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Newsies Live Pt. 2

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“A man carries a woman in his arms — one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back like a groom carrying his bride. It usually denotes or foreshadows a romantic relationship between the characters or a major difference in their physical strength or both… A villainous example: in The Force Awakens, after Kylo Ren knocks out and captures Rey, he opts to carry her back to his ship this way.” TV Tropes


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Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x Natasha (slight flirting)

Warnings: Insecure reader, Bucky being a thoughtless dick, swearing, but Bucky comes to his senses, some nice love making lmao, unprotected sex, metal hand use

Summary: Reader snaps when Bucky keeps praising Natasha right in front of her. Based off of this request <3

Word Count: 1,418

A/N: I suggest listening to THIS when the smut starts. It shall be noted and the song will be linked again when the smut is about to start ;)

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bae jinyoung - demigod!au; demeter

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  • honestly, the boy is just very misunderstood
  • he lived in the big city near the piers and beaches 
  • him and his father ran a flower shop in that city and jinyoung loved it 
  • he loved having the big and busy city life but also being able to see the sea and his flower shop for relaxation 
  • it was a nice balance 
  • he loved his father deeply since they only had each other 
  • so when he was brought to camp he was furious, he hated it 
  • he wanted to go back to his comfortable home, plus his dad was alone when he wasn’t there
  • that’s how he got his cold image at camp half blood 
  • he didn’t talk to many people, he never shared his life, heck people barely knew his last name
  • “bong jinyoung?? bing jingyoung” the hermes cabin would giggle
  • he was exactly what you expected, bad at almost everything 
  • he couldn’t get up the lava wall, sucked at capture the flag, couldn’t carry a sword and slept through greek mythology, history and language 
  • he was good at harvesting of course and had all the basic demeter children skills 
  • one he didn’t reveal was that he could teleport (geeky i know)
  • he can think of any plant to swallow him up and take him somewhere else 
  • he’s still working on the distance (which is why he hasn’t escaped and went home yet) but i mean he loves beating everyone to the showers 
  • so one day he was assigned to fix up all the wall plants along the cabin and change the ones hanging on the porch 
  • head counselor euiwoong was getting sick of him being lazy 
  • as he was throwing out the vines, he didn’t pay attention to the people that were walking about 
  • and you were a bit too engrossed in your book to pay attention to the ground
  • so guess who tripped over the vines?? you! 
  • and he turns around, slightly annoyed cause whats the commotion but immediately feels guilty as he hears people laughing at you for tripping face first into the dirt road
  • he kneels down next to you a little bit of second hand embarrassment is seen on his face
  • “uh hey sorry, are you okay??” he’s kinda awkward cause he doesn’t really talk to people
  • “yea yea,” you get up and dust yourself and the book off “just try not to leave your vines off the main road yea?” 
  • “okay” and he just returns to the plants on the cabin, leaving the vines on the ground
  • you raise a brow did this boy straight up ignore me?
  • and he isn’t he’s just being the normal demeter kid he is  
  • as the stubborn athena child, you don’t accept just an “okay”, you march back up to him 
  • “how dare you, can’t you see that you’re being an inconvenience to the rest of the campers?” 
  • “no one is here?” he turns back at you and motions to the empty ground
  • “but yea, what if someone else comes by and trips like i did?” 
  • “shouldn’t they be more careful? i mean you were the one reading and not paying attention to the road” 
  • you kinda want to stab him at this point, but he really doesn’t give two flying fucks and goes back to wall vine set up thing
  • and you stomped off, a little angered
  • and the next time you guys meet, you guys were having sword training class and were assigned as each other’s partner 
  • you being athena’s child were easily capable of adjusting to any sort of weapon whereas he wasn’t experienced much in sword fighting 
  • so you easily have the tip of your blade at his chest plate in a few swings
  • he just rolls his eyes, admitting defeat and smacking his blade into yours to knock it off
  • “you should try to bend your knees in the first position in order to be more steady as you start” you smirked, remembering the time he tripped you at the cabins 
  • this was payback 
  • but he’s ignoring you he’s actually just spacing out honestly
  • and you’re like “uh hello are you paying attention??” 
  • he shakes his head, snapping back to reality and you’re rolling your eyes 
  • “cmon, the sword isn’t gonna strike without you” 
  • and he’s back at it again,
  • with each defeat, he gets more and more stubborn
  • he isn’t frustrated, he’s much more patient then you expected
  • maybe it’s the way you’re shouting commands and tips at him with each battle 
  • and he hates being told what to do
  • “normally people would’ve thrown their sword and spit curse words by now”
  • he just shrugs, panting and rolling into a ball to rest
  • “hey get up, spread your arms out to open your lungs to take in more air” you kick at his side 
  • and he groans and gets back up 
  • god you were such an annoying know it all athena kid
  • and through out this entire class he hasn’t even spoke a single word to you
  • every week you guys have this class together and it’s the same routine
  • and honestly he gets better but of course with new weapons means a fresh start
