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Black History Day 3: Cab Calloway.

Cab Calloway was groundbreaking as one of the first African-American musicians to be prominently featured on film. His work with the “Betty Boop” cartoons (as seen above) was legendary because it was basically the grandfather of what we know now as motion capture animation. They recorded Cab singing and dancing (dancing which included an early version of the moonwalk so take that Michael Jackson) and they TRACED HIS MOVEMENTS FRAME BY FRAME to translate them into the character he was playing. None of that unitard covered in ping-pong balls mess. Painstaking frame by frame tracing to capture his motions. You can watch full length versions of the Betty Boop cartoons featuring Cab Calloway pretty easily. I think they’re all on YouTube and they’re in the public domain so they’re easy to find and download. The names of the cartoon shorts are “Minnie the Moocher”, “Snow White ”, and “The Old Man of the Mountain”.
So go watch them now and appreciate a hard-working black musician who pioneered the jazz genre and was a key player in animation advancement.

Half-hour speedpaint, created 1-22-16.
Single layer, no refs, no textures. This is a video of my process, sped-up.

Music credit: Thomas Newman - Cathedral

Thanks for watching!
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To do this you need to delete the patches and follow the steps in this video’s  description. Just a warning, it takes FOREVER. (Oh and you can gif this if you want to, it’s only 720p though)

Frustration (A/F) - Min Yoongi

Y/N: This is an original idea because I’m angsty and lonely lol. Also, I need more Min Yoongi in my life. And I’m Yoonseok trash. Please enjoy -Admin Grace

Summary: Yoongi invites you to his studio for the first time, but you make a mistake and he snaps at you. It takes Hoseok sitting him down and talking some sense into him to make him realize just how much you matter to him before he goes to apologize.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

Length: 2.4k+

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Haha i ain’t even pretending to look at the camera or be in the frame.

Video Script: The videos in which i talk are rather hard to make. I mostly sound like i am breathing, when i attempt to talk. Which does not capture on a recording. Talking is extremely stressful for me. Typing is much easier to understand. Please accept all forms of communication. Please don’t purposefully ignore a persons communications until they communicate in a way you deem “Acceptable.” Please try and understand us.


In my junior year of high school I took a exam for my computer science course. The premise of this test was that we had the class period (an hour, I believe) to solve as many of this arbitrarily large series of increasing difficulty puzzles as we could. It was open note and free internet, as long as everything we did was captured by a screen recorder (show your work). The teacher would watch the videos, and as long as we participated enthusiastically​ we got an A (we were not graded on how many of the puzzles we solved).

I solved twice as many (8 as I remember) puzzles as the next person (4). This isn’t really about me tooting my own horn though, (not a fair contest really, as I had much more experience than most of the others, and like I said we weren’t graded that) What drew the attention of the teacher was my Process.

“yours was the most boring video” he told me.
“everyone else was clicking everywhere and switching apps and googling everything they​ saw, and you… were just sitting there for like, 90% of the time”

I wasn’t rushing. I saw the problem, and just.. thought about it. Considered potential solutions, and then tried one. Maybe it worked, and I moved on, or it didn’t, and I went back to thinking. Either way, I spent most of my time just.. thinking.

The tortoise and the hare is, in my opinion, a poor metaphor. But it’s message isn’t wrong in some contexts. Sometimes, rushing really isn’t the fastest way to finish something.

This teacher also commented on how, when I looked something up, I’d read through the whole article, rather than skim for the exact answer I wanted. Knowing How to do something is not the same as knowing Why it works — and the latter might give you answers to other questions you have later on.

I am trying to preserve this trait, of patience and full comprehension, in myself, and encourage it in others.

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OK BUT HIS FACE IN THAT LAST SECOND PERFECTLY CAPTURES THE "*freeze frame* *record scratch* yup, that's me. you're probably wondering how i got into this position" MEME IM SCREAMING

jackson’s face is actually mine after seeing the video for the first time
Why Some Video Games Are In Danger of Disappearing Forever
Years of neglect are eroding gaming history. Cartridges rot in garages, companies horde demos that they will never release, and obscure titles fade into the ether. Some games may even be lost forever.
By Heather Alexandra

Heather Alexandra at Kotaku did a great write-up about the basic ins-and-outs of game preservation and the challenges faced, both technical and legal. She includes interviews with some of the leaders in the field, including the Internet Archive’s Jason Scott and the Video Game History Foundation’s Frank Cifaldi.

One of the reasons I wanted to share this post is the curation problem discussed at the bottom. Even preserved, games will effectively disappear if they aren’t discussed and brought into new light.

Additionally, fans can attempt to keep games alive in the public conscience. Streaming games, writing blog posts, having forum discussions, and working on fan creations all help keep the spirit of old games alive.

“Players and fans should capture gameplay videos and record their thoughts on playing games,” Scott suggested when asked what simple things could be done to help preserve games

“There’s only so much that individuals can do,” Cifaldi commented. “I think we need to use our power to publish and share things can help create an oral history around games.”

Callis sums it up more succinctly. “If you care at all, make an effort.”

I’m grateful for everyone who does this, and I’m trying to do it to. Talk about and share your thoughts about odd, forgotten games in the open to keep them alive.