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Inktober Day 16

“For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command!”

Jim Lake, Jr. from Trollhunters, inked on metallic card stock.


@princessvionnet said : Heyyy! Can I request a “Dating Namjoon but being friends with BTS” list thingy? <3

  • it was actually Hoseok who introduced the two of you
  • like one night Hoseok was skyping you and Namjoon happened to walk behind him and see you and he was like “oh my God love at first sight is real”
  • the two of you hit if off right away and started dating
  • although Namjoon texted Hoseok about what kind of food you liked and what kind of stuff you liked to do like would you die of boredom if he took you to an arcade for the first date???
  • and Hoseok was like,,, calm down dude,,, y’all are so in love it’s Nasty you’ll have fun together I promise
  • … Hoseok was right you two had way too much fun
  • you kind of met the other boys by accident
  • you and Hoseok were playing video games and getting really into it when the others came back to the dorm and Namjoon kissed his head as he walked by and the other members were like ????? whom’st the fuck???
  • and Namjoon was like “this is Y/N, the person I’m dating” and Hoseok was like “Y/N’s also my best friend”
  • ?????????
  • but Taehyung just said “sweet I’m Taehyung and I call playing the winner at whatever game you’re playing” as he sat down on the couch beside you
  • and Jin would shooting Namjoon looks like “you really scored man”
  • Yoongi would surprised, but pleasantly
  • Jimin would secretly proud of Namjoon and will congratulate him later
  • and Jungkook would just kind of be in shock he’s like??? Namjoon??? wow???? when did this happen???
  • as Hoseok’s friend their first question is “do you dance?”
  • it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no they just want to see you dance
  • applause you even if you’re really bad
  • they turn into your hype men
  • you are in a group chat with them where they tease Namjoon about how much he talked about you and how much he loves you and he’s like “sTOP OH MY GOD”
  • Hoseok teases you two the most, but Yoongi teases you on the downlow all thE TIME
  • “so how many times did you tell Y/N ‘I love you’?” “cute…”
  • shopping with Namjoon
  • listen,,, he’d love to pick out clothes for you
  • and you see some of the stuff he picks and it’s like….. okay…………
  • but you try it on nonetheless
  • he’s super supportive
  • you don’t like it? no problem
  • you love the outfit? hell yeah and you look good as fuck too
  • the biggest supporter of whatever you want to do basically
  • late night dates with the entirety of BTS
  • like it was only supposed to be you and Hoseok but suddenly Jimin’s there because he heard you were going out to do fun stuff and Jin wants to go and then Jungkook’s wandering out of him room in a nice outfit because suddenly he’s going and Yoongi wants to get to know you better so he’s tagging along and Taehyung doesn’t want to be left out and Namjoon figures now’s as good a time as any to tag along
  • taking real candid photos of each other late at night
  • Jimin knows all of your good angles, but Taehyung’s more creative about capturing them
  • Jungkook likes to buy you snacks but he doesn’t buy any for Namjoon who’s literally standing RIGHT BESIDE YOU
  • so you’re like “oh no, guess we have to share” and suddenly Jungkook’s shoving his food at Namjoon because he really doesn’t want to see that
  • Jin is the main culprit of taking couple photos of you two
  • especially when the two of you fall asleep together during movie night aslas;lkdf what a snek
  • he’ll use them as blackmail too he will send them to Jimin and Taehyung
  • Hoseok sometimes gets a little sad when you spend all of your time at the dorms with Namjoon so you make it up to him by doing whatever he wants to do the next time you’re at the dorm
  • and you make a conscious effort to spend more time with him at the dorms because he is your best friend
  • dating Namjoon means gaining six other best friends
  • you already have Hoseok, but you also gain everyone else, Namjoon included
  • Namjoon likes to whisper that he loves you in your ear and usually it’s Yoongi who’s around to hear it and he gets that gummy smile because it’s cute… their leader’s in love
  • seriously… Namjoon would love you so much his heart would feel like it was going to explode because it would hold so much love for you
  • the other boys also love you, especially Hoseok
DAY 3520

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Nov 14/15,  2017                  Mon/Tue 1:24 PM

If only .. I could act perform and stilt my legs in such fashion, it would give me immense pleasure .. but then some things do not deserve some .. so whatever there is to get take it and retreat .. errmm .. not retreat perhaps .. just to step back and live ..

In a topic of retaliation and retributive tactics, one discusses the formalities of the issue and discovers that many among those that debate actually approve the idea and presence of letting it all out in order to let the ‘other’ know where he or she is going astray ..

Speaking out is a recommended idea and a practice that brings relief to the lungs .. brings a momentary pause in proceedings , but shall never be able to completely issue a solvent to the complex mix of what is needed and what needs to be discarded ..

I shall not discard primarily because I hope and wish to have nothing to discard .. but that is utopia .. a difficult one .. what I shall do is never ever give or excite the opposition to enter the precincts of a purity laden self .. satisfied and guarded by their visions and desires, needs and wants , loves and hatreds .. and the lot ..