  • one time, you guys stayed after class was over just to keep sparring 
  • at a tired moment, you both lied down on the grass, watching the clouds move 
  • “you know, i really hate this place” he sighs, this being one of the only times he ever talked first 
  • “what really? why?” you’re shook because you loved this place 
  • “i like my home, i miss my home, my flower shop, my dad, the city, it’s just so empty” 
  • “man, lucky you” you sighed “you have somewhere to go back to” 
  • and now hes shook 
  • “hUH?” 
  • you explained how your mom, athena, met your dad, a high rank military soldier at one of the bases  
  • they fell in love of course but they only had each other, no other families within reach
  • so when your mom gave birth to you, she had no where to put you and your father refused adoption 
  • at first, you mom had found a cousin of his, but they refused to raise you because you were too problematic
  • your mom had laid out many conditions and rules about you and they just couldn’t handle such responsibility 
  • and her brother apollo already forsaw you’re future with them and lets just say its pretty dark 
  • he would know i mean the dude is the sun god
  • “it must be nice huh? i don’t even know my dad, he doesn’t have time for me” 
  • and it just clicked in his brain, he’s a brat
  • he couldn’t apprecirate what he already had
  • he still has his father, his home
  • and the next day you’ve never seen him so motivated during battle class 
  • his sword swung so fast and you weren’t used to it 
  • by the end of the first spar, you were panting
  • and you saw something you never thought you ever would
  • he was smirking 
  • and you scoffed at his sudden confidence, unsure as to what sparked inside of him 
  • dusting yourself off, you cleared your throat, 
  • “you still need some work” 
  • and you went back to sparring 
  • you started to notice that he was smiling when you guys were getting ready for the next round 
  • he would actually start conversations between battles and he was actually a pretty silly dude
  • he started finding motivation somehow, and it has something to do with you
  • at first he just wanted to defeat you and you’re know it all ass 
  • but you started to realize that he’d always sit by you during the campfire (which he only recently started attending)
  • he also asked you about greek history and mythology
  • so you guys end up studying together as well 
  • wow yall battlin with weapons and books 
  • and you started getting sus 
  • like is he into you ?????? 
  • but he really doesn’t show many signs otherwise
  • not much blushies or flusterness, just a lot of attachment 
  • so maybe he just really saw you as a friend
  • did your heart just fall into your stomach ?? 
  • nO! cause you’re an athena kid ! you don’t fall for anyone psh !!! 
  • aka you’re just repressing them feelings 
  • too bad he actually likes you too 
  • though he may be lookin like a blank rock
  • everytime you two are alone together (all the time) he’s gettin butterflies all over his stomach 
  • like his tummy is a snowglobe of butterflies
  • and he thinks he’s sending signals by being with you and only you 
  • but you’re a cold ice cube too so he doesn’t know how to approach this situation 
  • and guys are just stuck 
  • both too scared to say anything 
  • and one time, jinyoung needs a break from all the book reading and wants to walk in the forest 
  • you go with him reluctantly cause you love books 
  • “god what a nerd”
  • “whatever flower boy” 
  • and he’s walking ahead of you, blushing 
  • why did that sound so cute to him? it just a simple name?? 
  • there’s a flower that you guys spot 
  • and you’re like oh hey gardenias how pretty
  • “yea, you know they mean sweetness and purity?”
  • “no??? they mean secret love u idiot, some demeter child you are dafawk???” 
  • and now he has his eyebrows raised 
  • “my mom literally created the language of flowers, are you really gonna try arguing with me ??” 
  • “books don’t lie sir” 
  • and you both whip to look at each other 
  • the eye contact is overwhelming, it’s lw hot, but also playful??? but you’re both ready to roast each other at the campfire 
  • you guys can’t seem to form words with your thoughts though 
  • you’re both kinda annoyed 
  • not only with some tiny argument, but also those compressed feelings are rising
  • “why can’t you just admit things for once” he bursted before you could you first, 
  • “you’re so stubborn for a boring demeter child”
  • “you’re the stubborn one”
  • “yea, but that’s expected of me”
  • “uuuUUuUUUuGGHhHHhHH yOU aRE sO aNno YinGGG, first, you have to lecture me nonstop, second you’re so self entitled, thirdly you such a annoying knowitall and lastly you’re still so vulnerable and I still have such a strong urge to care for you because you’re YOU. and i like YOU. oF ALL  CAMPERS AND CHILD OF ALL THE GODS, YOU. sOME KNOWITALL ATHENA CHILD”
  • silence, silence so deadly that hades himself must’ve created it his face is as a red a tomato and all he can think about is running away and hiding underneath this sheets and screaming
  • and thats what happens suddenly he’s engulfed in a flower and sucked into the earth
  • for the first thirty seconds you’re speechless, unaware as to what just happened and then you scream 
  • meanwhile, jinyoung sprouts out of a potted plant on his nightstand in his cabin he’s literally thrown out of the flower and rolls onto the floor, covered in petals 
  • everyone is shook
  • “d-did y-you j-j-ju-just c-co-come ou-out of a fl-fLOWER???” euiwoong freaks out 
  • and now everyone is screaming 
  • “i-i can explain..” jinyoung is literally going to become a tomato
  • “but can someone go get y.n in the woods???????” he nervously chuckled
  • and the sound of your name gives him ptsd cause he literally just confessed to you
  • euiwoong takes you back to your dorm, you were no longer freaked at that point but just needed some serenity
  • euiwoong just explains that jinyoung can teleport through plants 
