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Adventure Time Comics TP Vol 02

Publisher: Boom! Studios
(W) Tony Millionaire, Katie Cook, Art Baltazar, Box Brown, Greg Smallwood, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Marguerite Sauvage, Kelly Thompson, Shane-Michael Vidaurri, Veronica Fish, Jim Zub, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya (A) Tony Millionaire, Katie Cook, Art Baltazar, Box Brown, Greg Smallwood, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Marguerite Sauvage, Savanna Ganucheau, Shane-Michael Vidaurri, Veronica Fish, Derek Charm, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya (CA) Nick Pitarra

It’s Adventure Time Comics time! These sweet shorts come in many shapes and sizes, featuring all of the beloved characters from the Land of Ooo, written and illustrated by acclaimed cartoonists and storytellers from all over the world. Presented in the artist’s own style, each story captures the creativity that Adventure Time inspires! Featuring work by Derek Fridolfs (Study Hall of Justice), Zachary Sterling (Adventure Time), Riley Rossmo (Batman), Kyla Vanderklugt (Storyteller: Witches), Roger Langridge (Snarked, Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow), and many more! Collects issues #5-8.

In Shops: Jun 21, 2017

Is it just me or do many (and with many I mean, like 90% of content I see) new hetalia askblogs not care about nationality/culture at all and just use the character for whatever fantasy AU they have in mind? I mean that’s still cool, but I just noticed how the sheer amount of dragon/alien/mlp AUs just drowns out the cultural/historical part of the fandom. Even looking at hetalia blogs that try to capture the whole fandom’s creative community they reblog mostly random AUs.

I am not saying this is bad! It’s great to see new people trying out new things. I dont wanna sound like a bitter old hag here and I am glad there’s so much new content out there.
However, it would be great to see askblogs where the character’s nationality still matters. Just little hints of cultural identity. I think it would give the fandom back some purpose and have less people become disenchanted by the concept of hetalia as soon as their AU’s popularity decreases.

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lmao what is it with you and pheej?

it has taken me nearly two days to answer this ask, as i was sat at my dining table analyzing almost every pheej video, surviving on cheerios and tears. to begin, i will share my observations from videos based on this topic. 

Seven Second Challenge (with KickThePJ) 

• Phil and PJ seem so happy together as this video was filled with smiles and loads of laughs.

• Phil seemed very playful and happy in this video, i say this because he repeatedly playful removed one of PJ’s limbs when he failed one of the challenges and as the video went along he playfully returned them to PJ.

• The part where PJ invented the dance and fell off Phil’s bed there was nonstop laughing and overall good vibes. 

• Synchronized endscreen dancing,,,I just..really liked that part

I overall really enjoyed this video because it shows how happy they are around each other, and such good vibes they give off.

The Future Quiz (with KickThePJ)

• As they stated they ate loads bacon pancakes together,,look me in the eye and tell me that’s not love.

• 18 seconds in the video they were already laughing uncontrollably :’)

• They both thought of the neck collar..great minds think alike 

• Phil gave lots of love eyes in this video and PJ seemed to blush and laugh quite a lot

• Illegal Underwear

• High Foot

• Pink Pizza and Green Sloths

I also really enjoyed this video, as it captures both of their creative sides and shows how much chemistry they have. 

Snake Oil With Dan & Phil

I didn’t get much from this video because it wasn’t just ‘them’,,,y’know? Anyway, I did notice how much they glared/admired each other during the video. 

To actually answer your question: 

They are both so creative, to start with and i really feel that they could do so many amazing things together. They both seem so joyful and happy around each other and i can tell they really enjoy each others presence. I also really enjoy seeing them together and i wish they did more collabs/hung out more on camera. 

Homestuck Aesthetics: Rose Lalonde

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Ford Ranchero GT 1972 (5337) por Clay
Via Flickr:
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan - U.S.A. Type: Ranchero Series GT Model 97R Production time: September 1971 - September 1973 Production outlet: 27,940 Engine: 5766cc Ford Windsor 351W V-8 Power: 153 bhp / 3.800 rpm Torque: 361 Nm / 2.000 rpm Drivetrain: rear wheels Speed: 163 km/h Curb weight: 1840 kg Load capacity: 618 kg Wheelbase: 118 inch Chassis: box frame with crossbars (new body-on-frame design) and self-supportin all steel body Steering: recirculating ball and nut Gearbox: three-speed manual / all synchromesh / Clutch: 10 inch single dry plate Carburettor: Motorcraft 2-barrel Fuel tank: 76 liter Electric system: 12 Volts 55 Ah Ignition system: distributor and coil Brakes front: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Brakes rear: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Suspension front: independent ball joint, upper trapezoidal triangle cross-bar, lower simple cross-bar with elastically mounted tension strut, sway bar, coil springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Suspension rear: lower longitudinal links, upper braces, longitudinal leaf springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Rear axle: live Differential: hypoid 3.25:1 Wheels: 15 inch steel discs Tires: H78 - 15 Options: 250 CID (4096cc) straight-6 engine (power 145/4.000rpm - torque 314Nm/1.600rpm), Ford FMX three-speed Select Shift automatic transmission, differential 2.75:1, front 10.7 inch disc brakes, power steering, air conditioning, bucket seats, AM/FM radio, vinyl top Special: - The Ranchero, introduced in December 1956, is quite unique Coupé utility vehicle: part car and part pickup truck. - This principle was “copied” by Chevrolet with its El Camino in 1959. - The Ford Ranchero was one of the favorite cars of Elvis Presley. - The 1972 Ford Ranchero Series was available as this 2-door GT, as 2-door 500 Model 97D (49,065 units built) and as 2-door Squire Model 97K (9,070 units built). - This sixth generation (1972–1976) Ranchero was only assembled in Lorain, Ohio (United States).


Motion Capture Dance Performance for AICP Awards

“It was his eyes that really struck me. They weren’t alike—one was dark brown, while the other had a pupil so dilated you couldn’t see the iris at all.* This dissimilarity gave his eyes an enigmatic expression.

*During an epileptic attack Dostoevsky had once fallen against some sharp object and severely injured his right eye. He was treated by Professor Junge, who prescribed treatment with atropine drops, as a result of which the pupil had markedly dilated.”

“The eminent artist Vasily Perov came from Moscow and came to see us every day for a week before beginning work. He found Fyodor Mikhailovich in the most varied of moods, chatted with him, drew him into discussion, and succeeded in noting his most characteristic expression, namely, the one he had when he was absorbed in thought about his work. One might say that Perov’s portrait captures the “Dostoevskian creative impulse.” I often noticed that expression on his face when I went into his study. I would see that he seemed to be “looking inside himself” and go away without saying anything. Afterwards I would learn that he had been so absorbed in his own thoughts that he hadn’t noticed my entrance and refused to believe I had been there.”

— Anna Grigorievna Dostoyevskaya, from Dostoevsky: Reminisces


70 days. 2 countries. 23 states. 12,000 miles.
“Moments” is a creative vision captured by a California couple, Justin and Cady Majeczky, as they traveled across North America accompanied by their two canine companions, Siberian Huskies named Nico and Taj. Destinations included Antelope Canyon, Banff, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Glacier, Hamilton Pool, Burning Man, and many stops in between.
Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.