My brain is one that I control .. I cannot allow it to work for another .. when such is the strength of the lineage .. hehahah .. the question of sharing, of subjugating myself to respect or study or put labor for another mind is stupidity at its prime ..

The mind that manipulates and gathers thought and vicious ideas of how it could bring damage and disrespect to another .. is really the working of the mind of another .. why would I want to decipher, assuage, analyse and spend the hours of my life in defining a response, in time spending on how and when and where the return bout would take place .. that is the making of the others mind .. let him be the one working overtime in devising remarks that could put the opposition or the opponent in disarray .. 

BUT a very basic point needs to be understood .. 

\Why would I want to decipher and analyse another’s mind, wasting the energy of my own .. I would rather put it to capture my creativity in such a manner that would reflect all else other than what is being aimed at me  .. the other is working doubly hard to devise .. I am not working at all ..

So who be the better .. ??

its a complicated debate and one of intricate questioning .. some other day we shall discuss and come out victorious   ..

Let them that talk of you in the minus, do so .. your plus will never permit the minus to even endeavour an entrance .. 

My mind shall ever be freer and greatly more agile than the other’s ..

And that is truly the motive of living and existence .. of understanding and sharing .. NOT devising for another .. let his, the others mind do that job .. he or she works twice .. I work once ..

Who then be the better .. ? Aieh ??!!! bent body hand outstretched in relevance

Amitabh Bachchan

Homestuck Aesthetics: Rose Lalonde

[john egbert] [jade harley] [dave strider]

[karkat vantas] [aradia megido] [tavros nitram] [sollux captor] [nepeta leijon][kanaya maryam] [terezi pyrope][vriska serket] [equius zahhak][gamzee makara][eridan ampora][feferi peixes]

[jane crocker]

Is it just me or do many (and with many I mean, like 90% of content I see) new hetalia askblogs not care about nationality/culture at all and just use the character for whatever fantasy AU they have in mind? I mean that’s still cool, but I just noticed how the sheer amount of dragon/alien/mlp AUs just drowns out the cultural/historical part of the fandom. Even looking at hetalia blogs that try to capture the whole fandom’s creative community they reblog mostly random AUs.

I am not saying this is bad! It’s great to see new people trying out new things. I dont wanna sound like a bitter old hag here and I am glad there’s so much new content out there.
However, it would be great to see askblogs where the character’s nationality still matters. Just little hints of cultural identity. I think it would give the fandom back some purpose and have less people become disenchanted by the concept of hetalia as soon as their AU’s popularity decreases.

Demi Lovato: Fans will know 'exactly who I'm talking about' on my new album

Everyone knows Demi Lovato can sing, but with her upcoming sixth studio album, the 25-year-old will prove to listeners that she cansang. “I wanted to make sure that this album showcased my voice,” says Lovato, who’ll release Tell Me You Love Me on Sept. 29. And if you couldn’t already tell from the album’s sassy belt-athon of a first single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” songs like the gospel-tinged title track and the funky “Sexy Dirty Love” will cement Lovato’s status as one of her generation’s most powerful vocalists.

Instead of rushing to follow up 2015’s Confident, Lovato took a year and a half to pursue a more soulful sound with a new batch of producers, including Warren “Oak” Felder (Kehlani, Alessia Cara) and John Hill (Phantogram, Santigold). “Growing up on the Disney Channel,” she says, “we cranked out an album every year for three years, so this time around I took as much time as I needed.”

And with a new sound — “I think what’ll surprise fans the most for this new album is how R&B I’m going,” she says — comes new subject matter. The singer, who split from actor Wilmer Valderrama in June of 2016 after a six-year relationship, says she’s getting real about her love life in unprecedented ways. “I have never really been so honest,” Lovato says. “You can just hear it through the lyrics. I think my fans are gonna know exactly who I’m talking about.”

Tell Me You Love Me isn’t the only project Lovato has in the works this fall. On Oct. 12 she’ll release the feature-length YouTube documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, which chronicles the making of the album as well as her activism and philanthropy outside of her music career. Bringing a camera crew into the studio to capture her creative process wasn’t easy: “It’s definitely a challenge, because you just want to be completely open and free, and when you have cameras on you, you don’t feel like you can do that,” she says. “But you get used to it. And once you get past that mentality, you forget the cameras are there and you’re able to be completely vulnerable.”