  • “yea, no one has had that demeter power for a while, even we were shook" 
  • you don’t ask to see him though, you just needed to recollect yourself
  • you couldn’t face him
  • you’re feelings were out of the roof now there’s no way you’d be able to look at him without getting nervous 
  • and he’s curled up underneath his sheets, regretting everything he did that day 
  • his siblings think hes untouchable now
  • like yo, he’s all mighty powerful and scary cold 
  • now you guys are extremely awkward 
  • he sees you run off to you siblings asap during weapons class 
  • and he’s kinda hurt honestly 
  • like you could’ve at least rejected him to his face, not full on ghost him 
  • but at the same time he understood since he kinda abruptly said he like you, he probably surprised you 
  • but he still couldn’t help but hear his heart cracking
  • and you’re not even trying to break his heart
  • you’re just too awkward, what an athena move 
  • you can’t face you’re own feelings, and its okai, it’s hard i feel 
  • everytime jinyoung walks past your face turns red
  • when his name is brought up you kinda steer out of the conversation 
  • and the only reason why his name keeps being brought up is because you’re siblings know and looooooooove making fun of you 
  • even you’re quiet brother minhyun finds it amusing 
  • they’d always find any reason to say his name, anytime anywhere 
  • “ooh the strawberries are blooming is jINYOUNG piCkING THEM???
  • him and minhyun end up sitting next to each other in mythology 
  • “oh, you’re jinyoung huh???” he’s making the connections 
  •  “you know me?” the younger asked, very quietly 
  • “how could i not, you’re the talk of the talk in the athena cabin” (old dad terms wtf minhyun)
  • “oh cause y.n basically rejected me” he sighs “i get it, what a joke, can’t believe i thought i even had a shot” 
  • and minhyun blinks his eyes in confusion
  • “she rejected you??????????” he scrunches his eyebrows 
  • “well no, she kinda just left me hanging and ignores me now, so i have to assume it’s a rejection” 
  • and he laughs
  • and jinyoung has math equations all around his head (you kno the meme) 
  • “you guys were made for each other oh my lordy” he covered his mouth with one hand and the other patting the smaller one’s back “send her some flowers or something, i’ll deliver them” 
  • and thats how you find gardenias on your bed, with a small note 
  • ‘secret love” 
  • i see him have some pretty sloopy handwriting and you kinda smile at it
  • and you send one back with a simple note 
  • ‘secret love’ 
  • and he’s squishy and grinning to himself 
  • kicking his bed sheets in excitement, trying to refrain from jumping around 
  • his siblings are so done with him 
  • and so during breakfast the next morning, he swings an arm around you 
  • “hey you” he grinned
  • “jinyoung?????” you look up at him surprised 
  • the entire athena cabin is staring in amusement
  • and he’s immediately back to being flustered 
  • “jihoon said i should be smooth to impress you” he confessed, taking his arm back 
  • and you laugh and he ends up giggling with you
  • everything is back to normal 
  • ya’ll are the very quiet camp couple 
  • but you guys can get pretty wild together 
  • at the fireworks, you guys were pretty chill
  • just on a towel watching the fireworks in each others arms, unbothered 
  • and everyone is like ‘awwwweeeewwew cuuuute” 
  • but one time you guys were alone, just having your own picnic at the edge of the forest 
  • you two were nonstop laughing 
  • he would continuously make dumb faces at you 
  • and the more you smile, the more he would too
  • and it becomes a reoccurring routine 
  • where guys just sit outside 
  • whether it be studying, reading, growing flowers, trying his new recipe for brownies, or just laying in silence 
  • you were reading a book once, and suddenly a small flower grows in between your eyes and the book 
  • and it tickles your nose 
  • and your scrunching your nose at jinyoung and you both giggle 
  • he finds you so adorable during these peaceful times 
  • very unlike your uptight athena side 
  • he has a habit of playing with your fingers 
  • like you’re both on your way to the mess hall and he has one of your hands in his two hands and he’s playing with your fingers 
  • not even like intertwining them
  • just folding them, pressing at the pads of your fingertips and joints, drawing little pictures on your palms 
  • and you help him open up and the demeter cabin sees it 
  • they re-welcome him as an official sibling and are genuine friends/siblings 
  • imagine him taking you back to his hometown 
  • he tours you around the big city and you’re so fascinated by the buildings 
  • but then he even takes you to piers and beach that are like a bus stop away
  • and you’re just in awe 
  • “they’re right next to each other ???? buildings AND oceans ???” 
  • he’s overjoyed to see you appreciate the scenic views that he too fell for too 
  • and plus he fell for you too 
  • as much his dad wants you two enjoy your little couple vacation 
  • one day he needs to do a huge delivery so he asks jinyoung to watch the store 
  • and you’re much more excited than he was expecting cause he was feelin sorry 
  • “babe i’m sorry we ha-” 
  • “omg we get to run the flower shop??!?!???!!?!” you’re squealing and he’s blinking his eyes in confusion 
  • it’s really chill though 
  • he mostly handles all the buisness stuff while you just finish up your book next to him 
  • “jinyoung, i haven’t seen you in so long !” a longtime mom/costumer would greet him 
  • and in that moment you were talking to her 5 year old son, teaching him the meaning of certain flowers which you had learned from him 
  • and you and her son start giggling and you give him one the flowers, sliding it on top of his ear, and hoped that jinyoung wouldn’t mind 
  • “awe, you’re girlfriend seems very sweet” she would compliment 
  • “yea, she’s definitely a keeper” he would blush, smiling and looking down at the register 

