast. In the other screenshot all the characters are the same height, and steven and amethyst’s poses literally look like they were copy pasted and edited slightly. The only colour contrast is Peridot, who honestly doesnt even look like she’s in the same shot as the other two. 

This turned into a long ass post so more under the cut!

The recent seasons are also missing a lot of emotion, and I don’t mean storewise or general tones, but the characters themselves have become almost emotionless. Look at these screenshots pre-SE4:

Now compare it to some of the “emotional” scenes from S4

Which of the two conveys the most emotion? In SE4, it almost feels as if the crying is all the same. All the same doe-eyed, ghibli tears and there’s little to no movement outside of “one or both hands near face”. The show doesn’t take risks anymore with facial expression and body movement. The only time they actually go off model isn’t intentional like they did in the first few seasons. Scenes don’t hold weight anymore, and considering we haven’t had any real consequences for any character it makes sense that the audience wouldn’t feel any the emotions the scene is trying to convey. I still cry to this day at bubble buddies and on the run and so others, but not once in season 4 have I cried or felt any real emotional pull towards the show. 

TLDR; The animation in SU hasn’t only gone down in quality, but fails to convey the emotions that captured so many audiences back in older seasons. The crewniverse is staying in a very safe bubble animation wise, and thus the recent seasons feel static and boring.

Potential questions for Mofftiss at Sherlocked Con, feel free to add on to or use:

– “Clearly you admire Billy Wilder’s work, the man who directed a film called ‘The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes’, considering you went out of your way to name a character after him. Do you think Wilder would be proud of your contribution thus far to the Holmesian narrative and a 21st century audience? Why or why not?”

– “Earlier this year the BBC went on record to state how involved you are with advocacy for the LGBT community, is there a reason, then, you made every LGBT on-screen character in Sherlock, thus far, a sexual predator?”

– “One of my favorite moments - and I suspect yours too - in all of Doyle’s canon comes from the Adventure of the Three Garridebs. You perfectly captured the raw emotion of the original story in that brief nod during The Final Problem. What made you choose Garridebs for one of Eurus’ mind games?”