captured at the right time

What do you mean this wasn’t what happened in episode 9

I’d originally intended to try new ways of linearting and stuff but evidently that didn’t happen orz maybe next time

not to mention I got a little bored by the end so it’s not fully… finished? but it looks decent :>

no offense but like

when pepper and tony first started dating and her birthday approached for the first time, pepper was resolved to keep quiet about it because it’s right around the anniversary of tony’s capture and this time she doesn’t want to like, remind him of what day it is because she knows exactly where his head is gonna go

(also ok her birthday now makes HER kind of sad as well. because the memory of hearing that tony was gone around that date is too strong and it blocks off the birthday energy for her)

but then her birthday comes. and tony just fucking lavishes her for an entire god damn month. he just lavishes her, he takes her on this impromptu stark-jet date on the way to venice and he gives her a frankly ridiculous amount of gifts and SO MUCH SEX and SO MUCH EVERYTHING he just calls her his “birthday girl” for the rest of the month, they go to restaurants and order expensive as shit wine and tony blinks at the servers like “we’re celebrating” “what?” “her birthday!” and they bring her cake and shit at some point pepper was like “ok seriously tony it’s been a month?? seriously”

(especially if we say IM1 happened around the beginning of may, when the movie originally came out, so pepper has an early may birthday and tony has a late may birthday, but it’s the 28th and tony’s still asking what sex fantasies the “birthday girl” wants to have fulfilled and she’s like?? “tony YOUR birthday is literally TOMORROW”)

she thinks he’s like, going through this phase in their relationship when he feels the need to make up for all the times he forgot her birthday?? or something??

and then she sees something like that happen again. in december. like she sees tony going all fucking out for christmas, people are talking halloween but tony’s already like, “ok but: christmas decorations”

and then she connects the dots. you’ve got the starks’ death anniversary in december, and tony’s captivity anniversary right around her birthday

he’s just. latching on to the good things for dear life while trying to forget the bad

the following may both of them spend the whole month calling each other “Ms Birthday Girl” and “Mr Birthday Boy”


i know adrien is more relatable to kids/gave the writing teams a wider range of storylines to explore than felix, but dang it i miss my grouchy espresso cat

please bring him back someday zagtoon, please bring back the character who got me so invested in ladybug in the first place

In 1988 as his record-breaking Bad World Tour rolled on, Michael Jackson penned a rare note to Bill Pecchi, a camera operator who, due to his recent work on the movie Moonwalker, had been asked to film crowd reactions prior to and during each of the 123 concerts. The letter followed a clearly emotional conversation between the two en route, and in it Jackson offers words of encouragement; politely tells Pecchi he can do better; shows glimpses of his perfectionism, and finishes by proclaiming his love for all people.


I very very seldom write letters but in this moving occasion I couldn’t help myself. I want to thank you for putting the effort forward to capture the magic and excitement of the people of the world. What you do is a very personal and powerful medium to me. It is the art of stopping time, to preserve a moment that the naked eye can not hold, to capture truth spontaneause truth the depths of human excitement in human spirit. All else will be forgotten but not the film generations from now will experience the excitement you’ve captured, it truly is a time capsule. I will not be tottally satisfied until I know your at the right angle at the right time, to capture a cresendo of emotion that happens so quickly, so spontaneously.

What you have done was good, but I want the best, the whole picture, cause and effect. I want crowd reaction wide lens shots - depths of emotion, timing. I know we can do it. It is my dream and goal to capture TRUTH. We should dedicate ourselves to this. The person who makes a success of living, is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication. There is no other way to perfection than dedication perseverance. Just tell us what you need to make it happen. Take the leadership to direct the other camera men. I’ve enjoyed working with you that is why I asked you to come, you have a gentle spirit thats very likable. Maybe I look at the world through rose colored glasses but I love people all over the world. That is why stories of racism realy disturb me. You hurt my heart and soul when you told me of your boyhood in Texas. Because in TRUTH I believe all men are created equal, I was taught that and will always believe it.