if anyone was curious, the city i was basing jinyoung’s hometown was san francisco, ca in the u.s, mainly downtown sf and the ferry building + piers  :-)) 

and sorry i took so long, thnks 4 being patient w/ me !!! 

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10. please?

“Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”

“Are you fucking insane?” Tony exclaims, but the outrage he intends to convey somehow ends up sounding as blind panic.

Steve doesn’t stop in his descent down a creaking wooden ladder; each shudder and groan it makes as it rebels against Steve’s weight just another scrape against the inside of Tony’s chest. He is only a small dot high above, but moving steadily down.

He still has enough time to go back, to save himself. If only the fool would listen.

“When we’re out of here,” Steve calls out, clearly pissed off. “We’re going to have a long talk about what constitutes as insanity. Among other things.”

Tony shuts his eyes and bangs his head against the concrete. He tries to move, but fails. Again.

He doesn’t know what is it they gave him, but it successfully paralyzed him from the neck down.

And then they stuck him in the suit. Well, suit minus the helmet. And the best thing? The suit is completely out of juice.

But the worst thing is that Steve - that foolish, reckless, brave idiot - is now literally climbing down to his own death just because Tony went and got himself captured.

“You can’t carry me up,” Tony tries again. “Even without the suit-”

“Tony, I love you very much, but right now I really need you to stop talking.”

“Fuck you, Rogers,” Tony exclaims hotly, feels something wet streaming down his cheeks. “You can’t save me, all you’re going to do is kill yourself trying.”

“Yeah?” Steve grits out, and even with the distance separating them, Tony can hear that familiar stubborn determination giving his voice a steely edge. “Watch me.”

And Tony does. Watches Steve jump down thirty feet of height, unable to do anything to stop him. Unable to even breathe, all air expelled out of his lungs by sheer panic.

Steve!” Tony cries out when he gathers enough air to speak. He doesn’t recognize his own voice: thin and small and cracking on edges. “Steve, you fucking idiot.”

