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(aka part two for my gruvia as tumblr mutuals who don’t realize they know each other irl au)

[part 1]

first of all, happy birthday to my dearest mother kate @muffindragon227 , thank you so much for telling me in advance so i was actually able to throw something together! (it ended up being like 4.2k words so ha hahaaha sorry) and here is the part 2 to my gruvia tumblr au. enjoy.

Juvia considered herself a reasonable girl - she had the occasional nervous breakdown, would opportunely indulge herself in sinful sweets, and perhaps even once in awhile assume to guiltily watch hallmark tv shows about shameless romance in the 19th century.

But this - this was too far. She was at her wit’s end.

Her fingers obediently traced the word carved into the tree - Jay, just three letters, that held the utmost importance to her. It was silly. Or was it?

Yes, of course it was! Obsessing over three little letters in a tree was stupid and immature.

She pulled her hand away testily and touched the pads of her fingers against one another, hoping some of the artistic value G had left behind while carving the tree would wear off. The letters haunted her, a faded memory of something she could never have.

She had a crush on G. A pretty massive one, at that. But crushes fade. She’d never seen G, all she knew about him were pointless little facts…like how much creamer he liked in his coffee, and how much he despised shallow people, and how he loved afternoon photoshoots when the sun hit the leaves and created the most beautiful atmosphere a camera could capture…

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Home Improvements

I got inspired to write another one-shot. ^^’


While Gray is away on a mission Juvia decides to surprise him with a clean house. However, Juvia is the one who ends up pleasurably surprised by what she discovers amongst Gray’s belongings. Gruvia, Gray x Juvia, Mostly Juvia POV, with a dose of Gray POV at the end. link to Home Improvements

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The Angst of Gruvia has just Begun Youtube Video Is Up!

So this was a thing I was thinking about earlier after hearing people being upset at another apparent “fake death”.  Did Juvia come back a tad soon?  Yeah probably, but that by no means means the suspense has died or the angst is over in the slightest.  This ship is far from sailed my friends and here’s why.

Exhibit one is Gray himself.  At this point he does not know that Juvia is alive and well.  This is a key point of suspense as it impacts the plot dramatically one way or another.  Gray at this point is a man who has lost everything and has nothing to lose.  Tell me what is more dangerous a man with everything on the line fighting to defend or a man with nothing to lose and unafraid of death?  Then ask yourself which of these two categories Gray falls under currently. 

What makes Gray dangerous right now is he in his mind has nothing to live for except killing END who he just found out is Natsu.  Now the liklihood of him believing Invel is up in the air but for this theory’s sake lets say he believes him and goes after Natsu to confront him about it.  Assuming Natsu/Lucy are nowhere near Juvia its safe to assume after it comes straight from Natsu that he’s END Gray is likely going to fight him and very seriously.  I happen to think without his Igneel powerup tattoo that Natsu and Gray at this point are both competitively on par power wise.  Gray might even have the edge given his devil slayer type magic.  But what could throw Natsu over the edge and potentially cause a rumored Etherious transformation?  Remember how Happy said he’d find any way to protect Natsu and prevent him from dying by Zeref?

Well just spit ballin here.  What if Gray killing Happy is essentially this timeline’s version of the events that happened in the doomed future of the Grand Magic Games where he killed Frosch?  @senpaifruit actually mentioned this in our stream this morning with @underratedmage about FT500 and it oddly got me thinking that it is a possibility.  Especially now.  Plus what better to trigger a demon transformation?  Don’t forget in the doomed future of the GMG the thing that sent Rogue over the edge was the death of Frosch by Gray’s hands.  Its logical to assume that Gray succumbed to the darkness of his devil slayer magic after Juvia died in that future timeline and likely killed Frosch in the process.  So just what if this is the present timeline’s version of things that could happen.

Furthermore, if Natsu does have a END transformation which its looking more likely that he does by the Spriggan’s reactions to seeing him.  Would Gray be able to stop it even if he is devil slayer?  It would be tough but there is only one option I could see Gray using if it got that bad and that’s iced shell.  This is the part where the angst and being a dangerous man comes in.  Remember, Gray thinks Juvia is dead permanently.  Furthermore, remember that promise he gave to Natsu about never using iced shell back in the Galuna Island arc being the literally the one thing preventing him from ever using it?  What reason does he have in his mind not to use it especially when the guy he made that promise to is now the very demon he swore to destroy?

So here is where Juvia comes in and where the suspense in the story is.  Its a race against time.  In order to save Gray essentially she must get to him first.  As long as she is alive he has a reason probably his best reason to not fight Natsu and not use Iced Shell.  Its a bit of  classical Romeo and Juliet in a bit Gray like Romeo (Shakespeare one not fire boy junior) thinks his lover is dead and by using Iced Shell against END would kill two birds with one stone he’d get to be with who he thinks is a “dead” Juvia and kill END.  However, Juvia is far from dead and now must get to Gray before Gray gets to Natsu.  Plus lets not rule out the possibility of Juvia getting captured or being used as leverage against Gray. 

Let me know what you think as always I plan to do a video on this soon and will post it on this post when I get to it.  Thanks guys.


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What’s a Witch 17

A/N: My computer LIIIIIIIIVES! Or rather, I just bought a new computer. So here you guys are. A new update to WaW. Not much longer now. We’re in the final chapters. I can’t believe I’ll be saying goodbye to this fic soon.

Pt 16 | Pt 18

Natsu awoke to the sound of dripping water.  A steady trickle ran down his forehead, soaking into his hair and dropping down his suspiciously bare neck. Since where did he go anywhere without his scarf? He didn’t have time to think the absence of it was strange because a gentle hand was pressing into his temple and forcing wakefulness into his limbs.

He grunted as he sat up sharply, awareness slamming back through his senses.  His face came level with another’s and just barely managed to stop himself from slamming his forehead with this new person’s face.

The woman in front of him was soothing watery fingers across the crack he suffered to his head. Chilly water dripped from her palm, deep blue eyes met his, fathomless like the ocean.  She had flowing blue locks of hair and a smile broke over her familiar face.

Natsu lunged for her and dragged the unsuspecting woman into a tight hug.


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