I just can’t concieve of how a person could hate another because of skin color. I love every race on the planet earth. Prejudice is the child of ignorance. Naked we come into the world and naked we shall go out. And a very good thing too, for it reminds me that I am naked under my shirt, whatever its color. I’m sorry to bring up such past news, but in the car I was hurt by what you said. I’m so happy though that you have managed to overcome your childhood past. Thank God that youv'e graduated from such beliefs of ignorance. I’m glad I’ve never experienced such things. Teach your kids to love all people equally I know you will. I speak from heart saying I love you and all people especially the children, I’m glad God chose me and you.

Love M.J.

A polyamory construction metaphor

Everyone wants to put labels on the type of polyamory that they practice. Solo, anarchical, hierarchical, too many to even list. 

I am often asked how we label our relationship. I usually try to respond with a non-committal “why label it”

And then I came across a posting on FetLife that was an interesting take on it. I won’t go into the whole post, but if you are on the site, it was written by “inthesilence” 

Her point is that she dislikes grading of partners into primary, secondary, and the like. But she’s also married so there’s naturally a level of hierarchy.  

She came up with a metaphor that is pretty good explanation of a type of poly that may appeal to people. 

Allow me to give you the TL;DR version:

Having a relationship is like building a house. You lay a foundation and build rooms that make sense to you. Eventually, you decide that you want a room for her and a room for him. 

There are many ways that you can add-on to your house. You can allow people in temporarily, tell them it’s your house and your rules; you can allow each other to build additions, as long as everyone agrees to the exact plans and veto anyone who deviates from those plans; or you can allow each other the freedom to bring in new builders and allow those new projects to turn out as they would, and hope that they will be complementary. 

For her, she chose the third option (which is admittedly scarier)

So you don’t dictate the architecture of the extensions. Sometimes you hear of the plans and can say “OK, that sounds interesting. Have you really thought that through?” And then listen to each other, because sometimes it does work out. 

The fact of the matter is that the house we built together has been around for a lot longer than any of the extensions have been. So there’s a history that the rest of the house can’t match. 

However, just because you have more real estate, and construction experience, you shouldn’t go around smashing windows in another part of the house. You’re just damaging other people’s rooms, and in doing so, creating a draft that would inevitably make it’s way back to the main house. 

It would be silly for other builders to not respect the experience of the original designer by whacking a great home that had stood for years before they got there. Likewise, it doesn’t make sense to take on too many projects at once, or at a time when an existing project is developing some cracks.   

To sum up: to be good builders, you need to ensure that you build carefully, with the right tools, with the right co-builders, and at the right time. 

I don’t know that this captures my relationship status, but it’s worth starting a discussion. 

I’m fucking in love with you - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2,4k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, maybe some strong language. 

Summary: You are heartbroken when you see Luke with another girl at the magazines and you decide to end things. But someone has other ideas…

A/N: Please leave me some constructive feedback to improve my writing! Also, don’t forget to request new stuff here!

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This and all my love

Summary: you are deeply in love with bucky but some persons are jealous and don’t want you to be happy

Pairing: bucky x reader

Warnings: angst, fluff, fluff, fluff, asshole Natasha

Word count: 3838 !!!!!

Requested by : @melconnor2007

You woke up to sunshine filling your room and soft snores next to you.

You tried to fully wake up and glanced around the room. The windows were open, he must have opened them when he came into bed to you. You didn’t mind though, knowing he could sleep better with open windows.

You turned your head to his side of the bed and there he was your boyfriend, bucky. His arm was lazily wrapped around your waist and his face hidden in your neck. The whole picture, let alone the thought of him sleeping next to you made you smile.

Its been all new and totally great. Only a few people knew about the two of you, the others were on a mission with no chance to communicate. It made you a little sad that you couldn’t tell them ,when all you wanted to do was scream it on top of your lungs while walking through the streets.

You still couldn’t believe how it happened. You closed your eyes thinking back to the day, two month ago, on which Bucky made the first step into a better future for both of you.

It was completely startling and you were concerned when he stalked into the room, with a clear aim. He looked confident, even though he told you, a few days later, his heart dropped to his stomach.

He approached you with fast steps and without any warning he brought his metal hand to your neck waiting for any sign of fear, but there wasn’t any. And then he dipped down to your small form and pulled you closer and up to him.

He just kissed you.

His lips melted into yours in a deep passionate kiss his left hand still resting on your neck as he put his knee up on the couch, which brought him closer to you and made you lean back onto the cushion on your elbows.