A pained grunt sounds from somewhere to Tony’s right. A wave of relief surges through Tony’s chest. Tony grits his teeth, tries to lift his head, the sound of his harsh breaths almost drowning out that of boot heels scraping against concrete, and then, then-

There are hands wrapping under Tony’s arms and lifting him to his feet, pressing him against solid chest for the briefest of moments. Then, gloved fingers are darting along the metal of Tony’s suit, finding the hidden catches and releases.

“Don’t try it,” Tony pleads in a pained voice, raw with guilt and panic. “I’m not worth it.”

Steve, whose face is dirty and bleeding from a gash above his right eyebrow, pauses in getting Tony out of the suit, his right hand sliding up to cradle the back of Tony’s neck.

“Shut up. Shut. Up,” Steve grits out in a wrecked voice, leans his forehead against Tony’s. “You’re worth everything.”

Tony screws his eyes shut, opens his mouth to curse the stubborn bastard, but all that comes out is a half-choked sob of Steve’s name.

And somewhere in the building above them the clock continues to count down, fast approaching zero.

It had been startling and disappointing to me to find out that story books had been written by people, that books were not natural wonders, coming up of themselves like grass. Yet regardless of where they come from, I cannot remember a time when I was not in love with them – with the books themselves, cover and binding and the paper they were printed on, with their smell and their weight and with their possession in my arms, captured and carried off to myself.
—  Eudora Welty (born on this day in 1909)
The Loser’s first celebrity crushes

Richie: Richie first celebrity crush was Jessica Rabbit no lie, he watched ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ every chance he got. Little child Richie thought she was gorgeous and he thought he was gonna marry this cartoon rabbit, I swear. But as he grew up, Richie’s next celebrity crush was Kurt Cobain and you can bet he cried his eyes out when he died. 

Eddie: Eddie’s mom isn’t any fun so their TV only ever played Golden Girls and I Love Lucy. One day, Eddie was allowed to watch something of his own choosing (of their limited channel options) and he watched The Monkees re-runs. He swooned for the pretty boy, Davy Jones. Plus, Davy was pretty short too, which he related too. He grew to have a really huge crush on George Michael too.

Stan: Stan’s first celebrity crush was DJ from Full House. He thought she was really smart and must’ve been really strong willed, what with having to deal with her annoying sister and terrible comic uncle Joey (Stan couldn’t stand him, Jesse wasn’t bad to look at though). He also started to have a tiny crush on Rachel from friends and could be found watching it in his spare time as a teenager. 

Beverly: Bev never really thought much about crushes but she had heard Robert Plant’s voice through one of her dad’s old radios when she was little and couldn’t stop smiling. She still has a small picture cut out of him from the 70′s hidden in her room. (She also found herself drooling over Pat Benatar on the occasion?)

Ben: Ben’s heart was captured first by Carrie Fisher. He was a little nerd who loved Star Wars (and still does) and he admired Leia. He thought she was strong and deserved the whole galaxy. He was a little jealous that he wasn’t anything like Han Solo and wondered if he could ever get a girl quite like her. He also die hard loved Whitney Houston. 

Bill: Bill was in love with  Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend, Sloane Peterson. He thought she was the coolest for going along with Ferris’s scheme and she was smart and sassy. He could have gone on for ages about why he loved her. (As he grew up, he loved to poke fun at Stan and tell him that was just like Ferris’s best friend, Cameron).

Mike: Mike didn’t watch a lot of TV but he did watch some of those flashback channels on the occasion, which included his favorite show: the 1960′s Batman. And though Catwoman was played by two others, Mike thought the world of  Eartha Kitt, she was just too amazing. He’d sit so close to the screen with this shy little grin on his face. 

Collapse - Chapter Five

Results Matter

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku fidgeted with his wallet, turning it over in his hands and examining every stitch. A flash of light reflected across his face, and he blinked. Izuku glanced outside Detective Tsukauchi’s car window and watched the lightposts pass by - their yellow light dancing along the shape of the seats.  

Detective Tsukauchi drove in near silence, occasionally casting glances in Izuku’s direction.  

“Here we are,” Tsukauchi sighed with a smile, quietly pulling up to the visitor’s gate.  

Reaching up, he pressed a button clipped to his visor. It flashed once, and the U.A. gate slid open. Pulling in slowly, Detective Tsukauchi showed his ID to the robotic gatekeeper and rolled into the parking spot closest to the campus sidewalk.

The lights passed over a dark figure on the far side of the lot.

Standing on the sidewalk, arms crossed and wearing a serious frown, was Aizawa.  

