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A casual Levi costest I did last week since I don’t own all the correct stuff to actually cosplay him. Even though I think my hair and makeup look good in general I don’t think it 100% captures Levi. I plan on attempting to do him again though in the future with different techniques thanks to positive feedback and encouragement from friends.

Decided to finally share this on tumblr. 

Hell yeah I can! Thank you for sending this, it was honestly a blast to write :)

Two Shits in a Pod:

“Ask Levi about capturing a Titan, finish reading the reports, get a snack, report to Erwin, and if time – take a shower.” Humming the to-do list under her breath, Hanji jogged up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

If she was lucky, the talk with Levi wouldn’t take long. Though they had kept it quiet, for the better part of the last two years they’d been in a relationship. Well…they’d had relations. Levi wasn’t the most communicative of partners and she hadn’t felt the need to label whatever they had between them. But nonetheless, whatever it was, it did give her a bit of leverage when dealing with her short, grumpy captain. And she was not at all ashamed to use this leverage to convince him to help her capture Titans.

At the top of the stairs, she paused, taking a moment to slow her breaths. When they were even, she crossed the hall in quick strides. She raised her fist to knock on his door. When a gust of air struck her face, she stepped back, surprised.

Adjusting her glasses, she noticed that the door hadn’t been completely closed. In the small gap between door and frame, a cool breeze gusted through. And that’s when she heard it: the rise and fall of a voice. Someone was speaking.

Tilting her head, she pressed her ear against the narrow gap. Levi’s low voice, picked up and carried on the light breeze, reached her ear.


She jumped. Thinking she was caught, she reached for the handle, mentally whipping up a speech as to why, really, eavesdropping wasn’t so bad.

“Fuck. I mean, Hanji Zoe.” A pause. “Damn it, this is never going to work. I can’t even say her god-damn name.”

Fingers against cool metal, she halted. Levi wasn’t talking to her – but to himself? Well that was certainly interesting. Brow creasing, she leaned in, bracing her hands on her knees. Levi was far from the most talkative of individuals, so she reasoned it was only natural for her to be curious about what he had to say when he thought no one was listening. With her eavesdropping suitably justified, she pressed an ear flat against the gap.

He cleared his throat. The sound was rough, strained. “You know I’m fucking awful with words and shit.”

Her lips twitched. At least he was aware. That had to count for something.

Muffled taps sounded through the door, and she realized he must be pacing.

“So just give me a second to try to get this out.” A sigh. “First of all, you’re fucking disgusting.”

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Happy birthday to my favorite anon, @monidon!!! This is an Eruri piece where they end up adopting the Shiganshina trio. <2500 words

“Did you change your tie again?” Levi asked him.

“Um. No?” But he had. It was a habit he took part in when he was preparing for something that made him especially nervous.

“The kids won’t care, Erwin.”

“I know.”

“That color looks fine,” Levi said and used the tie to pull Erwin down to his level. He pecked a kiss on his mouth. Erwin smiled.

“Thank you, Levi.”

“Let’s go.”

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Pining!Levi AU ideas.

1. Where a 21 year old Eren just came back to town and find out that his parents had adopted a 15 year-old Levi who wanted nothing more but to bone his cute and sexy older brother. Let’s not underestimate humanity’s strongest dick even if he’s still a pubescent boy. 

2.  Where Levi is a very successful businessman and yet apparently, he isn’t exactly very successful at trying to bed/woo his personal assistant whom has the nicest ass in the corporate.

3. Boy Next Door AU, where Eren is a lovely housewife of Erwin Smith and ofcourse, the boy next door is Levi who has got his eyes on the cute

4. Where Levi a donut shop owner and chubby!Eren is his most favourite customer and he wanted nothing but to feed Eren’s cute face with his dick donuts.

Below is not exactly a pining!Levi but…

5. AU where Levi is cursed into a form of a fierce, black dragon that lived deep in the mountains and found Eren, a human boy no older than 18 year old who was bathing by the river and Levi was captured by Eren’s beauty and decided to take him in because he thought Eren looks ravishing amidst his treasuries and golds. And only the act of true love could break a dragon’s curse; to return Levi in his human form. 

Feel free to use if any of you wish, just dont forget to link me the fic bcs I really wanted to read it if someone actually makes it! 