He brought his other hand to your waist massaging small circles into it as his mouth worked in perfect sync with yours. The kiss was deep and passionate but became softer and softer till he slowly pulled back with his eyes still closed, he brought the hand that was on your waist up to your cheek and finally looked at you with those beautiful eyes.

The two of you shared a moment just staring at each other before he picked you up bridal style and whispered into your neck “this is what I got (y/n), this and all my love” he stated softly.

You wrapped your arms around him “this and all my love” you answered as you gave him another deep kiss. 

You smiled to yourself, the thought always making the butterflies in your stomach go crazy, just as every other thing bucky did.

You suddenly felt soft fingers stroking your cheek like feathers and in that moment you realized the warm breath that used to tickle your neck only moments ago was gone.

Bucky was awake.

His hand cupped your cheek softly and his thumb ran over your cheekbone before you felt a loving yet passionate kiss on your lips and immediately kissed him back.

He pulled away and as you opened your eyes his shiny blue ones were already gazing at you. You smiled at him softly, resting one hand on his chest which hovered slightly above you since he was propped up on an elbow and his other hand was still on your cheek, making him lean over you.

“What were you smiling about love?” He asked softly his thumb beginning to stroke your cheekbone again.

“You and all your love” you replied and closed your eyes again.

He knew exactly what you meant, he thought back to that day too every so often. He smiled to himself and them captured your lips in another warm kiss.

He felt like now was the right time to tell you the three words. He told you he admired you and he adored you.

He knew very well that he was deeply and hopelessly absolutely head over heals in love with you and you knew it too, because you felt the same for him.

He wanted to say the words so he opened his mouth “I… Think we are going to be late if we keep this up.”

You chuckled and excused yourself to the bathroom closing the door after blowing him a kiss.

He fell down onto his back and his hands covered his face. He was such a stupid idiot. His damn mind. He wanted to say the words, he meant them he was sure but then. His brain filled his thoughts with so many worst case scenarios of him scaring you of, or you not feeling the same way that he just couldn’t do it. He loved you too much to loose you.

He scolded himself for being so insecure, for just letting all the doubts take over and not being able to control himself. He was so happy when he gathered all the strengths and braveness to kiss you for the first time and now he was to shy to say three words. He couldn’t believe it.

He pushed the thought into the back of his mind, wanting the day to be a good one, he made his way into the bathroom to join your shower. 

Both of you sat at the kitchen table surrounded by Steve, tony, Wanda and t'challa. Everyone else was still on their mission but everyone was used to not having all people and friends around.

You sat on Bucky’s lap, since he refused to let you sit so far away from him on the last available chair, four spots away from him. But it was of course only an excuse to have you near him, because the two of you did this every morning no matter how many chairs were available.

You talked to Steve as you absently shoved a spoon full of cereal into Bucky’s mouth every now and then. You could feel him peppering kisses all over you neck but you didn’t mind at all. So did the others. At the beginning they didn’t like it at all finding it annoying and not acceptable while they were eating but they eventually got used to it and even found it really adorable to see the both of you so deeply in love.

You finished breakfast and then your paths parted sadly both of you having different plans of the day. Bucky didn’t want to go and leave you alone but you told him to go and introduce the new agents since everything you would have to do was go over some files.

You said your goodbyes with several kisses. “And you text me whenever you need anything or something isn’t alright and I’ll be up here in three seconds.” He said and kissed you.

You laughed at him knowing very well that he was serious, he’d probably bring thirty different sorts of ice cream, a million plush teddys and five hundred roses along. But you loved him for being like that. A romantic.

You finally got him to leave as you pushed him into the elevator with a laugh. And there he wanted to say the words again, but he couldn’t, disappointed in himself he rode down all the way to the entrance. 

You made your way to the common room just as you saw the jet landing. You were excited and ran out to the others hugging them tight. You immediately dragged Natasha inside and onto the couch telling her about your new boyfriend.

She smiled at you, however the smile faded as you told her who it was, and so did yours at the sight of her. “What?” You asked in fear.

“You can’t be together with bucky.”

“Why not?!” You started to become angry at her, she didn’t have any right to rule over your life.

“Do you not know who he is ?”