Izuku gulped and returned to staring at his wallet.  

“Eraserhead is already aware of what happened today,” the detective said, waving to the pro hero.

“About All Might too?” Izuku asked.

“Hm?” Tsukauchi hummed, then nodded, “Yes, he knows All Might is still at the station and will likely return tomorrow.”

“No, I mean…” Izuku frowned seriously, head bowing, “The imprint.”

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Wild Women

@ceridwenofwales and all her Greek myth female empowerment posts this morning have been super inspiring for me! Thanks for posting them, girl. I started this poem a while ago and this was just the kick I needed to finish it. It’s got nothing to do with anything I usually post, but I’m going to post it anyway :)

We come from a long line of wild women, sooner shoot daggers with our eyes than look at you,

Back from the Amazons who cut off a breast to fire bows better than a man can,

All the way up to me laying in mud with my cheekbone pillowed on an M4.

We are the pride of Penthesilea, rather have Achilles kill her than love her, as he thinks that in that final moment before death she’ll surrender

But she knows she’ll just laugh because she comes from a long line of wild women;

Free as a woodland sprite, rip you apart like Artemis did if you dare dishonor her, if you try to comb the flowers from her hair and scrub the starlight from her skin.

You can attempt to tame her but you can’t conquer a girl with a spirit more monumental than mountains

Because we come from a long line of wild women, swifter than Atalanta, queen of catch-me-if-you-can,

And you can’t catch a woman who runs with the wind ever at her back chasing sunlight on ocean waves because the sea is in her veins;

Morgan le Fey beating her brother at his own game because nothing is quite so clever as the way a woman with the night sky in her eyes distills moonbeams into magic,

And we come from a long line of wild women, back from Boudicca sending Romans running to their own shores

To her descendent watching hellfires rain from attack helicopters zooming higher than the ravens of the Morrigan,

The queen of carnage dancing to the clangor of spears on shields because sometimes chaos is beautiful if you take the time to understand it,

Like Helen of Troy and the destruction she caused, a pretty face and sleek hair laying waste to an entire city with a single smoldering glance

Because she came from a long line of wild women, would rather start wars than relinquish freedoms;

A follower of Circe, turning men into pigs so they’ll leave her the hell alone,

Joan of Arc swearing herself to God and leading his armies, and just you try to force yourself on a woman with a weapon

Because let me tell you something about women—when we go to the bathroom in groups it’s for your own safety.

Since we come from a long line of wild women, Sergeant Milunka Savich came back from a piss break with 23 captured enemies

And now her descendants carry ka-bars and rifles in deserts, combing sand from hair but never scrubbing starlight from skin;

Cleopatra tempting all just to lead them to an early demise because how dare you try to conquer her

When you knew all along she comes from a long line of wild women, Valkyries laughing as they select their next eager victims,

And Eve offering Adam an apple she knew he couldn’t have all because he demanded she be created and he expected her to be subservient

But she was the first in a long line of wild women, sooner shoot you with her eyes than look at you.

The gentlemen appointed by General Washington, are Colonel Laurens, one of his aid de camps, and Viscount Noaille of the French army. They have this day held an interview with the two British officers on the part of Lord Cornwallis, the terms of capitulation are settled, and being confirmed by the commanders of both armies, the royal troops are to march out to morrow and surrender their arms. It is a circumstance deserving of remark, that Colonel Laurens who is stipulating for the surrender of a British nobleman, at the head of a royal army, is the son of Mr. Henry Laurens, our ambassador to Holland, who being captured on his voyage, is now in close confinement in the Tower of London.*

*Connected with this transaction there is a concurrence of circumstances so peculiarly remarkable, that I cannot omit to notice them in this place. Mr. Henry Laurens, who was deputed by Congress as our ambassador to Holland, was captured and carried into England, and closely and most rigorously confined in the tower of London. Lord Cornwallis sustains the office of constable to the tower, of course Mr. Laurens is his prisoner. The son, Colonel John Laurens, stipulates the conditions of the surrender of the constable, who becomes our prisoner, while Mr. Laurens, the father, remains confined in the tower as a prisoner to the captured constable. Congress had proposed that Mr. Laurens should be received in exchange for General Burgoyne, but the proposal was rejected by the British Government. After Cornwallis was captured however, he was readily received in exchange for Mr Laurens


A military journal during the American revolutionary war, from 1775 to 1783 by James Thacher

This was James Thacher’s journal entry on October 18th, 1781

The house pt.1 - N (Vixx)

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Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut (not in this chapter)

Warnings: slight violence, not much.

