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i know adrien is more relatable to kids/gave the writing teams a wider range of storylines to explore than felix, but dang it i miss my grouchy espresso cat

please bring him back someday zagtoon, please bring back the character who got me so invested in ladybug in the first place

The Royal Courier is Hiring!

We are looking for intrepid individuals who like to write and capture moments of time. There is a lot happening in the world right now from invasions to daily crime to happier moments. The Royal Courier strives to be everywhere to cover the important events and happenings. If you have an engaging personality, are not afraid to ask the tough questions, and like to network; This might be the job for you!

We are also looking for those who would like to write specialized columns. Do you know everything there is to know about cooking and would like to share it with a wide audience? Maybe you have an extraordinary fashion sense and want to help others develop theirs? Or perhaps you really like treasure hunting and want to share your exploits. Whatever the specialty, there is a place for a columnist like yourself!

Not a writer? Not a problem! The Royal Courier has positions open within several areas that do not require a need to write. Photographers, Advertising, Office Manager, Printer, Distribution, and even Guard work are some of the positions we are looking to fill.

So still here? Does any of the above sound interesting?

Contact Risri Elthron at The Royal Courier offices today!

(Okay so now the OOC stuff-

The Royal Courier is an IC newspaper based on the Alliance side. We use Tumblr to host the paper as well as GHI.  We are looking for both staff writers to help us track and report on interesting stories around the world and others who are looking for a different kind of RP. Be a part of a guild that is growing slowly and steadily.  We offer an opportunity to those who want to tell the stories of the server and experience genuine journalism RP, to use your IC/OOC knowledge to write a little column for the paper, or to interact as support for those characters while developing your own story.  

Our Ranks and Explanation: (An IC interview is required before joining.)

Reporter  - This is the traditional journalist role. You may interview people, guilds, leaders or  report on events, chase a story down that is happening in the moment. This group is the core of our writers for the paper. A sample article is needed to be considered for this position.

Columnist - Maybe you want to write on a specific topic only? Come share secrets on a topic you adore, hearthstone, pet battles, cooking, crafting, lore related. The sky’s the limit here.  Weekly, monthly, quarterly… as often as you have the urge to write with us. A sample article is needed to be considered for this position.

Editor - a proofreader, grammar checker, structure organizer. This position can be IC but it would be OOC too. We need someone to help check our writing before publish.  Editors can also be our  IC and OOC fact checkers of investigative reporting and ensure controversial topics are cleared with those involved before publishing. A sample will be given to you to edit to be considered for this position.

Investigator -  Just like it sounds, we want some hard hitting investigative journalists to go undercover (with OOC permission) and investigate activities, and then (with OOC permission) write a story on what they find. This is a specialized role. The potential for this is also to be not an actual character in The Royal Courier. It all depends on what you want your character’s story to be.

Staff - These are the backbone of our paper. Someone who doesn’t necessarily write for the paper but who does interact with our reporters and those who interact with the paper. An IC position within the paper.  Distributor, Printer, Office Staff things like that.

Advertising - This IC position would be responsible for selling our advertising space, OOC work with guilds and player run businesses to get advertising going for them.

Photographer - Don’t like to write but like to take screenshots? We can always use more pictures!

Guard - Not sure any of that fits? But want to get in on the action, maybe you can be one of our reporter’s guards. We sometimes go into dangerous situations and meet with dangerous people. ;)

Some additional OOC positions that will IC translate into staff:  

  • I need someone with a strong understanding of HTML to help with the Courier site
  • I would love someone who draws or writes funny little comics
  • I would love someone on staff who can use TRP Extended and/or GHI for in game copies of the paper

Any of this sound interesting? Great! Poke @risrielthron or Risri in game. Let’s talk about how we can fit you into our growing group. )


“What’s wrong?” Westley breathes as Madeleine suddenly pulls away from his kisses.

With a small smile, Maddie shrugs and shakes her head. “You should go into politics,” she replies after a pause.

“Politics?” he laughs. “What? Where did that come from?”

“It’s just… The way you look at me, like I am the only girl alive… For a second, I almost believed that you care about me.”

“Maddie, I-”

“Hush,” she grins and reaches up to kiss him. “I know better than to delude myself. Still, consider it. You would make a dashing politician.”