Lovato also says it may not take another two years for her to release new music. She says that Tell Me You Love Me will be a “living album” and that she may release new tracks as a part of the project even after its September release date. “If you create another song that you like, you put out another song,” she explains. “It doesn’t have to be a single. It can just be added to the mass of music that you’ve already


Adventure Time Comics TP Vol 02

Publisher: Boom! Studios
(W) Tony Millionaire, Katie Cook, Art Baltazar, Box Brown, Greg Smallwood, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Marguerite Sauvage, Kelly Thompson, Shane-Michael Vidaurri, Veronica Fish, Jim Zub, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya (A) Tony Millionaire, Katie Cook, Art Baltazar, Box Brown, Greg Smallwood, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Marguerite Sauvage, Savanna Ganucheau, Shane-Michael Vidaurri, Veronica Fish, Derek Charm, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya (CA) Nick Pitarra

It’s Adventure Time Comics time! These sweet shorts come in many shapes and sizes, featuring all of the beloved characters from the Land of Ooo, written and illustrated by acclaimed cartoonists and storytellers from all over the world. Presented in the artist’s own style, each story captures the creativity that Adventure Time inspires! Featuring work by Derek Fridolfs (Study Hall of Justice), Zachary Sterling (Adventure Time), Riley Rossmo (Batman), Kyla Vanderklugt (Storyteller: Witches), Roger Langridge (Snarked, Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow), and many more! Collects issues #5-8.

In Shops: Jun 21, 2017

mini best performance

5th RU: Capture The Flag - Creative Arts

4th RU: Dance Like Your Daddy - Project 21

3rd RU: Open Road - Larkin

2nd RU: Smoke and Mirrors - Center Stage

1st RU: We So Meek - Club

WInner: Shadow Journal - The Rock

PeeWee & Mini Group Results

 PeeWee Group

5th: Proud Mary (CSPAS)

4th: Move (CSPAS)

3rd: The Fall (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Silent Night (Club Dance)

1st: Swept Ashore (Larkin Dance Studio)

PeeWee Line

5th: Halloween (Danceology)

4th: Old School (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: If I Could (Modern Conceptions of Dance), Disco Fever (Modern Conceptions of Dance)

2nd: Lullaby (Club Dance)

1st: Hanami (The Rock Center for Dance)

PeeWee Extended Line

4th: Tarzan (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Hard Knock Life (Club Dance)

2nd: Big Bad Wolf (Larkin Dance Studio)

1st: This Is What You Came For (CSPAS)

PeeWee Production

1st: Cookin’ With Grease (Club Dance)

Mini Group

5th: Can You Do This? (Project 21), Don’t Worry About Me (Club Dance)

4th: Til Morrow (Club Dance)

3rd: Open Road (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Shadow Journal (The Rock Center for Dance)

1st: Smoke and Mirrors (CSPAS), Come To Me (CSPAS)

Mini Line

5th: We Run This (Club Dance), No More Fear (Club Dance)

4th: Wanting (Club Dance)

3rd: Lost It All (CSPAS)

2nd: Lady Marmalade (CSPAS)

1st: Dance Like Your Daddy (Project 21)

Mini Extended Line

5th: Undertow (Danceology)

4th: Smooth Criminal (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Make Haste Precipitate (The Rock Center for Dance), Ninjaz (Creative Arts Academy)

2nd: Capture the Flag (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: We So Meek (Club Dance)

Adjudications below the cut!

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Ford Ranchero GT 1972 (5337) por Clay
Via Flickr:
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan - U.S.A. Type: Ranchero Series GT Model 97R Production time: September 1971 - September 1973 Production outlet: 27,940 Engine: 5766cc Ford Windsor 351W V-8 Power: 153 bhp / 3.800 rpm Torque: 361 Nm / 2.000 rpm Drivetrain: rear wheels Speed: 163 km/h Curb weight: 1840 kg Load capacity: 618 kg Wheelbase: 118 inch Chassis: box frame with crossbars (new body-on-frame design) and self-supportin all steel body Steering: recirculating ball and nut Gearbox: three-speed manual / all synchromesh / Clutch: 10 inch single dry plate Carburettor: Motorcraft 2-barrel Fuel tank: 76 liter Electric system: 12 Volts 55 Ah Ignition system: distributor and coil Brakes front: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Brakes rear: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Suspension front: independent ball joint, upper trapezoidal triangle cross-bar, lower simple cross-bar with elastically mounted tension strut, sway bar, coil springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Suspension rear: lower longitudinal links, upper braces, longitudinal leaf springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Rear axle: live Differential: hypoid 3.25:1 Wheels: 15 inch steel discs Tires: H78 - 15 Options: 250 CID (4096cc) straight-6 engine (power 145/4.000rpm - torque 314Nm/1.600rpm), Ford FMX three-speed Select Shift automatic transmission, differential 2.75:1, front 10.7 inch disc brakes, power steering, air conditioning, bucket seats, AM/FM radio, vinyl top Special: - The Ranchero, introduced in December 1956, is quite unique Coupé utility vehicle: part car and part pickup truck. - This principle was “copied” by Chevrolet with its El Camino in 1959. - The Ford Ranchero was one of the favorite cars of Elvis Presley. - The 1972 Ford Ranchero Series was available as this 2-door GT, as 2-door 500 Model 97D (49,065 units built) and as 2-door Squire Model 97K (9,070 units built). - This sixth generation (1972–1976) Ranchero was only assembled in Lorain, Ohio (United States).


Motion Capture Dance Performance for AICP Awards