Word count: 1276

Summary: “Never walk alone at night!”, they said. They should have listened to them.

A/N: Sorry I’m completely in soulmate mood right now and decided to write a story. Don’t ask me it just came over me. Also some side characters from Monsta X and Up10tion.

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Loud music, flickering lights, dozens of people dancing and grinding against each other. Girls in way too short and exposing dresses and guys with tight jeans to highlight everything what was in between their legs, hands never leaving their girls waist. Some were making out, some were just dancing, others sat at the bar and looked for their next prey. Anne’s friend was also dancing but compared to others you could tell her dance “normal” or “boring”.

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My Letter To Gansa

All of us who’ve been participating in Homeland communities know how much personal grief and confusion has been shared online since 6.12. We also know that the Homeland producers seem unaware and unconcerned about how their finale impacted their viewers. Rupert Friend is the only team member who has expressed empathy for the confusion and sadness many of us feel. Instead, we have seen a steady stream of the producers pandering for Emmys, which has sent a clear message that the Homeland creators are primarily interested in winning critical acclaim rather than understanding the emotional impact their story had for ordinary viewers.

This attitude is perhaps understandable, as traditionally creative professionals were not able to communicate with fans. Even today it would be impossible to monitor each and every Tweet, blog, and Facebook post. However, the extremity of their refusal to listen and respond to our reactions has feels like contempt – as though they have disdain for our emotional involvement in their story and their characters.

The #NotOurHomeland campaign aims to make it easier for the professionals behind Homeland to listen to fans by collecting our stories and presenting them to Alex Gansa. We’ve already raised over 3 thousand dollars to help brain injured vets and we hope that sum will communicate the real intensity of our feelings and pressure Mr. Gansa into taking the time to read about how his work effected his audience.

My own story about Season 6 is focused on Carrie Mathison’s desire for intimacy. I realize that Alex Gansa and Leslie Linka Glatter have both stated that Carrie’s journey in Season 6 is her growing disillusionment with the American Government, as represented by Keane’s betrayal and the ending shot of Carrie looking at the capitol. I didn’t see Keane’s betrayal as approaching the significance of Carrie’s loss of Franny and Quinn, and I am amazed that the creators do not view those losses as the central theme for Carrie in Season 6.

When an exhausted Carrie said “We’ll make it work;” when she tried to get home before her daughter fell asleep but also felt pulled to make things right for Sekou; when Franny calls to Carrie while she is in the middle of an intense interaction with Quinn at the same time Redda telephones; when Carrie arrived home late just to be called back to help her client; I completely related to her struggle. She was trying desperately to care for everyone who needed her and she never could do enough. I have three children and I am absolutely dedicated to the mission of my career, so I felt a connection to Carrie at a deeply personal level. Most of the female heroes we see on TV fit the stereotype of the nearly perfect intimate partner and in-control professional. That image of society’s expectations for me does not capture my heart like Carrie Mathison with all her flaws.

I never thought that Carrie would achieve balance, but I did hope she would make some progress. Instead, I was punched in the gut when Carrie ended the season losing both Franny and Quinn because she was too focused on her mission. Isn’t her mission her career? I always thought of Carrie as a feminist character because she rejects society’s demand that female heroes are virtuous and self-controled. When she suddenly lost her personal relationships due to her emotional investment in her vocation, I felt like vomiting.

I hoped that some insight from the producers would help me to understand how Carrie’s loss and Quinn’s despairing death might move the Homeland narrative forward. Instead, Leslie Linka Glatter has said “I don’t see how Carrie can ever get over this.” At the beginning of this season, we heard a lot about how excited the HL team was to tell the story of a disabled action hero, but we now have no acknowledgement of how that story turned nihilistic and no sympathy for fans who expected some restorative relief for the unrelenting suffering of a beloved character. Instead, the few interviews producers have given are focused on awards, the significance of addressing fake news, and Carrie’s disillusionment with the American government. Nothing we have heard indicates any understanding that fans are focused on yet another devastating loss. This disconnect between the artists and their viewers seems strange and adds to our pain and confusion.

That is my story, Mr. Gansa. I thought I was watching a feminist antihero, but Carrie has turned into a cautionary tale for women who love their work and value personal relationships. I thought we would see how compromises can result in hurting people and how forgiveness and love are both powerful and imperfect. Instead I saw how personal mistakes can result in complete despair followed by death and isolation. Then, rather than acknowledging the dark ways you’ve changed your story and expressing empathy for the viewers, you are giving us contemptuous silence.


