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August Burns Red


Being As An Ocean



Capture the Crown


Crown the Empire

Fit For A King

For the Fallen Dreams


In Hearts Wake


Memphis May Fire

Miss May I

Motionless in White



Parkway Drive

The Plot In You


Stick To Your Guns

Stray From The Path


Upon A Burning Body

We Came As Romans

Woe, Is Me

The Word Alive

Autumn Breeze

Falling leaves, darker days,
Still she smiles
Be still,
She sways
With Autumn breeze
After Summer’s haze
Beguiled upon her innocence.

Moonlight catches
Stars shine pale
Her words capture
Simpler spells
Golden dreams,
Burning spreads
Sharing love around the world.

Sometimes days
Often nights
She sits to think
Of what to write
Purple roses
Amethyst heart
Given freely to those she loves.

One day, maybe,
Sometime soon
Sitting across from
Her smile endured
Reaching out
Finding hope
The thing she gives, and needs the most.

Help her believe
Let her see
The future is hers
For eternity
She’ll hold his hand
He’ll protect her heart
Neither ever to be alone again.

Autumn breeze
Autumn please
Dawn will rise
Dawn will find
You with what you need.

-H. Murcia 10:40PM 3/17/2017

May you be found in a better mood…HuG

Long Distance

When that beautiful girl comes on the screen I chat away indignantly and tell her of woes and happiness and troubles and, well, me.

She wears a shirt I told her I liked and rolls it up just so to match the time I told her I thought she looked perfect to me.

She sings along to songs I showed her once and clicks her pen along to the beat of my heart as I sit and watch her piece together and pull apart the world in her arms.

I gaze for hours when I cannot sleep but the waning hours have captured her eyes for dream screenings only she can see and hear.

And the best days, the best days are the days I can close the screen, unplug the wall, box it up and look at it no more, because the girl on the screen is now the girl sat at the end of my bed.

Her hairs mussed up and her eyes are red from crying but that’s okay cause I’m crying too.

More emotions than sadness invite tears you know.

Happiness leaks from eyes like sorrow wishes to try but in this moment, with her in my sight, my heart is singing and my blue demons hide.

So I am obsessed with personifying the seven deadly sins as characters. Also I am watching The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix and it’s all I can think about. So here is Adam Driver as the seven deadly sins

Philip Altman: This is Where I Leave You- Lust

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While Philip Altman is one of my favorites he’s not very good at keeping his business in his pants. He has all these great qualities but he does not seem to be able to help himself around the ladies. Oh Philip, although I love your commitment to your family, I wish you were better at committing yourself to your girlfriends. 

Rick Smolan: Tracks -Gluttony

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Rick Smolan is very driven photographer who wants to help other live their dreams while capturing the beauty of their adventure at the same time. But unfortunately his passion leads him to doing whatever it takes to “get the shot”. He isn’t aware, or doesn’t seem to care, that he’s being disrespectful or rude to those around him. His main concern is doing what he wants, when he wants. 

Kylo Ren: Star Wars VII The Force Awakens - Wrath

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Our poor love has so much anger inside of him. We see him lose control on several occasions and does not seem to have much patience for mistakes. It’s more than clear that if he’s mad you do not want to be anywhere near him. If this character fully commits to the Dark Side we will see the true power his anger will bring him. 

Jude: Hungry Hearts - Sloth

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Now the aspect of sloth I am referring to is the failure to do something when you know you should. This poor man knows his wife loves their child but at the same time he knows something is not right. While he knows he needs to intervene for the sake of the child it takes him a long time to do it. 

Jamie: While We’re Young - Greed

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It is probably incredibly difficult for an aspiring documentary film maker to get noticed in the industry. So what would you do if you met a successful film maker? Jamie uses charm and deceit to get his way. Nothing is going to stand in this mans way of getting his way.

Jamie: While We’re Young- Envy

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I think Jamie personifies both these sins because I believe greed and envy kind of go together. Jamie was so ready for the fame and wealth that he used Josh’s references and knowledge to get what he wanted. He wanted to be just like Josh and did what it took to make it so.

Alan: What If - Pride

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Alan is a very cocky character. The whole movie his role seems to be giving Wallace advice. But what he didn’t really realize is that Wallace was really nothing like him so his advice was not very useful. There are a couple of times where Alan kind of crosses the line trying to be helpful but we never really hear an apology. He seems to think he knows all and doesn’t need much counseling himself.

I was going to do Adam Sackler but I do not watch Girls so I don’t think I would of classified him right. 

I’ve always been jealous of the effect that thunderstorms have on you.
The rain has always been able to touch you in places I’ve longed to caress.
The thunder gets your heart pounding faster and harder than I’ve ever been capable of.
And the lightning creates snapshots of
you that I’ve only dreamed of capturing.
You see, you allow the thunderstorm to see all of you, the best of you.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is,

Can I be your thunderstorm?

—  Amanda Vegas