Rivamika Week, Day 7: Eros (NSFW)

Day 7 Prompt: Vegetal
Word Count:
3,096 words
Read This First:
Levi and Mikasa learn how to reconcile the thrill of a new relationship with living under their parents’ roofs.
Author’s Note:
I wrote Agape about a year ago, before we knew the extent of Levi and Kenny’s relationship or anything about Levi’s mother. Consequently, in that story I wrote Kenny as Levi’s stepfather. I prefer to leave that story as is. However, in this story, Kenny is Levi’s uncle. It does not change their dynamic; they still have a fairly antagonistic relationship, Kenny still lives in their house, and he is still Levi’s primary father figure.

Living in the suburbs has its advantages, Mikasa realizes; privacy being one of them. Her house is set far enough back from the road — not that many cars go down her street, anyway — that even if someone can see her from her seat on her parents’ front porch, they cannot tell what she is doing. It is especially an advantage when, on a hot afternoon in July, she watches Levi mow the lawn, as she has done each spring and summer for the last few years. She knows he hates the work, resents Kenny for not hiring a landscaper when he can easily afford it. At the same time she is thankful for his uncle’s frugality and Levi’s good-natured friendship with her father because it means she gets to see him pushing a lawnmower up and down his yard, then hers, usually while shirtless.

It is probably her favorite part of summer: the verdant aroma of freshly-cut grass, the bunched muscles of his back glistening with perspiration, relaxing on the shady porch with a pitcher of cold lemonade and an extra glass so she can offer him some when he’s done. She has done this for a few years now, usually under the guise of reading a book, but this is the first summer where they are more than just friends and neighbors and so she can simply appreciate his form without having to hide her ogling.

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A short analysis of Levi Ackerman; soldier, comrade, and friend.

As someone who analyses his character often, I see this man who is very obviously ambitious, committed, reserved and patient. He can use any resource. He’s shown to be dexterous with his hands e.g with knives and 3dmg. He is a reliable soldier who tirelessly works for the betterment of mankind and expects his comrades to do the same - especially with Historia and Eren. He is professional and strategic by always considering pros and cons in any situation. He is intelligent and honest, he takes responsibility for his own actions. He is realistic, he doesn’t sugar coat or shields hard facts. He is a great pep talker and has been there for his friends in time of need. He is also accepting, gentle, strong-willed and steadfast. Levi is also courageous and forgiving. As he also hides a complex and fascinating history, on first glance he expresses no fear, anxiety or weakness. He also seems somber with dry, gruesome jokes and a lack of social skills. However, he is much more.

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What-if scenario, loosely inspired by ACWNR and SnK manga ch 54

What if, in addition to Isabel and Farlan, Mikasa, who is about Isabel’s age, is also Levi’s thug partner?

Levi and Mikasa are notorious as the king and queen of the underground. The Military Police place massive bounties on their heads, but none of them can come close to capture them.

The ambitious squad leader Erwin Smith from the Scouting Legion somehow hears about them. Interested, he conducts a research and discovers that these thugs possess 3DMG skills that are at the same level with the legion’s veterans, which explains how they can easily evade the Military Police. After witnessing the thugs in action, he wants to bring these thugs down—but not for the purpose of collecting the prize. He has a bigger plan.

The first face-off between Levi’s gang vs Erwin’s squad ends up with a big victory for the underground gang - they’re able to get away as the badass duo manage to cripple Erwin’s squad. The scene is similar to ch 54 (Mikasa leaps into the air and knocks Mike out with her knee while Levi flips Erwin over the shoulder and throws him onto his back.)

However, regardless of how skillful they are with 3DMG, Levi’s gang can’t overpower a team of ten scouting legion combined with Erwin’s cunning tactic, and they’re eventually apprehended. Erwin gives them the ultimatum: join the legion or face death penalty. Realizing there is no other choice and to save his friends, Levi concedes and joins the legion. (But of course, that’s nothing but a ploy so he can kill Erwin :D)

Once in the legion, Levi and his former gang partners begin training. He is upset when they are split into different groups and especially wary of Mikasa being placed in Erwin’s team.

Levi has always treated Mikasa like his little sister since the day he found her and saved her. He took her in and trained her himself. Mikasa, on the other hand, harbors deeper feelings for him but she keeps them to herself, thinking that he will never reciprocate her feelings.