“Natasha, He is not the winter soldier, he is bucky. He is a sweet lovely and caring guy and you don’t know anything.” You snapped at her angrily.

“He is a monster” she replied and that’s when she stepped over the line, you were about to explode you shot up from your spot on the couch about to hit her in the face “how dare you talk about him like that.”

She grabbed your hand  mid-air as it was only inches from your face and talked to you again “listen up (y/n) you keep the relationship with him up you are gonna pay for it. You’ll be sorry” she stated coldly and you looked at her with wide eyes and in shock, yanking your hand out of her grip and rushed down the hall and into your room.

You locked the door and slid down at it, only now progressing what happened. You started to cry with your palms pressed to your forehead in distraught. Your crying was quiet, no one knew what was happening on your side of the door and you were thankful for that.

You didn’t know what to do.

This whole situation overwhelmed you and you pushed yourself from the ground walking over to your closet. You packed your bag, took everything you could get in there with you and whipped your tears away. You made your decision. You were leaving.

Mostly to get a clear head but also because you wanted to protect bucky, you knew what Natasha was capable of and you just knew bucky would have a better life without you here. 

Bucky stepped out of the elevator three hours later, his muscles already feeling sore from his exhausting day. He walked into the common room and frowned as he saw your files laying on the glass table in exact the same position they laid in when he left you.

No one was there except for Steve who was reading a magazine “Steve have you seen (y/n)” he asked with a frown making Steve look up to him.

“Oh hey buck, its nice to see you too, yeah my day was good pretty relaxed how was yours ?” He answered with a sigh.

“Steve” bucky warned.

Steve shot him a glare “no I haven’t” he looked back down onto his magazine and in that moment bucky knew something was wrong.

“Thanks” he muttered as he pulled his phone out of his pocked hoping you left him a text or something but there was nothing. He headed of to your bedroom.

As soon as he opened the door his heart stopped. All your drawers and the doors of your closet were left open and all your clothes were gone. He supported himself at the chair next to your table as he looked around the room for any sign of hint to where you went but he found nothing.

His breathing hitched and he had a hard time with getting air into his lungs as he saw his whole life shattering apart into tiny little pieces that no one else except you could bring together again. He sat down on the chair feeling dizzy and a wave of sickness hit him. He started to cry into his palms. The tears streaming down his face softly.

“Friday would you tell Steve to come over immediately.” He asked the devise with a hiccup in between and only seconds later Steve came rushing into your room seeing bucky crying.

He rushed over to him and rested a comforting hand on his  shoulder.

“I lost her Steve, I lost the only good thing in my life.” He sobbed softly. “She left and that’s all my fault. I wanted to tell her I love her but I didn’t and now she’s gone.”

Steve ran his his hand up and down Bucky’s arm. It broke his heart to see his best friend like this, so far away from himself, only a shadow of him. In that moment he knew you weren’t  a part of his life, you didn’t have a special place in his life. No you were his whole life. And he knew bucky couldn’t live without you anymore and that thought ripped his heart even more. And in that second Steve swore himself he would find her. 

You called peter shortly after you left the tower. You were glad no one noticed you leaving and decided to stay with a friend for a while. Peter was your first option he was like your little brother, one of the few best friends you had and of course he immediately said yes.

The place he lived at was an advance too they wouldn’t bother to look for you in queens that fast and you knew they definitely would look.

Peter opened the door for you after you knocked. He hugged you tightly , may coming after him and surrounding you in an embrace as well. Peter brought your bags to the guest room they had. It was little but everything you needed and you thanked them, walking of to go to sleep hoping they didn’t hear your sobs, as you tried but failed to doze off. 

Steve walked down to the gym sadly in search for Sam, he spotted him at a punching bag in surprise that he still had so much power after such a long mission, but he didn’t question him. 

“Hey Sam” he started and Sam turned with an exhausted expression

“what’s up cap”

“I need your help” Sam frowned and removed his boxing gloves as he moved to sit besides Steve “what’s wrong”

“remember when we searched Bucky ?”

“Well of course, that were some interesting two years” Sam chuckled

“I need you to help me find (y/n)” Steve still looked to the ground with a frown

“what’s with her ?”

“She just left and no one knows where she is” he uttered.

“I think you should look up the places of all her friend first meanwhile I check up on security cams” he stood up and made his way to he door, not even thinking twice about helping Steve , and of course also bucky.