I hope that others who related to Quinn or Carrie in personal ways will share how the finale affected them (I know a lot of you out there relate more to Quinn than Carrie!). With unity and determination, I believe we can get someone to listen.

anonymous asked:

So sorry if this is a repeat question, but is there any fan fic of Carrie sleeping with Q2.0? Oh fuck me, if only the writing team had given us this beautiful scene "in real life".

It’s your lucky day! I read your ask quickly and thought you wanted season 2 sex fic recommendations which is a great question because so many of them are buried. But you wanted Quinn 2.0 which is kind of the opposite. 

So, two for the price of one…

1) Great season 2 sex fics with Carrie/Quinn:

Are you kidding? Some of the sexiest fics in the fandom are set in seasons 2-3 before abject doom started following Carrie & Quinn around like a lost puppy named Gansa. These are all quick reads.

  • The time period in Spiked by Isadora is undefined but it feels like season 2 to me. Also, her Assignment is set in season 3 but it’s one of my favorite fics ever so I’m throwing it in here. It’s a one shot, a great story, and really, really hot.
  • Another Ending Which Is Actually a Beginning by our own Frangi is probably the best example of fun smut. Set in 2.04 - ops room sex. Hot and a little crazy. A one shot.
  • Chapter 2 of my Making it Right is technically season 3 but their argument is all about the season 2 mess with Brody, and there’s sex. On a desk.
  • My tongue upon your scars by aridness_string is very hot but dark.
  • Half Lies by Finlyfoe features Carrie and Quinn meeting long before season 2 and having an, ahem, encounter. Cue season 2. This fic has one of my favorite smut scenes ever because it’s fun and hot and crazy. 
  • One Night Stand by koalathebear is set in season 1 and, like Half Lies, imagines a hook up prior to season 2. It’s charming.
  • Finally, how in God’s name could there be a Greenpen (Sara) fic I’d never read? And it’s not even depressing! Five Minutes. Hot damn, Sara….
  • Finally II, there’s no sex but some quality sexting in Mathison I’m Bored by our own Laure. It puts Quinn and Carrie in a season 2 CIA meeting. It’s guaranteed to make you smile. It’s a recent fic and refers to season 6 canon humorously because Quinn & Carrie decide they’re having absolutely none of it. It’s vintage Laure.

2) As for your real question: Quinn 2.0 - also a great ask!

  • On the Road by Inch by Inch, a new writer, is a recent fic and fairly canon consistent (sans death). I love it. It’s unique with really believable dialogue. Two chapters. (The sex is not what you might expect, however.)
  • Les Nocturnes by loveandlost06, another new writer, features an absolutely beautiful sex scene that’s very consistent with Quinn 2.0. Make it your head canon for the season 6 sex we never got! It’s well written and believable and lovely. Two chapters.
  • A Hanukkah Miracle by our own Sydney (SNQA) is perfect comedy if you need a laugh! Promise, promise, promise. Smut (lots) in the kitchen while Saul explains Hanukkah to Franny in the next room. It’s a one shot. While it’s hard to remember when Quinn & Carrie were funny, this fic will remind you.
  • A Homeland Christmas was written by me… and I’m proud of it, actually (rare for me). There is sex though it’s rather brief. But if you need a new vision for season 6 featuring lots of domesticity… it’s my head canon. Clearly. A one shot.
  • Second Chances by our own Frangi is one of her famed sweeping, heartfelt, epic fics. Sex doesn’t come along until around chapter 12 if I recall. I actually like Weekend Visit even more. Another epic Frangi fic. The premise of the “beep, beep, beep” heart monitor preventing Carrie and Quinn from consummating is totally hilarious and when they finally do it… it’s worth the wait. 
  • The Other Half by Greenpen (Sara) is… God, I dunno what to say. Sara is an incredible writer. I don’t think any fic writer captures the complexity of Carrie & Quinn as well as she does. Four chapters and worth every word. This is not for the faint of heart but it’s believable and sad and hopeful all at once. And he’s alive at the end. So.

No sex but lovely…

  • The One with the Inconvenient Love by our own Laure is another funny fic set around season 6. They’re acting Very Married and there’s no sex but and it’s funny and charming as they try to get out of the friend zone. Also, Coffee by Laure is nuanced, romantic, interesting. It makes you think.
  • By the Sea by Kitty does not have sex but it’s the preamble. It’s as complicated as Carrie and Quinn and is placed in a season 6 AU.