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teru magically changing shirts in the middle of 7th branch infiltration arc (right after being captured by claw, too?!) intrigues me every time… there’s gotta be an explanation lol

edit: several people have pointed out that he could’ve just taken off his sweater… thank you for opening my eyes…

Democrat Rep.  Eleanor Holmes Norton caught on camera hitting cars in worst parking job ever.

A couple of Washington DC office workers looked out of their window at just the right time and captured this video of Democrat Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton hitting neighboring cars as she engaged in the worst parking job of all time.

here’s the video:

I don’t know what Washington DC’s traffic laws are, but I’m pretty sure this would qualify for a felony hit and run because Norton didn’t even bother leaving a note after she dinged the other cars.  At the very least, she should permanently have her drivers license revoked. 

As a Washington politician and Democrat, Eleanor Holmes Norton most likely is under the impression that traffic laws (or any laws) don’t apply to her.  Laws are only for the little people.

So let me make sure I have this correct. After a week long “vacation” Louis returns to LA and is almost immediately papped in the midst of a baby swap because unlike most people they totally don’t have homes at which this exchange could take place and the paps were just so lucky to happen to be in the right place at the right time to capture this totally organic meet up. Then there’s an article out within 10 minutes of said pics dropping that states he had the kid for 90 minutes. 90 minutes. After being gone for 1 week. Totally normal.

Pawnee Uncommon

“I hope you have a… Parks & Recreation kind of marriage.” That tidbit comes from the maid of honor’s toast at our wedding last summer.

She knew we were giant fans of the show, but that’s not enough to quite capture the aspirational aspect of her statement. Parks & Rec premiered right around the same time Sarah and I started dating and it was quickly a constant in our relationship. The characters are incredibly specific but never afraid of the broad joke and the plots often pit them against institutionalized bureaucracy or that all-American brand of uninformed mob mentality. It always has something to say about the relationship between the government and the individual, but it always said it through pratfalls, pop culture references, and unbridled goofiness. Pawnee is the most fully realized imaginary town since Springfield and my God, we’re lucky to have it on the map.

After my first week of chemo, I hit the pillows hard. I slept the whole weekend while a rare SoCal thunderstorm raged outside. Between feeding me anti-naseua pills, Sarah watched the entire first season. Of Girls. It didn’t go well. We’re big Lena Dunham fans, but it wasn’t the best option for a young couple coping with cancer. It became clear very quickly that if it didn’t star Amy Poehler or Tina Fey, we weren’t watching it. To this day, if either of us needs a pick-me-up, we turn to the show. “The Fight” and “Greg Pikitis” are old standards, but sometimes all we need is the Chicky-Chicky-Parm-Parm montage or the “Technically I’m Hoooooomeless” bit.

Back to that toast. Parks & Rec is many great things, but my wife and I will always love it so much because it’s optimistic. Leslie Knope is TV’s best example of saying that, if we’re wiling to work hard enough and care deeply enough, we can be our best selves. And our best selves make a better society. It’s rare for a comedy today to revel in anything other than cynicism, but Parks & Rec revels in bulldozing disaffection and building a kickass park on top of it. And that’s the kind of marriage (and lives) we want to have, one that embraces joy and celebrates the silly and one that, damn it, stands for something.

Parks & Rec never seems to get the ratings or awards that it deserves, but that only makes our perceived sense of ownership more passionate. The show is OURS. We’ll be making waffles tonight and smothering them in whipped cream. We’ll be eating all the bacon and eggs we have. And I guess we’ll have to start talking about Parks & Rec in the past-tense.

But we’ll keep watching on Netflix and Esquire Network and WGN and whichever outlet picks up the syndication rights next. Because it matters to us, and it makes us laugh. 

Another toast, to Parks & Rec. We love you and we like you.

Last night I decided to approach sketching differently and holy cow wow, I WAS SO MUCH QUICKER. And for the first time I feel that I captured Alistair right. I also tried a new method of coloring. Makes the picture way more deeper and captivating, eh? I think I have finally found the style that I like for my future Dragon Age comics.

More of my art here:

You know that thing..when the entire day was sweltering, and sticky and disgusting..and right around sunset, a storm feels like it’s approaching. And it gets cooler and the wind gets crazy..and it feels just so amazingly good. And you can smell the earth in the air..

That’s what this is. Frozen in time..captured..that wind, that feeling, that smell. And right after I took this..I put my feet up, put my head back, closed my eyes, smiled and took it all in.