Steve smiled and went into the jet only to receive a text message shortly after , it was Sam telling him that you were seen in Queens, a security camera filmed you.

Steve sighed in relief, glad it wouldn’t take them too long to find you and made his way to the one boy he knew wouldn’t expect him , but he had no other choice. He wanted to get to you as fast as possible and bring you to bucky who didn’t even know what Steve was doing right now.

He cursed himself for not telling him, he was probably already on the other end of the world in search for you. Steve just hoped everything could get back to normal. 

There was a knock on the door some whispers and then you heard Steve talking to you through the door. Of course. Who else ? “(Y/n) ?“ 

You debated if you should just stay quiet and hope  he’d go away. He wouldn’t though since he knew you were in there. 

You stood up from the bed in the middle of the room and unlocked the door sitting back down with your head hanging low.

As soon as he heard the click Steve opened the door cautiously and stepped in, seeing you all shattered, a shadow of yourself just like bucky.

And that’s when he saw what true love meant. He saw what it meant to have a soulmate. He saw that whatever happened neither of you could live without the other one. It was in that moment when he understood the true meaning of love and the magic behind it. All its ups and downs, pros and cons, everything.

And he felt his own heart giving out at the sight of you, you were like a flower which could only life when it was with bucky, and so was he, and right now both of you were dying. 

Steve sat down next to you the side of your thighs and knees in touch. A moment of silence followed and Steve watched your hands fiddling with one another. He took one hand into both of  his and squeezed it softly. “What’s wrong peanut”

Usually you’d giggle at the nickname but you didn’t, you just shrugged your shoulders and kept staring down to the ground a tear slipping from your eye.

You tried to hold it back but it was to strong and now, now you gave up. You let the tears role down your checks in silence, sniffles echoing through the room.

Steve tugged at your shoulders and brought you into a tight hug. You appreciated it wrapping your arms around his waist tightly and crying into his shoulder. He stroked your hair as he spoke in a soft whisper. “Why did you leave sweety?” He asked, his words low but you heard them clear.

You sniffled one last time and hugged him tighter before completely pulling back and looking at him with your read puffy eyes. You used your palm to whipe away the tears and told him what happened between you and Natasha “she threatened me, Steve, she told me I’ll pay for it if I keep the relationship up” you said while you were crying.

was shocked. Surprised. Angry. All at once. He couldn’t believe a word of what you were saying but your tears told him that you spoke the truth. He held back his anger and surrounded you in a tight hug again. “Wanna come back home with me?”

You nodded against his chest and he pulled you up with him still in the hug as he picked up your bag and walked out of the room with your arms wrapped around his torso and your head on his shoulder. You sayd your goodbye to may and Peter and made your way to the jet as Steve flew you back home.

You thought about everything that happened in the last few hours and you just couldn’t help but think about bucky. “How has Bucky been.”

Steve looked over his shoulder to you sadly only speaking moments later. “Not good” he stated “he needs you (y/n) I’ve never seen him like this. You are his everything and it broke his heart when he  saw you left. ”

the tears started falling once again and you felt so bad for him “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“ 

“Its okay (y/n) everything will turn out good” he reassured.

And for the first time since hours you were finally able to smile again, it was only a small smile but Steve saw it and he knew everything would be good.

The jet landed and Steve lead you into the elevator his hand on the small of your back as a sign that he was there whenever you needed him. The elevator rode down and you couldn’t help but feel nervous and once again bad. You hoped bucky would forgive you for what happened.

The doors opened and both, you and Steve, stepped out of the elevator. The first thing you saw was Bucky sitting on the large couch next to the table with your files with his head in his hands. He sat in front of his phone waiting for a call, a text , any sign of you completely distraught. 

You stood right next to the elevator, not sure what you should do. “Buck” Steve called out his hand still on your back.

His head snapped up and he saw you, his eyes looking directly into yours. He had tears in his eyes just as you did. You were afraid. He just sat there doing nothing but staring at you.

Then all of a sudden he jumped up from his seat and ran over to you, everything went too fast for you to react. He scooped you up and twirled you around his lips on yours in a soft kiss that told you how much he missed you.

