Day 4: Capture Community Project “GORGEOUS” w/ Wendi, Charles, Taylor and Rojo!

I call this one “Gorgeous”. This one animates pretty wonderfully. It is full of surprise and anticipation. If you want to get deep with it, I’d say it’s got some meta-like theory laced into it. My brain is exploding just thinking about it.

Day 2 Capture Community Project w/ Julia, Rosemary, & Jesse

Briefly, our new friend Jesse of Toronto swooped in, dressed in all white, and swooped out. Jesse was visiting Chicago on a school trip and found out about Capture Community while searching the net for things to do in Chicago. Random, yet so very cool.

locate the donkey-uni-camel that Julia and Rosemary collaborated on! Amazin’


DAY 10 Capture Community Project with Howard Area Community Center!!!!

A select group of ESL students at HACC came by on Day 10 to help inscribe some creative energy on our wall! It was a fun day!!!
Capture Community Project - Rogers Park (Chicago)

Contributors include Anyah Akanni, Jill Armstrong, Joann Bates, Annita Benjamin, Nancy Benjamin, Dan Boyd, Georgia Brown, Eileen Burns, Beatriz Caballero, Josephina&

vid-in-progress! also check out YouTube:



Our closing reception was held October 25. We displayed the hand-drawn works in neighboring storefronts and inside Roman Susan Gallery. We also projected the work-in-progress in a nearby art studio and in Roman Susan’s gallery window.

Thanks for all that came and all those that participated, both at the reception or during our 15-day drawing project. It was so much fun and I met so many amazing people!

Talking about the project was also a real treat. It was nice to get feedback and have the opportunity to answer questions. Now it’s time to work on audio!