But things begin to change when another man enters Mikasa’s life.

Erwin becomes fascinated with Mikasa, drawn by her exotic beauty and superb fighting skill. He notices right away she has her eyes only for Levi, but that doesn’t stop him from approaching her to befriend her.

Levi notices the gradual change in Mikasa and is not happy. He grows more protective of Mikasa - so he claims - while others, including their friends, sees it as him being overly possessive. He reminds Mikasa of their original plan to kill Erwin, but Mikasa expresses her concern about that, which only angers Levi more, and they end up fighting about it.

In the first expedition outside the wall, Mikasa, distracted by the fight she has with Levi, is captured by a Titan. In panic, Levi abandons his squad and attempts to save her, but Erwin gets to her first, causing him to lose his arm in the process of freeing her.

Erwin’s sacrifice touches Mikasa deeply and softens her heart. She persuades Levi to not proceed with the plan to kill Erwin. Levi pushes her away in anger and challenges Erwin to a duel.

With Isabel and Farlan’s help, Mikasa tries to stop them.


I don’t know yet. I didn’t even plan to go this far with my headcanon. How does this blow up into several paragraphs now? LOL

I do have some ideas floating but nothing concrete yet as how this should end. It could end either way, rivamika or erumika. Take your pick. :D

I’ll just leave it here for now and continue later.

Erwin’s actions in ACWNR towards the thug trio were not black mail. They were not extortion. They were not even technically coercion(we’ll get to this in a moment). Erwin was and is a member of a military force during the events of ACWNR, called upon to aid the MPs in the capture of Levi, Farlan and Isabel (as seen in the OVA, the MP were present.)

Erwin and his squad were called upon as the best with the 3DMG to assist in the take down and capture of known criminals who were using military equipment in their crimes. Yes, the situation the three were in sucked and was unfair but they were still criminals and knew the risks.

We know the government in the SNK universe doesn’t care about the impoverished people and it’s most likely that the 3DMG that the trio used were bought on the back market; supplied by the MP themselves. If the MP caught them; they wouldn’t be commended for their skills with no formal training. It’s most likely they would be killed for their crimes and the MP would just put those 3DMG back on the black market; doubling their profit off the same equipment (this is assuming that the 3DMG was bought and not, you know, taken by force.)

As someone who has a diploma in youth justice and is working on a BA for criminal justice in a country that uses fundamental justice with a mix of restorative and rehabilitative models for most crime I can tell you that what Erwin did was the best possible thing for the trio. It’s most likely that the SNK word uses due process for their justice system and focuses on the retribution and deterrence models meaning that the focus is on punishment. Meaning Erwin didn’t need to make a deal with Levi; hell he probably got in a lot of trouble for it. Erwin gave them a way out, a way to better themselves and work towards something bigger than them.

Now, what do I mean by “Erwin’s actions were not technically coercion”? First let’s make sure we understand why his actions weren’t blackmail and extortion. Blackmail is a process of threading someone to reveal some actions that are questionable to keep them within your power and extortion is much the same but for gain(normally monetary or politically.) How do you threaten to expose criminal actions that are fully present? It’s not like this history even fully goes away; remember Petra telling Eren how “Levi used to be a well know thug from the underground”? Even with his history open; Levi never fled once the actions for which he was “blackmailed” with were unearthed (again, the never were hidden to begin with.) The argument for coercion is a little greyer; you could say that Erwin coerced Levi into a better outcome for Erwin but the outcome was also better for Levi, Farlan and Isabel so I see it as more guiding them to the better outcome for all.

Yes, in the end Isabel and Farlan died but they did die free and beyond the walls they hoped to see past one day. They died by the hands of unthinking monsters and not unfeeling humans and Levi lives on to carry their memories. Levi lives on as a free man who could have killed Erwin or left the scouting legion at any time.

TLDR; Levi and crew were criminals who are fully aware of their actions. They knew the risks and were using stolen military equipment too boot so if they were caught by the MP they we’re going to get a life of prison at best. Erwin offered they a way out of that; blackmail would be if Erwin knew of the thug trio and threatened to alert the MP to their actions if they didn’t join the Scouting Legion. No threat of reviling questionable actions = no blackmail.

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Sketches, Ch. 3: Mikasa's Revenge

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