Your hands rested on his shoulders but wandered up to the sides of his face as he stopped twirling and you wrapped your legs around his middle deepening the kiss. You kissed each other in passion it felt like hours went by until he finally pulled away and rested his forehead on yours a tear threatened to fall from his eye.

“I’m so sorry” you whispered. He only held you closer to him, your legs still wrapped around his torso.

Steve stood there, it wasn’t awkward. It wasn’t embarrassing. It was a wonderful moment the two of you shared. He stood there with a smile as he saw both of your worlds coming together to one.

Bucky signaled Steve to give him the  bag and took it walking down the hall, not making any effort of putting you down. Steve stepped into the elevator in search for Natasha, she was in for a real treat. Your arms were wrapped around his neck as you hugged him tightly with tears falling. Only this time they were happy tears.

“We’ve got some unpacking to do doll” he whispered into your ear as he entered your bedroom. But he didn’t put you down. He didn’t go to your closet. Instead he walked to your bed and put you down onto it softly, making it dip down only a little bit. He sat next to you on the edge of the bed as he gazed down to your laying form, your hands on your stomach until  one of them reached up to brush a strand of hair behind Bucky’s ear.

You smiled at him softly when he whipped your tears away. He leaned down to you slowly and brought his left hand up to your cheek as he captured your lips in another sweet kiss. Both of your lips melted together and you enjoyed the moment, not caring about any of Natasha’s words as you finally understood that Bucky was the only person you needed and no matter what happened or who tried to stop you from loving him, you would never.

He was everything you needed and even more and nothing and no one would ever tear you apart again, not now, not in the future , never.

He pulled away slowly, not wanting the kiss to end, in fear you could disappear, in fear this was just a dream. But it wasn’t. You stayed there with him and you would never leave again. Your eyes opened up and you looked into his blue ones as he smiled down at you.

“I love you (y/n)” he finally confessed before bringing your lips into another short kiss, he pulled away and rested his forehead on yours “I love you so goddamn much” your hands running through his hair as you smiled at him sweetly and he continued. “please, don’t ever leave me again.”

“I won’t” you kissed him again. “I love you too, so much" 

“This and  all of my love”

“This and all of my love”

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Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim: A Classic 50 Years Later

The collaboration of Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim was a perfect match. Captured just at the right time during the 1960s Brazilian music craze, the album was a big seller and a Grammy nominee for album of the year. Nate Chinen of WBGO recalls this classic 50 years later.

-Scott Wenzel

Read and listen…

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Almer Hut and the Milky Way. by Mikey Mack
Via Flickr:
The clouds had just cleared, and we had just missed another awesome Aurora show! We still managed to capture the tail end tips seen here on the right had side. Fantastic times with Rina, Rachel, Stewart and Annie. Want to experience something like this yourself? We have a couple of spots left on our October Epic 7 Night West Coast Workshop! We also have a few smaller West Coast Workshops planned throughout Winter.

over-active-daydreamer  asked:

If the Champions and the assistants (Sidon, Riju, Teba, and Yunobu) all had Sheikah Slates, what kinds of pictures would they take and what would they have the most pictures of? We know Zelda was fond of scenery in general from the one Link has, so what pictures do you think Link himself would have if he wasn't controlled by a player taking pictures? Does that make sense?

That’s… that’s a lot of characters.

Alright, for future reference, from now on there’s a limit of 5 characters per headcanon. I don’t mind writing for them, but answering for this many people can be overwhelming.

Favorite Picture Subject

Urbosa and Riju

  • Lots of lightning pictures 
    • No one knows how she does it, but Urbosa always manages to get just the right timing to capture the lightning on film.
  • Both slates have a lot of pictures of the Gerudo people and City
    • Colorful market places, people training, the city at night- the works.
  • Sand seals. So many sand seals.

Revali and Teba

  • Revali invited the Selfie
    • Lots of pictures of him in mid-stunt, mid-hunt, etc. Basically as proof of how awesome he is just to show off a bit.
  • Both slates also have a lot of images landscapes below from up high, lots of bird’s eye view pictures.
  • Teba is that guy who takes images that he thinks has meaning - a drop of water on a leaf isn’t that deep man!

Mipha and Sidon

  • A surprising number of images of the Champions together
    • And a few of just Link in there, sometimes next to Mipha when she can convince someone to take a picture.
  • Both have a lot of images of Zora Domain in there, as well as of the people.
  • Sidon pictures anything that he thinks is interesting. A cool fish, a shell, the river from underwater- nothing is too uninteresting.

Daruk and Yunobo

  • Family pictures
    • And by ‘family’ I mean all definitions of the word family
    • The village, direct family, the Champions, etc.
  • Some blurry images of rocks and lava due to earthquakes on the mountain.
  • Yunobo has some good images of flowers.


  • So many blurry images.
  • Has pictures of him, the Champions and Zelda all together
    • And a few with just him and Mipha.
  • There’s a few in there where it’s Zelda, looking out onto the land when the lighting is just gorgeous.
    • He thinks she looks so happy in these.
  • Takes image with every new friend he makes.
The Royal Courier is Hiring!

We are looking for intrepid individuals who like to write and capture moments of time. There is a lot happening in the world right now from invasions to daily crime to happier moments. The Royal Courier strives to be everywhere to cover the important events and happenings. If you have an engaging personality, are not afraid to ask the tough questions, and like to network; This might be the job for you!

We are also looking for those who would like to write specialized columns. Do you know everything there is to know about cooking and would like to share it with a wide audience? Maybe you have an extraordinary fashion sense and want to help others develop theirs? Or perhaps you really like treasure hunting and want to share your exploits. Whatever the specialty, there is a place for a columnist like yourself!

Not a writer? Not a problem! The Royal Courier has positions open within several areas that do not require a need to write. Photographers, Advertising, Office Manager, Printer, Distribution, and even Guard work are some of the positions we are looking to fill.

So still here? Does any of the above sound interesting?

Contact Risri Elthron at The Royal Courier offices today!

(Okay so now the OOC stuff-

The Royal Courier is an IC newspaper based on the Alliance side. We use Tumblr to host the paper as well as GHI.  We are looking for both staff writers to help us track and report on interesting stories around the world and others who are looking for a different kind of RP. Be a part of a guild that is growing slowly and steadily.  We offer an opportunity to those who want to tell the stories of the server and experience genuine journalism RP, to use your IC/OOC knowledge to write a little column for the paper, or to interact as support for those characters while developing your own story.  

Our Ranks and Explanation: (An IC interview is required before joining.)

Reporter  - This is the traditional journalist role. You may interview people, guilds, leaders or  report on events, chase a story down that is happening in the moment. This group is the core of our writers for the paper. A sample article is needed to be considered for this position.

Columnist - Maybe you want to write on a specific topic only? Come share secrets on a topic you adore, hearthstone, pet battles, cooking, crafting, lore related. The sky’s the limit here.  Weekly, monthly, quarterly… as often as you have the urge to write with us. A sample article is needed to be considered for this position.

Editor - a proofreader, grammar checker, structure organizer. This position can be IC but it would be OOC too. We need someone to help check our writing before publish.  Editors can also be our  IC and OOC fact checkers of investigative reporting and ensure controversial topics are cleared with those involved before publishing. A sample will be given to you to edit to be considered for this position.

Investigator -  Just like it sounds, we want some hard hitting investigative journalists to go undercover (with OOC permission) and investigate activities, and then (with OOC permission) write a story on what they find. This is a specialized role. The potential for this is also to be not an actual character in The Royal Courier. It all depends on what you want your character’s story to be.

Staff - These are the backbone of our paper. Someone who doesn’t necessarily write for the paper but who does interact with our reporters and those who interact with the paper. An IC position within the paper. Distributor, Printer, Office Staff things like that.

Advertising - This IC position would be responsible for selling our advertising space, OOC work with guilds and player run businesses to get advertising going for them.

Photographer - Don’t like to write but like to take screenshots? We can always use more pictures!

Guard - Not sure any of that fits? But want to get in on the action, maybe you can be one of our reporter’s guards. We sometimes go into dangerous situations and meet with dangerous people. ;)

Some additional OOC positions that will IC translate into staff: 

  • I would love someone who draws or writes funny little comics
  • I would love someone on staff who can use TRP Extended and/or GHI for in game copies of the paper

Any of this sound interesting? Great! Poke @risrielthron or Risri in game. Let’s talk about how we can fit you into our growing group. )